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By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
August 14, 2005

History Is Full Of The Sacrificial Deaths Of Soldiers And Civilians To Achieve Political Goals

Many times U.S. leaders have used the deaths of military and civilian populations to bring about desired political changes.

Spanish American War

Many observers have seriously questioned whether the Spanish government had anything to do with planting bombs on the battleship Maine. This war had the desired outcome. Lots of newspapers were sold and the United States snapped up the resource rich Philippine Islands.

World War I

France and England fared badly in the early stages of the first world war. An inflammatory incident was needed to bring the United States into the war.

The British ship Lusitania was illegally containing explosives. The German embassy in Washington was aware of this and filed a formal complaint which was ignored. The German embassy then proceeded to place an advertisement in 50 Eastern newspapers one week ahead of the sailing warning that vessels flying the flag of Great Britain were at risk of being sunk and that U.S. passengers sailing on the Lusitania do so at their own risk. The U.S. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan was advised that on all but one of her wartime voyages the Lusitania contained munitions. Bills of lading proving the munitions cargo from previous wartime voyages of the Lusitania were presented to Secretary Bryan. Bryan promised George Viereck, editor of a German owned newspaper who placed the ads for the German Embassy, that he would personally contact President Wilson. The U.S. State Department intervened threatening the newspapers with libel suits if they printed the advertisement. Only one newspaper, the Des Moines Register, carried the advertisement. President Wilson took no action but later admitted on the day the Lusitania sinking was reported to him that he had spent many sleepless nights about his foreknowledge.

When the Lusitania neared the region off the Irish coast where German U-boats were present William Turner, Captain of the Lusitania, was ordered to “proceed at 75% of usual speed.” A protecting destroyer Juno had been withdrawn from the scene at the last minute on orders from Admiralty Secretary Winston Churchill[1]. Captain Turner was not informed of this change in plans. The only torpedo fired entered the Lusitania nine feet below the water line. Immediately after this torpedo’s explosion there was a second and much larger explosion that blew a hole in cargo hold number two and put the boiler room out of commission. This second explosion, probably from munitions, sent the ship rapidly to the bottom. There was loss of 195 American lives.

J.P. Morgan banking interests had purchased control over major segments of the news media. An intensive nation wide editorial blitz against Germany led to the United States declaring war on Germany.

Vladimir Lenin received $12,000,000 in gold bullion from the Jacob Schiff’s Kuhn Loeb & Company bank in New York City. Lenin was shipped from Zurich, Switzerland to Russia in a sealed boxcar. This gold bullion in the hands of skilled organizers soon led to toppling of the Russian monarchy. Thus U.S. financial interests played a significant role in bring about Russia’s communist revolution. which spread to involve the whole world.

World War II

Again England and France were doing badly in warfare against Germany. Much of the English Army was lost at Dunkirk and the French were overrun by the German blitzkrieg tactics. The United States broke the Japanese codes and learned that Pearl Harbor would soon be attacked by the Japanese. This information was not shared with Admiral Kimmel and General Short in Hawaii. When the Japanese attacked thousands of army, air force, naval and civilian personnel were killed. President Roosevelt promptly declared war on Japan, Germany and Italy. We had pushed Japan into this war by refusing to sell scrap steel and oil to the resource poor Japanese.

World War II was a very strange war. Standard Oil tankers refueled German submarines in the Atlantic Ocean with impunity. The German industrial conglomerate I.G. Farben did not lose any factories to allied bombing. Large U.S. companies financed the rise of Hitler in Germany in the 1930s.

Many observers felt that the United States was only pulled out of the depression by the massive expenditures needed to finance the armaments of World War II.

The War On Terrorism

In a way the seeds of this war were begun by strong governmental action in the Kohl family shoot out, the Ruby Ridge family shoot out and the Waco massacre. In these three events excessive use of unneeded force was used to create a climate of fear and intimidation among the American people.

The next major event was the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. This building collapse was due to explosives placed at the base of the pillars in front of the building. These explosives caused the building to fall toward the street where the allegedly guilty fertilizer bomb had been placed in a truck. Several observers were aware that a large amount of explosives were being stored in the office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. After the explosion, which caused no fatalities among the BTF employees large numbers of BTF employees were immediately on the scene. They cordoned off the site but some police and fire department employees were allowed into the site after the site had been inspected. Several of these employees saw things that did not jibe with the official government position. As they spoke out publicly about what they had observed they were steadily suicided.

A retired Army Major General, Benton Partin, was an explosives expert. He was refused permission to speak at the McVey trial because his testimony would have destroyed the government‘s case against Timothy McVey.. He would have declared that the building could never have fallen toward the street without explosives being placed at the base of the pillars[2] on the front of the building. He also knew that the force of a fertilizer bomb placed in a street truck would have been so dissipated by the distance it needed to travel that it could not have caused a strong building to fall.

This explosion was soon followed by Congressional legislation that greatly enhanced the government’s control over the American people. In this situation people were expended to get desired legislation.

Twin Towers And Pentagon Destruction

There are a multitude of flaws in the official explanations regarding the Twin Towers and Pentagon destruction. Brief explanations of some of the more salient observations follow:

  • No steel reinforced building has ever collapsed from fire in the history of U.S. construction.
  • The maximum temperature reached by a jet fuel fire is 1600 degrees F. Structural steel does not melt until temperatures several hundred degrees higher than this are reached. Molten pools of melted steel were seen in the rubble smoldering for weeks after the collapse of the Twin Towers. A jet fuel fire can not melt steel.
  • Both of the Twin Towers were built to withstand the accidental impact of an airplane. The building architect initially stated that the building was constructed to withstand the impact of an airliner. When he sensed that his statement might be dangerous to his health he went along with the official explanation that the airplane impact had weakened the structure and that the intense fire further weakened the structure causing buckling failures allowing the upper floors to pancake onto the lower floors. This theory is handicapped by evidence that most of the north Tower’s flames had nearly disappeared by the time the South Tower was hit by an airplane. This was not a raging fire that consumed a building.
  • Whenever a building collapses causing the death of firemen and policeman there is always a detailed investigation trying to ascertain the cause of the building’s collapse. The chiefs of the firemen’s and policemen’s unions were furious that no detailed investigation was done because the steel remnants were immediately carted off to Asia. Incidentally the firm removing the rubble was the same firm that cleared the debris from the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.
  • Large short positions were taken in airline stocks in the week preceding 9/11. Many persons obviously knew that something bad was going to happen to the airline industry. Numerous calls for a through investigation of these short positions were ignored by the government. The main thought about this was that these positions were taken by Israeli traders operating out of Europe.
  • The Twin Towers were bought by Larry Silverstein approximately 2 months before 9/11. Complete changes were promptly made in all the security personnel working in the purchased building complex. The insurance settlement netted him about 2 billion dollars. Mr. Silverstein was not questioned.
  • Building 7 of the Twin Towers Complex mysteriously caught on fire on 9/11. Conversation was overheard between the chief fire officer in Building 7 and his superior. The officer stated that “we are having a difficult time getting control of the blaze. Should we take it down”? The answer was yes. A perfect controlled demolition of this building occurred. For a controlled demolition to occur explosives must be in place on each floors so the floors can collapse in order from top to bottom.
  • Within 2 hours of the Twin Towers airplane crashes Federal investigators released the names of the Arab persons responsible for the airplane hijacking. This was a surprisingly fast piece of work which turned out to be flawed as several of the alleged perpetrators were found to be alive and well living in Jordan, Arabia, Lebanon etc.
  • Several of the last persons to escape from the Twin Towers remarked that they heard a loud explosion as they exited the building.
  • Amazingly a passport from one of the hijackers was found intact in the rubble. Give us a break! How could a passport have survived the fire and explosions?
  • A group of males wearing Arabic clothing were observed celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers from a nearby site in New Jersey. These suspicious persons were arrested. Later it developed that they were Mossad agents (Israeli secret police). They were quietly shipped back to Israel by airplane.
  • The official story about the hijacked airplane that crashed in Pennsylvania was that the plane had been commandeered by hijackers wielding box cutters. Allegedly the heroic passengers overcame the hijackers but unfortunately the airplane crashed. The wreckage of this plane was scattered over many miles exactly like the lengthy debris found at the site of the space shuttle explosion in eastern Texas and western Louisiana. Air Force Colonel Don de Grand Pre knows the names of the two pilots involved in the shooting down of this airplane.
  • New York City firefighters remain under a gag order not to discuss the explosions they heard, felt and saw.
  • Conflicting seismographic evidence The seismic signature of an earthquake is a sharp spike followed by aftershocks. Nuclear explosions cause a sharp spike of short duration with no aftershocks. Seismographs from the Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, N.Y. 21 miles north of the World Trade Center recorded nuclear type signatures[3] on Sept 11. A 2.1 magnitude “earthquake” was recorded at the beginning of the 10 second collapse of the South Tower at 9:59:04. A 2.3 magnitude “earthquake” was recorded at the beginning of the 8 second collapse of the North Tower at 10:28:31.These spikes marked the greatest energy going into the ground. The strongest jolts were registered at the beginning of the collapse well before any debris struck the ground. Dr. Dr. Arthur Lerneer-Lam, director of Columbia University’s Center for Hazards and Risk related “ The ground shaking that resulted from the collapse of the Towers was extremely small”.

What explains the tremendous seismic spike at the beginning of each tower collapse? This seismographic data proves that the collapse of the Twin Towers did not cause significant ground shaking. Folks it had to be an explosion. Only an explosion could explain the molten steel that smoldered for weeks at the WTC site.

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The South Twin Tower took 10 seconds to collapse while The North Tower took only 8 seconds to collapse. The collapse of the 47 story WTC 7 building took 18 seconds even though it was only half the height of the Twin Towers. This was probably a controlled demolition. Would removal of the base of a building by an explosion permit free falling of the tall The Twin Towers?

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Vladimir Lenin received $12,000,000 in gold bullion from the Jacob Schiff’s Kuhn Loeb & Company bank in New York City. Lenin was shipped from Zurich, Switzerland to Russia in a sealed boxcar. This gold bullion in the hands of skilled organizers soon led to toppling of the Russian monarchy.