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By: Devvy
July 20, 2012

As I ask so many times in my columns: Are Americans going to put boots on the ground and solve the problems plaguing this republic or just read columns and move on for the day?

I know there are millions of Americans who are active in trying to staunch the blood letting coming out of Washington, DC., every day of the week. But, we can't continue fighting one treaty at a time. Look at the enormous amount of time, money and energy put into trying to defeat the LOST (Law of the Sea Treaty) and the upcoming United Nations Small Arms Treaty. Even though Sen. Jim DeMint, according to reports, says that treaty is dead, the impostor in the White House could still get LOST through with just one more globalist senator. The Small Arms Treaty comes up for a vote next week by senators sitting in office under a law that doesn't exist..

The U.S. Senate has been a major force in destroying this country from destructive trade treaties destroying over 8 million good paying jobs, protecting illegal aliens, federal judicial appointments including the U.S. Supreme Court to the monstrous mess called Obamacare.

Anyone not in denial knows what's already underway for our dead economy, yet the states of the Union continue to ignore the dire peril they are in because they ignore what everyone else in the world can see: The ultimate financial meltdown. Only one state, Utah, has passed a watered down version of a sound money bill to protect their state and citizens.

I feel confident in saying probably a million or more Americans have been fighting to stop Agenda 21. The massive, heroic efforts by Tom DeWeese's organization, the late Henry Lamb and so many others is paying off. Last month, Alabama became the first state to ban the UN's Agenda 21. Kicking ICLEI and the UN out of our states by our state legislatures is a priority item instead of doing it county by county.

Here in Texas, we intend to start talks with key state representatives on the three issues above: The non ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment, a Sound Money Bill and Agenda 21.

There are other critical issues that also need to be taken up by our state legislatures in the 2013 session. Top of the list is the constitutional militia which has to be treated a little differently because of the demonization by America hating groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, wholesale ignorance by the media and members of our legislatures. Also at the state level: Monsanto, chemtrails and booting out the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education dumbing down the children of America. I will be writing a working paper for each one as quickly as I can with the exhibits that need to be attached.

But, one at a time as we go down the list of bills the legislatures must take up in the upcoming session.

Many people don't know it but bills for the January 2013 session have to be written and submitted for committees before the end of the year. There is an election in November. Not all state legislators and senators are up for reelection, but most are depending on the state. We have some excellent constitutional legislators in the state houses and hopefully they will get reelected. If you want your legislature to introduce a bill to kick Monsanto out of your state, you can't wait until February 2013 to contact your state representative because by then it is too late.

It has to be NOW - especially for my state (Texas), Nevada, Montana and North Dakota because those four states are only in session a short time. Under the Texas State Constitution, our legislature is only in session 140 days and then they're out until the next odd numbered year. That means our legislature has been out of session since the middle of May 2011 and they don't open the session again until the second Tuesday in January 2013.

We the people need to get on the same sheet of music nationwide and go after our state houses to get bills into the hopper and fight for passage. Critical bills that will cure the cancer instead of just treating it with more Band Aids. We cannot continue trying to fight off one bill at a time coming out of the criminal syndicate called the U.S. Congress, more job killing treaties or mandates from unconstitutional cabinets. We go for the total cure one bill at a time, but all must be addressed in the next legislative session.

I know it's difficult for a lot of Americans who are sincere in wanting to save our republic. Many don't have much experience in approaching members of their legislature or don't know anyone else in their area. Well, there are more of us than ever and our numbers continue to grow. Not all the tea party groups have been compromised. Yes, many local tea party and 9/12 groups are still in the learning process in finding out the true underpinnings of the architects trying to ram world government down our throats. You might also be surprised at how many members are fully up to speed on the planned destruction of America. We have to reach out with what we know and the facts to back up what we say to unify on major issues like a sound money bill.

I hate to say it, but too many state legislators and senators have no clue about what's really going on with deadly issues like the chemical spraying of our skies. It's up to us to educate them. It's up to we the people to make sure our state houses don't waste time on worthless legislation like we had here in Texas last year: an attempt to raise the speed limit to 85. Heck, no one pays any attention to the 75 or 80 mph speed limits already posted. We the people have to be vigilant every day our legislatures are in session because they pass horrible bills, i.e., imminent domain and others that directly impact our lives while ignoring solutions.

When the legislatures go into session in January, the committees are already set as well as bills for new laws from medical issues, education and so forth. We have to make sure 2013 is the year we turn things around because we're running out of time. The Tenth Amendment Center has been doing an excellent job on the nullification issue and have model legislation to expedite the process with state houses.

There are about 7300 state representatives and senators in the 50 states. It's not going to be easy, but either we stand up and fight for what we want or shut up. I urge people to tune out the noise on the Internet and gas bag cable network shows like Sean Hannity & Bill O'Reilly. Those "shows" are the same regurgitated political garbage night after night. Neither one of them ever talk about solutions, just more Band Aids and "elect a conservative" in November to Congress. Yeah, that's worked out real well over the years.

Working Paper

Because state legislators are buried in bills for routine issues within their state like education, medical practice, law enforcement and other internal items, so many of them don't have a clue about things like the non ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and why it is so important to challenge it. The states lost their representation in the U.S. Congress in 1913 and have been nothing but door mats for the General Government ever since. I know there are several groups out there working to get the Outlaw Congress to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment. You cannot repeal an amendment that was not legally ratified and anyone who thinks those scoundrels in Congress are going to repeal that amendment live in a dream world. A lie is a lie.

A working paper is an overview of the legislation you want your state rep and senator to introduce and fight to get passed. That doesn't mean a governor will sign it as what happened in Alabama with the Agenda 21 bill. Shamefully, their Republican governor didn't want to sign the bill, but activists turned up the heat and he did. Along with the working paper you include any exhibits that will help convince your state representative a particular bill is important and necessary for the state and citizens.

Here in Texas, as I said above, we are gearing up to go after our state representatives now even though our legislature is out of session until January 2013. I've finished the first working paper on the Seventeenth Amendment. The next one will be a sound money bill, then Agenda 21, constitutional militia, Monsanto, chemtrails, industrial hemp and protecting farmers (raw milk issue because it all comes down to jurisdiction). Please do the same in your state.

I have been pounding on this since 1993. Now is the time for the states to regain their representation in the U.S. Congress as was the only intention by those who wrote the U.S. Constitution.

Here are the state reps and senators to approach in a few states who have a mountain of documentation from me. The list below are the ones to contact asking them to introduce the bill and/or cosponsor it:

Texas: Rep. Bryan Hughes, Rep. Jim Landtroop and Rep. Lois Kolkhorst
New Hampshire: Rep. Daniel Itse, Rep. Joshua Davenport and Rep. Larry Rappaport
Idaho: Rep. Pete Nielsen
Utah: Senator Howard Stephenson
Kentucky: Senator David Williams
Washington State: Rep. Matthew Shea

What do you need to give your state representative? First, in person if possible, if not, by snail mail. No email and follow up is critically important.

1. Working paper - This one is for Texas, but you can copy it and give it to your state representative because this issue is the same for all the states.

2. Here is a bill I wrote for the Texas State Legislature which we are now working through the system.

Why is it important to include this in your package? Because it will show your state representative that one state intends to challenge the non ratification of that amendment. Additionally, our state reps need only duplicate NH's bill with the required statutory changes. How much easier can we make it for them?

3. Letter from former Secretary of State in California. I tried to verify this letter by contacting the archivist out in California, but they destroy general correspondence like that one every few years. However, I believe it to be authentic based on my research.

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4. California has put their old journal records up on the Internet; bless them. I had my web master down load all of them and put on a CD. There is no record of California voting for the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution making it one state short of legal ratification. The reason I had my web master down load the old journals is because we don't want some page popping up later that was "misplaced". You can do the same; here is the direct link. Very important evidence.

All of the documents from the National Archives are here. Ratification was a mess as I explain in the working paper.

So, you have the working paper, the NH bill, the letter from California's former Secretary of State and the California State Assembly Journal records on a CD as a package to give to your state representative and those I listed above if you're in one of those states. All you need is a cover letter to your state representative or better yet, deliver it in person - and follow up over and over until we get a bill.

Now it's up to all of us to get this to our state representatives as quickly as possible. Time is not on our side.


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Why is it important to include this in your package? Because it will show your state representative that one state intends to challenge the non ratification of that amendment. Additionally, our state reps need only duplicate NH's bill with the required statutory changes. How much easier can we make it for them?