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By Betty Freauf
December 25, 2010

John T. Flynn in his 1949 The Road Ahead, America’s Creeping Revolution said,

“We in America are on our way, rapidly, to the socialist stop. Where we will go from there I do not know. But nothing could be clearer than this – that we are following in the footsteps of socialist Britain. What Americans do not understand is the manner in which this is being done. Many, I am sure, will be as amazed as I was when I became aware of the precise shape which this extraordinary movement is taking.”

Sixty years ago, he was warning how the American youth was being programmed in our schools and colleges to accept socialism but strangest of all, he writes, is the extent to which our socialist conspirators were paralyzing the churches. The Christian churches once the great bulwark against the march of communism and socialism succumbed to the 501c3 tax exemption status, which pretty much muzzles that voice. Chuck Baldwin said in his recent article Time For Christians to Shred Their Bibles. Marxism is class warfare. Its goal is to divide people. First it was the very rich –vs- the poor but now it’s dividing long-time friends – those who voted for President Obama and those who oppose him.

Flynn said the road we were traveling had been obvious for some time but may I suggest, only a small percentage of Americans were aware. The voices like the kitchen intelligentsia called out the warnings the best way they knew how. However, the mainstream media has been complicit and has covered for this Marxist agenda since the turn of the century so retired folks put bumper stickers on their motor homes that said they were spending their children’s inheritance – if only they knew. Figuring they’d paid their way in society, many headed for sunny places where they could play cards, shop, swim, play tennis, golf, bowl or become a ski enthusiast like my cousin Wayne who spent a night lost on Mt. Spokane. In the meantime, the young folks following the lead of their elders, many born during depression but not recognizing the storm clouds that had been gathering overhead built bigger homes, bought fancier cars and ran up their credit cards. And just as socialism gradually spread over England, it came to America.

In 1913, the “Planned Economy” leftward theorists gave us the 16th amendment that allowed the government to begin collecting taxes on primarily middle-class incomes while the first tax-exempt foundation (where the rich hide their money) received a federal charter. On December 23, 1913 a small group of powerful senators stayed behind to vote on the Federal Reserve Act while the rest of the unsuspectingly Senate went home for the Christmas holiday. The Federal Reserve was created giving a group of international bankers control over our money and printing more as needed without any required gold backing FOX’s T.V. Glenn Beck’s “favorite” president was Democrat Woodward Wilson . Democrat president FDR gave us the Social Security entitlement that elected officials later robbed and which ended up as a Ponzi scheme that makes Bernie Madoff look like a Sunday school teacher. Another Democrat president by the name of LBJ from Texas created two more entitlements called Medicare and Medicaid that are now also bankrupt.

Not wanting to be outdone by the Democrats, Republican Richard Nixon gave us revenue sharing (redistribution of wealth), which amounted to federal AID granted to those local governments who “cooperated” with unconstitutional federal government agency mandates but denied to those local governments who didn’t want to cooperate aka blackmail. The local governments soon got the message loud and clear. Unlike the federal government that can print more money out of hot air, states are required to balance their budgets and now most states are buried in red ink. Revenue sharing was one of Nixon’s socialistic policies. Lastly but hardly least, another boondoggle, the Prescription Drug program was created and passed under Republican president George W. Bush and now Obama is quietly erasing the borders.

The Marshall Plan supposedly saved the European civilization from hunger, poverty and desperation and our misleaders became “humanitarians.” The pro-socialist movement in many nations slipped into high gear following World War II with America supplying much of the “foreign aid.” At the time the American capitalist system seemed to be in robust health but little did we know year after year this capitalism was already heavily drugged by artificial stimulants, loading ourselves with additional debt. General George C. Marshall claimed, “Order out of Chaos” but now they are rioting all over Europe because the retirement age was raised from 60 to 62 and college tuition has been increased. If the Republican House leaders drastically cut back on spending after they take over in January, will we see civil disobedience reminiscent of the riots of the sixties led by many now in the White House and on college campuses? The bait held out by the Socialists to the workers for the 20th century was the vision of a softer and more abundant life from the cradle to the grave.

Readers will recall the clip that was played over and over again on conservative talk radio programs as well as FOX T.V. where the black woman is heard on tape after Barack Obama was elected president saying she was waiting for the money to pay her rent and car payment. The moderator asked from where would the money come and she said, “From Obama’s stash.” Glenn Beck announced on December 20 the California teachers are calling for a revolution.

As in Britain, the labor unions were looked upon in their early days as purely instruments for collective bargaining between employer and employee demanding fewer hours, more holidays, more pay, better health care and retirement benefits. Britain began nationalizing industries and soon it had a “Ministry of Labor” who determined what jobs would be needed. America’s Goals 2000 and the “School to Work” programs fit neatly into an international effort to control people that the planners see as “human capital.” I’ve been hearing ads on T.V. about unemployed people who are striving to start new careers of their choice but apparently meeting with resistance from some work “czar” wanting to make the decision.


Michael Straight, the Socialist editor of the New Republic, wrote that “the workers dreamed that on the day they took power, the slums would somehow turn into bright communities, the hidden horde of the Capitalist treasure would be unearthed and divided among all. The age of plenty had come and this radiant dream was, of course, dissolved in the reality of the socialist nightmare in England but it did not, however, prevent the Socialists propagandists from peddling these spurious pictures of the happy socialist isle.”

The Civil Rights movement of the sixties for blacks was hijacked and soon we saw an expansion of civil rights for women and the handicapped and it wasn’t long before the law was perverted to include “sexual orientation” and a quota system that forced employers to discriminate against members of some groups in favor of others. Title IX required schools to have an equal amount of girls in sports which required some of the long-established sports of boys to be eliminated due to insufficient funds to support both and we wonder why we have so many angry young men in our society today?

The Don Bell Reports noted on June 14, 1985 that the Homosexual Bill of Rights had been reintroduced in Congress with 99 Congressmen sponsoring it, It amended the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by adding the words, “affectional or sexual orientation” to color, religion and sex as groups to be covered by the Civil Rights Act. In the bill “affectional or sexual orientation” was defined as male or female homosexuality, heterosexually and bisexually by orientation or practice, by and between consenting adults and would mean that all schools, public, private and religious would be forced by law to hire homosexual and lesbian teachers, coaches and counselors.

Meanwhile a cleverly named Civil Rights Reconstruction Act exempted Congress from universal and dangerous laws. The 5/23/1988 New American reported the hypocrites who represent us knew beforehand the harm they were doing; however, the November 22, 2010 New American reported the White House spokesman Shin Inouye delightedly confirmed the number of homosexual appointments by Barack Obama exceeds in two years the total of similar appointments made during Bill Clinton’s eight years and now “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has been repealed. We have tolerance and diversity run amok. We are cognitively deficient and morally deprived.

We have come full circle with unintended consequences – from “Civil Rights” for blacks to “Human Rights’ for lesbians and homosexuals. It wasn’t long before the Supreme Court was involved and the tax-exempt status could be denied to racially discriminatory private schools. Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina and Goldsboro Christian Schools in North Carolina were the first to get hit. Syndicated Columnist Kilpatrick said the Civil Rights Restoration act should be called the Civil Rights Expansion Act because it was a vast intrusion upon churches, synagogues, private schools and business entities.

And all the while the general population was vacationing on the Titanic never dreaming this unsinkable ship would encounter an iceberg in its path leading towards economic and financial destruction. Wasn’t America the original do-it-yourselfers? America was strong. America was infallible and would survive anything that is thrown at it. Don’t we have the mighty, powerful eagle as our American symbol.

It wasn’t until the Titanic hit the iceberg and was taking on water that the happy travelers begin manning the lifeboats. While most people are still in denial, others are preparing the best way they know how. I even attended a Chicken 101 class in Salem, Oregon on December 19th and was surprised at how big my class was and with the exception of me, I didn’t see any old gray haired people there. These younger city dwellers got an ordinance passed in Salem, Oregon to allow no more than three chickens in their back yards. Of course, it came with a price tag – a $50 annual license fee. Elected leaders never pass up an excuse for taxing someone. And the instructor told us that Portland, Oregon recently had 700 paid tickets for the “chicken coop” tour after the Chicken 101 class there and community gardens have been popular for a number of years.

That evening of the 19th, the Discovery Channel told about some unemployed Southern Oregon men who left their families for a Gold Rush to Alaska. Oregon has nearly a 11% unemployment rate thanks to the environmentalists and like California, it, too, is broke.

While elected officials and presidents may have caused the problems, in the end, all of us, each and every voting adult, is responsible for the final results because we elected them and allowed the camel to put his nose under the tent but the biggest culprits are the pimps in the media which the Founders gave the First Amendment so they could be watchdogs and they failed to expose this takeover and now we hear the president wants to control the Internet.

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Thousands did wake up and were active in the Tea Party movement that helped get more Republicans elected to the House of Representatives. As I’m drafting this article, Congress is voting on a “continuing resolution” to keep the government afloat while they head home for Christmas. The Nov. 22, 2010 New American reported incoming House Financial Services Committee chairman Spencer Bachus told the Fox Business Network just before the election that House Republicans would not blink in a shutdown threat this time. “This time” refers back to 1995 when House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his Republican colleagues and its “Contract With America” folded like a cheap accordion when President Clinton threatened to veto GOP bills to cut back on government spending and then blame the Republicans. Will House Republicans this time be able to articulate their cause more clearly and will the people be ready to listen? Bachus says if the House doesn’t pass the spending bills, there’s nothing the Senate and the President can do. Political history makes that a very big “if”!

� 2010 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









The Marshall Plan supposedly saved the European civilization from hunger, poverty and desperation and our misleaders became “humanitarians.” The pro-socialist movement in many nations slipped into high gear following World War II with America supplying much of the “foreign aid.”