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By: Devvy
February 17, 2014

The first of the 'mid-term' primaries are underway with early voting here in Texas on March 4th. The incumbent in your state legislature is no different than incumbents in the U.S. Congress. They want your vote so they can go on to win in November. Like incumbents in the Outlaw Congress, it's very difficult to unseat them - especially with rampant vote fraud. As long as they get in line with what the party hierarchy wants, the party supports them to victory. And, like the incumbents in the Outlaw Congress, I see very few who have or even intend to take on critical issues at the state level.

In my case, because of redistricting based on counting illegal aliens during the 2010 census, our area simply got absorbed into another incumbent's district; we weren't even allowed to vote for him. This March 4th, Rep. Drew Darby wants my vote in the primary so he can get reelected in November. His voting record stinks; just scroll down until you see the boxes and here - see Scorecard. Lots of bux in his campaign coffers.

Shannon Thomason is the tea party favorite to replace Darby. He only has a Facebook page, but looking at the education statement, he states he is against Common Core or CSCOPE, although one person posted he supported Common Core. Informed parents in this state put a stop to CC; here is an excellent web site on the issue and other important items (Texas Student Data System Calls for Unique ID: Surveillance for Every Texas Student).

On the issue of stopping illegals, Thomason pledges to take action. Apparently Thomason doesn't understand the role of the constitutional militia and invasions, but he can be educated on the issues if elected.

I will also vote for Thomason because I will not reward an incumbent for refusing to address serious life and death issues like the ones below. The down side is Texas, Nevada, Montana and N. Dakota are all every other year sessions. Those four state legislatures are out of session until January 2015. It's almost too late now because by 2015, the financial tsunami rolling across this country will hit Americans right square in the gut and only get worse into 2015. I hope I'm wrong, but the hand writing is on the wall in capital letters. Those state legislatures in session right now not addressing issues like a constitutional sound money bill will regret it. What some of us worked on during the last session (140 days in 2013, beginning in January):

Critical Bills
— State Legislatures 2013 Session Act Now —
Time is not on our side

1. Critical Bills for 2013 Legislatures (Seventeenth Amendment fraud)

2. Second Critical bill for your state legislature - 2013 session (Constitutional money bill)

3. Third Critical bill for your state legislature - 2013 session (Agenda 21)

4. Fourth Critical Bill for your state legislature - 2013 session (Reconstituting the constitutional militia)

Our state legislature did nothing on three of the issues.

Our state legislature's solution to Agenda 21 and stopping the communist UN from taking over this state: They passed a Concurrent Joint Resolution saying they don't like Agenda 21. They sent it to the impostor in the White House as well as a copy to the Outlaw Congress asking them to enter it into the Congressional Record.

Yep. That's it. 'Don't mess with Texas' is a joke.

Each of the columns above has an overview of the problem and the only constitutional solutions, as well as a working paper you can use for your state legislature and important supporting exhibits. For the Seventeenth Amendment only I also wrote a bill. A couple of years ago Arizona passed a state militia bill that is virtually worthless, although I give credit to those members of their legislature who do fully understand the Second Amendment. I know a handful of states have considered passing a constitutional sound money bill, but as far as I know only Utah actually got one into law that is also a very watered down version of what should be.

The Tenth Amendment Center has been doing a great job on the nullification front. Their web site has tremendous tools for every active American regardless of what group you belong to or don't have a group or organization. The same for Agenda 21 - tools to fight effectively. Success only comes with boots on the ground.

One thing the Tenth Amendment Center folks focus on is federal jurisdiction -- something few state legislators seem to understand and those who do don't care as long as the federal government throws money at them for things like education. Under the impostor president, unconstitutional cabinets like the EPA are busy killing more jobs with endless regulations while the gutless Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives does nothing instead of yanking all funding.

What other issues are not being addressed by state legislatures? The aerosol spraying of our skies or chemtrials. Geoengineering of our weather system that is not only causing deleterious health effects on people, it's destroying crops, trees and very important ecosystems that should not be scoffed at because it is a life and death issue. Any mention of such brands you a greenie, which I can assure you, I am not. Make no mistake, this is a very important issue:

Chemtrails 911
Agriculture Defense Coalition
California Sky Watch
Booting the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education out of the states
Those dangerous 'Smart' meters
Monsanto & Genetically Modified Foods
GMOs Are Killing the Bees, Butterflies, Birds and . . . ? (Just like 'smart' meters and bees)

Protecting farmers for their right to produce and sell raw milk -- another jurisdiction issue involving the USDA. In some cases, the states themselves have gone into hysterics over raw milk resulting in criminal charges against producers. The whole thing is absurd, yet residents in those states either don't know about it or don't understand how important it is to stop such tyranny against their fellow Americans.

Minnesota Dairy Farmer Arrested For Selling Raw Milk
Minnesota judge dismisses phony charges against raw milk farmer Mike Hartmann - Only after how much money for an attorney and the personal anguish ones has to go through to defend themselves?

There are more in your state, probably. Every state has its problems. Mostly it's corruption and the 'good old boy' syndicates - at all levels of government. The only way to stop it is to elect new individuals and then hold them accountable in two years. Expose the rats and then flush them out.

Yes, it takes time to learn what should be taught in all high schools, thoroughly from the beginning of this republic, how it was founded and those all important documents like the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution. Unless Americans are willing to sacrifice their leisure time, the only thing that will continue being conserved is the road to complete and total destruction. 90% of the misery heaped upon the states can be corrected if state legislators, senators and governors are educated about jurisdiction and have the stones to stand up to federal agencies given power and money by the Outlaw Congress.

Freedom is not a spectator sport. March 'Madness' is only a few weeks away. For a whole month millions of Americans become obsessed with college basketball instead of making sure they know the issues before they vote in their primary and getting out of the sports bars and stadiums to do their part in saving this republic. You don't sit on your backside while your house is on fire; you get up and call the fire department. Our house is not only on fire, but very close to being nothing but charred remains. They will be very sorry in the near future.

Federal jurisdiction
For Supreme Court decisions and more on jurisdiction go here; scroll down to the section Federal Jurisdiction

Industrial Hemp Production - The Revolution America Needs to Prosper
No Drilling in ANWR - Blame the Republicans

In 2010, Republicans took 680 new seats from Democratic/Communist Party USA incumbents. What good has it done? Some, but on life and death issues like a constitutional sound money bill and the constitutional militia, they rate an F in performance -- mostly because they are ignorant on both issues and because any mention of the word militia is akin to dropping the F word even though it's in the Second Amendment.

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One of the most effective propaganda tools used is "He/she can't win". Well, then why bother? Let the enemy walk all over you, but don't complain later. The tea party here in Howard County, Texas, where I live is a ghost organization. Impossible to locate; I certainly don't hear their voice but here and there over the years. State Rep. Drew Darby I mentioned above has signs all over Big Spring; haven't seen one for the tea party favorite, Shannon Thomason. How do you expect a challenger to win if no one helps him/her win the primary? The Big Spring tea party should've had their volunteers out every weekend last month going door to door with a nice tri-fold on Thomason's candidacy because early voting is already underway here.

Before you vote for your state legislator, house or senate, in the upcoming primary, ask yourself did he/she get the job done on critical issues? Do they deserve your vote in the primary? As I said in my column, Sincere, Well-Meaning Conservatives Are Killing Us, reelecting the same Band Aid pushers will result in the same job performance. If an incumbent didn't get the job done the prior two years in your state house or 10, 15, 20, 30 years in the Outlaw Congress, what makes you think he/she will get the job done this time if you reward them with your vote?


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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Devvy is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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One thing the Tenth Amendment Center folks focus on is federal jurisdiction -- something few state legislators seem to understand and those who do don't care as long as the federal government throws money at them for things like education.