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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
August 14, 2005

What Happened At The Pentagon?

  • A Boeing 757 was alleged to have hit the Pentagon. The Pentagon surely is one of the most protected buildings in the world. If a Boeing 757 crashed into the Pentagon why were the government surveillance cameras unable to show us a picture of the airplane’s impact into the building?
  • Photographs of the crash site taken immediately after the crash failed to show any evidence of engines, tail, wings, fuselage, luggage and bodies of passengers.
  • FBI agents were swarming the area immediately after the crash confiscating all the film in the surveillance cameras of the local service stations and restaurants. Fortunately they missed one service This camera’s film showed a low flying object resembling a missile about 4 feet off the ground crash into the Pentagon. Why would you bother confiscating film if the film would show a Boeing 757 airliner hit the building?
  • The hole at the impact site in the Pentagon wall measured 14 feet across. This is far too small to fit a Boeing 757 into.

All news in the U.S. is carefully managed to put the best possible spin from the government’s standpoint. Persons wishing to learn more about 9/11 may wish to purchase the videotape 9/11 The Road to Tyranny by Alex Jones and the scientific scholarly book written by Eric Hufschmid. Painful Questions – An Analysis Of The September 11 Attack Contact for more information about his book or video.

After the events of 9/11 the government requested and was given by Congress sweeping powers in the Homeland Security legislation. These new laws effectively removed the last few rights still remaining to the American people. The government now has the authority to arrest anyone they choose and hold them in prison indefinitely. You do not have the right to receive a lawyer and if you get charged with what the government considers a felony your personal property can be seized. Needless to say it is usually not easy to recover confiscated property when you are in prison without a lawyer.

In this situation, as in the Murrah Building destruction, civilians were sacrificed so that the government’s desire for legislation to control the American people could be accomplished.

One can certainly ask how can large numbers of federal employees of FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Forearms etc. be going around learning about these illegal activities without someone spilling the beans?. My answer to this no one gets to spill the beans in a police state. Persons who knew too much about the J.F. Kennedy assassination, narcotic flights to Mena, Ark., the Murrah building bombing, etc. have been quietly suicided. Hero on sight at the Murrah Building bombing Sergeant Terrence Yeakey of the Oklahoma City police force knew the official story was a lie. He assembled considerable evidence to prove the government’s story was untrue. On his way to give this evidence to a public figure he decided to kill himself. The official version was as follows “He had apparently decided to slit his wrists and then decided to shoot himself to death.” This large man had massive lacerations over his whole body that “he had done to his own body.” His murder will never be investigated because the FBI had some incriminating information about wrongful handling of narcotic evidence within the Oklahoma City police department. The threat to make this evidence public insured that there would never be an investigation of his murder. To be realistic a forced investigation will never discover any incriminating facts in the current political climate of the U.S.

An informant may think that he is getting a national audience to tell the truth. Such an audience is carefully policed and non-cooperative commentary is carefully excluded. Famous expatriate poet Ezra Pound returned to the U.S. from Italy to warn the American public that a second world war was being fomented in Europe. He thought that if he could get a national radio audience he would be able to warn the people they must stay out of this war. He landed in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for the insane and stayed there 12 years. Despite it’s benign name this is actually a U.S. government run hospital.

What Has Squalene Done To Anthrax Vaccine?

In a book titled Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers And Why GIs Are Only The First Victims (Bantam Books, New York, Oct. 19, 2004) meticulous author Gary Matsumoto details some shocking information about the anthrax vaccine.

Russia had experienced an epidemic of anthrax in 1979 when the vaccine was accidentally released into the air from a bio-warfare laboratory in Sverdlosk. Anthrax causes severe coughing with lung hemorrhaging followed frequently by death. At this time the U.S. military had a weak version of anthrax vaccine. Anxiety about anthrax increased when it was learned that in the 1980s Iraq had developed a new “dusty” form of anthrax bacilli that was mixed with silica for use against Iran. Our concern about anthrax was magnified by a defector from Russia’s bio-weapons program in 1989. The Russians were known to have worked on anthrax as a bio-warfare agent and were also sharing military information with Saddam Hussein.

Vaccines are often supplemented with substances called adjuvants that are supposed to increase the effectiveness of the vaccine. Our military researchers added squalene to the anthrax hoping to create a more potent vaccine. Squalene is a natural oil distantly related to cholesterol.

There is a long history of testing new drugs on military personnel without obtaining informed consent. Additionally the CIA was known to have tested LSD on civilians with some fatal consequences. U.S. military personnel are exempted from receiving informed consent to such drug experiments and there is also a Supreme Court decision that military personnel can not file lawsuits against the government if they develop adverse reactions to therapies.

This squalene containing anthrax vaccine was given to the troops going to Gulf War I in 1991. It soon developed that squalene, even in minute amounts, was capable of causing the body to manufacture antibodies that proceed to attack other oils in the body. Among the auto-immune symptoms seen were rashes, malaise, fatigue, muscle pain, weakness, sweating, neurologic disorders, pneumonia, and lupus. Some patients became blind and died. These were the same symptoms found in many of our military personnel who served in Gulf War I when they returned to the U.S. The use of squalene in the anthrax vaccine was covered up. The CIA floated a red herring story that detonation of Saddam Hussein’s poison gas had caused the illness. The problem with this argument was that most of the military personnel who were ill had already returned to the U.S. before the detonation of the poison gas. Of considerable interest only military personnel of the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Australia who had received this anthrax vaccine developed the”Gulf War Syndrome” symptoms. Also some U.S. troops who received the vaccine became ill even though they were never sent to the Gulf. The troops of other nations, who did not receive anthrax vaccine remained well. No Arab troops or press members became sick with auto-immune symptoms.

Matsumoto uncovered information that earlier animal studies had clearly shown auto-immune pathology caused by squalene adjuvant vaccines. He also contacted two researchers from Tulane Medical School (Pam Asa and Bob Garry). These two investigators were studying and measuring antibody levels in patients with Gulf War Syndrome. Mr. Matsumoto had been sent 300 blood samples from veterans. Of the 86 veterans who had served in the Gulf War 95 % of the sick veterans tested positive and none of the well veterans had positive antibody tests.

Gary Matsumoto next met Patient X. This man had developed an auto-immune peripheral nerve injury problem. He had never been in the military and had never visited Iraq. However, he had been a volunteer in an experimental study of a herpes vaccine. As a physician he had been informed that the vaccine contained squalene, WF 59 and water.

Matsumoto later learned that the U.S. Army held a patent for this vaccine. He states” It might be the single most dangerous oil to ever come out of a hypodermic needle.”

By 1997 hundreds of millions of dollars had been expended testing the efficacy of vaccines containing squalene adjuvants. There was a frantic search for AIDS and cancer therapies. Bad news about squalene was believed capable of threatening billions of dollars of HIV research grants.

After an adverse squalene article by Matsumoto appeared in Vanity Fair in 1999 Air Force Surgeon General Charles H. Roadman III struck back. He told a group of airmen and pilots at Dover Air Base in Delaware that “There is not, there never has been squalene as an adjuvant in the anthrax immunization. And that’s a fact.” The director of the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program, Major Guy Strawder, went so far as to call Matsumoto’s article “:reckless, irresponsible, and wrong.” Matsumoto later learned that the new anthrax vaccine administered in Dover and elsewhere had contained squalene since 1987. Using the Freedom of Information Act to review all U.S. contracts issued for adjuvants containing squalene he was advised that ”two contracts and fifteen purchase orders had unfortunately been destroyed.” When the Federal Drug Administration found out that the vaccine contained small amounts of squalene they withheld this information from the public for a year and a half.

Now Matsumoto has learned that a few Gulf War II returnees are having the same symptoms as their Gulf War I comrades experienced.

The U.S. Anthrax Mailings

The mysterious use of a powerful form of live anthrax bacilli by mail in October 2001 was apparently a special government CIA (?) operation. This appears to relate to the defection of Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov, former Deputy Director of Biopreparat, the Soviet Union’s biologic weapons testing center where 32,000 employees worked at 40 different facilities. Dr. Alibekov settled in as Program Manager for Battelle Memorial Institute which has many large military contracts including one to develop an extremely deadly and easily transmissible form of anthrax.[1]

This never previously seen deadliest form of anthrax was mailed in a highly sophisticated manner to the offices of Senators Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle, both known to be strong adversaries of drug companies and military industries. These mailings killed 5 persons and some individuals suffered side effects from the Cipro used to treat persons exposed to anthrax. Obviously skilled medically trained personnel were involved in the creation and delivery of this new anthrax bacillus.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz had been studying the advances in anthrax since 1989. In Sept. 2001 he urged the FBI to immediately begin investigating the origin of a probable anthrax scam. Instead of being delighted to receive his information that could have unraveled this subsequent dangerous mailing they tried to implicate him as being responsible for the problem. In late 2001 Dr. Horowitz mailed an organizational chart along with a 25 page report about the links between Dr.Alibecov and the vaccine research and supply companies (Battelle Memorial Institute, Hadron, and DynCorp). This report went to 1500 FBI agents. The perpetrators of this crime remain at large and will probably never be brought to justice because of their probable ties to the U.S. government.

The U.S. government has a dilemma on its hands. How can the government solve a crime that it caused? The recent bombings in London may cause a similar problem for British authorities.

The U.S. anthrax vaccine is manufactured by Bioport LLC (British owned) located in Lansing, Michigan. Does it comfort you to know that Bioport has been repeatedly sanctioned by federal officials and members of Congress for unethical business practices, violations of health and safety regulations and vaccine contamination?

U.S. Citizens Are Now At Risk Of The Squalene Anthrax Vaccine

This squalene containing anthrax vaccine is now stockpiled for use on U.S. civilians. A provision of the Anti-Terorism Bill gave the government the authority to arrest and imprison any citizens who refuse to take a government mandated vaccine. If you refuse to take a required vaccine you become an enemy of the state. We live in a police state but unfortunately few persons realize this fact.

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My advice to you is to decline to take anthrax vaccine which will likely be advocated by the U.S. government. If enough citizens refuse this vaccine there are not enough prison cells to imprison masses of persons. What if they tell you the new anthrax vaccine does not contain squalene? How can you trust them? They are lying about everything now so why would they all of a sudden start telling the truth? They have no good agent to prevent infection so many vaccines continue to contain thiomerosal (mercury) despite it’s known toxicity. I am not convinced that any vaccine improves any health condition and there are effective natural ways to eliminate infections with natural products (high dose Vitamin C, cucurmin, Sambucol, colloidal silver, olive leaf, oregano etc.) When your vaccine contains Simian virus 40 and you get a malignancy four years later will anyone consider that the vaccine caused the malignancy? Vaccines are a diabolically clever way to kill people and help get the world population reduced by 90 %.

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1, Horowitz, Leonard Investigators conclude Russian defector is leading suspect in anthrax mailings case. August 30, 2002 pg. 1-4

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After the events of 9/11 the government requested and was given by Congress sweeping powers in the Homeland Security legislation. These new laws effectively removed the last few rights still remaining to the American people.