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By Betty Freauf

July 7, 2004

Age has its advantage. And from my "vintage" point, I can honestly attest to the fact that I have never in all my voting years seen such an antagonistic presidential race. I suppose the instantaneous communication age in which we live adds much fuel to help flame the fire.

In Oregon in June, GOP voters were being encouraged to attend Ralph Nader's second attempt nominating convention to assure a place on the Oregon ballot because they think a vote for Nader in November will be one less vote for Kerry in what both campaigns feel is going to be a close race.

On our local TV June 21 Nader announced he had picked Peter Cameljo as his running mate. Peter is green on the outside and a red terrorist inside. The TV story failed to mention Camejo is a "former" socialist. In 1976, Comrade Camejo ran as the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) presidential candidate. The June 1973 issue of the SWP's INTERNAL INFORMATION BULLETIN states: "As Marxists, we do not believe in individual terror because it underrates the class struggle. We instead believe in increasing the struggle in mass terrorism!" (Source: New American: 11/3/2003)

It will be interesting to see how the left might attempt to portray the Constitution Party's presidential candidate, Michael Peroutka and his running mate, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, to take votes away from Bush.

Yes, politics does make for strange bed fellows.

It used to be only the radical left would flip the birdie to people with a "right" bumper sticker and harass them in some way. I speak from experience. I've been harassed and I no longer put a bumper sticker on my car supporting anything. But now I'm hearing the "radical right" is retaliating. The Oregon state police are targeting aggressive drivers with unmarked cars on I-5. Why? In the past 30 days, emergency dispatchers have received more than 670 complaints and more than 34,000 complaints were logged statewide last year. Will this get worse as November gets closer? It appears there are lots of loose cannons behind the wheels of cars. Every year people seem to become more angry.

Many astute readers of the mainline fishwrappers have learned to read between the lines, as the old saying goes. It's not necessarily what they report but what they ignore and a half truth is still a lie.

Long-time radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh tells his listeners all they have to do is listen to him and he'll do the analyzing for them but we are also living in a day when "critical thinking skills" are NOT what they appear to be. On the right, talk show hosts such as Rush want to indoctrinate his listeners to his pro-American, pro-family Republican agenda.

On the left, the schools are indoctrinating students in an anti-American philosophy on a regular basis. Left-wing talk show hosts forget about Sen. Ted Kennedy, now a leading attack dog for Kerry, and Chappaquiddick. There is a whole generation that haven't heard how Mary Jo Kopechne was left by Kennedy to drown in July 1969 trapped inside Kennedy's Oldsmobile gasping for air until she died while the Democrats' leading Iraqi war critic rushed back to his compound to formulate some alibi.

In the 1980s, I was busy monitoring the Oregon legislature and publishing newsletters advising subscribers what was going on in Oregon so I didn't listen to the radio. Then someone recommended I listen to "Family Value Man" Rush so I turned him on. The next thing I knew, addiction set in until one day when I heard some caller that must have gotten past Rush's screener talk about the New World Order and conspiracies and Rush made fun of him and cut him off. That was the day I figured Rush was not telling the whole truth either. He was simply a mouth piece for the Republican party.

Today all up and down the radio dial from left to right we have talk radio and mostly conservative on the right side of my dial. But while surfing the airwaves recently, I ran into a "leftie" station in Portland, Oregon (KPOJ/Air America radio) ) and they proudly boast they are on the left side of the dial. I don't find them listed in the 2003-2004 Oregon Blue Book so they must be relatively new. I think I heard someone say they've been on the air about eight months and the stations are growing rapidly. I have heard O'Reilly rail against Al Frankin who I hear on KPOJ.

And guess at whose expense the lefties are having fun? Yup! The right-wing "family value" politicians and radio talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and his drug addiction plus he is going through his third divorce. Most recently Vice President and Senate President Dick Cheney has been targeted using the "F" word against Vermont's Senator Leahy who serves on the judicial committee investigating Halliburton with whom Cheney was once closely affiliated and may still be.

But the last laugh may be on the liberals who are standing in long lines and paying big bucks to see Michael Moore's FAHRENHEIT 9-11 where he ties the Bush family in with the Carlyle group. A New York caller to one leftie talk show said the Carlyle group now owns Lowe's Theaters so when people go see the movie, they are subsidizing Carlyle.

After I went cold turkey on Rush, then I heard about this fabulous guy called Bill O'Reilly on Fox. We didn't have Fox on our cable at the time but got it a short time later and I became addicted to O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes. Australian media billionarie, Rupert Murdoch, is sometimes referred to as the "prince of darkness" owns Fox News Network, The New York Post, The Weekly Standard, The Sun, The News Of The World, The Times and Sunday Times and much more.

Congressman Ron Paul says this powerful and influential media empire did more to galvanize public support for the Iraqi invasion than one might imagine. This facilitated the Rumsfield/Cheney policy as their plans to attack Iraq came to fruition and helped to override restraints of Colin Powell's State Department says Ron Paul.

And Murdoch dabbles in bibles too. In 1965 the entire Amplified Bible was published by Zondervan which has been taken over by Harper San Francisco, a secular publishing house that was in turn bought out by Rupert Murdoch. Evangelist Pat Robertson's International Family Entertainment was also sold to Murdoch. In the book BILLY GRAHAM AND HIS FRIENDS (C) 2001, the author says Murdoch is a pornography magnate "whose tabloids in Britain profit from their lurid, bare pictures of beautiful women." Of course, on the left side of this equation is Ted Turner. Here are two individuals who believe they are the masters of the universe pretending to be in a struggle for the almighty dollar.

O'Reilly has on his O'Reilly Factor the "no spin zone" but I recently discovered by listening on the left side of my radio dial that he pre-records his programs and while he makes us believe he is fair and balanced, he cuts out what he doesn't want people to hear.

I don't know how it may be in your area but if you'll check the upper left hand side of your screen, you'll not see the words "live" like we see on the Hannity and Colmes program. I was under the impression all this time that O'Reilly was live also until I heard what happened on his show recently.

Perhaps you'll remember the day that O'Reilly had David Cole, Law Professor at Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. on his show.

On the left side of the dial, Professor David Cole was later a guest on the O'Frankin Factor when he told this story. He says O'Reilly wanted him to talk about the Guantanamo Bay Detainee Story which had been featured in the New York Times. Cole is at the studio and he listens to O'Reilly tape his usual introduction (The O'Reilly daily rant- Talking Points). It's about the N.Y. Times and how they are always misleading us.

The professor said O'Reilly said: "And here's the clip ... from the Commission's report on terrorism: 'We found no evidence whatsoever that there was any link between Saddam Hussein and the attacks on the U.S. including 9-11.'"

The professor said here O'Reilly was playing a balanced quote about 9-11 but he immediately interrupts and says, "We've got to redo this whole thing" and two minutes later he re-recorded the whole thing and this time when he gets to that quote, he doesn't play that sound bite but instead he says, "The 9-11 Commission says there is definitely a connection between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein." Of course, that aligns then with what O'Reilly had been reporting on FOX.

The Washington Post reported there was no "collaborative relationship" between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida -- challenging an assertion that Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have made for the past two years - Bush declared again that there was, in fact, a relationship. The Washington Post article didn't feel that the commission's report on this controversy would pose a grave threat to Bush's re-election chances unless Sen. John Kerry found a way to use the commission's findings to split the Iraq war from the war on terrorism in the public's mind and thereby raise doubts about Bush's credibility and competence by building on the failure to find weapons of mass destruction and the miscalculations about the Iraqi resistance. And, with the help of the people on the left end of my radio dial, this is what Kerry has been doing.

So when the professor came on as a guest, he and O'Reilly began discussing this New York Times article and he said Bill repeatedly mischaracterized the article and said that it says the Guantanamo Bay detainees were innocent and harmless but I kept telling him the Times article didn't say that and accused him of misleading his listeners and O'Reilly said, "No, I'm not!"

And the professor went on to say to Bill "It seems to me like this is the pot calling the kettle black because I sat here not five minutes ago and heard you re-record the introduction to this show to take out a statement from the head of the 9-11 commission saying that there is no evidence whatsoever of any link between Saddam Hussein and 9-11 and O'Reilly went berserk. He called me an SOB repeatedly and tells me there is no way this was going to get aired. Al Franken asks, "Did he call you an SOB or does he just use the initials?"

Cole says, "No, he said SOB. He didn't need to spell it out" and then he said I would never ever be invited to be on the show again which, at that point, Cole said, I wasn't sure to take that as a threat or a promise. Cole said his interview was aired later but all this was cut as O'Reilly promised. O'Reilly says when his listeners write their pithy comments, they are not to bloaveate as he points proudly to himself and says, "That's my job" with a smirk on his face. So now you know!

So there you have it folks, some more down home "family values" and more deception from the conservative right that sometimes spins to make a favorable point.

So if the "right" wants to know what the "left" is saying about them, just dial the "left" hand side of your dial like I've been doing recently and hit the record button.

This is Hegelian Dialectics in play to the fullest extent. It's entertaining to all those so-called "critical stinkers" who will believe anything their occult leaders tell them and while this is being played out on radio and on our TV screens on a daily basis, it keeps us occupied from seeing what is really happening -- diversionary tactics

Couple all this into the equation and add Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant and other scandals, including coverage of former President Bill Clinton and his book, and we have the fulfillment of the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars-- the astonishing document allegedly found left behind in a surplus copier purchased from Boeing Aircraft in 1986 which reveals a plan, hatched in the embryonic days of the Cold war, which called for the control of the masses through manipulation of industry, people pastimes, education and political leanings. It called for a quiet revolution pitting brother against brother and diverting the public's attention from what is really going on. This document is exposed on page 65 of Joe Spenner's book ROCKEFELLER -- REGIONALISM, the Shadow behind Oregon's L.C.D.C. You can reach Joe at

On page 90 it talks about LOGISTICS which is the successful application of a strategy requiring a careful study of inputs, outputs, the strategy connecting the inputs and the outputs, and the available energy source to fuel the strategy with all sorts of graphs and diagrams explaining the procedure. It concludes, "This is where the process of synthesis properly begins..."This is what is also called Hegelian Dialectics- a tool for the elite in manipulating the masses: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis (social engineering). A crisis is deliberately created (thesis). Opposition arises as the alternative to the crisis (antithesis) and a "consensus" (synthesis) is offered. Dialectics refers to trying to reconcile seemingly contradictory positions to arrive at truth - but whose truth? To bring it down to terms you can better understand perhaps: The left -vs- the right viciously attacking one another while the New World Order gang with President George Bush at the helm birthing a police state. Remember, it was his father who first used the term a New World Order and legislation that the current President Bush has gotten Congress to approve because of our "terrorist crisis" is gradually eliminating our liberties. Will many on the right soon be joining the ACLU? [read]

How are they pulling it off? On page 89 of the Spenner book it says:

MEDIA: Keep the adult public attention diverted away from the real social issues, and captivated by matters of no real importance.

SCHOOLS: Keep the young public ignorant of real mathematics, real economics, real law and real history.

ENTERTAINMENT: Keep the public entertainament below a sixth grade level.

WORK: Keep the public busy, busy, busy with no time to think; back on the farm with the other animals.

So while many of you are enjoying a three-day Fourth of July weekend and thinking you are still free men and women, I'm drafting this article and the New World Order gang is busy behind the curtain orchestrating the final scene. When will the walls come tumbling down? I don't know what the 'morrow holds but I do know who holds the 'morrow and while the public schools and other governmental entities may have kicked Him out, God is still on the throne and judgment day is coming.

� 2004 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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O'Reilly has on his O'Reilly Factor the "no spin zone" but I recently discovered by listening on the left side of my radio dial that he pre-records his programs and while he makes us believe he is fair and balanced, he cuts out what he doesn't want people to hear.