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By Joe Kress

September 3, 2011


Our founding fathers were anything but naive. One of which was Ben Franklin, a businessman extraordinaire, whose talents include newspaper publishing; a mile long string of profitable inventions; a shrewdness to anticipate the future… and a masterful manipulative ability as our colonial ambassador for our fledgling republic. Inexplicably, he captivated the French people despite or because of his all too human sexual proclivities prior to the revolution which included being a close confidant of Lord Sandwich, an enormously wealthy aristocrat, who lived on an palatial estate were life-size pornographic statues were on display. Sandwich was a personal friend of King Louis the XVI. The people of France took Franklin to their hearts and the Grand Orient of Masonry made him its Grand Master which proved to be a valuable asset in his treasury of political assets before and subsequent to the French Revolution of 1789. George Washington was facing certain defeat against Britain’s top general Cornwallis and had but one ace in the hole, i.e. Ben’s importuning the French King though his own and influential friends to send naval warships to rescue Washington’s depleted forces just in the nick of time.

There were other men of extraordinary talent who rose from comfortable beds to create a new nation at the expense of ruining their families, their wealth and in several cases their lives. They wrote a Declaration of Independence and by doing so signed their own death warrants for treason against the King. These men of integrity and purpose wrote a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that gave people freedoms unheard of previously. Their dream endured mostly until the Civil War when congress disbanded itself sine die. After the war, Lincoln gathered together a new congress without reconvening the prewar congress whose southern members still adhered to principles --- that sense of honor, loyalty for a cause(s) worth dying to retain.

The oaths taken by the new congressional gathering lacked the legitimacy of its predecessors in their final session because it was never reconvened and therefore all subsequent congressional terms are to this day illegitimate. From 1865 onward, a new class of representative government emerged of a much inferior intellectual body composed of self-serving rascals whose devotion was bent on revenge to punish the South; choosing party loyalty over national interests; a body so corrupted to the will of the railroad barons, the international bankers and rapacious oil interests headed by the likes of the founder of the Rockefeller dynasty that integrity was left out of the political lexicon, thus they carved out for themselves niches of wealth from campaign contributors and a unique position to know in advance the mechanizations of the congressional body with whom they hold company. Ninety percent of the House and in excess of that figure in the Senate are insured of reelection in perpetuity. They introduced legislation that increased retirement benefits mainly for themselves. They could vote and did vote annual salary and pension increases without a record of accountability. They increased a series of perquisites that provided a four star restaurant at MacDonald’s prices, a magnificent gymnasium, and an underground, private subway between their offices and the Capitol building, a spa for their private use, and unlimited stamping privileges to convince their constituents they are honorable representatives.

These new breeds of politicians, lacking in intellectual capacity, morals and honor, established a systematic deconstruction of the nation’s Constitution, with help by several succeeding White House Administrations who selected their favorite lawyers to fill judgeships devoted to Marxism; world government; cabalistic dreams for controlling American lives and the murder of the unborn.

They chose a course of involvement in the affairs of foreign nations, led by Teddy Roosevelt without a thought related to Washington’s admonishment that our nation should not have passionate attachments. Teddy’s manifest destiny launched the future industrial war machines for profits, resulting in perpetual non-war wars; nation building and governmental destabilizations; nation’s without borders (like our own); nations whose people are adrift (like our own) without loyalty to country and weakened national pride (like our own); nations, like ours, purposely dumbed down so that they become tools of government as Bismarck envisioned and Communism mandated (like our own).

Our massive military power is positioned in just about every country outside of China and Russia’s satellite blocks. For a nation that is in bankruptcy, the weakened SPINE of our military is about to dissolve in favor of the growing Chinese monolith.

Thus today, is the culmination of errors in judgment, greed and outright use of legislation to enhance personal wealth and not to be omitted, the purposeful non-enforcement of our immigration laws. The present state of our world in chaos still being formulated by power hungry, corrupted human descendants of past generations of their same ilk, who practiced the same deceptions with the help of their controlled media and with their worthless money systems, all emanating out of Europe and being complicit with U.S. degenerates who sit in judgment at secret meetings of the Bilderberg, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and Councils on Foreign Relations to guide the rest of us into poverty while they control all the marbles.

The massive murder of millions of people in WWI, the Weymar Republic’s collapse out of which madmen took charge of Germany and Russia while other dictators proliferated throughout the planet were the instruments leading to the second world war. The latter great war was a case congress approved because of Roosevelt and his administration through a series of provocations such as cutting Japan’s purchase of scrap metal critical to Japan’s arms production and preventing oil shipments during a period when Japan was in a major war with China. This was inculcated with the mind of Franklyn Delano Roosevelt as necessary to save European elite’s holdings, including Germany’s Krupp Mfg. and I.G. Farben of which the Rockefellers had an interest. These monolithic industries emerged from the war mainly unscathed and just as powerful.

Roosevelt’s provocation resulted in Japan’s attack on nearly the entire Pacific Fleet conveniently assembled at Pearl Harbor. Japan needed to replace its lost oil resource supply (gratis Roosevelt) and needed time to prevent an anticipated, inevitable, future onslaught by a fully prepared and much more powerful military than what the U.S had in 1941. The attack worked momentarily, but the awakening of America’s potential military might lit the fuse and Japan’s ignominious defeat.


On the other hand, the sole purpose of the Roosevelt provocation was to force the congress to declare war against Japan and the Axis powers of Europe as our nation’s first priority and not that of Japan that was used as the instrument needed to involve Americans into a another major, detested war that the hoi polloi recently experienced only 23 years prior and a major depression from 1929 to 1939 caused by the restricted lending practices by the nation’s bankers. When the armament industry became unleashed on borrowed U.S. treasury funds in anticipation of another war to end all wars, the good paying jobs returned and the national debt increased disproportionally causing a shortage of goods and war time price controls resulted in black market operations. The United States funded the war efforts of all its allies that were never repaid.

Our military and the people on the islands and throughout the Pacific were really the burnt offering pending Germany’s total defeat … which allowed Stalin to become our country’s worst nightmare. Finally at last, when Germany surrendered, MacArthur received the support he needed to move up the island chain to Okinawa culminating with the atom bombs that caused Japan’s capitulation and the thus the introduction of the nuclear age. The inheritance of the War introduced the commencement of nation building with General MacArthur in charge of the reconstruction and the formation of a democratic, Japanese government modeled after the U.S.A.’s

Since then, a perverted program of creating new countries and new governments was accelerated to the present by wild eyed expansionists promoted by special interests for saving the Middle East from its evil ways. The naivety of introducing democracy to a people who couldn’t spell the word democracy and a culture and theocracy locked within the 12th Century was part of the depraved dream of those who support the New World Order. WWII launched the New World Order and the end of colonialism and the beginning of the undeclared wars between Eastern European and Western interests and a huge bonus for the arms industries and the fulfillment of David Rockefeller’s dream of a single world government located at The Hague giving the U.N. the power to enforce the World Government laws. Instead of colonialism, the U.S.A. became the world guardian and watchdog for the internationalist oil and mineral interests. David Rockefeller thanked his media conspirators for not revealing prematurely his plans and then at the CFR meeting in 2004 in New York declared that it no longer serves the original purpose of secrecy, since it is now too late to threaten its progress.

Roosevelt, et all, expected Germany to grovel for generations into the future. Such was Roosevelt’s hatred of Germans and those of Roosevelt’s close advisors like Harry Dexter White and Alger Hiss and cabinet members such as Zionist Henry Morganthau, Secretary of Commerce were closely allied with the same agenda as Joe Stalin. The recent flurry of presidential executive orders of the past thee administrations was also used in the Roosevelt Administration. The hideous Executive Order 9066 deprived Americans of Japanese decent of their freedom and all their land and property by interning thousands in concentration camps on the West Coast based on the assumption that they are dangerous and could be collaborating with Japan.[1] This arbitrary violation of the civil rights based on race is no different than how communists handled the farmers in the Ukraine who didn’t want to give up their land to the government. After the war, the refugees who were forced to return to the Soviet territory gratis the arrangement between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at Potsdam, a disgrace of major proportions that ended with entire families sent to gulags, murdered, tortured and starved…a standard solution coping with descent.

Former communist/columnist Owen Lattimore’s revelation of the Pumpkin Papers and the spy Whittiger Chambers and others, the extent of infiltration of communists within the Roosevelt Administration before the war, during it and on past the Truman Administration. Senator Joseph McCarthy, during the Eisenhower Administration, in hearings before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) charged the Government and Hollywood’s entertainment industry as to be loaded with communists. During the hearings, he claimed that he had lists of important names that would be forthcoming which were never produced. Later, it was leaked that the FBI held up the disclosure of the names and allowed McCarthy to fall on his own petard. The press and the Eisenhower Administration joined forces to vilify Joe so that in the end he was made into a villain of which McCarthyism was coined to be use for anyone who would be so bold as to criticize the government and the lies of administration members. After Joe’s death, a ruined man, the truth came out that what he claimed was confirmed to be true. Such was the power of the communists even during the Eisenhower Administration which joined the media bias of the Democrat left in condemning McCarthy.

The emergence of the Soviet Union neatly fit into the world government of international socialism. Roosevelt’s Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Averell Harriman, long before he was appointed to that post, provided the funds to build the first cement plant for Stalin. At that time, Harriman needed no visa to enter the country which was closed to Western foreigners. It was also at a time when Harriman’s partner, Prescott Bush of Brown Brothers Harriman, headed the Harriman banking interests in Germany until the first years of the Nazi Regime. One of these interests was Bank voor Handel - confiscated by the U.S. during WW II. Another, Union Banking, was seized by the government in October 1942 under Trading with the Enemy Act.

It is evident that the power that pulls the purse strings and those of the old world regents have major stakes in controlling nations and have the vehicle to do this which lies within George Soros, David Rockefeller, the Royals of Europe and their trillions of hoarded wealth in land and investments and those major Central Banks vaults. The Federal Reserve’s ability to create money from nothing fulfilled the 1911 plan by the “Creature of Jekyll Island,” manipulated by a cabal of traitors whose loyalties center on the New World Order and their control thereof. In the past, these agents of the devil hid behind closed doors and now that their plans are exposed, they have accelerate the process to bring down the economic systems of the once powerful United States to the point of bankruptcy and insolvency which in-turn affects global solvency.

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Flooding unlimited, unbacked paper by the FED cheapens our currency, weakens the nation’s purchasing power and castrates small business. The goal is a repeat of the crash of the WW I German mark to wall paper status. Then, as what will happen now, the bottom feeders move in offering the central bank’s gold and silver or a newly created means of exchange such as a fictitious “Nero” to purchase whatever value exists, especially land and resources at a fraction of their worth. It would be a mistake to believe that our government and its agencies would not take steps to freeze bank vaults and tangible assets and create laws to facilitate the confiscation of privately owned gold. President Roosevelt did it in 1933, Executive Order 6102, so what’s to prevent it from happening again? For part two click below.

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1. The Tragedy of Democracy by Greg Robinson, Japanese Confinement in North America.

� 2011 Joe Kress - All Rights Reserved

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The "Curmudgeon," Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting.

He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD's Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52, and now he and his wife reside in Summerville, S.C.

Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers, and as a realtor.











On the other hand, the sole purpose of the Roosevelt provocation was to force the congress to declare war against Japan and the Axis powers of Europe as our nation’s first priority and not that of Japan that was used as the instrument needed to involve Americans into a another major, detested war...