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By Kelleigh Nelson
July 29, 2011

"It is a known fact that the policies of the government today, whether Republican or Democrat are closer to the 1932 platform of the Communist Party than they are to either of their own party platforms in that critical year." --Walter Trohan (1903-2003) Chicago Tribune reporter (1929-1972) and bureau chief in Washington, D.C.

The frustration level from attending tea party meetings is so high that I simply have to walk out the door and go home. If I imbibed, I'd have to have a glass of wine to calm my emotions. It is with grief and melancholy that I am writing this article, but I also think I must speak the truth.

At the tea party I have attended the most, there are four very knowledgeable people who know there are major problems we should be focusing on at every meeting. Then there are a number who have just awakened to the problems and are not at all educated on the situation we face, but know they love their country and want to do anything they can to save her. The balance of these people are infiltrators and change agents that continually preach the RNC propaganda that has gotten us where we are today. "Compromise" is what they do and is a dirty word in my lexicon.

The Origins of Today's Tea Party

The Tea Party movement got its start when CNBC’s Rick Santelli went on a rant against government efforts to protect Americans from home foreclosures and called for “tea parties” as a means to protest against government intervention in the economy. Despite Tea Party folks making it clear in the beginning they were not part of the RNC, it has not stopped the infiltration by the phony rightwing Republicans.

Grover Norquist

The first nationwide tea parties in February of 2009 were co-sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform, whose president, Grover Norquist is a charter member of the secretive Council for National Policy (CNP). Norquist married a Muslim woman in 2005 and has since converted. Link Allegedly his donations to Muslim charities also fund Al Qaeda. The association of Norquist and Islamists became known in 1998, when he became the founding chairman of an organization called the Islamic Free Market Institute, better known as the Islamic Institute. Norquist is also a lobbyist for Bill Gates' Microsoft.

American Spectator

The American Spectator was the other sponsor and their then-managing editor organized the rally near the White House, according to promotional materials and participants. The Spectator was originally funded by Richard Mellon Scaife with $25,000 (Chase Mellon Bank - Rockefeller) and Scaife funds both sides of the aisle. He is also a strong Planned Parenthood pro-abort who recently had a full page article in the WSJ stating why we should support Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars. Emmett Tyrrell, the "Alternative's" founder (later to be the American Spectator) cultivated the rightwing neo-cons to write for the magazine, including Irving Kristol a member of the Young People's Socialist League in the 1930s, and whose son Bill Kristol also wrote for the Spectator.

Nelson Rockefeller directly gave Irving Kristol $100,000 through his Commission on Critical Choices for just 15 short essays. Irving's son, William Kristol did make it big time of course and is a Fox News contributor and commentator. He is also a member of the Bilderberger group. William Kristol is one of the top three strategists of the GOP. He launched a weekly magazine called the Standard and is backed financially by CFR Ruppert Murdock. Kristol is assembling the next generation of socialists on behalf of the NWO. The Kristol's have plotted for several decades under the disarming word, "neoconservative."

Richard Mellon Scaife continually funded The Spectator as did the widow of the pharmaceutical magnate Eli Lilly. She sent $3,000 and offered to give much more if the magazine could be set up as a charitable foundation, which would make her contributions tax-deductible. This was done and supplied Tyrrell with enough money to live a stylish life.

Other influential writers and board members of the Spectator included, Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick (Former Director of CFR; Ambassador to UN; Trilateral Commission; Co-Director, Empower America; Board Member, American Spectator); Adrian Karatnycky, President (CFR, Publisher Freedom Review Publisher; Conservative author, American Spectator).

Richard "Dick" Armey and FreedomWorks

Former House Republican Leader Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity, which is funded by the Koch family’s oil wealth, also have worked behind the scenes to build the Tea Party movement. Dick Armey is a charter member of the CNP. He is staunchly pro-amnesty, which has cost him some of the tea party allegiance.


In 2003, Armey became co-chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy, which in 2004 merged with Empower America to become FreedomWorks. In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy split into two new organizations, with Citizens for a Sound Economy being renamed as FreedomWorks, and Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation becoming Americans for Prosperity.

In 2008 Freedomworks Foundation Paid Dick Armey $550,000 even before the Tea Parties Got going in 2009! So the entire program was planned. Looks to me like some pre-planning of tea party propaganda to infuse the angry grassroots Americans, doesn't it? Here is FreedomWorks 990 for 2008, see page 7.

Empower America was founded in 1993 by high stakes gambler and former Drug Czar and Education Secretary William Bennett, who was involved with the US-Soviet education exchanges and treaties and implementing the Soviet quota system; former Secretary of HUD Jack Kemp (charter CNP member); former UN Ambassador Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick; and former Representative Vin Weber, CNP member and co-director of the globalist Aspen Institute's Domestic Strategy Group. Link Charlotte Iserbyt exposed Bill Bennett for his purposeful destruction of education since she worked under T. H. Bell in Reagan's education department. Bennett continued all of Bell's socialist/communist policies, especially OBE and the Skinner method. Regarding Bennett's role in U.S./Soviet education agreements, he wasn't overtly involved, but he, when asked by Malcolm Lawrence about the agreements, responded "I'm not in that loop." [Link]

Empower America was largely filled with Council for National Policy members, CFR members, Trilateralist members, as well as Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church members such as Josette Shiner Sheeran, now Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme.

David Koch and Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity has worked closely with the Tea Party since the movement’s inception. In the weeks before the first Tax Day protests, in April, 2009, Americans for Prosperity hosted a Web site offering supporters “Tea Party Talking Points.” Peggy Venable, State Director for AFP explained that the role of Americans for Prosperity was to help “educate” Tea Party activists on policy details, and to give them “next-step training” after their rallies, so that their political energy could be channeled “more effectively.” And she noted that Americans for Prosperity had provided Tea Party activists with lists of elected officials to target. She said of the Koch's, “They’re certainly our people. David’s the chairman of our board. I’ve certainly met with them, and I’m very appreciative of what they do.” A Republican campaign consultant who has done research on behalf of Charles and David Koch said of the Tea Party, “The Koch brothers gave the money that founded it.

Tim Phillips is president of AFP for the Koch's. Phillips was a political veteran who had worked with Council for National Policy member Ralph Reed, the so-called evangelical leader and Republican activist, co-founding Century Strategies, a campaign-consulting company that became notorious for its ties to the disgraced lobbyist and fellow CNP member Jack Abramoff. Century Strategies had many political clients, including Dick Armey. Phillips also has a history of anti-Semitic smear campaigns and lobbying work on behalf of a forced-abortion sweatshop owner.

David Koch and his brother, Charles own Koch Industries, the 2nd largest privately owned company in the country after Cargill. David and Charles are lifelong libertarians and David ran as vice president to Ed Clark on the Libertarian party in the 1980 election funding 2 million of his own dollars into the campaign. Ed Clark told The Nation that libertarians were getting ready to stage “a very big tea party,” because people were “sick to death” of taxes. The Libertarian Party platform called for the abolition of the F.B.I. and the C.I.A., as well as of federal regulatory agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Energy. The Party wanted to end Social Security, minimum-wage laws, gun control, and all personal and corporate income taxes; it proposed the legalization of prostitution, recreational drugs, and suicide. William F. Buckley, Jr., CFR and Yale Skull and Bonesman alleged conservative, called the movement “Anarcho-Totalitarianism.”

In 1977, the Koch's provided the funds to launch the nation’s first libertarian think tank, the Cato Institute. According to the Center for Public Integrity, between 1986 and 1993 the Koch family gave eleven million dollars to the institute. They've also heavily funded Heritage Foundation which is connected to Rockefeller, just as are the Koch brothers. Heritage has fascist, communist, United Nations, and Sun Myung Moon connections. See part 2 of my article, Saving the Republic?

David Koch is on the board of Trustees of Rockefeller University. He is also on the board of the globalist new age Aspen Institute formerly headed by new age environmentalist Maurice Strong which I wrote about in More Republican Deception. He is also on the board of Earthwatch Institute, an environmental, sustainability, Agenda 21 group. See this map of Koch's many connections. David Koch also supports gay marriage and stem-cell research.

Council for National Policy

The Council for National Policy was started allegedly to counter the workings of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), yet there were five CFR members on the early membership rosters of the CNP. The CNP was started in 1981 by Nelson Bunker Hunt, Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye, (who accepted millions from Sun Myung Moon who claims he came to finish what Jesus started) and T. Cullen Davis who helped fund the CNP to get it off the ground. T. Cullen Davis was tried for murder not once, but twice. A book written about the trials is still available entitled, “Blood Will Tell: The Murder Trials of T. Cullen Davis” by Gary Cartwright. For a short synopsis click here.

Many of CNP's highest-ranking members also belong to the Masonic Knights of Malta and are associated with Fabian socialism and the eugenics movement, not to mention cultists like Sun Myung Moon and Scientology as well as the heretical and cultic Dominionist/Reconstructionist movement. Oil baron and CNP member Nelson Bunker Hunt was a former member of the racist pro-eugenics group called the International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics. The group was heavily involved in the promotion of eugenics and segregation. I know two members who left the CNP stating it was in bed with the left from its inception. One of these former members writes for

Fiddling While Rome Burns

The very first tea party meeting I attended was a few years ago in another county. I got up and left when the speaker who was supposed to be guiding the audience to educational forums told them to go to Third Wave futurist Newt Gingrich's and Heritage Foundation sites.

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About two months ago I got a call from a young man who attends the local tea party and wanted me to come and critique what they were doing. This first meeting had our state senator speak to us about the legislation that passed and failed to pass in Tennessee. I thought it was a pretty decent meeting although I ended up challenged regarding charter schools and tort reform. Sadly many have bought into the rightwing propaganda regarding both. For part two click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3, 4,

2010 Kelleigh Nelson - All Rights Reserved

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Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots.










The frustration level from attending tea party meetings is so high that I simply have to walk out the door and go home.