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By Betty Freauf
January 1, 2012

Lobbyists and colleagues of Congressman Ron Paul learned early on that he was a Constitutional principled man who took his oath of office very seriously and couldn’t be bought so they never wasted their time to get him to compromise. I guess that is why he consistently has a 100% Constitutional voting record. With tongue in cheek, may I ask, “Now isn’t that a novel position for an elected official to have?” It’s almost a given with Republican leadership even when they are in control that the Democrats are better poker players than the Republicans who fold like a cheap umbrella in a strong wind. The latest strong wind, of course, was the two-month temporary tax holiday extension – a trap that the GOP walked right into.

I remember in 1995 with the GOP under the fearless leadership of Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (GA), a government shutdown was imminent caused by President Bill Clinton’s veto of token Congressionally passed spending legislation reducing the size of government but the media didn’t blame Bill Clinton for the possible shut down. No, they blamed the Republicans for the crisis. Say what? Yup, the Republicans had submitted bills to try to cut our national debt and the Democrats turned the tables and threatened to blame the Republicans. Again, out came the cheap umbrella. Rather than have the Republican leadership articulate directly to the public at large what happened and why they were trying to save America from eventual bankruptcy, they succumbed to the pressure.

Not having learned their lesson from 1995, in 1998 we experienced Newt’s final compromise. The same GOP was terrified that Bill Clinton would once again shut down the government and blame them and they didn’t want that to happen before the elections, a period better suited for campaigning than for gridlock. Better to sacrifice a few conservative principles such as cutting spending and allowing the government to be shut down as an example, than to provide Clinton with an excuse for wielding his dreaded veto pen. Besides, the new budget “surplus” (which Gingrich brags about now) albeit a spurious one – made it much easier for Republicans as well as Democrats to “justify” spending more money. I’ve never been able to figure out how Gingrich can claim the budget was balanced so long as all the IOUs in the Social Security Trust Fund remained unpaid.

All media outlets have been brain dead on these issues so I couldn’t believe my ears on December 29 when Mark Steyn, guest host for Rush Limbaugh finally admitted he’d take Ron Paul over Marxist Barack Obama. Dahhh. This was in response to Newt Gingrich on FOX the night before saying he couldn’t vote for Ron Paul if “we, the people” chose him as the GOP presidential candidate because Gingrich does not approve of Ron’s “non-interventionist” foreign policies and planting fear in the minds of people about Iran getting a nuke. If Iran gets one, is it possible the U.S. taxpayers helped build it for the following reasons?

Our U.S. Diplomats have been accommodating foreign aid to Soviets, who support Iran, for decades. M. Stanton Evans in his 1966 book THE POLITICS OF SURRENDER (P.160) noted that the Lyndon Johnson (elected 1964) administration was spending almost $100,000 on a projected tour of U.S. scientific facilities by representatives of the Iron Curtain countries. The purpose of the visit was to have the Communist representatives “lecture, conduct seminars, survey our current research, take field trips in the U.S. and conduct research of their own.” Oh, it gets better. The visiting scientists, thanks to the unconstitutional National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences, and the State Department, would be travelling first class: “American taxpayers provided travel, lodging, food, medical costs and even paid the scientists from the Communist countries a salary while they were here. If they planned to stay five months or longer, the U.S. taxpayers would have the added burden of financing the visiting scientists’ families who would also be allowed to come to the United States. Accommodation would be first class, with the taxpayer providing “housing appropriate to the visitor’s professional status and also his family.”

Our officials agreed to supply the visitors with information about our scientific laboratories in order that they could select the ones of most interest. The American taxpayer not only paid for the $3.3 billion in foreign aid every year, but now they were being called upon to foot the bill for Communist scientists to junket to the United States for a look around our scientific laboratories. Later Evans says the stated purpose for the many grants to Communists nations such as Poland, Yugoslavia, Rumania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia was to enable them to achieve “independence” from Moscow. The idea, according to Liberal theorists, was to help these regimes achieve a “certain measure of autonomy,” even though they remained with the Communist block.

History will reveal all the U.S. did was empower the Communists even more to fulfill its agenda of “external encirclement, plus internal demoralization, plus thermonuclear 'blackmail, leads to progressive surrender.” Early in the 1960s, Nikita Khrushchev in his intimidating, boorish manner described Americans to foreign correspondents in Moscow as people whom “You spit in their face and they call it dew.” And Gingrich does not approve of Ron Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policies and possibly getting a nuke?

I wonder what Rush Limbaugh thought of his guest host giving a shout out in support of Ron Paul because on his 12/15 radio show Rush was quietly whispering “Ron Paul might win in Iowa.” An 11/2/1994 article in the Portland OREGONIAN said that talk radio was booming in scope and influence and Rush was playing a significant role in shaping the issues and public opinion about them, and that his talk radio picks up, amplifies noise of conservative ferment. Every show is another gush for rush, another talk-radio triumph. Fans tune in to Rush Limbaugh to hear about the latest outrage in Congress. They heap praise on him for ‘telling the truth.’ There’s little doubt he fuels their fire.”



In the same 12/15 program, it sounded to my partially deaf ear that he was having a conversation with his telephone screener, producer and engineer, James Golden, under the pseudonym “Bo Snerdley” who must have asked in Rush’s earpiece about how Huntsman got into the campaign and the pompous twit Limbaugh said, “He sneaked in under the radar. If I’d known Huntsman was coming in, I would have stopped that.” He went on to say one of his biggest regrets was not stopping Ron Paul. Snerdley must have asked, “Why?” and Rush added, “It is a sentimental thing. He is in every campaign. You know, (Ross) Perot talked about the crazy aunt in the basement. Every campaign needs one of those and I’ve got a radio show to do, Snerdley. I can’t stop ‘em all.” Me, myself and I can’t stop ‘em all!!! Limbaugh was responsible for promoting NAFTA.

Then Rush goes on to say, “The reason I let Santorum stay in is because I like the guy. Same reason I let Bachmann stay in and the same reason I want (Don) Trump to get back in!” Rush and Trump are connected at the hip. They were victors in a golf tourney the weekend of December 10 and Trump let Rush take the trophy home and now there are rumblings on the Internet that ego-driven Trump may be considering a run for President and I notice Trump has been receiving great amounts of free television. Gretta VanSustern on FOX gave him her whole hour for an interview on December 14th and he’s had other segments on FOX.

Both Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul filibustered when asked if they would vote for another Republican which was surprising because Michele is on record giving praises to Ron Paul at another time and under different circumstances. Both have equally good Constitutional voting records; however, a recent Constitutional scoreboard showed Bachmann voted for S. 990 that extended for four years three provisions of the Patriot Act that were set to expire all of which violated the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution and may put a lot of law-abiding American citizens at risk of arrest. Ron, of course, voted against it. The surveillance technology now in use in the U.S. far exceeds anything George Orwell envisioned.


In 2007, James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family encouraged former GOP speaker Newt Gingrich and FOX political analyst to go public with his adultery and marriage in case he decided to run for President. Dobson said the former Speaker was the brightest guy and most articulate politician on the scene today. On May 11, 2011 Gingrich announced on Hannity T.V. he was running for president. The whole gang at FOX should have their names entered into the Hall of Shame because being fair and balanced is a misnomer. I’m tired of seeing Karl Rove and his whiteboard acting as an “expert” and telling how Ron Paul can’t win and now Dick Morris, a favorite contributor and former Bill Clinton adviser says Gingrich is the true conservative. Say what? There has been enough written about Gingrich’s personal baggage – enough to fill a U-Haul trailer- but now he’s gone and got “religion” and joined the Catholic Church and his sins are forgiven. Kelleigh Nelson wrote about this phony conservative in an earlier series.

Gingrich keeps boasting of welfare reform and balancing the budget when he was House Speaker but the GOP- controlled Congress where spending bills must originate did not stop the funding of any unconstitutional regulatory agencies. Had that process begun when Gingrich was House Speaker, we wouldn’t be facing a $15 trillion deficit today. The Georgia Republican who became House speaker backed federal aid to education, land control, foreign aid, NAFTA, GATT(which became the World Trade Organization), the Mexican bailout, the Export-Import Bank, the use of U.S. military force to “democratize” the world, the U.N. and whatever else would take America away from limited government and non-intervention.

While Newt has criticized Romney’s Massachusetts Health Care, I heard Romney say in a T.V. interview that this Health Care idea came from the Heritage Foundation of which Gingrich is a key player and that Gingrich favored the idea at the time when Romney sent advisers to Washington, D.C. to help the Obama crowd write the legislation that no one could read until after it was passed. I recently learned that Frank Luntz is part of Newt’s inner circle and confidant. In 1994 Luntz conducted polls and surveys that led Republicans to devise the “Contract with America” strategy. Luntz is the person who appears on FOX with his “focus groups” and again a direct tie to the Heritage Foundation.

Mark Steyn on Limbaugh on 12/29 told about The British National Health service which is the 3rd largest employer on the planet and that the U.S. equivalent for a bureaucracy to administer health care for over 300 million people from Maine to Hawaii is going to be way more expensive than that. Steyn said if we look at the way Medicare costs have exploded and once you put Obamacare in place, that is going to explode on a scale that nobody has ever attempted before.

Heritage with state chapters has been promoting Charter Schools where unelected people run schools without any oversight. Charlotte Iserbyt, a former U.S. Department of Education employee said regardless of how good a Charter school may be, it is “taxation without representation” and, although those promoting them decry the influence of the U.S. Department of Education on local schools, charter schools must administer the federal test, which is at least 40% attitudinal, in order to continue receiving federal funding. We’ll get our public education back at the state level when the U.S. Department of Education is defunded!

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In the 1992 book CONSPIRATORS’ HIERARCHY: The Story of the committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman he writes Heritage was founded by Joseph Coors but was soon taken over by the Fabians, under the direction of the Club of Rome. It certainly is not a conservative operation although at times it may look like one. Read about the Fabians in my “America’s Creeping Revolution” series This Conspirators’ Hierarchy book once sold for $20.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









History will reveal all the U.S. did was empower the Communists even more to fulfill its agenda of “external encirclement, plus internal demoralization, plus thermonuclear 'blackmail, leads to progressive surrender.”