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By Betty Freauf

September 24, 2006

Early in the 1960s, Nikita Khrushchev in his intimidating, boorish manner described Americans to foreign correspondents in Moscow as people whom �You spit in their face and they call it dew� and later pounded his shoe on the table claiming he was going to bury us. Communism has always worked on confrontation, promotion of class warfare and revolution. America�s Christian heritage tells us to turn the other cheek if another person treats us badly BUT how much is too much when a tyrannical nation like the Soviet Union begins to talk to another country like that?

A cousin of mine married an adorable young lady about 50 plus years ago. My cousin and I had an uncouth, foul-mouthed uncle that the family had learned to tolerate and basically ignore. After all, we can choose our friends but we are stuck with our relatives as the old saying goes. A short time after my cousin brought his new bride home, this uncle and his wife stopped uninvited to visit. The new bride was cordial and hospitable and then the uncle became obnoxious. I even asked him one time if he ate with that same mouth and his embarrassed wife gave me thumbs up. The new bride tolerated it for a time and finally she went to the door, opened it and told him to GET OUT! She came from a family where such rudeness was not acceptable. They left and never came back. I wish our American leaders would take a lesson from this lady. By the way, the couple is still married.

However, readers might wonder what happened to my uncle. In his later years he had a severe stroke leaving him unable to use his nasty mouth. To those reading this article that understands salvation (John 3:3) and in fairness to my uncle, I was able to lead him in the sinner�s prayer a few months before he died. When I asked him afterwards if he knew what he�d done, he pointed to Heaven, hitting his chest in the heart area and said, �Jesus, Heart!� illustrating our genuine repentance and His grace and mercy, not works, is the ticket.

I�ve been watching this charade of the communist-stacked members of the United Nations meeting in Washington, D.C. and another 9-11 assault, this time verbal, on America. While I certainly don�t agree with all the policies President Bush has been implementing, I was appalled to hear Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, stand on OUR SOIL and insult OUR president by calling him an �imperialist pig� and a �devil� who left behind a sulfur smell when he spoke. And the silence from Republican elected officials is deafening. V.P. Cheney is usually able to provide some quick, terse sound bites but even he hasn�t come out of his bunker to defend his president. Chavez has been disrespectful but even more insulting is to have him receive an overwhelming applause from not only the communist thugs and sympathizers at the U.N. but liberal talk show hosts and left-wing media pundits throughout America. Americans can agree to disagree but let us be respectful in so doing.

But I did agree with Chavez about re-locating the U.N. outside of America. I hope they let the door hit them in the fanny as they go and no longer expect financial aid from America. This whole organization, like the League of Nations that preceded it, is a sham. It makes me wonder why our elected leaders continue financially supporting this corrupt organization. Why do we continue buying the rope that is hanging us?

In the library and city hall square of Oregon�s capital, we have a tattered United Nations flag that has been hanging limp for several decades. In years past that would have been intolerable. The town people would have marched to that square and pulled that flag down but today? No protests!! Where have all the patriots gone? I find it interesting the terrorists chose the Twin Towers to fly the airplanes into but left United Nations building standing. Maybe it wasn�t tall enough but it is taller than the Pentagon. The name of the game was to try to destroy us economically and by attacking us militarily. And it�s being reported by a variety of sources that heavy attacks to our military from the �mosquevites� in Iraq will occur during the week of September 24th for the Muslim�s Ramadan and then the major cities in the U.S. may be next.

One e-mail correspondent named Daryl says �In sharp contrast to the cool reception by the General Assembly given to President Bush on September 19, as he expressed his vision of a free and progressive world beyond extremism, the Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez was applauded wildly as he delivered a vitriolic, insult-laced �speech� before the assembled representatives of the world�s despots, �kleptocrats�, thugs, oppressors, and their corrupted and intimated European accomplices.� He went on to say, �The governments of the Third World may hate us, but we know how their oppressed, unrepresented citizens really feel. They vote with their feet. And that�s why we have a gigantic illegal immigration problem.� He says �Get the United States out of the United Nations and the United Nations out of America.�

I can only add a hearty Amen to Daryl�s comments and according to Pat Buchanan in his book State of Emergency, if we don�t get our borders closed and under control and get back to some type of a quota system for immigrants to come legally and assimilate, we are destined to become a Third World nation ourselves. With our manufacturing jobs being exported to communist countries using slave labor, our middle class is disappearing at a rapid pace and we are being left with the haves and the have nots � the poor and the very rich.

The communist ideology is not dead. In 1970 California used to have a Senate Fact-finding Subcommittee on un-American Activities but now our children in schools are being taught under communist teachers in �exchange� programs and those with eyes to see and ears to hear know communist professors at our colleges and universities are alive and well and being paid to spread their propaganda without punishment.

Texe Marrs in his book Circle of Intrigue said the nightmarish octopus from the depths of a sulfurous, boiling and hellish ocean floor, it�s sin-scarred, gaping tentacles reach even into the corridors of the White House. Indeed, they lead straight into the oval office of the President of the U.S.A. A single spidery threat can be traced, originating from the lair of the INNER CIRCLE and spreading its slick, sickly web across national borders into the musty halls and chambers of the Kremlin, deep inside the ornate apartments of the Vatican, and within the paneled confined of the board rooms of corporate America and its Fortune 500.� This book was written during the Clinton presidency in 1995.

Occidental�s oil magnate, Armand Hammer, a longtime friend of the Gore family, thought Khrushchev was just like Lenin and conveniently overlooking his atrocities, Hammer described him as another caring, compassionate man striving to do everything he could to give the Russian people a better way of life and wanted President Kennedy�s official approval to travel to the U.S.S.R and have a face-to-face meeting with Nikita Khrushchev.

Khrushchev encouraged cultural and business exchanges to advance world socialism. According to Charlotte Iserbyt, a former employee in the Department of Education under Ronald Reagan, in her book �the deliberate dumbing down of America� President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the first agreements with the Soviet Union in 1958, including an education agreement � something that would not come as a surprise to those familiar with the White House-directed plan to merge the United States and the Soviet Union�� Iserbyt continues, ��The most important education agreements were negotiated between the Carnegie Corporation and the Soviet Academy of Science, and those signed by President Reagan and Gorbachev in 1985, remain in effect to this day. Corporations began trading with the Soviet Union. We�ve sent astronauts into space with the Russian cosmonauts. American companies sold supercomputers to Russian nuclear facilities and are the many supercomputers sold to China being integrated into the military weapons? Will all this eventually jeopardize our own national security? Those who say appease, appease are hung by those they tried to please.

The New American reported on 5/21/2001 that the Soviet dictator and mass murderer Nikita Khruschev was raised in a very religious home but was �liberated� from this �unprogressive� upbringing by a school teacher in the Soviet Union. It was stated upon emerging from the Soviet schools, he was a devout communist, able to kill without compunction. In an earlier issue a statement by Khruschev said �We must realize we cannot co-exist eternally for a long time. One of us must go his grave. We do not want to go to the grave and they (Americans) do not want to go to their grave either, so, he asks, what can be done? We must push them to their grave,� said Khrushchev in April 1955.

President Reagan told the Soviets to �take down this wall� and poof! Like a miracle, the wall came down. Another bad joke on the American people. I�m sure the boys in the Kremlin were drinking toasts to Reagan�s ability to pull of this charade and while Washington�s attention is being diverted to the Middle East, communism and communist terrorism are threatening America�s security in a myriad of other ways both in and out of our government all working in unison with America�s enemies � countries which we�ve helped in the past and continue to support financially. I guess we should never empower a lion and then complain when he eats us for lunch. Betrayal is something we experience as individuals and also as nations. America�s protection would be a strong defense but even our military has been infiltrated, �feminized� and compromised causing much dissatisfaction to the genuine defenders of our country.

David Horowitz, born to communist parents, in his book Radical Son says the House Un-American Activities Committee was created in the thirties and Congressional investigations launched. He says the first days of the San Francisco un-American Activities were interrupted by protests in the gallery led by a local communist whose ejection from the hearing room triggered a melee in the hallway outside.

In 1960 a witness appearing before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) testified: �One of the major targets of the Communist Party is their intense, fervent desire to abolish the HUAC because they feel the biggest stumbling block they have in their effort to break out in a full fledged operation is the HUAC.� The Un-American committee used to publish a guide to subversive organizations and publications. Now I see subversive organizations by the hundreds as sponsors on state legislation. Claiming the HUAC was nothing more than a �witch hunt�organization, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was responsible for abolishing the HUAC. Of course, this couldn�t have been accomplished without some pro-Communist elected officials already in key positions.

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As I search the Concordance of the Bible under enemies, I see creator God warning Israel repeatedly to stop the disobedience or He�d allow its enemies to attack. When Israel is obedient, God protects it and comes to the rescue hoping Israel will recognize divine intervention. We can only hope and pray that America has not departed so far from it�s initial Godly heritage and values that God will also be there to assist us against our enemies � both entrenched and abroad. But I fear this may be only wishful thinking. And the more I see happening on a daily basis in our country the more I�m convinced no human leader is going to turn it around short of divine intervention. [Read]

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to










Soviet dictator and mass murderer Nikita Khruschev was raised in a very religious home but was �liberated� from this �unprogressive� upbringing by a school teacher in the Soviet Union.