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By Betty Freauf

April 26, 2003

Some may wonder what Earth Day and May Day have to do with watermelons. Well, aren't watermelons green on the outside and red on the inside?

Earth Day, the religion of ecology, came and went with lots of ink in my home town paper. I'm sure it was the same in yours. And the next important watermelon day that the communists observe will be May Day -- May 1st.

The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 with the blessing of Republican President Nixon and other world leaders. Another Republican, President George W. Bush, Sr., signed an Earth Day Proclamation in 1990. The 1991 Oregon Republican-controlled legislature passed a resolution dedicating April 22nd as an annual Earth Day observance.

April 22, 1970 was the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth and doubtless a kind of signal to the comrades that they could safely participate in a movement not normally associated with communism. Now its called environmentalism.

The symbol of the first Earth Day was a circle with a broken cross, the bars pointing downward. It is a New Age symbol meaning the rejection of Christianity which, of course, aligns with the communist philosophy. It is seen often on bumper stickers today and we saw many of them in recent "anti-war" demonstrations.

Once Christ was no longer allowed in the schools, the spiritual vacuum was filled with the New Age "Gaia" religion. The very ones that yell about "separation of church and state" when it comes to Christianity are the ones that want this Gaia religion in the schools so that the children may be indoctrinated at an early age.

The Earth Day movement began with propagandizing the young. Hundreds of thousands of children and high school students were encouraged by their teachers and national leaders to demonstrate on the streets on the first Earth Day which subsequently became a kind of annual holiday before official recognition.

On Earth Day, students from coast to coast celebrate their spiritual connection to Mother Earth. The aim is to persuade students to reject Western culture and become advocates for new global beliefs and values which includes selective population reduction using abortion, homosexuality and a plethora of medical diseases.

The "separation of church and state" is in the U.S.S.R. constitution, not the U.S. constitution which simply says there shall be no designated state religion.

Our local 4/21/2003 paper offered tips for Earth Day. Yours probably published them too. This "celebration" is well orchestrated as are all communist functions. Locally, the school kids were given free city bus passes to encourage them to leave their cars at home. These watermelons want us to give up our cars and use tax-subsidized mass transit even though mass transit cannot always get us to our destinations.

Some of these groups include Earth First. According to Inside Edition (T.V.) on 7/27/1990, a former U.S. Forest Service Employee was its founder. Others like the radical Earth Liberation Front are credited for burning down ski resorts and torching an automobile distributorship in Oregon. They sit in trees. These environmentalists sabotage expensive timber equipment. Logging companies have filed lawsuits against members; however, most of the defendants purposely have no jobs and could not possibly pay the damage awards but they have the cost of $100 to attend an Boot Camps where the tree huggers learn their tactics. Is it reasonable to believe they get paid by someone but it doesn't show up in their income tax? They've literally devastated our timber and salmon industries with the "Endangered Species Act". Then we have "Friends of the Earth" and I'm sure your state has some "Friends of Something" as we do in Oregon. With friends like these, Oregon doesn't need enemies because our state has the highest unemployment rate of all states.

These environmental groups tie up land owners in court who wish to develop their land costing untold court costs and attorney fees wearing the land owner down until he/she is willing to sell at a sacrificed price to get out from under the pressure. Now that they have much of the land in Western United States tied up, I've noticed they are beginning to focus on water quality.

The Nature Conservancy makes a practice of buying private land and then selling it to the federal government at substantial mark up.

Joan Veon's book (c) 1997, PRINCE CHARLES, THE SUSTAINABLE PRINCE goes into great detail about these organizations and from where they get the money for their agenda. Check her out at: []

Mikail Gorbachev became the International Green Cross leader which he feels is necessary to protect the environment and save the earth. Phyllis Schlafly said in her April 1991 newsletter that President Bush was planning to send $1 billion in U.S. aid to the Soviet Union. Critics called it the "Red Bear & S & L bailout."

We no more leave Earth Day behind and then we have May Day. Gone is the Soviet Union and East Europe when communist governments paraded their missiles and troops on May Day and boasted of their march to domination in the world. Today we have them marching in our streets on May Day and they usually have something to protest about. This year it will probably be the Iraq war.

But did the zebra truly change its stripes? Were the 1990 Red Square protests against Gorbachev staged? Did his peace overtures, "perestroika" and "glasnost" charade enable him to file papers for his Gorbachev Foundation with the California Secretary of State in April 1991 even before the August 1991 kinder and gentler Soviet coup? Was the "freeing" of the Soviet Union truly spontaneous or planned? Is the East being merged with the West eventually eliminating national borders as Gorbachev envisions? Or was Gorby simply complying with President Reagan's request: "Mr. Gorbachev, take this wall down?"

Christopher Ruddy wrote on 2/7/1999 in the TRIBUNE-REVIEW that a defector said the Russian plan was to dupe Americans and it was working. On Christmas Day 1991, Gorbachev dissolved the Soviet Union. A long time before this the KGB began to transfer Communist Party money to private accounts under the names of different people in Western countries reported Ruddy.

In 1987 Mikhail Gorbachev said "We are moving toward a new world. The world of communism. We shall never turn off that road."

In 1989, Gorbachev declared: "I am a Communist, a convinced Communist. For some that may be a fantasy. But for me it is my main goal." The following year, even as he was being hailed as the "man who ended Communism," he reiterated this conviction, stating, "I am now, just as I've always been, a convinced Communist." (Source; THE NEW AMERICAN Oct.30, 1995)

TIME MAGAZINE gave Gorbachev the "Man of the Year" award. When Gorbachev also won the Nobel Prize, one wag said it was "a little bit like bestowing the award on Hirochito for surrendering to the U.S. in WWII." Gorbachev was awarded it for helping end the Cold War.

How many would have believed in a few short years, Gorbachev would be receiving standing ovations as he gallivanted around the globe openly calling for world government. No one would have thought it possible. In May 1992 the Reagans welcomed with open arms the Gorbachevs on their first stop of their U.S. tour. So if we think Gorbachev is down and out, think again!

It was in late April 1993 that Mikhail Gorbachev and his Gorbachev Foundation USA moved into their new headquarters, a white-shingled bayfront house at the historic Presidio military base in San Francisco.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, a blatant New Ager, reiterated her belief at the Gorbachev Foundation meeting in the fall of 1995 that one-fourth of mankind must be eliminated. Hubbard says she is a "born again" futurist and has a deep experience of Jesus as herself. Then there is Gorbachev's "Earth Charter" which he believes would be a "kind of Ten Commandments for the Environment. Something no one would be allowed to violate."

In Jim Keith's book BLACK HELICOPTERS (c) 1997, he says Gorbachev was carefully groomed to assume power in the Soviet Union by his hardline KGB mentor, Yuri Andropov. Keith says the Gorbachev Foundation obtains funding from outfits like the (tax exempt) Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Mellon Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Pew Family trusts.

His Gorbachev Foundation continues to sponsor "State of the World Forums". Participants include New Agers, Communists, Eastern Religion advocates and one worlders. Attendees have included Ted Turner, Carl Sagan, former President George Bush, Shirley MacLaine, Bill Gates and Nelson Mandela. Gorbachev wants global governance with a synthesis of New Age Eastern Religion. He believes the old beliefs and political systems must be abandoned.

Robert Phillip Hanssen, the 25-year FBI vet, who had virtual unlimited access to secret intelligence and counterintelligence information was charged in 2001 for spying for Russia. His double agent career allegedly began in 1985, the same year that Mikhail Gorbachev, became secretary-general of the Soviet Communist Party and as such, leader of the Soviet Union. This made Hanssen basically a Gorbachev subcontractor, yet today the former Soviet leader is wined, dined and lauded in the U.S. where he receives hefty speaking fees for spouting his pro-marxist line on university campuses and business gatherings.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL reported in 1993 on the GOP's "Gorby Mania." He apparently was given a $70,000 honorarian to appear at a November 4th fundraiser for the Republican Senatorial Committee.

The 10/23/1993 HUMAN EVENTS newspaper asked why the GOP Committee was bankrolling Gorbachev? They suggested some of the $70,000 may have ended up in the hands of ultra-liberal former Senator Alan Cranston (D-Cal) who headed the U.S. arm of the Gorbachev Foundation.

Regarding this fund-raising event, Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Tx), the National Senatorial Committee chairman, noted in a letter to Republican donors that Gorbachev "travels the world, fostering communication and diplomacy among all nations." David Hill, who conducted polling for the Republican Party, claimed this was a smart move. If Gorbachev "makes Republicans open their wallets... then that's the sign of a clever fund-raiser."

Gorbachev has never renounced his allegiance to communism and socialism. A spokesman for the hosting Republican Senatorial Committee, told the Associated Press, "I don't see anything strange about it... It's all been focused on the changing world order."

And all this time the Republicans were concerned about President Clinton's close relationship with the Chinese communists?

So now that we know where Gorbachev has been for the last decade, all we have to do now is find bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. With "tongue in cheek", I ask, is it possible the White House staff in an effort to help reduce the national dificit has rented out the Lincoln bedroom to them? Strange alliances are happening to bring about this New World Order.

� 2003 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, a precinct worker for many years and twice ran unsuccessfully for the Oregon State Legislature. The Republican tradition is to stay neutral in Primary races but in Betty's case. They supported her opponent. E-Mail:








"On Earth Day, students from coast to coast celebrate their spiritual connection to Mother Earth. The aim is to persuade students to reject Western culture and become advocates for new global beliefs and values which includes selective population reduction using abortion, homosexuality and a plethora of medical diseases."