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By: Devvy

July 10, 2004

"I know of no way of judging the future but by the past." -- Patrick Henry

My recent columns on voting outside the Republican-Democratic parties have produced volumes of e-mail. It appears there is a very real revolution going on by Americans from all walks of life who have had it with more empty campaign promises and lies by incumbents. More and more Americans are taking to heart the truism that voting for the lesser of two evils still means a vote for evil.

Naturally, there are those who still can't seem to bring themselves to - gasp! - leave the Republican Party. These hangers-on act like their heart will stop beating if they leave the GOP. While some might be offended, my personal opinion is that these folks are pathetic. That's like saying you will stay married to a man who beats the hell out of you or stay married to a woman who has a new affair once a month. In both instances you know it's wrong, but you're too afraid to walk away. Thankfully, our Founding Fathers weren't so timid. After all, they only declared war against a King and the whole British Empire.

In all fairness, I do know a handful of incumbents in state legislatures that are Republican. These are very good, decent men who do live up to their oath of office. They do legislate constitutionally and deserve to be reelected, but there aren't enough of them and time is running short for our Republic. With Marxist John Kerry running around the country promoting a "New America," and Bush refusing to lock down our borders, it's past the time for Americans to act decisively.

America is on the operating table hemorrhaging to death, folks. The Republican and Democrat parties have controlled American politics for almost a hundred years. Who has taken America to the brink of destruction by their own actions? You got it, so why continue rewarding the same people and their parties with your vote and your loyalty?

Next we have the defeatists who whimper that a "third party can never be elected." Really? And whose fault is that? Each and every American who refuses to leave the Republican or Democrat Party because they still believe that these dead, stinking carcasses will somehow resurrect themselves into honorable institutions with America's best interests at heart is a fool. Forget it. They're DOA. Those two parties are huge, well greased machines that march to the tune of the international banking cartel. It's no conspiracy, it's an agenda and that agenda is to destroy this Republic and take America into a one world government.

Those who scoff at such a statement need to do what I have done for the past 14 years: give up your fun times and your paying job, spend seven days a week reading treaties, state and federal legislation, hundreds of thoroughly documented books, speeches, following domestic and world events and studying world history as if your life depended on it. Then come back and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

Switching parties carried a recent article about GOP faithful leaving the party in droves. Republicans in ever increasing numbers are fed up with empty promises by Congress election after election to stop the wholesale invasion by illegals, the refusal to impeach corrupt federal judges - including this Supreme Court, their refusal to shut down the central bank and get rid of the income tax, taking a strong stand on murdering unborn babies, the lies about voluntary withholding from paychecks and lack of moral leadership, i.e. promoting and condoning perversion which is a major public health issue.

How much more are good, decent, hard working Americans going to take from these two parties before they finally come to the conclusion that the Republican and Democratic parties do not represent you and could care less about your rights? What? Do people think this Republic will fold up and die if the Constitution Party's candidate, Michael Peroutka, were elected President of these united States of America? Quite the contrary. America was built on citizen candidates with little or no prior experience in office.

At some point the party faithful, either Democrat or Republican, are going to have to ask themselves what's more important: blind loyalty to a political party or the future of this nation? How many old lies repackaged and sold as new lies are Americans going to swallow before they finally have the courage to walk away from these two corrupt parties? Our Founding Fathers and thousands of colonials gave up their tomorrows so you could have yours as a free human being. Will you dump all over their sacrifices just to protect a political party? If you fall into that category, I'm ashamed to call you my fellow countryman.

One time protest vote won't change anything

Large numbers of Americans do cross party lines during elections, both state and federal, because they're mad at a candidate over one issue. Take that! Unfortunately, 'that' may make someone feel good, but it will not stop the corruption of the Republican-Democratic machines. You have to walk away from the party and join one of the other parties whose official platform most closely aligns with the U.S. Constitution. Simply casting a protest vote won't change anything. The Republican and Democratic parties need you, your money and your undying devotion. If these parties no longer represent you, for the love of this Republic and our future, walk away.

This is absolutely critical at the Presidential level. A President under our current system, which Andy Jackson wanted abolished, cannot be elected by the popular vote. A President is elected by the electoral college. In 2000, Marxist Al Gore won the popular vote, but new world order facilitator George Bush, Jr., took the required number of electoral college votes. I detest this toxic system. Since 1992 my vote hasn't counted. Every electoral college vote in my district has gone to a candidate I voted against. Why bother?

Ross Perot received 8% of the vote, yet he didn't get a single electoral college vote. Some states like Maryland are what's called a "winner take all." It's imperative that if Americans want to see real change and get new blood into Congress, the White House and their state legislatures, they need to study this issue so they thoroughly understand why it's so important. If you sincerely want real change, then every man and woman of voting age has to make the difficult decision to get out of these two rotten, corrupt "main" parties - and it has to happen in the next few months.


Nationally televised debates are critical. They are the most influential method available to assist Americans in evaluating a Presidential candidate in a live and unedited forum. However, there is no fairness in the process as it stands. It's a disgrace that these debates are completely controlled by a private corporation controlled by the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Commission on Presidential Debates forbids any candidates outside those two parties to participate. This censorship is backed up by parasite judges who owe their power to one of those two political parties. This should tell you how afraid the two machines are that Americans might see a real constitutional candidate they would vote for which represents a threat to their power. That's why this closed clich� locks out any candidates other than the two socialist parties choices. Look who belongs to their commission that decide which candidates can participate in televised debates: Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Rep. Jennifer Dunn (extreme globalist), Caroline Kennedy and many other Republicans and Democrats. What a farce and a sad commentary to just how corrupt the American political system has become.

Who do I vote for?

I can't and won't tell anyone who they should vote for, it's a private, personal decision. However, if you are a Republican who no longer believes your party adheres to what the GOP used to stand for and are tired of the lies and deception coming from both the federal and state governments, I highly recommend you look at the Constitution Party. Candidates running on the CP ticket are strict constitutionalists. Their Presidential candidate is Michael Peroutka, a man I have met. In my heart I know that Michael would never violate his oath of office and is not afraid of the international banking cartel. He has my vote.

You make a party like the Constitution Party a major player by joining that party and working for the candidates running on that ticket. If millions of Republicans walked away and joined the Constitution Party, it would become a political party that would be able to get candidates elected because millions and millions of Americans would be behind the platform. For those who argue we need experienced incumbents, I say hooey! Who needs more career politicians like Robert Byrd, Tom DeLay, Diane Feinstein, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Dick Gephardt, Charlie Rangle or Charles Schumer?

I have received a fair amount of mail from individuals who describe themselves as 'moderate Democrats.' They are against women killing their unborn babies, they fully support the Second Amendment and are against the promotion of sexual deviancy ("gays") - especially in the public school system. These folks are now leaving the Democratic party because they now realize that all these campaign promises about being for the "little guy" is nothing but propaganda and have declared their move to the Constitution Party.

For liberal Democrats who don't like the current choices, you might want to look at the Libertarian party. Their platform as listed on their official web site is for free trade. They "Oppose any abridgment of the freedom of speech through government censorship, regulation or control of communications media, including, but not limited to, laws concerning: obscenity, including "pornography", as we hold this to be an abridgment of liberty of expression despite claims that it instigates rape or assault, or demeans and slanders women." In harmony with the Democrats, the "Libertarian Party has long recognized the importance of allowing free and open immigration." Their national web site also states, "America Can Handle Legal Drugs. Drugs should be legal. Individuals have the right to decide for themselves what to put in their bodies, so long as they take responsibility for their actions."

Vote fraud

I have been one of the leading voices in exposing this insidious theft of the ballot box since 1993. I wrote a booklet about it titled Blind Loyalty. Millions now understand that those who count the votes decide the election. Vote fraud via electronic machines have been stealing our elections since 1960. Every Constitution Party candidate I know running for office has pledged to do everything within their power as an elected public servant to get rid of all machines and return to fair and impartial elections by the use of paper ballots, hand counted in the precincts where they are cast and in front of who ever wants to watch the counting.

For those who can't bear to leave the Republican or Democratic parties, you will have to live with that decision. There is a choice other than continuing to reward the same incumbents who have betrayed you and your children's future. If the Constitution Party's national leadership ever strays from their platform, I will walk away faster than Greg Maddux can throw a pitch. I don't need the Constitution Party, they need me and that's how you should think about any political party. This is the power the people have and they need to reassert it before we pass the point of no return.

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Naturally, there are those who still can't seem to bring themselves to - gasp! - leave the Republican Party. These hangers-on act like their heart will stop beating if they leave the GOP. While some might be offended, my personal opinion is that these folks are pathetic. That's like saying you will stay married to a man who beats the hell out of you...