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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
August 14, 2005

Why Are We Having Problems With Dangerous Depleted Uranium And Squalene Vaccines Which Are Certainly Killing Many Persons Around The World?

To answer the above question it is necessary to clearly understand the signs of the times. Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:21-22 “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world. until this time, no, nor ever shall be. And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened. I do not know exactly where we are in God’s prophetic timetable but we have certainly reached a period where the one world government is operational and doing quite well in pushing their programs.

The whole world is under the control of the Trilaterals, Club of Rome, Bildenbergers, and 33rd degree Masons. These organizations meet in secret and all attendees are sworn to secrecy about what transpires in these meetings. No ordinary citizens attend these meetings. Decisions are made here about what countries will be invaded, what countries will be starved and new programs are proposed to advance the new world order. Persons invited to these meetings are frequently rapidly promoted to important positions of leadership. In actual practice George Bush and Tony Blair are really figure heads who do as they are told or something unfortunate may befall them. The goals of these elitist orgnizations is to lower the world population by 90%. This necessitates genocidal tribal wars, dangerous vaccines, starvation, destruction of soil by uranium, etc. to accomplish these goals. Satan came to kill, steal and destroy. These organizations are working to accomplish Satanic goals. Jesus came that we might have life and life more abundantly.

Several of these organizations have roots that go back to ancient times. Masonry began in Egypt and has always had a major impact in many nations around the world. The Illuminati were formed by Adam Weishaupt in 1776 to recruit key leaders from all European nations for subversive activities.. Weishaupt was an organizational genius, who received critical financial help and support from the Rothschild bankng empire. Within a relatively short period of time this conspiracy was able to topple the monarchy in France.

The Rothschild Banks had become very adept at hiring agents to provoke incidents that would inflame nations into going to war. When the medieval wars developed the kings of both sides had to borrow money from Rothschild banks to finance the war. Wars became very lucrative.

After initiating the Illuminati Weishaupt was instructed to infiltrate Masonry. This was successfully accomplished and these organizations have worked well pursuing their common goal of a one world order.

The Impending Need For A Military Draft.

The war in Iraq is going very badly for the U.S. A high tech army is helpless fighting guerrillas. As the U.S. continues to bomb and shell nations around the world with depleted uranium there will be a need for more and more young men and women to become cannon fodder. To you parents in the audience, I urge you to keep your children alive and out of genocidal wars. The U.S. has already arranged with Canada that no U.S. citizens refusing draft summons will be allowed asylum in Canada. Our young people are better off in U.S. prisons than in wars where depleted uranium will drastically shorten their life span. If enough young persons said no thanks to the draft they certainly do not have enough prisons or financing to build many new prisons in our financially desperate economic status. Even a callus elitist government might find it difficult to execute draft avoiding youth.

Serious Economic Problems Could Start At Any Time

If China started selling our treasury bonds the dollar would go to zero overnight. The New World Order leaders have pushed the U.S. to financial catastrophe by promoting huge budget deficits, taking the gold backing away from our currency (the gold in Ft. Knox belongs to the private Federal Reserve Banks), extending benefits to illegal aliens, expending massive resources in policing the world, spending money from social security income that should have been invested etc.

The only reason the stock market has not collapsed is that the Federal government has given large stock brokerage firms access to financial resources to buy the stock market indices when the market falls badly (Plunge Protection Team). Buying an index fund holding 500 stocks immediately raises the value of these 500 stocks.

In a similar fashion unknown traders are selling massive amounts of gold contacts in the Caribbean region. These traders do not have any gold in inventory to deliver to long positions so when gold shoots up they will simply declare bankruptcy. Obviously the buyer of these contracts will be left holding the bag. This program in conjunction with frequent Central Bank gold sales has successfully kept the price of gold artificially low. Bob Chapman estimates that there are 40 times[1] more existing positions in gold than would normally be expected for a similar commodity. This scam will stop someday because the Central Banks are already running low on gold to sell. Russia and China are steadily building their gold reserves which will be valuable when the whole world despises paper currencies.

God’s laws are inexorable. Galations 6:7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. This important concept applies to nations as well as individuals. Anyone doubting this can read the book of Judges in the Bible. Every time Israel moved into idolatry God abandoned them to sink into misery.

We have a nation that treats the elite with favoritism. The only person to spend time in prison for corporate corruption was Martha Stewart. The other wealthy elite financial crooks have received relatively small fines.

When a nation kills untold multitudes in Iraq and then destroys their soil with depleted uranium God’s judgement will surely follow. We have knowingly ruined the soil in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq twice. At the same time the intake of radioactive uranium is greatly shortening the lives of the persons living in these nations. My impression is we know exactly what we are doing so we are probably not entitled to mercy.

When a nation sacrifices it’s own military personnel in a desire to lower the world’s population it is an extremely callus action. My history background is not extensive but I am unable to recall another nation making no effort to preserve it’s own troops.

Many foreigners are puzzled by the world wide military adventures being undertaken by the U.S. These adventures have brought about nearly universal hatred of the U.S. all over the world. In my opinion to understand direction of U.S. policy you need to understand the electoral process in the U.S. To get elected to office in the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives requires substantial amounts of money and necessitates media support from the Israel lobby. The financial and media clout of the Israel lobby can defeat any candidate running for office if the candidate is perceived as neutral re the Arab world. Long time incumbent Senator Fulbright of Arkansas said something critical of Israel. He was defeated in his next election.

We have a fascinating foreign policy situation in which a small country (Israel) formulates the foreign policy for a much larger nation. (USA). We have so many pro-Israel officials in high positions now there is a real probability that many of these persons primary allegiance is to Israel not the USA.

How Can People Learn The Truth When The Media Is Totally Controlled?

A multitude of important issues are being completely ignored because the New World Order leaders do not want these issues brought to the attention of the U.S. citizens. There is such complete media control Joseph Goebbels would be green with envy. Big Pharma wanted Codex Alimentaris to become a fate accomplished in our nation. This issue was completely overlooked in the media yet it was of vital importance to the millions of citizens who were going to lose their supplements forever. This is now law with it’s recent passage in Rome. My impression is that millions of U.S. citizens are going to be very angry but the battle has been lost with no possible reversal. This passage now eliminates all opposition to BIG PHARMA The ensuing increase in disease, price gouging to purchase supplements, vitamins and minerals now made into expensive drugs requiring physicians prescriptions and elimination of effective innovation to heal diseases by the alternative health movement should at least double the exorbitant profits of pharmaceutical firms. There will be a significant increase in disease which will, of course, increase the use of drugs.

The television, newspapers and large radio stations in the U.S., Canada and Europe have not said a word about the devastating consequences of our unleashing radiation on the whole world. We have given the world 4 nuclear wars since Nagasaki and no one says anything because this is part of the New World Order’s program to cut the world population.

There are many writers on the internet who know the truth about the Twin Towers, Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc. Their important comments are never brought to the attention of the American public.

We have reached the point of the bread and circuses experienced by the declining Roman empire. When an hourly or longer expose of the latest details of the Michael Jackson trial, Lacey Peterson’s trial, the Aruba disappearance of a U.S. citizen etc. are on TV each night we need to realize that the TV set is being used to dull our minds so we do not get our minds focused on far more important issues such as national bankruptcy, imminent valueless state of U.S. currency with hyperinflation, progressing unemployment, continuous outsourcing of jobs, inevitable collapse of the real estate bubble, uncontrolled immigration and the certainty of a severe depression that will be far worse than 1929 because the debt problem now is much worse than it was in 1929.

My suggestion to answer the question where can you find truth would be to consider a subscription to the weekly paper American Free Press AFP. My subscription to this publication began more than 25 years ago with the predecessor publication Spotlight which was forced out of business in a fraudulent lawsuit which caused their bankruptcy. American Free Press covers the issues the controlled media will not and can not touch. An intellectual colleague of mine from Holland tells me that American Free Press is regarded as authoritative in Europe. You can subscribe by calling 202-544-5977 or visiting website

Truth in this period of great deception is of incomparable value. Three other sites that print the truth about current events are the Center of Research on Globilization, Leonard Horowitz’s and truthout

This damaging and disconcerting information about depleted uranium weapons and squalene damage to anthrax vaccine is simply a part of the steady downward spiral of our nation. Unless more citizens become informed and take action our beloved nation is doomed. The true terrorists appear to be located in Washington, D.C.

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1, Chapman, Robert International Forecaster P.O. Box 510518, Punta Gorda, Fl. 33951

© 2005 Dr. James Howenstine - All Rights Reserved

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The whole world is under the control of the Trilaterals, Club of Rome, Bildenbergers, and 33rd degree Masons. These organizations meet in secret and all attendees are sworn to secrecy about what transpires in these meetings.