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Just Who is it Than Has God's Blessing? 2-4-04
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Time To Trade In The Republican Jalopy 1-27-04
When Bush Loses in November, He Will Have no One to Blame but Himself 1-23-04
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I'm With John Madden: No More Commercial Flying For Me 1-13-04
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Will Orwell's 1984 Become A Reality In 2004? 12-30-03
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Without Allegiance to the Constitution, Party Partisanship Means Nothing 12-9-03
Make Yours a Patriotic Christmas  12-2-03
I'll Take the Word of God Over the Word of G.W. Bush  11-26-03
Bill Pryor's Shocking Comments During Roy Moore's "Trial" 11-18-03
The American Inquisition Has Begun  11-15-03
Will Democrats Select The General of The Waco Siege as its Presidential Nominee?
Ricky Nelson Wasn't The Only "Poor Little Fool"  11-8-03
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Justice Roy Moore Featured Speaker at Annual Event in Pensacola, FL 10-28-03
Is President Bush Really "One of US?"  10-25-03
Go See Luther 10-21-03
Permanent Condition of War Means Never-ending Attacks Against Our Liberties
If Religious Liberty is to Survive, America's Pulpits Must Awaken! 10-15-03
Judge Roy Moore is Coming to Pensacola, Florida 10-7-03
Schwarzenegger Candidacy Demonstrates GOP's Lack of Commitment to Conservatism
Did The White House Leak The Name of a CIA Operative For Political Retaliation?
Finally, The Real Reason We Invaded Iraq Has Been Revealed 9-26-03
When Preaching The Bible Is Outlawed, I'll Be An Outlaw 9-23-03
The Federal Judiciary Is A Spoiled Child, And Congress And The President Are The
Pushover Parents That Spoiled It!
Lesser of Two Evils is no Longer Lesser  9-12-03
In Defense Of Judge Ror Moore And The Ten Commandments  9-5-03
Those Ministers Who Say Judge Moore Acted Improperly Need To Tear Daniel Chapter
Six Out Of Their Bibles!
Civil Disobedience Is Consistent With Christian Conduct And American History 8-26-03
Showdown in Montgomery 8-22-03
The Blackout of 2003 Is In Montgomery, Not In New York And Cleveland 8-19-03
Republicans And Christians Are Becoming Increasingly Irrelevant 8-15-03
I Have A Dream: Politically-Blind Pulpits  8-11-03
Ignorant Citizens Destroying Freedom  8-5-03
Why Do Conservatives Continue To Support The Republican Party? 8-1-03
Americans Must Free Themselves From A Two Party Death Grip 7-29-03
Why Does The United States Government Ignore The Suffering In The Sudan? 7-24-03
Fighting For Local Governments  7- 21-2003
Throw Away Those Yellow Ribbons, Because Johnny Is Never Marching Home
Is Impeachment In Order?  7-15-2003
Both Parties Are Weighed In Balance And Found Lying  6-13-2003
Just In Time For Independence Day  6- 6-2003
Trading A Constitutional Republic For Big Brother  6-2-2003
Bible Inspired America's Founding Documents  5-30-2003
Choosing Between Republicans And Democrats Is Like Choosing Between
Pharisees and Sadducees
Bush Promoting Homosexual Agenda: Do Conservatives Care?  5-22-03
Top Ten Worst States To Travel In With A Handgun  5-19-03
Schumer Not Bennett Is A Hypocrite  5-16-03
Bush Blunders Are Hard To Keep Pace With  5-12-03
Maybe Left Has Good Reason To Fear Right  5-5-03
Bush Betrays Pro-Life Cause Again, Backs Aid to Overseas Abortion Providers  5-1-03
Finally, A Bill Worth Supporting!  4-28-03
Senate Kills The Bush-Gore "Faith Based Initiative"- Hooray!  4-24-03
If You Thought Patriot Act 1 Was Bad, Wait Until You See Patriot Act 2  4-21-03
Regardless Of What Liberals Say, Jesus Rose From The Grave!  4-18-03
As I Predicted, G.W. Bush Is Backing the Clinton Gun Ban  4-14-03
Preachers Are Supposed To Be Prophets Of God Not Pawns Of Govnt.  4-10-03
Americans Should Want To Know The Details About The USA Patriot Act  4-7-03

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