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By Betty Freauf

March 29, 2010

Following the Obama Health Care vote on Sunday, March 21, 2010, on Monday morning miscellaneous conservative media outlets used different terms to describe what happened.

Laura Ingraham played a song about “the end is coming soon.” Our local conservative radio host, Bill Post on KYKN in Salem mentioned the “end of the world.” The March 22nd European Union Times says the world mourns as communist darkness falls upon America. Three days after the vote, President Obama was giving a speech mocking the opposition to his health care bill stating they think it is the end of the world – Revelation and Armageddon. Will pride be America’s downfall? But the scripture that came to my mind was Jeremiah 9:17 about cunning women and no one was more cunning than the Jezebel House Speaker Pelosi with that Healthcare vote. Jeremiah, the weeping prophet shares God’s heartbreak. He longed to get away into a wilderness place where he would hide and not have to see the sin of his people that was bringing his nation to ruin.

Pelosi’s assimilated Martin Luther King civil rights march into Congress surrounded by Black Caucus House members with the biggest “gavel” I’ve ever seen was quite a demonstration of “I am woman, hear me roar!” It was a defiant “in your face” tactic daring some Obamacare protester to say something that could be used to destroy the opposition and if no one took the bait, she and her left-wing pundits would manufacture something.

Unlike the anarchists at other orchestrated left-wing rallies where demonstrators are bussed at taxpayer expense, the Tea Party folks paid their own way and they don’t wear bananas over their faces because they have nothing to hide. They protest peacefully and then pick up their trash after the rallies but that does not deter some left-wing talk show hosts from calling them every name in the book. Listen to Ray Taliaferro out of San Francisco in the KGO archives for a few days after March 21. Some people are being imprisoned for “hate” speech so why does the Federal Communications Commission allow such a hateful popinjay with a microphone and his garrulous monologues remain on the air? He’s on between 1 and 5 a.m. West Coast time so you can guess who his listeners are – senior citizens with insomnia, grave yard shift workers and those getting government checks so they don’t have to get up to go to work in the morning. One of his earlier colleagues hated the conservatives nearly as much as Ray. The last I heard in December 2008 his now repentant colleague was serving time in federal prison on pornography charges. In my article Every Knee Shall Bow I explain how he attacked Jerry Falwell the day Jerry died.

I watched the tally and the magical 216 number showed up on the TV screen after Congressman Bart Stupak and his pro-life “defenders” with Judas spirits folded like cheap umbrellas and put the needed votes for the bill over the top. I wonder how long it took Stupak and friends to realize poker-player Pelosi did not have the votes. It was all a bluff.

For some strange reason the T.V. show “The Price Is Right” popped into my head and the one game they play with the little Swiss boy climbing up the Alps. Contestants are shown a prize and they guess the price. The little guy goes up the mountain until he reaches the amount and stops. If the contestant gets the amount wrong, eventually the little Swiss boy gets to the top and falls into the abyss and the contestant loses. The “Price was Right” for those who Pelosi bought off for their votes. Believing this cunning woman, Stupak and friends felt it would be safe to change their vote to “yes” because the game was already over. The Republicans kept saying, “If Pelosi has the votes, they would have been voting.” Could we call Stupak the little Swiss boy who pushed our children and grandchildren and those yet to be born into the abyss strapping them with huge deficits for which they cannot pay. Will the final nail in the coffin of the middle class be some form of “consumption/value added tax” to pay for all these entitlements and the interest on the national debt? and a global currency. The government finally admitted on March 25 that Social Security is broke, but not to worry, benefits won’t be cut. I wonder how many loaves of bread the worthless promissory notes the government placed in the Social Security Trust Fund when they stole the money will buy. Is it any wonder people are angry?

As a side bar, I doubt that many exuberant contestants on these game shows realize the companies who give away these over-priced prizes which the contestant does not need get free advertising and then at income tax time, the contestant receives an I.R.S.1099 form and must pay taxes on their winnings because the prizes were considered expenses to the companies. But while I’m on the subject of I.R.S., in addition the Health Care

bill requires 15,500 I.R.S. agents to be hired with the power to fine and jail those who do not participate in this takeover of the insurance industry. Many liberals wanted the single payer system, however the private insurance companies and the employees will eventually be forced to work for the government. They will become the (single payer) tax collector just like the employers in the private sector are required to withhold money from their employees’ paychecks and then forward to the government. Those employers are required to file and pay quarterly estimates on their own businesses. In addition, the government now controls the student loan programs; however, it was under the Democrat Jimmy Carter Administration that nationalized education with the creation of the Department of Education. Think Job Patronage. While the GOP is talking “repeal”, B.O. is full speed ahead on amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants thereby guaranteeing his re-election in 2012. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) says national bankruptcy will repeal the Obamacare.

Elizabeth Dilling in her 1936 book (The) Roosevelt Red Record said the Communist Party has always recognized the necessity of winning women to its ranks as an essential part of its revolutionary program. And now we see Nancy Pelosi two steps away from the White House and she’s being coroneted by the liberals as the most powerful woman in the world.

In Alan Stang’s 1965 book It’s Very Simple, a true story of civil rights, Stang takes the following quote from the Stalin archives of the National War College in Washington, D.C. as quoted in Coronet, vol. 29, no. 3 (January 1951), p. 23:

“How will we bring the masses of a nation into the communist programs? We have fashioned a number of organizations without which we could not wage war on capitalism: trade unions, cooperatives, workshop committees, labor parties, women’s associations, a labor press, educational leagues, youth societies. (Think ACORN).


“As often as not, these are non-party organizations and only a certain proportion of them are linked with the party. But under special conditions, every one of these organizations is necessary; for, lacking them, it is impossible to consolidate the class positions of the workers in the various spheres of the struggle. (Class Warfare)

“There is a veritable ant heap of independent organizations, commissions, and committees comprising millions of non-party members. Who decides upon the direction that all these organizations take? Where is the central unit of organization that wields sufficient authority to keep them within prescribed lines in order to achieve unity of command and to avoid confusion?

“The central unit in the Communist party!” – Joseph Stalin

To destroy our country from within the head of the Soviet Secret Police worked with the FDR administration and leading universities to corrupt (socialize) American society. Among subversions employed was the utilization of women as part of the class struggle. Soon we saw Women’s Studies promoting lesbianism and homosexuality being offered in colleges and Women’s Resource Centers.

These radical feminists in positions of power were quick to come to the defense of Hillary Clinton in 1994 from what they perceived as “right-wing” attacks on her husband but where are these women libbers when it comes to the attacks against Sarah Palin and her family? And now that Pelosi is in a powerful position, instead of patronizing the incendiary remarks by the radicals against the Tea Party people, why doesn’t she call a press conference to calm the waters?

Eleanor Smeal, former president of National Organization of Women (NOW) in the 80s said, “You can’t count on any woman, once she gets some power not to sell other women out.” And that is why the libbers hate conservative pro-life women such as Palin. The fundamental goal of the women’s movement was to reduce and contain maleness so today we find many men so demoralized they prefer to stay home with the kids while their wives go off to work.

As we saw our American society winding its way through the social revolution of the 60s, the family structure was changing dramatically. The “family” was being redefined. The state of Oregon has been very much a leader in women’s rights historically and I remember vividly the socialist legislation they got passed in the 80s followed by many other states. While many women either went to work because they had to or because they wanted to enhance their retirement so they could travel, etc., a few handfuls of Phyllis Schlafly Eagle Forum and Bev LaHaye Concerned Women for America members would go to Capitol to oppose the legislation but because our numbers were so insignificant, our testimony fell on deaf ears.

There was no George Wallace, no Senator Joe McCarthy, and no massive resistance to oppose the Marxist women’s movement. By lowering the standards and padding scores, women were allowed to join the military and now when mom ships out, baby stays at home with dad. Men are hesitant to treat women the same as other men, for fear of a harassment complaint but sensitivity is not an attribute in combat. We now find women in fire and police departments – many as chiefs. They pushed for acceptance as priests and ministers. I guess you could say women have finally made it but at what price? Women are now in the stress jobs that 40 years ago were primarily men’s jobs and are more likely to file disability claims and live off the taxpayer until they die.

But along with this new liberation more are smoking causing lung cancer, cocaine has replaced flowers, more gamble and become alcoholics. They became more promiscuous resulting in more STDs. And while Comparable Worth legislation in the 80s was seen as a wage equalizer, many women still complain they get paid less than a man for the same work.

In Mary Pride’s 1985 book The Way Home she says the oppression of women has been self-inflicted. Women pushed through the “liberated” divorce laws that allow husbands to collect alimony from wives and in some cases perhaps child support. The radical women worked feverishly to remove children from their parents at an early age and place them in government controlled day care. Obese children will be the next target by Big Brother with this Healthcare bill. They succeeded in making abortion legal and now pro-life folks will be forced in the Obama Health Care bill to pay for abortions with their taxes. The Executive Order promised to Stupak for his vote we now find cannot override legislative law. Stupak duped again. That answers the question I had in my It’s About Control article about President Kennedy’s E.O. 11110 to abolish the Federal Reserve.

The radical feminist movement motto was “make policy, not coffee” and the leaders began to organize to get women elected to office. Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was quoted in the Nov. 1983 Seventeen Magazine, “In Politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman.” And Pelosi proved that to be true. She even upstaged the Messiah and their collective antagonism toward we, the people – the Tea Party folks. One orchestrated misstep will bring on Martial Law.

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Here’s the take on pending health care issues from an unknown source. It seems as though we’re about to be gifted with a healthcare plan written by a committee whose Chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn’t read it, to be signed by a President who also hasn’t read it and who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes, to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country who owes over $12,500,000,000,000 now. WHAT THE HECK COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to










To destroy our country from within the head of the Soviet Secret Police worked with the FDR administration and leading universities to corrupt (socialize) American society. Among subversions employed was the utilization of women as part of the class struggle.