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By Kelleigh Nelson
February 15, 2012

Rick Santorum, Part 3

"You have rights antecedent to all earthy governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe." -John Adams

I was remiss in not researching and writing about Rick Santorum long ago. It was my mistake and many of my readers and a couple of my friends were right. Kelleigh Nelson - 1/5/12

Rick's Money Man

Foster Friess is the money man behind Rick Santorum. In 2006 Friess gave $250,000 to Santorum's failed Senatorial campaign. The Daily Finance states, "The super PAC to which Friess is the largest donor, the Red White and Blue Fund, has given to the former Speaker of the House, but the amount the group has spent on pro-Gingrich ads -- more than $70,000 -- is eclipsed by the $2.2 million spent so far on Santorum. By comparison, the former Pennsylvania senator's campaign has spent less than $1 million dollars on its own so far. "

In this same article by Daily Finance, Friess sounds like the epitome of a wealthy capitalist Christian patriot. Scratch the surface however, and you'll find some very disturbing connections. Friess is a charter member of the secretive Council for National Policy (CNP) which I wrote about in my three part article, Saving the Republic? The Democratic Daily wrote an article entitled, Dominionist Cash and You, which shows some of the Friess Foundation's donations.

The Council for National Policy was started allegedly to counter the workings of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), yet there were five CFR members on the early membership rosters of the CNP. The CNP was started in 1981 by Nelson Bunker Hunt, CBN founder Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye, (who accepted millions from Sun Myung Moon, the cultist who claims he came to finish what Jesus started) and T. Cullen Davis who helped finance the fledgling group. T. Cullen Davis was tried for murder not once, but twice. A book written about the trials is still available entitled, “Blood Will Tell: The Murder Trials of T. Cullen Davis” by Gary Cartwright. For a short synopsis click here.

Foster Friess is also a member of the Koch brothers (David and Charles) Million Dollar Donor Club. I wrote extensively about David Koch in Part 1 of The Tea Parties. Koch is a member of the globalist new age Aspen Institute whose former head was none other than new age environmentalist Maurice Strong whom I wrote about in More Republican Deception. Please note, Strong is with the United Nations and heavily involved in Agenda 21/Sustainable Development/Smart Growth.

To top it off Foster is on the board of the John Templeton Foundation which awards millions each year to recipients such as William F. Buckley (CFR, TC, Bonesman) and charter CNP member Rich DeVos, Amway founder. The Templeton Foundation has swayed far from its original intent as a Christian philanthropic organization. [Link] [Link]

The phony right wing is funding their left wing Republican for president, just as they've done for the past three decades under the umbrella of the CNP.

Santorum and Veterans

The Armed Forces Retirement Home, run by the Department of Defense (DoD), bills itself as the "premier home for military retirees and veterans." The Home has 272 acres in northern Washington, DC. Nearly 600 veterans who live there now enjoy a beautiful view of the Washington Monument, US Capitol, and Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. More than 2,000 veterans of World Wars I and II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War lived there.

The primary source of revenue for the Home was a 50 cent deduction from the paychecks of active-duty service members, but with today's smaller all volunteer army it wasn't enough to keep the Home operating fully. They trimmed their staff by 24 percent and reduced the vet population by 800. Still there were problems and the older historic facilities began to run into disrepair. The Chairman of the Home's Board of Directors told Congress in 1999, they could lease a 49 acre piece of land worth $49 million for a potential lifeline. The parcel could be developed and the home could pocket a figure around $105 million in income over 35 years for its trust fund. The Chairman, David Lacy, did not want to sell the land because then it would be a lost asset forever.


Rick Santorum has pledged to "make veterans a high priority" if elected president. However as a US Senator he engineered a rotten and controversial land deal that robbed the military's top veterans' Home of tens of millions of dollars and even worsened the deteriorating conditions of the Home.

At the behest of the Roman Catholic Church, and unknown to the Home, Santorum slipped an amendment into the 1999 National Defense Authorization Act handcuffing how the Home could cash in on those 49 acres. The Amendment forced the Home to sell, not lease, the land to its next-door neighbor, the Catholic University of America. They bought 46 acres of the tract of land for $22 million. The Home lost the land for good, and by its own estimates pocketed $27 million less than the land's value and $83 million less than what it could've made under the lease plan.

Laurence Branch, the executive director of the Home's board at the time said the Santorum amendment was "a travesty" and the Church's lobbying for the land a case of "coveting thy neighborhood's goods." To this day Branch is convinced that Santorum is no friend of veterans.

How He Votes

Rick Santorum voted to give $25 million in foreign aid to North Korea, voted against transferring $20 million from Americorps to veterans, voted for the START II Treaty, voted to allow the sale of supercomputers to China, voted against requiring Congressional authorization for military action in Bosnia, voted to require Federal bureaucrats to get the same pay raises as uniformed military, voted for the Chemical Weapons Convention, but then voted against requiring the President to certify that the CWC is effectively verifiable! Finally he voted against requiring the President to certify that Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, North Korea, China and all other countries determined to be state sponsors of terror have joined the CWC prior to submitting the instrument of ratification.

Santorum has even voted to expand NATO. As far as the assassination of American citizen, Anwar Awlaka, Santorum thinks this is a good thing, so what can be done to one unsavory US citizen can be done to any US citizen the government decides needs assassinating. He even believes in bombing countries that have never attacked the United States and has verbally stated as President he would bomb Iran's nuclear facilities unless they were opened up for international arms inspectors. According to one website US bases surround the country of Iran! This man is another warmonger who feels he has the right to meddle in the affairs of every other country on earth. How about bringing the soldiers home, rebuilding the bases closed by Clinton in the 90s, and defunding welfare for illegal aliens?

Big Labor

Santorum voted with liberals like Ted Kennedy on multiple occasions in support of big labor's radical agenda. Santorum voted for an increase in the minimum wage six times, voted twice in support of the Unionization of Fedex, voted for Job Corps funding, voted against National Right to Work Act, voted for mandatory Federal child care funding, voted to require a union representative on an IRS oversight board, voted to exempt IRS union representatives from criminal ethics laws, and voted against creating an independent Board of Governors to investigate IRS abuses. The Senator didn't seem to have a problem with voting for Sarbanes Oxley either. Opponents of the bill claim it has reduced America's international competitive edge against foreign financial service providers, saying SOX has introduced an overly complex regulatory environment into U.S. financial markets. Guess who pays the increased costs to services?

Right to Privacy

Santorum has frequently been asked about his belief in the "right to privacy." His position is that no such right exists under the Constitution. He said, "...this right to privacy doesn't exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution." Our Constitution also does not spell out the right to marriage, right to having children, the right to eat or drink, right to purchase, etc.


The Constitution isn't about what people can do; it's about what government can do. The Constitution was created to spell out the limited rights or powers given to the federal government. It was clearly understood that the government had no powers that weren't authorized in the Constitution. Nevertheless, Santorum is comfortable supporting legislation that imposes his own values on everyone else. He supports the prohibition of contraception! He even supports punitive actions against people who do not follow the government's warnings in evacuation circumstances. Santorum likes strong government and doesn't seem to have a problem with exercising punitive control over American citizens.

The Sandusky Pedophile Ring

Senator Santorum denies he was tied to Jerry Sandusky, the ex-assistant football coach accused of pedophilia at Santorum's alma mater, Penn State University. In 2002, Sandusky was caught by assistant coach Mike McQueary molesting a boy about 10 years old in the locker room showers, as has been subsequently reported to the grand jury. A day later, McQueary reported this to head coach, Joe Paterno. Paterno allegedly notified Penn State University athletic director Tim Curley and former senior vice president Gary Schultz who apparently reported the abuse to campus police rather than local police. Santorum and Sandusky worked closely in the "Second Mile" project, a charity supposedly to aid troubled youngsters. Second Mile was founded by Sandusky in 1977.

Sandusky founded Second Mile to take in troubled and orphaned vulnerable children, but used these children for far different purposes than purported. Many of them were raped. Sandusky had sex with at least eight of them. Other children were allegedly farmed out to be used as sex objects.

Some of these young people from Second Mile were used as pages in Santorum's offices because of his affiliation with Sandusky and Second Mile. Allegedly many other U.S. Congressmen and Senators used these children for various minor positions in their offices through Santorum's connections to Second Mile.

In 2002, Santorum actually regarded Sandusky so highly that he personally nominated and gave him an award, the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award. Now, however, Santorum is doing his best to distance himself from Sandusky saying he, "does not know Sandusky personally." Well, then who was it that presented the award to Sandusky? Santorum even defended Joe Paterno and said he should be treated leniently. Even after Paterno was questioned as to why he did not report the crime, Santorum defended him. What is so bizarre is that even after the child rape was officially reported by the police, the highly compromised Santorum stood strong for both men. In contrast, he never said a word of concern about the victims or their families.

Second Mile was closed and all assets were seized in order to settle suits of the traumatized youths who kept coming forward with charges of sexual abuse.


Retail giant Wal-Mart lined Santorum's pockets with campaign cash of $10,000 in one month alone. Of course the giant received votes from Santorum relating to overtime, minimum wages, tort reform and charitable giving credits. etc.

Rick created a charitable foundation in 2001. Operation Good Neighbor Foundation gave out $474,000 to community groups in its first few years. However within that time it had raised over a million dollars. The remaining half million was paid out as salaries and consulting fees to lobbyists and fundraisers connected to Santorum's campaign. Only 36% of the money raised actually made it to the designated help.

In a political action committee formed by Santorum that was supposed to be raising money to help fellow Republican candidates, only 18% of the funds went to those candidates. The remaining funds were used by Santorum with reports showing dozens of trips to fast food joints, supermarkets, Starbucks and other everyday expenses that had little to do with the action committee.

In other legislative favors, Santorum was given $6,000 from Miller Brewing only six months after he'd introduced legislation to cut taxes on large brewing companies. The same went for the US Tobacco Company the day after he voted against a tobacco regulation bill.

Santorum made headlines when he stopped to visit Terri Shiavo who in 2005 lay on her deathbed in Tampa, Florida. Allegedly the real reason for his visit was to collect $250,000 in money raised for him by the execs of Outback Steakhouse. Of course Rick agreed with Outback that the minimum wage should not be increased. The senator flew back on a Wal-Mart corporate jet. Taking money from corporations and then voting for legislation that favors their positions is called corruption.

Santorum also became involved in a scandal known as the "K Street Project." Led by convicted felon, Congressman Tom Delay, the project had associations with lobbyists including Council for National Policy member Jack Abramoff. These lobbying firms were pressured to hire high ranking Republican lawmakers and to grant GOP lobbyists with access to influential decision makers.
Santorum played the role of Senate liaison. These connections landed Santorum high paying lobbying opportunities after he lost his seat. Rick joined a Washington DC "think tank" earning $250,000 a year as well as being a Fox News contributor. He also found other employment as a lobbyist for various industries where he earned over a million a year in 2010 alone. He has padded his own wallet as a corporate lobbyist at the expense of the taxpayer.

Santorum is pro NDAA, pro Patriot Act, pro War with Iran, pro Federal Reserve, voted for Sonia Sotomayor for Circuit Court Judge, and in 2008 he chose to support Willard Mitt Romney for President.

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Recently someone commented to me they felt some of the GOP candidates had changed and were much more conservative because of what they were saying in the debates. I had to laugh! What they say and what they do are two totally different things. The American electorate would do well to research the voting records of these candidates rather than listening to their pre-election lies. The package they're presenting prior to the elections is totally different than what you'll get after they're elected. Jesus himself said, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits." Matthew 7:15-16.

2012 Kelleigh Nelson - All Rights Reserved

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Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. Kelleigh is presently the secretary for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign, a strong freedom advocate group.










Recently someone commented to me they felt some of the GOP candidates had changed and were much more conservative because of what they were saying in the debates.