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By Betty Freauf

May 19, 2009

After I published my article about the smoking gun I began to watch for any signs of what the disgruntled Democrat caller from Chicago had revealed on the Michael Savage radio program. The word Chicago gets my immediate attention. The University of Chicago whose Red policies have been supported and upheld by the Rockefeller Foundation with its millions [1] has long been a magnet for various radical movements and recently in addition to it being “home base” for Barack Obama and his “community organization” activities, the former Governor Rod Blagojevich has been in the news. Chicago’s motto could be similar to that in Las Vegas that says: What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. An anonymous blogger has suggested: No matter what you see, hear, or do, in Chicago, you don’t know anybody and you don’t know nothing! If you capture something on tape or camera, it reveals nothing! If you know what everybody knows in Chicago, well, you still don’t know nothing!. Pictures accompanying the blogger’s Chicago mantra show ex-Illinois governor Blagojevich and Obama laughing together but you’ll recall, Barack really doesn’t know the guy just like he didn’t know the 1960s radical William Ayers who is now a professor of education at the University of Chicago. A 12/14/2008 AP article said: Corruption deep in Illinois and is hard to weed out.

The birth pains coming more rapidly as described in the Bible caused other priorities to come along and soon the Chicago caller on the Savage radio show fell off my radar screen until Friday, May 15th when I was watching the Glenn Beck television show. He’s been bringing people to the studio to appear with him. On this day along with a variety of regular John and Mary Does, he had a number of representatives from different states who have created and they are encouraging legislators from other states to join them in this effort to give the government back to the people. While Beck’s 9/12 project turned into the spontaneous peaceful Tea Bag demonstrations on April 15th that shocked those in Washington, D.C., it is up to our elected state and federal representatives to reverse the dangerous trends being developed. While it was just plain, ordinary people saying Enough is Enough using local radio talk shows to spread the word of 9/12 gatherings in their respective communities, the perverts on the Potomac immediately gave credit to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and other talk show pundits for the Tea Bag demonstrations. When the citizens begin to wake up, those who wish to control get worried.

One guest on Beck’s show was Angelo from New Jersey whose family had a Chrysler dealership since the 1940s – “59 years and seven months,” he proudly said and they’d weathered other recessions successfully but in his hand he held a termination notice. It seems the government who now controls Chrysler told him he’d no longer have the dealership and that it was being given to a dealer two miles up the road – another Marxist trick causing “class warfare.” My mind rushed to the old rich guy, John D. Rockefeller who felt competition was a sin and all rivals should be eliminated. He had a plan to bring all his rivals in with him. The strong ones he would bring in as partners, others would come in as stockholders…those who could not come would be crushed.

Rockefeller-Morgan [2] eliminated growing competition while making sure the graduated income tax law contained built-in escape hatches for themselves. By the time the 16th Amendment had been approved by the states (later shown it was not approved) the Rockefeller Foundation was in full operation. [3]


It happens often. Did well-heeled Indian Tribes manage to reverse a government decision with the help of lobbyists that would have allowed smaller tribes to compete with them in the Casino business? [4] Only huge pharmaceutical companies can afford the $12 million that is the average cost required to get a drug approved. The result is the elimination of competition in the marketplace. [5] I could go on and on about tariffs, “T” ball for children where there is no winner (but the kids keep score!), to how the U.S. handouts subsidize U.S. competitors, takes property away from the “little guy” using Eminent Domain and selling it to the big corporations to “increase the tax base” and they call it for “Public Use.” Like Al Capone who used to shake down saloon owners who refused to buy his booze, government careerists and large corporations like to acquire power and control by fair or foul means. Former GOP presidential candidate, Ron Paul, has a sign on his desk that says: “Don’t steal, the government hates competition.” Now Jesse Jackson is Robin Hood in Reverse. He shakes down big corporations for his financial gain and power [6]

The next day following the Glenn Beck TV show our newspaper had a headline that GM was firing 1,100 dealers with weak sales. The cuts they claimed were part of the automaker’s efforts to avoid bankruptcy. “GM’s announcement is more bad economic news for dealers, communities and businesses still reeling from Chrysler’s similar nationwide dealers cuts a day earlier,” the article said. “While GM doesn’t own the dealers, its network is too big, causing dealers to compete with each other and giving shoppers too much leverage to talk down prices and hurt the company’s future sales.” It is my personal opinion that all these big corporations are reducing competition by merging or government takeovers until there will be only one left in each industry. No competition means prices will soar.

I know this whole bailout mess began under Republican President George W. Bush shortly before his term of office expired but it grew much worse after Barack took his unconstitutional oath. It was under another Republican, Richard Nixon, when we were given “revenue sharing” – at the time, another of the most totalitarian pieces of legislation ever to come out of Congress of the U.S. It was financial leverage forcing states to convert to full United Nations Regionalism and no Congressperson had the brains to ask how the federal government could share revenue with the states when it had no revenue to share!!!

I doubt Angelo gave any consideration to the fact he could be next after the Barack administration nationalized the banks. I’m reminded of what Rev. Martin Neimoller, the German Lutheran pastor said in 1937 when the Gestapo arrested him. He hadn’t protested when others were being arrested and soon there was no one left to speak up for him.

Some of those mentioned by Neimoller are working today in conjunction with the Democrat party to nationalize the private sector. Norman Mattoon Thomas was born in Novembert 20, 1884 and died December 19, 1969. He was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and a six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. He said in his 1944 speech: The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism” (they’ve changed it to progressives) they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say, “I no longer need to run as Presidential candidate for the Socialist party. The Democrat party has adopted our platform.” I thank one of the readers of my articles who sent that to me only days before I began drafting this article.


Is this part of that Smoking Gun? Is the Barack government eliminating some dealerships that just may be Republican and giving them to Democrats to fulfill their “Job Patronage System?” Remember what the caller said, “There will be more employees working for the Democrats in this patronage system than in the U. S. Army and the jobs would be camouflaged in a million different ways – either a Democrat will be working for the city, the state or federal government when the election comes around and they are going to be obligated to get the voters to the polls just like ACORN did only on a much larger scale.”

In the book At the Eye of the Storm published in 1981, Ron Arnold wrote about James Watt and the environmentalists. On page 42 he described how Democrat President Jimmy Carter (that so-called Christian) appointed many radical environmental activists to positions in his Cabinet and in turn these appointees made more and more appointments and he listed hundreds of names. Dr. H. Peter Metzger, Manager of Public Affairs Planning for the Public Service Company of Colorado, called it the “termite infestation” and found these environmental activists were using tax dollars to train young people in “the style and techniques of radical politics,” obtaining government funding for already wealthy environmentalists groups such as the Sierra Club, and arranging for government-paid organizers to create new environmentalist groups on single issues.

As one example, the spotted owl in Oregon nearly wiped out our timber industry that gave about $45 million yearly to schools and counties. About a month ago I heard a bigger owl is now devouring the endangered spotted owl. No “common sense” pagan environmentalists save the owl and lose needed revenue for schools and kill future taxpayers in the womb and call it choice and then want to raise taxes to meet budget demands.

Metzger became alarmed by the literally thousands of environmentalists in the federal government who appeared to be dismantling America’s history. He carefully documented these charges in a paper entitled The Coercive Utopians: Their Hidden Agenda.

And then he went on to explain how he discovered that Carter’s ACORD agency head, Sam Brown, formerly a militant environmental activist, had given $470,475 in federal grants to ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform which claimed 600 chapters in 17 states and were well financed. Like me, I’m sure many of you thought ACORN was something that simply surfaced to get Barack Obama elected.

Let me tell you what “The People’s Platform” of ACORN, according to Metzger said: It read like something written by Lenin or Mao: “In our freedom, only the people shall rule. Corporations shall have their roles producing jobs, providing products, paying taxes. No more. No less. They shall obey our wishes, respond to our needs, and serve our communities. We have nothing to show for the work of our hands. Our patience has been abused…Enough is Enough.” ACORN called the “neighborhood control” of the private sector, much like the Soviet system, complete with “self-criticism meetings” with compulsory attendance for all citizens. (Google Conflict Resolution)

But it gets better. ACORN, it seems, had teamed with Chicago’s Midwest Academy to train young radicals including VISTA volunteers who received about $4,000 a year in subsistence payments from the federal government and paid for by federal grants from ACTION agency in the amount of $596,315, as verified by a House Appropriation Subcommittee investigation led by Congressman Robert H. Michel in 1979. Saul Alinsky, author of Rules for Radicals, founded the Midwest Academy.

Midwest’s training manual – paid for at taxpayers’ expense – offered this advice to its students from VISTA and ACORN:

Give people a “taste of blood.” Push your opponents so hard you can see them squirm. You may want to assign some people to be “inciters” and move about to heat up the action getting people angrier and encouraging them to show their anger. Make what the opposition is doing or not doing sound scandalous. Stunts can help…Civil disobedience…is not generally a good mass recruitment tactic (but) there are some exceptions. The Third Principle of Direct Action organizing is that it attempts to alter the relations of power between the people’s organizations and their real enemies. The enemies are unresponsive politicians, tax assessors, utilities, landlords, government agencies, large corporations or banks.

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Metzger also uncovered substantial federal payments to Ralph Nader’s Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) network in the amount of $646,042 from Sam Brown’s ACTION agency. He indicated add-in student fees at universities funded PIRGs. In Oregon we had OSPIRG (OS meaning Oregon Student). I encountered a few of these vermin when I visited Eugene, Oregon, the home of University of Oregon, with a bumper sticker on my car that said, “We Know Watts Right!” They used the Marxist training manual harassing me as I was driving trying to get me to show my anger. This was in the early 80s. Take heed dear readers. They will try to goad us into doing something stupid so Martial Law can be declared and beware of the paid “inciters” in the crowds.


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� 2009 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









Is this part of that Smoking Gun? Is the Barack government eliminating some dealerships that just may be Republican and giving them to Democrats to fulfill their “Job Patronage System?”