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By Betty Freauf

December 11, 2004

I don't recognize America any more. I was born a few decades short of a hundred years after Lincoln and the Civil War and I didn't meet Lincoln personally but I did meet President Reagan. If I can believe what I read in the book THE REAL LINCOLN (c) 2002 by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, the civil war was less about slavery but mostly about establishing a centralized government, which seems to be well documented and what I'm seeing with my own eyes today, this most certainly has become reality and of course, President Reagan, along with many other presidents continued embracing that concept even though their rhetoric would have us believe otherwise.

Today big government continues to gain more and more control over American lives. Many are thinking something is seriously wrong but they can't seem to identify the cause. And when those that have figured out the problem is the United Nations and try to explain it to friends and relatives, their eyes glaze over and they move away from those with this revelation as quickly as possible.

About as far back as most who have not yet retired can remember and about another hundred years after the Civil War, we found ourselves with those rebellious sixties and the communist-inspired disarmament "peace" sit ins, free sex, flower children and the drug-induced, rock and roll hippy rallies promising enlightenment and the occultic New Age human potential movement which soon flowed into many churches as apostolic doctrine was watered down and no right and wrong was accepted. Oh, it was gradual at first but now we see it is in full swing -- anything goes.

In the sixties, many people felt it was just another crazy fad and that it would pass but, unfortunately, the participants from that era are now solidly ensconced in the judicial system and in the academic hierarchy where their captive audiences of students are being propagandized with politically correct multiculturalism and diversity unheard of in previous generations and parents are wondering what happens to their children's ability to reason after they attend public education. Those with the ability to still think for themselves because of proper indoctrination and early training by astute parents find themselves bucking left-leaning professors who have the capability of marking down grades as a way to intimidate and coerce. Because of this early appropriate training in some homes, it became necessary for governmental agencies to begin to separate children from their mothers at an early age - enter working mothers, day care centers and early childhood development specialists.

Many others of the sixties crowd gained a foothold in the unconstitutional regulatory government agencies which have been created since that time and their agendas from Mother Earth worship to the acceptance of legalized abortions and homosexuality are rapidly being carried out worldwide with few exceptions.

The Archbishop of Canterbury in Great Britain, Dr. Rowan Williams, head of the Church of England angrily charges those who are against the gay lifestyle as "lacking grace."[1]

Thomas Jefferson warned, "When all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another and will become as venal and oppressive as the government from which we separated.[2] But Jefferson never dreamed there would be a powerful satanic spiritual aspect to governmental affairs.

Separation of church and state were redefined in 1962 by the Supreme Court and the Court wrote its own commandments and expelled prayer and Bible reading from public schools leaving a vacuum for drugs, sex, occult religions and guns to fill.

It was during the 1960s that Jerry Falwell came on the scene endeavoring to counter what the radical left was doing. Other conservatives rose up with their own organizations in an attempt to stop the tide of filth that was coming upon us but it always seemed as though for one reason or another common sense and common ground was being lost and/or satanically compromised an inch at a time in the interest of "unity". It was so subtle that no one except the older generations seemed to notice and even many of them succumbed to the pull of the tide.

As an example, at Trinity United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas, recently, the congregation welcomed into its pulpit, Tom Davis, a Wiccan priest of the Covenant of the Goddess. It was part of a city-wide project called "pulpit swap" in which Native Indian shamans, Buddhist priests, witches, Hindu gurus, and Islamic muftis led Christian congregations in various pagan rituals and ceremonies.[3]

When Reverend Moon was crowned Messiah and Savior of Earth in Washington, D.C. a few months ago, scores of Christian leaders as well as several U.S. Senators and Representatives met for a very special occasion. Southern Baptist leaders were on hand, as were Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) President Paul Crouch, Reverend Jerry Falwell, Reverend Robert Schuller, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Boone and many others. Moon claims Jesus failed on his mission to earth but Moon has not.[4] The world is going nuts!

Jo Hindman wrote in her book THE METROCRATS that Metro businessmen, a nationwide group of self-described business executives and educators pooled their prestige in July 1966 to call for a revolutionary abolishment of 80% of local governments in the United States and each proposal that followed was more bolder than the last thereby continuing to fulfill Lincoln's vision of a huge, centralized bureaucracy.

What many did not learn until much later was American "misleaders" were gradually replacing our representative government with a United Nations regional government with unelected and unaccountable leaders in unconstitutional government agencies created both at the local levels and in Washington, D.C. and now that same bunch of "misleaders" who can't stop the eco-terrorists on our soil want to give Iraq a representative democracy?

How can we export something to Iraq that we've been losing for generations? GOP President Nixon implemented "revenue sharing" which takes money from taxpayers in the states and then gives it back to the states in the form of grants, for example, but only after certain criteria are met. In 1965 Congress gave its blessing to medicare and medicaid as part of President Johnson's dream of a "Great Society." His "great society" has become a great big nightmare as health costs continue to escalate with no end in sight. All of these programs take hordes of bureaucrats to manage which helps to build a bigger government.

Some of the sixties revolutionaries thought they were exploring new cultural territory and changing the world but too late learned their actions and beliefs were playing directly into the hands of the globalists - the New World Order crowd. Rodney Stubbs in his article 'United Nations Declares War On America' reminds us that on September 11, 1990 the elder - President George HW Bush declared the need to move forward with the New World Order.

In order to protect our common environment which this United Nations lunatic fringe, aided and abetted by the liberal media, feels is being put in danger by human activities, heads of state have signed numerous treaties that interlock and extend United Nations authority into our homes and pocketbooks and threaten our jobs, food, water supplies and very survival and every man, woman and child (including pastors) will be forced to support this pantheistic code of ethics.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) passed the GOP-controlled Congress under President Clinton and since he signed that bill, thousands of small farmers in the United States have gone out of business and no job is safe from the hatchet wielded by the globalist Power Elite.

And now the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), which would eliminate sovereign borders between the countries of the Western Hemisphere, is on the front burner with this current Congress and is comparable to the European Union where all borders are erased. Our world is in a state of gradual "convergence" into the Biblical prophesied one world government with a one world religion and a one world banking system. America is buying the rope that is hanging us. Our "misleaders" are determined to eliminate the Middle Class.

Mother Earth worship has replaced Christianity which will fulfill the one world religion goal. Parades in cities and programs at public schools now represent a "Holiday Season" and all the pagan religions are allowed except the Christians which might use the nasty word "Christmas" and it's being reported that a Christian teacher in Cupertino, California has been told he can't use the Declaration of Independence in his classroom because it has the word "God" in it.

Many recognize that Christmas today is nothing more than a commercialized season to make the cash registers ring before the year end but I find it interesting how quickly the long-established Christ of Christmas is becoming null and void.

And to make sure we become like robots and agree to everything that is happening to us, the senate will soon be considering funding Bush's mandatory mental health screening program for Americans. They'll start with the young people to make sure they are politically correct in their United Nations/New Age thinking and gradually force the rest of us to comply or be imprisoned or worse.

The pantheistic environmentalists, who hope to be in a dictatorial position in this New World Order, may think Mother Earth is God and reigns but they are in for a rude awakening. Nothing happens in government by accident and Creator God allows leaders to rise and to fall when they become disobedient and unrepentant.

In a recent article about Social Security reform topping the Bush agenda, he said "There will be costs but the cost of doing nothing... is much greater...." So if Bush is really the man of God that the conservatives, who have re-elected him for a second term, believe he is for this time in history, then I pray he'll restore our constitutional limits on government power and put at the top of his agenda completing that mess in Iraq as soon as possible, bringing our military home from all over the world to protect our borders from those who hate us, giving the states back their rights, getting rid of our out-of-control national debt by eliminating those unconstitutional agencies and building up a strong military defense and telling the United Nations to take a long hike off a short cliff and stopping all our funding of it. Then I'll believe President Bush was truly God's man for the hour!


1 Power of Prophecy, Texe Marrs, December 2004.
2 Bergh, Albert Ellery, ed. The writing of Thomas Jefferson 20 vols. (Washington: Thomas Jefferson Memorial Association, 1907) 15-278
3 Power of Prophecy, Texe Marrs, December 2004
4 Ibid

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...head of the Church of England angrily charges those who are against the gay lifestyle as "lacking grace