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By Betty Freauf

May 26, 2007

Rev. Jerry Falwell�s body was barely cold when the left-wing talk show hosts- those who preach tolerance but do not practice it when it comes to Christianity - began belittling him. The gay community in San Francisco created a �memorial� �a shrine of sorts - for what they believe to be his legacy of hatred toward the gays and lesbians. Signs surrounded a makeshift grave on Castro & 18th in San Francisco, along with rainbow flags and Teletubby dolls � something Falwell had once said depicted homosexuals. A mock tombstone said �Reverend Jerry Falwell rest in torment.�

I decided to check out Bernie Ward. A caller to his show reported the above scenario in San Francisco. Bernie has a Sunday morning program on KGO in San Francisco called �God Talk� so could one assume he really knows his Bible and would be kind to Falwell? His weekly nightly program began less than 12 hours after Jerry�s death and Bernie was quite disturbed at the accolades Jerry was receiving from people across our nation and the world, even from the �old white guy� Republican presidential candidates that debated that evening. Bernie was recently awarded �Best Talk Show Host in the Bay Area.� While feeling just a little remorse about attacking Falwell so soon after his death, he finally must have concluded it was a dirty job but someone had to do it. Someone had to remind the world what a hypocrite Falwell was and by using some left-wing blog, he listed Falwell�s �evil� deeds.

For starters, he talked about Jerry�s outspoken support of the apartheid regime in South Africa in the 1980s and how Jerry allegedly called Desmond Tutu a phony. Older readers may recall how THE �Reverend� Jesse Jackson made a ten-day journey through South Africa in July 1979 where he addressed crowds in black townships and encouraged them to launch massive nonviolent protests to topple the white apartheid regime. On August 9, 1979 he met with President Carter and hammered away at disinvestments by U.S. firms, a step bitterly opposed by Dr. Buthelezi, a dedicated Christian and anti-communist leader as well as other black South African leaders who argued it would rob black workers of their livelihood. But breaking the commercial and financial lifeline of the apartheid regime was a key goal of the international Left and of Soviet-sponsored front groups.[1]

Simultaneously, legislators throughout the U.S. were introducing bills at the request of left-wing groups including ecumenical churches for state governments to also divest. These are many of the same churches offering sanctuary today to illegals. The dedicated, unapologetic liberal and Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton owned stock in a South African diamond company at the time her liberal friends were yelling about apartheid and divestiture.[2] It ended up that the sanctions only hurt the very people they were supposed to help � the black people.[3]

At the time, Bishop Tutu, the self-proclaimed �voice� of the blacks became a rich man, as did Winnie and Nelson Mandela. It was reported in November 1988 the children of Tutu were attending school in America. The results of this �revolution� were reported on SIXTY MINUTES on December 20, 1998 that 2600 farm families had been attacked and 600 farmers murdered since apartheid ended. Protecting whites was not a government priority so farmers organized and were armed. Then on February 1, 2000 SIXTY MINUTES again reported every 26 seconds in South Africa a woman is raped since Apartheid was abandoned. They are turning their homes into fortresses by putting up fences and owning dogs. They carry guns when they are driving. Later ABC�s 20/20 reported how dangerous it was to live in Johannsburg, South Africa for whites. Hundreds of farmers had been killed and bodyguards were an every-day necessity for wealthy people. By 1992 famine was a reality and poverty under Mandella was high. Both white and black vigilante groups were forming. And we all remember the violence in 2000 in Zimbabwe and the genocide in Rawanda.

In October 2006, Nobel Peace laureate Demond Tutu, an award he received in 1984, celebrated his 75th birthday. The Mandellas were guests. The ruling African National Congress paid tribute to the retired Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town who now is a member of a U.N. advisory panel on genocide prevention and is a supporter of the U.N. United Religions. And while the list about the South Africa atrocities is long may I remind you of a few.

Winnie Mandela told her followers to �burn the cars and schools, burn everything down, everything which belongs to the white man must be burned.�[4] But the heaviest on my heart is the atrocity of �necklacing� performed on dissenters by Winnie and her followers. The practice of �necklacing� involved putting a rubber tire around the victims, pouring gas on them and setting them on fire. Talk Show host Rush Limbaugh with tongue in cheek later reported that the Mandellas were divorcing and �Nelson wants the car, Winnie wants the tires.� The June 1994 The Witness newsletter reported that since 1990 the communists had slaughtered over 60,000 people in South Africa (mostly black moderates opposed to the revolution). I belabor this point about South Africa only because Bernie was so busy reporting on Falwell�s alleged evils, I felt the readers needed a little history lesson reminder.

Bernie told about Falwell taking money from anti-communist front groups representing the Rev. Sun Moon. I can�t help but wonder if Falwell didn�t regret that mistake because it brought him much criticism among Christians. Tammy Bakker, now dying of cancer, and her ex-husband, Jim appeared on Larry King on 7/4/2000 with their new spouses and said they�d forgiven Jerry Falwell for his involvement in the1987 PTL scandal but when she appeared on TV recently she indicated there had been no reconciliation before Jerry�s death.

Bernie ranted about the millions of dollars Falwell raised. He wanted to know what Falwell did with that money but had nothing, in his opinion, to show for it. He kept speculating the next day�s headlines would simply indicate Falwell was a moving political force among fundamentalists as if this group, getting involved in politics, was taboo.

And, so it was until about the 70s when Falwell became a moving force among conservatives with his Moral Majority. He began warning about the threats to America and the ensuing cultural war, about which many are still totally unaware. This current generation of children hasn�t the foggiest idea how peaceful it was prior to that time. Like today, some people attended church three times a week while others only attended on Sunday mornings. Then there were others who attended only on Easter or other special occasions and then there were those who possessed good moral values and ethics but rarely, if ever, attended church. I�m sure there were scoundrels in all groups. I�m guessing even ethical atheists may have secretly admired Falwell who was able to unite a variety of different like-minded religions on moral and social issues and what we all now recognize as the �politically correct agenda� and Falwell became a lighting rod for controversy because he would say things that people in those religious establishments didn�t have the courage to say. Yes, Falwell had his faults like the rest of us but I can�t help but wonder where America would be today without Falwell and his Moral Majority.

This reminds me of the atheist professor trying to prove there was no God. He said, �God, if you are real, I want you to knock me off this platform. I�ll give you 15 minutes!� He kept taunting God, saying, �Here I am God, I�m still waiting.� He got down to the last couple minutes and a BIG 240 pound football player happened to walk by the door and heard what the professor said. The football player walked in the classroom, and in the last minute, hit the professor full force and sent him flying off the platform. The professor got up, obviously shaken and said, �Where did you come from and why did you do that?� The football player replied, �God was busy so He sent me!�

"Who will rise up for Me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity" "Unless the Lord had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence." (Psalm 94:16-17)

Did God send Jerry Falwell? Chuck Baldwin, a frequent contributor to News With Views, saw Falwell as his mentor and �absolutely fearless.� One newspaper article indicated Jerry loved collecting cartoons and caricatures critical of him.

Bernie, the �God Talk� host, admits he may be the worst of sinners, but he must still believe it is �works� not �repentance and simple faith in the Lord Jesus� that gets one into Heaven. He kept harping about proof of Jerry�s �works.� Baldwin answers that question in his article. [Read]

Of course, Bernie�s listeners were nearly all liberal from the �blue state� of California and one caller from �blue� Oregon so they naturally endorsed his fatuous rantings up until the last caller � 10 minutes before Bernie moved on to another subject of beating up on the Republicans. This caller, Horatio, was from Virginia and he stood up to �God talk� Bernie on Biblical issues. Horatio agreed with Baldwin that Falwell was a man�s man. Pollyanna Bernie said he doesn�t believe in hell so he finally conceded Jerry Falwell must be in Heaven. For Bernie to suggest there is no hell and no one suffers for their unrepentant sins before they die means the excruciating death on the cross of Jesus was not necessary. The Bible says �Every Knee Shall Bow� (Romans 14:11, Phil. 2:10, Isaiah 45: 23) If Bernie should end up in Heaven, God, with His sense of humor, will probably make him a next-door neighbor to Jerry. Remember, Bernie, the Bible says love thy neighbor as yourself. A station break finally brought Bernie relief from Horatio.

Occasionally Bernie would say how sorry he was for Falwell�s family who were mourning but he said he must challenge the nice things others were saying about Falwell because �we can�t let a Jerry Falwell happen again. We cannot allow phony evangelical fundamentalists to exercise so much influence over this political process, and that the fundamentalists are the ones that are going to strike the match that will blow this country to smithereens.� (I have the audiotape.)

Bernie reminds me of zealot Paul in the Bible. He, too, wanted to persecute Christians. Pharisee Paul was proud to have many credits (works) to his side of the ledger but on the debit side he hated Jesus Christ and out of his hatred Paul was trying to eliminate the followers of Jesus. Then Paul met Jesus on the road to Damascus and changed his whole bookkeeping system. What had been a credit became a debit and vica versa. (Phil. 3:7-8) Bernie needs a Damascus experience.

Isaiah 64:6 says all our righteousness are as filthy rags in His sight and God won�t accept dirty laundry (works) but he will take in dirty sinners and He is the One who will clean them up and after conversion, then He expects works. God expects our lifestyles to change. Doesn�t Bernie realize when God takes one of His own home, He�ll make sure He has many more workers in the wings? Trying to defame Falwell in this manner only makes more people determined to carry on in Jerry�s footsteps. What Bernie sees as evil, God will use as good. Bernie is the best recruiter for Jerry�s causes so it�s �Onward Christian Soldiers.�

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Bernie doesn�t realize that these fundamentalists were content to quietly do the works that God called them to do until their ox was gored and then they began to fight back. And now they are being accused of being the dividers? Jesus was the greatest of the dividers. He promised to bring a sword (Matt: 10:34-39) and in the end it is He who separates the sheep from the goats. Yes, every knee shall bow.


1, Book: Shakedown, Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson By Kenneth Timmerman � 2002 P. 104 & 105
2, New American magazine 7/12/1993 P. 5
3, New American magazine 10/10/1988 P. 22
4, New American magazine 6/29/1992

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









I decided to check out Bernie Ward. A caller to his show reported the above scenario in San Francisco. Bernie has a Sunday morning program on KGO in San Francisco called �God Talk� so could one assume he really knows his Bible and would be kind to Falwell?