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By: Devvy
August 21, 2012

Doing what I do most days is beyond frustrating. Most of the time I feel raw anger at the betrayal by those elected to preserve and protect the U.S. Constitution and our God-given rights. Both at the state and federal level. I also get frustrated because too many folks just don't seem to get it: Doing nothing means nothing will get done. There are too many who have simply thrown in the towel and are willing to get on their knees and get fitted for chains that will forever take away their freedoms and liberty. Too many who seem to stay distracted by the carefully orchestrated BS shoved into their brain every day of the week during this election cycle.

Many are leaving their own country because "it's all over". I'm sure the same attitude prevailed in the time leading up to and during the Revolutionary War. But, no matter how tough it got, no matter how miserable those patriots were, they did not tuck tail and run or we would still be licking the bootstraps of the British. Do we want to forfeit all that was given to us with rivers of blood just because the forces against us have all the money, own the media and the criminal syndicate out in Washington, DC? The outlaws in the U.S. Congress are counting on the majority of Americans to simply roll over as they continue to destroy our republic.

The one thing the power brokers do not want is for the states to flex their sovereign power and reject what's coming out of Washington. The shadow government does not want the other 49 states to do as Alabama did in June of this year: Pass a law stopping Agenda 21 and UN for their whole state. The amount of information out there on Agenda 21 and ICLEI is absolutely overwhelming. But, key documents like this one prove this is a UN project, who the players are and how they plan to destroy us:

The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide (180 pages). Forward by globalist Maurice Strong, Chairman Earth Counsel.

As I have said in the two previous columns with bills to challenge the non-ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and a constitutional money bill - time is not on our side. It is the 2013 session for our state legislatures that is either going to stop the tyranny or we probably will not make it. All of the foreign entanglements (financial as well as treaties) will destroy us if we do not succeed in getting critical bills passed and signed by our governors. That is the bottom line.

Nullification is a powerful and legal tool the states can and must exercise, but that also will not happen unless all able bodied men and women join together on key, major issues and tune out the rest. The Destroyers want everyone fighting each other whether it's over Romney and Soetoro/Obama or special interest groups who care nothing about the U.S. Constitution or state constitutions.

Keep your eye on the state house. People often write and say it's just too much. No, not if you delegate. If you belong to a tea party chapter, a 9-12 group or any other organization, what you do is get a list of every committee in your state legislature. Here's the list for Texas. Then, what you do is assign each committee to a volunteer who will check your legislature's web site everyday (if not possible then every other day) for that committee. See what bills have been introduced. Some committees get more action than others. That way you're tracking what is in the hopper and if you see a bad bill, get it out via the Internet. Get it posted to your groups web site. Network like crazy to hammer on that committee to kill the bill.

The same thing for the General Government. The U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate each have a list of committees. This is how so many wonderful and effective organizations track bills on illegals, wasteful spending and so forth. Have to stay focused. And, we have to have follow up which means phone calls and networking through emails.

Yes, it is time consuming, but until the silent majority out there gets activated, we will continue to get crushed. And, please remember: You're not alone. It may feel like it, but there are groups in every county in this country. You just need to contact them. I don't know for certain exactly how many tea party chapters there are in the U.S. or how many of their folks know the problem so they can pursue the solution. Just use a search engine and type in your county. But, if you attend a GOP event or tea party group or 9-12 or whatever and those good folks trying to work for the solutions who really don't understand things like fiat currency, Agenda 21 or other issues, then respectfully begin the educate them.

Take your family and friends with you. One thing I have said over and over the past 21 years: While the rock of truth has been a lonely place, I have met more wonderful, decent, caring Americans than you can count. I learned from Americans who learned from other "old timers" in the freedom movement and then gave up my career to help educate as many people as I could reach - long before PC's were in homes across the country.

Being an activist is very fulfilling. Frustrating, yes. Tiring, yes, because you probably work all day or a swing shift and have family. But, look at the incredible Terri Hall who heads up T.U.R.F. (Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom). She has eight children, but what a tornado at the state house in Austin! Get on her email list if you live in Texas. It will shock you at what's going on while you try to put food on the table.

1. Here is the working paper for Agenda 21. You need to print it out with the exhibits below and deliver it in person if possible to your state representative and senator. If you can't, do a cover letter and send snail mail. No email. They need to have a hard copy package on their desk and follow up with phone calls even if you have to do it on your lunch hour or break.

2. Here is the bill Alabama passed in June. You might want to cut and paste into a word document and get rid of all the extra spaces to cut down on printing. Your state rep and senator will see one state has done this so it's "safe" for them to write a bill. Actually, they can use the exact language in Alabama's bill. How much easier can it get for them?

3. Tom DeWeese's column: Agenda 21 in One Easy Lesson. Use the printer friendly at the bottom and include it in your package.

4. Put The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide onto a CD and include it in your package. That way your state rep and senator can't use the excuse they don't know anything about it or it's just some conspiracy theory. Ask him/her if they want to live under global government. Remind him/her that they won't be in office forever.

The Patriots in Alabama got that bill through their legislature and when their Republican Governor didn't want to sign it, they turned up the heat. We can do this in most of the states. I say most because, sadly and tragically, I doubt the stinking communists and socialists that control the California State Legislature will do it simply because they are zealots about the environment. I know, I lived there most of my life and control of that legislature has been in the wrong hands for nearly 50 years.

But, if you live in California and states like New York, Illinois, Washington, Oregon and Vermont, work on getting your state rep to introduce the bill and then get the word out. Like I say, if you don't try, nothing gets done. With the Internet and local talk radio and letters to the editor in your local paper hammering on each of these critical bills, you might be surprised how many people come forward to fight.

And, remember: Bills for the 2013 session have to be written and in the system before Thanksgiving, so time is not on our side. Check with your state rep on the deadline for submitting bills. It's going to be more difficult here in my district because our excellent incumbent, Rep. Jim Landtroop [R], allegedly lost his primary run off. Redistricting based on the fraud called the 2010 census. A census based on the U.S. Census Bureau honchos who very publicly sought out illegal aliens. Told illegals they wouldn't be deported. They needed to fill out the census to their fair share of the pie. Stealing the fruits of your labor to give to thieves who smuggle themselves across our borders.

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Stupidly, the people of this country continue to reelect the same thieves and liars back to Congress who allow this outrage. Texas is infested with illegals; almost 4000,00 in the public schools costing Texans $3.5 million bux a year. But, I intend to make sure our new state rep gets all of these working papers before the November election. Unless there's some disaster and the democrat wins, this new guy needs to understand what we want. In the meantime, I've been sending them to key people in our legislature that I know; a few I don't, but they're getting them anyway. And, yeah, I'd rather be fishing, but there is no time to play while our country is being destroyed and our lives ruined by power hungry lunatics.


1- Critical Bills for 2013 Legislatures (July 20, 2012)
2- Second Critical bill for your state legislature - 2013 session (August 1, 2012)

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