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By Betty Freauf

June 14, 2003

When I was a GOP activist, every election season all I heard was "We have got to beat the Democrats." Finally I wised up to the fact that we no longer have a two-party system, we have a one-party system -- Demopublicans. They pass laws for us but make themselves exempt. Read: The Demopublican Party Wins Again

Former Congressman Bob Dornan (R-Ca), a strong pro-life advocate, on his radio talk show on June 2, 2003 interviewed Gary Aldrich, author of his newest book Thunder on the Left. Gary also is author of Unlimited Access about his experience as an FBI agent inside the Clinton White House. He worked for the FBI for more than 30 years, 25 as an agent specializing in white-collar crime, especially fraud and political corruption.

Both men emphasized the lack of toughness in the Republican party and because the Democrats are "gutter fighters", as Aldrich described them, the Republicans seem to be weak-kneed when it comes to conservative issues they should be supporting. Oh yes, they say the right things and itch the ears of their constituents in generated computer letters and town hall meetings. They make a few ripples on the water to make their followers believe they are sincere, but when the dust settles, the Democrats have usually advanced their liberal Marxist agenda of two steps forward and one step backward and won the battle.

It seems the established party line is that it is so hard to get and keep good quality federal employees. It's so hard to attract people. Aldrich says "NONSENSE, we have boxes upon boxes full of r�sum�s of people who are dying to come back here to work for any of the these federal agencies, especially the good ones like the FBI, and getting elected to Congress. It's absolute nonsense that it's hard to get people. What's really true is: IT'S HARD TO GET RID OF THEM.

"They begin to enjoy the perks - the army-navy golf course - and all the other things that go on here, which I thoroughly enjoy myself," Aldrich admits, and "they don't want to leave." "I've seen Congressmen and Senators walk down the hall. I've seen the groupies swarm around and basically get on their knees -- and kiss their rings. Who would want to give that up?" asks Aldrich. "That's the kind of attention people die to get. That's celebrity status. That's political rock star status and no matter how homely some of these people are, they still get the treatment at the airport, at the restaurant, everywhere you go you are treated like a celebrity..."

Dornan, who lost his Congressional seat in the middle 1990s to a Democrat in a race which he claims was stolen by fraud, agreed with Aldrich's evaluation and then commented on the astronomical salaries they receive. He said there may be a few high-powered lawyers who could command those types of salaries but most of these people elected to Congress could never make that type of money in the private sector.

Aldrich said one reason for these defeats is that "Republicans and conservatives are about as hard to marshall and organize as cats are. You can't herd cats and you can't herd conservatives and Republicans." He went on to state that the one thing that really rankles him is that almost on a daily basis folks on the right continually find excuses for these hard-left people - those who are highly critical of the U.S. that borders on treason, and in some cases crosses the line - but "you'll have a number of Republicans rush forward to declare to the world these people are really patriotic and they really love America and we shouldn't say anything mean about them and that they are simply exercising their First Amendment rights and they have a difference of opinion."

Dornan thought perhaps he had an answer. He said when he was in the House of Representatives, a couple Democrats - the dying breed of the conservative gentlemen of the Democrats, told him, "You know, we've got Gerry Studds (D-Mass) and Barney Frank (D-Mass) and we don't know of anybody else that's homosexual in our party, but you know, Frank and Studds laugh that you've got six homosexuals on your side of the aisle that undermine everything you are trying to do and they hate you, Bob Dornan, and they are working with (Newt) Gingrich." In November 1994 Gingrich, who allegedly has a younger sister who is a lesbian, was calling for tolerance of gays.

The Power of Prophecy February 2002 newsletter said when Barney Frank and his live-in lover were discovered several years ago running a homosexual prostitution ring out of Frank's home, Republican leader Newt Gingrich came to his rescue. Gingrich, a regular on FOX's Hannity and Colmes, warmly praised homosexuals in Congress for their "courage" to run for office and then he talks about "renewing American civilization which is decaying..." Our local paper in April 1989 said "Mr. Gingrich, the Republican whip, is a congressional Jimmy Swaggart, who condemns sin while committing hypocrisy."

Dornan said he laughed it off as an exaggeration that the elephants had more homosexuals than the donkeys. He said he knew three but then he began to pay attention and pretty soon he identified all six. Dornan said they are like a cancer within the party.

In a commentary by James Pinkerton in my local paper on 8/3/2000, he indicated Robert K. Dornan had been a leading gay basher in Congress but he didn't know his own Chief of Stafff was gay. Isn't it interesting that Dornan failed to admit this to the listening audience or maybe he still doesn't know. It's not unusual to have a fox or two inside the conservative chicken house.

In 1983 Congressman Gerry Studds (D-Mass) was charged with homosexual relations with a 17-year old youth who was serving as page in the House. Studds took the youth on a two-week tour. He insisted it was a "private relationship between adults." The House membership disagreed and censured him.

In approximately the same time period, Congressman Daniel B. Crane, a Republican conservative from the 12th district in Illinois and a married man and father of six children, engaged in sexual activities with a 17-year old girl while she was serving as a page. And unlike Studds, Crane expressed deep remorse for what he had done and voted in favor of his own censure. Of the two, Studds was the least repentant. Compare this censure to what happened to Senator Trent Lott. 2.htm

Regarding foxes inside the chicken house, an interesting story appeared in the Salem, Oregon June 7, 2003 Stateman Journal. It seems Senator Margaret Carter (D-Portland) was stopped outside a grocery store after buying some steaks to take to a friend's house for dinner. The bold title said she was black. Not recognizing this "important" person, a store clerk demanded to see the receipt for the three items Carter had purchased costing $32. "I was so embarrassed," Carter said. "It immediately reminded me of my experiences under a segregated system." And I'm betting she was so embarrassed she called the media to report what she believed to be a "racial profiling" incident.

Margaret was on a bullhorn on T.V. a few weeks ago before an already agitated crowd criticizing the Portland police about the death of a young, black girl who was shot escaping in a car.

Apparently the buzzer apparatus at the grocery store had malfunctioned. Her friend is my black senator, Jackie Winters, allegedly a strong GOP conservative who, in my opinion, should be strongly opposed to Senator Carter's agenda. I have no problem with them being cordial to one another at work but hobnobbing after hours is suspect and reminds me of the wrestlers who beat each other up in the ring, but when the entertainment is over and the lights are dimmed, they meet at their favorite watering hole and laugh at the fools who bought the tickets.

Since the Goldwater era, followed by the Reagan years, more and more conservatives in Oregon have been elected as precinct people and they, in turn, select delegates to the state and national conventions. These delegates, many pro-lifers, work very hard to oppose the homosexual lifestyle in the platform planks but the GOP top leaders still support known homosexuals when they run for public office oftentimes doing everything in their power to defeat the other candidate who may be standing firm on the platform planks. Homosexuality's rapid rise from an unmentionable vice to a celebrated minority status and the overhauling of "straight" America rests at the feet of the GOP. The gay liberation movement has advanced its position to the point of intimidation and now we are facing "hate" legislation introduced by Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) and my own Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR).

Smith, a Mormon whose church opposes homosexuality, was elected to the Oregon Senate by the conservative vote and rose quickly to become Senate president. When he ran for the Senate in Washington, D.C., the conservatives, who were unaware of his voting record in the Oregon senate, sent him back to become another pundit on the Potomac but before the ink was dry on their ballots, Smith rejected the endorsement of a group who opposes the homosexual agenda and accepted the Republican Log Cabin homosexual endorsement. Count on it. Unless something is done to stop the homosexual agenda, many of our grandchildren will be sodomized with government approval.

I feel they are grooming' Gordon to someday run for President. He's good looking, rich and eloquent. A pioneer in frozen foods, Smith's father, Milan Smith, was politically connected in the Mormon church and the Republican Party. In 1954, when Gordon was two, his family moved from Pendleton, where the frozen food business is located, to Washington, D.C. so his father could take a job as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture under President Eisenhower. Smith grew up in suburban Washington and graduated from a private prep school. Keep your eye on Gordon and don't say I didn't warn you.

If the party platform is like a white wedding dress, only worn once and sometimes flies under false colors, why don't the Republicans simply call off the state and national conventions? The money the Republicans spend on this facade and for their hours on the T.V. during the national convention boring the rest of us to tears could better be used if donated to their favorite charity.

Aldrich said the two groups come to Washington, D.C. with different notions of how things are going to be and what they want to accomplish. The hard left comes knowing full well they will put on a battle and they will fight in the gutter. They will do whatever it takes to win and to push their agenda forward. They come to Washington, D.C. very serious.

The Republicans, on the other hand says Aldrich, arrive with a collegial atmosphere styled notion of the way things are going to be. They bring their polo mallets and they are ready to tip their Chardonnay wine glasses at events... They are nice people. They aren't cut from the same cloth as the very crude, down and dirty hard-left people.

Aldrich says the first thing they have to do is get over how nasty it is back here (Washington, D.C.). Some never do. Some go into a state of denial and just opt out of the fight but they do enjoy the perks of office, the adjuration of the staff and the media and the groups around this town and so they don't want to leave. They realize they are ineffective warriors in this culture war but they don't want to give up their perks and we're stuck with them... They are fully prepared to compromise each and every day to get the tidbit that the hard-left is willing to throw them and that is how they start and end every single day of their careers up here on Capitol Hill."

What a sad commentary about the men and women we, the people elect to office.

� 2003 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. They supported her opponent. E-Mail:








"The Power of Prophecy February 2002 newsletter said when Barney Frank and his live-in lover were discovered several years ago running a homosexual prostitution ring out of Frank's home, Republican leader Newt Gingrich came to his rescue. Gingrich, a regular on FOX's Hannity and Colmes, warmly praised homosexuals in Congress for their "courage" to run for office and then he talks about "renewing American civilization which is decaying..."

"Our local paper in April 1989 said "Mr. Gingrich, the Republican whip, is a congressional Jimmy Swaggart, who condemns sin while committing hypocrisy."