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By Joe Kress

September 3, 2011


Mark Steyn, the widely known Canadian author of After America and several other books that are and were on the best seller lists, occasionally fills in for Rush Limbaugh’s absence, and on August 22, 2011, raised my attention span to the level of a 20 foot leap filled with rage against the Federal Reserve and what can only be described as the greatest heist in the history of man. Steyn iterated the names of several of the more recognizable American banks and added the names of other banks located outside our country the total amount of which received $1.2 trillion dollars. Yes, “trillion” for the purpose of saving the credit system of these banks who participated in marketing bundles of worthless mortgages involving hundreds of billions of dollars on unsuspecting foreign buyers and with the contrivance of our government opened the flood gates of credit by allowing people who had no business purchasing a house on credit to do so.

The Bank of Scotland and a Swiss bank were just two of the foreign banks that received billions of dollars in total secrecy. The Obama Administration kept silent, but the tie-ins with Fed Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and their favorite banker friends contrived to open wide the FEDs printing press. It is more than just improbable that President Obama was unaware of the crime. He rather chose to maintain a blind eye on the proceedings. To think that $1.2 trillion dollars exceeds the total financial worth of Canada boggles my mind. To keep it a secret and to get away with it belongs in the storyline of fiction writers - not what really transpires in fact.

In his 2009 book End the Fed, Congressman Ron Paul wrote, referring to Bernanke, "there is something fishy about the head of the world's most powerful government bureaucracy, one that is involved in a full-time counterfeiting operation to sustain monopolistic financial cartels, and the world’s most powerful central planner, who sets the price of money worldwide, proclaiming the glories of capitalism."

But let’s just set aside this crime and look further into the recent appointment of Jeffery Immelt, CEO of General Electric Corp., who is one of the largest contributors to Obama’s campaign chest. President Obama appointed Immelt to his Job Creation Council and in keeping with this outlaw White House Administration’s overall policy of breaking the back of the economic engine that once was; GE is proceeding to move jobs and economic infrastructure at a blistering pace to China.

Recently, NBC Universal lauds the management ability of Jack Welch, GE’s former Chairman and CEO who though his leadership over 20 years, increased the value of the company from $13 million to several hundred billion dollars. That is the propaganda line by GE’s media outlets. They can’t mention the fact that Jack destroyed more jobs in America only to transfer them to foreign countries or that to work for GE with Welch in charge, as one approaches retirement then and now is in real job endangerment. Welch holds a Ph.D in chemical engineering which started him on the path to becoming the boss. His biography includes the statement that Welch had little time for bureaucracy and archaic business ways. Does that mean care and loyalty of employees, in his warped view is outmoded? More than 100,000 employees had their jobs taken from them during the 20 year reign of Jack the Ripper. Those jobs reappeared in China and other third world countries where GE plants were relocated. His management secret was to abandon the United States for profit made on the backs of slave labor.

I dreamt the other night, about one of Welch’s engineers who was forced out of GE without a pension and replaced by a younger one where Welch could also siphon his new employee’s brain power for awhile before handing him a pink slip just before retirement. I envisioned the unemployed engineer, who was considered too old for a job as an engineer, but, with luck could hold a job as a temporary employee of a contract firm cleaning floors. The engineer on his bed is imminently close to death from stress, since his family was impoverished and his kids could not attend college. In my dream, I envisioned Welch leaning over the dying man and whispering in his ear “I forgive you.” Where upon hearing those words, the man screamed a curse and a solemn oath to rise from the grave in revenge for those words of benevolent forgiving as if he (Jack) were the victim that required forgiving for what, for working for years under a cruel, heartless, mangy, junk yard dog whose only thought was selling out his country for profit? The final straw was that by his last breath of revenge, the unemployed, dying engineer gives his soul to the devil where upon, in my dream Saint Peter, at the gate, gives him a pass.

Matthew Vadum in one of his articles in the Washington Post writes: “Jeff Immelt, Welch’s successor, is a leftwing panderer who has presided over his company’s decline in recent years,(from $65 per share to $15 per share) says the economy-killing cap-and–trade system of trading emission permits is the best way to crack down on carbon emissions. Jeff Poor of NewsBusters writes. “And Immelt seems to be using his company’s media conglomerate NBC Universal, which owns media outlets NBC, MSNBC and CNBC, to promote GE’s financial interests in regulating carbon.”

GE is also a major player in the United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) which Timothy F. Carney profited for Capital Research Center last year in the June 2008 Organization Trends USCAP is also pushing for cap-and-trade.


The GE light bulb is no longer made in the United States. Immelt, the successor to Welch’s formula of ruining America continues to can people who are ready for retirement with livable wages and medical and retirement insurance. Moving companies and jobs to cheap labor countries is GE’s mantra. GE’s Energy Smart Florescent light bulbs require government collection centers to dispose of old CFL lamps because of their dangerous mercury content.

This is the end of an era of its inventor, Thomas Edison, whose light bulb served the nation so well at a reasonable price. This GE new model light bulb has all the characteristics of the Marxist in the White House. The new replacement light bulb is mainly poisonous, expensive and requires special recycling to get rid of it after it no longer lights. The new light bulb is made in China. The buildings, equipment and labor force are now there producing a product that slipped by the blind eye of the U.S. Congress as usual.

G.E. makes more medical imaging machines than anyone else in the world and now G.E is moving the 115 year old X-Ray business to Beijing. By moving core business overseas is nothing new to G.E. Tens of thousands of good jobs out of the United States are lost forever only to be absorbed by Chinese workers at a fraction of the pay that was formally paid in the United States. Immelt wrote to shareholders subsequent to the inauguration of President Obama: “The interaction between government and business will change forever. In a renewal economy, the government will be a regulator; and also an industry policy champion, a financier, and a key partner.” This statement coincides with the changes that Obama strives to achieve where government makes all the decision and the funding of who shall survive and who shall starve.
Mathew Vadum, senior editor of capital Research Center, and contributor to Esquire Magazine exposes The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), the radical left-wing activist group, was convicted in a massive voter- fraud conspiracy. He states that “the program still exists because it operates below the radar reinventing itself in more than a dozen states, separately incorporating state chapters under new names such as New England United for Justice and Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment.” Attorney General Eric H. Holder aligns with the black brotherhood is openly disdainful of probing Obama’s liberal political allies and won’t lift a finger to investigate Obama’s former employer ACORN.

This is another proof that the Obama Administration cares more about illegal solicitations of voters because his reelection depends on it along with other nefarious tactics. Let’s be clear about one fact, Obama is bent on destroying the United States and its constitution opposite of the rights our forefathers intended. He has well placed masters who guide his every move. If he loses in 2012 he wins, because the original intent of his masters is fulfilled and the destructive programs are such that his presence is no longer required.


Newt Gingrich is one of those funky professors of history who creates history for our times. Sadly, he moved his goals to politics with the same enthusiasm as the ones who installed in his brain the idea that the United States should abandon the manufacturing of things for the greater goal of being the world leader of the Information Age. The influencing mentor of illusions was a Pharisee, Alvin Toffler, a prolific writer futurist producing a series of books exploring the social, economic, and political implications of technological developments. His best-selling work is Future Shock (1970) followed by future social issues in The Third Wave (1980) and Powershift; Knowledge, Wealth, and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century (1990). Since 1993, Toffler has collaborated with his wife Heidi on two books, War and Anti-War; Survival at the Dawn of the 21st Century (1993) and Creating a New Civilization; The Politics of the Third Wave (1994), which he and his wife address continuing concerns about social, economic, and military developments resulting from technological innovations in the late twentieth century.[1]

Gingrich promotes the Third Wave Plan as his own creation, but reading the texts of the Tofflers there is no doubt of the real authors. There was no mention of this plan when Gingrich was the Speaker of the House. Coincidentally, at the time, he was invited to be a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as a powerful promoter of the New World Order. He touted in 1994, the theme Contract with America which now sounds more like a Mafia hit Contract on America (which it was) than it did at the time when the Reagan Republicans went bonkers over the theme which promoted NAFTA, the GATT and overwhelming approval of the Maastricht Treaty (7 February, 1992); the treaty that created the European Union that opened the way to political integration. The Treaty centered on three pillars; the European communities; a common foreign and security policy and police and judicial cooperation.

This Treaty was in alignment with the New World Order for global government under the control of an elite class formulated by international bankers and the remnants of the Royals of yesteryear whose wealth consists of trillions of pounds, kronans, marks or whatever are their euro conversions. Their combined wealth is in land and other than paper money holdings that represent trillions of dollars. The turn of the 19th century was the reason Cecil Rhodes wanted to preserve Her Majesty’s power by integrating the colonies back under the crown, joined by the industrial power of Germany to create a power house to control the economies of Europe and the American hemisphere.

The problem with that was his will and the turning over his fortune supporting his plan to Lord Rothschild who then converted the trust into a vehicle of financial power with the mindset of creating not only European control but control of the entire wealth of the planet. The purpose of which is to create a bankers dream and preserve the non-denominated wealth of the complicit elite in order to preserve their financial interests and power to control and to help the bankers to create money from nothing and force the planet to use it as a worldwide currency. Of course the bankers and the Royals have stashed away tons of gold in preparation for the inevitable collapse of their specie, unbacked currency. Then these vultures will use the gold to obtain as much property and physical wealth of the world’s nations to make them the true owners of the world and the slaves within it. If you think that this is just plain crazy, just remember the League of Nations was formulated for the control of Germany primarily and also used to disembowel that country of its machinery and any wealth that remained after WWI. Also remember that Roosevelt actually confiscated all the privately held gold in the United States in 1933.

These mattoids are ruthless and will do anything including the murder of millions through their war machine creating powers. So far, these post WWII non-war wars are emanating from presidential edicts/orders without bothering to declare wars. The controls already in place in the United States cannot be more evident than Obama’s self-declared attack on Libya or Johnson’s phony Gulf of Tonkin attack to escalate our massive involvement in the debacle of Vietnam. The question still remains in the minds of many why the twin towers so neatly collapsed as if explosives were placed from within at every level? Also why did a skyscraper collapse within seconds of the attack that was located separately away from the towers whose owner just happened to insure it just before the incident? Also, how could it be that a group of Israelis who later admitted to belong to the Mossad’s dark ops had in advance set up their cameras to take photos of the towers before the attack occurred and as it was happening danced in glee? Evidently could it be that this act assured the United States military involvement in the Middle East to protect Israel’s interest? The FBI picked them up, but within hours they were on their way back to Israel.

Gingrich eventually was torpedoed by Senator Schumer in an attack campaign as the result of the government shut down relative to approval of the budget that caused the Speaker to be charged with eighty-four counts, none of which were approved by the House Ethics Committee except one which had really no impeachable substance.

Gingrich is the only Speaker of the House to have been disciplined for ethics violations. During his term as Speaker, eighty-four ethics charges were filed against him; eighty-three of them were dropped. The remaining charge concerned a 20-hour college course called "Renewing American Civilization" that Gingrich had taught through a tax-deductible foundation, Kennesaw State College Foundation. Allegations of tax improprieties (which were never proven) led to two counts "of failure to seek legal advice" and one count of "providing the committee with information which he knew or should have known was inaccurate" concerning the use of a tax exempt college course for political purposes. To avoid a full hearing, Gingrich and the House Ethics Subcommittee negotiated a sanctions agreement. Democrats accused Gingrich of violating the agreement, but it was forwarded to the House for approval. On January 21, 1997, the House voted 395 to 28 to reprimand Gingrich, including a $300,000 "cost assessment" to recoup money spent on the investigation.

The full committee panel did not agree whether tax law had been violated. In 1999, the IRS cleared the organizations connected with the courses.

During his relatively short term as Speaker he demonstrated an admirable leadership record to correct the ills, he and seven other members of the House discovered and even got President Clinton to approve most of them.

Why should Gingrich see a shrink is to determine which Gingrich is real and which is phony … he needs to know. His desire to be president based on his successes as House Speaker are long forgotten and this is his second attempt, the first one was abandoned. Now this attempt raises any Psychiatrist antennas for what he lacks in determination. It appears he’s not serious. He wastes time in Hawaii during a critical period of the primary challenges and more discouraging his staff abandoned him evidently because he lacks something ie, a conscience.

Most of his points of debate lack the ideals when he first was the Speaker and his personal life indicates hypocrisy. He left his first wife for another while she was sick; he is now married in the Catholic Church to his third wife that sets wheels spinning considering his conversion to Catholicism appears to be more political than convincing because of his position on birth control. This also raises my own criticism of the Vatican regarding Church dogma visa-a-vie political considerations. Teddy Kennedy’s remarriage and his positions on abortion, add more criticism of two liberal cardinals who should be recalled for hypocrisy.

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Newt’s eye opening book Circle of Intrigue unmasks tremendous anti-American intentions of Gingrich and his associates in crime. “I have an enormous political ambition,” Gingrich told the Washington Post. “I want to shift the entire planet and I’m doing it.” The shift is in fact all a part of the revolutionary socialist movement which Gingrich calls The Third Wave. Sound familiar? The Tofflers, remember? It is nothing less a plan to radically change America into a fascist paradise with citizens stripped of their constitutional rights. It’s a plan to create a virtual prison, an Orwellian Police State superintended by those self-appointed masters.

How possibly can America survive with such people who are so bent on its destruction?

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1. Information quoted from biographical article.

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On the other hand, the sole purpose of the Roosevelt provocation was to force the congress to declare war against Japan and the Axis powers of Europe as our nation’s first priority and not that of Japan that was used as the instrument needed to involve Americans into a another major, detested war...