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By Devvy Kidd

November 22, 2003

Millions of Americans have read the Joseph Banister story. For those who may not know of this courageous individual, a short refresher is in order. Joseph was an IRS CID agent (Criminal Investigation Division) for a little over five years. In late 1996, he happened to hear some information about the nature of the income tax on a radio show. After two years of trying to prove the so-called "tax protesters" wrong regarding their beliefs, he finally concluded that the "tax honesty" individuals were indeed correct in their analysis of the income tax and its voluntary nature.

Joseph had no choice but to resign his job, which at that time paid $80,000 per year. You see, this remarkable young man could no longer perform his duties as a CID agent after he discovered the truth. He could not look in the mirror every morning knowing that it was the IRS, his employer, who was breaking the law and committing fraud against the American people. How many people do you know would give up their $80,000 a year job for something called integrity?

With no paycheck coming in, times got tough for this young man; a husband and father of two young boys who attended private Catholic school. However, as a college graduate with a CPA license, Joseph began the process of building a clientele, appearing at numerous events throughout the country and in his soft spoken manner, he told his story and why he could no longer participate in this fraud against his fellow Americans.

As time has gone by, the IRS attempted to silence this courageous young man by making sure he knew a grand jury was sniffing around him. Then the IRS began contacting Joseph's clients and scaring them off so that his income began to once again dwindle. When that didn't work, suddenly the State of California took an interest in him. Stepping up this Nazi style persecution, the State of California is now attempting to take away his CPA license. Not because he has violated any law, but to shut up this courageous young man and deny him the right to work in his profession - all because he told a truth which threatens the powerful, global, banking cartel.

Joseph's "trial" is now set for December 1, 2003. His "public" trial has shockingly has been moved to Coast Guard Island in Alameda, California and no civilians will be allowed on this military reservation. A civil matter regarding a CPA license will be heard in a star chamber, closed off from any public scrutiny. The tyranny doesn't stop there. According to Joseph:

"My requests for discovery (in other words, requests to obtain IRS documents that might enable me to understand the allegations made against me) have been DENIED. My request to present evidence and witnesses that would prove the baselessness of the allegations against me have been DENIED. As if being prevented from properly defending myself was not enough, the IRS shockingly admitted in their own pleadings that they used their criminal investigation component by privately conferencing with both IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agents and Department of Justice Prosecutors to coordinate parallel civil and criminal proceedings against me without notice. The IRS admitted they conducted surveillance on my speaking engagements and eavesdropped on my political conversations and appearances. Recently, the IRS tapped its computer database of information from other taxpayers, prying into private financial intimacies and private accounts with banks and businesses, to use this information in this case. Is there anyone who still does not understand why I confronted this agency with their wrongdoing and resigned?"

America: This is what your fear of your own government is protecting. And, let us not forget how much money it costs to retain a qualified criminal defense attorney. This writer started the "Buck for Banister" campaign in order to help this fine man pay his huge legal bills. If you wish to help, go to:

Joseph is not alone

Let us now go to Oregon in the case of Lanis Metteer vs the IRS, US District Court for District of Oregon. In this case Judge Garr King refused to allow four expert witnesses give testimony for Mr. Metteer before the jury. Who were these expert witnesses? Some cammie clad "tax protesters"? No, they were all former IRS employees; three of them resigned after they found out the true nature of the voluntary income tax. They are: John Turner, former IRS Revenue Officer, Sherry Jackson, former IRS forensic accountant and Joseph Banister, former IRS CID agent. Paul Chappell who is an attorney, before his retirement worked in the Office of the Chief Council (IRS) in Washington, DC, writing legal opinions for 17 years.

All of these experts were at the court house awaiting their opportunity to testify in Mr. Metteer's case. All of these expert witnesses were allowed to present their credentials to the judge and then Judge King refused to allow their testimony before the jury, with the exception of Paul Chappell, who was only allowed a very limited window to discuss trusts. America: this heinous flavor of tyranny is what you are protecting with your fear of your own government.

Dr. Steve Roebuck is a dentist in Raleigh, North Carolina. Agents wearing bulletproof vests and side arms raided his office and threw Dr. Roebuck in the county jail without bail for willful failure to file an income tax return and because he very correctly interpreted the withholding laws and stopped withholding taxes from his employees paychecks. Judge Terrance Boyle stated that this Christian man who never hurt a flea was "unfit to walk the streets of their town." Did Dr. Roebuck, an educated man, just decide to stop voluntarily filing and paying taxes without first researching the law? Hardly. He spent eight years studying and researching the law.

On September 4, 2001, Dr. Roebuck appeared in court and entered a plea of not guilty. The now too common kangaroo court ruled and Dr. Roebuck went to jail for breaking not a single law. But the message the IRS sent was very clear: question our laws and we will destroy you. America: this is what you are protecting with your fear. In my piece IRS Makes Chilling Proclamation I quoted a recent statement by Terry Lemons, an IRS spokes mouth who said that the government is answering legitimate legal questions raised by law-abiding Americans via the petition process with "enforcement actions." America: your fear feeds this tyranny.

Sybil Ludington

Sybil Ludington was a typical 16 year old girl in 1777. She was the eldest of 12 children and was often responsible for taking care of her younger siblings. She was putting the younger children to bed on the night of April 26, 1777, when word reached her house that the British were burning the town of Danbury, Connecticut, which was only 25 miles away. Her father was a colonel in the local militia. His men were scattered over a wide area around the Ludington house in Fredericksburg, New York (now Ludington).

Sybil convinced her father to let her ride and summon the men. She rode on horseback over 40 miles on dark, unmarked roads to spread the alert. Her course took her down through Carmel, on to Mahopac, and around to Kent Cliffs and Farmers Mills and back home. She rode alone with only a stick to prod her horse Star and to knock on the doors spreading the alert in time. The men whom she helped to gather arrived just in time to help drive the British, under the command of General William Tyron (who was also colonial governor of New York), back to their ships in Long Island Sound. Sybil Ludington was a true American Hero. (Told by Mrs. Todd James)

Don't confuse fear with cowardice

A sixteen year old girl didn't allow her fear to turn her into a coward. In the movie, Braveheart, William Wallace tells the "nobles" that if they don't stand with him, then they are cowards and he's ashamed to call them his countrymen. I am proud to call individuals like Joe Banister my fellow countryman and I say it with pride. As the Executive Director for We the People Congress, Inc., I work with extraordinary people every day who don't confuse fear with cowardice. Americans should fear these gangsters who run the IRS, but we have no other choice except to stand and fight for freedom and for our children's tomorrows as a free people. We refuse to allow fear of our government to rule our lives. We will not be cowards in the face of tyranny.

However, we cannot be free as long as the yoke of tyranny rests upon our shoulders in the form of this immoral, progressive income tax. We cannot be a free people while congressionally sanctioned thugs called the IRS continue to terrorize and jail our fellow countrymen and women for nothing more than blowing the whistle on the fraud being perpetrated upon our people. Yes, the IRS has the power to destroy, but we the people have more power. I respectfully encourage you to join we the people in our upcoming lawsuit to settle a very important question on our First Amendment right to petition and why this is so important to your life and the future of this Republic.

All those who have gone before us felt fear, but they did not let that stop their quest to birth this Constitutional Republic for future generations. Let us not abandon or ignore those who are standing firm and tall against tyranny because we feel fear. Stay the course, America.

� 2003 Devvy Kidd - All Rights Reserved

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Devvy Kidd is the Executive Director of We the People Congress, Inc., based in Annapolis, Maryland; WTPC is an affiliate of We the People Foundation. Devvy is a contributing writer for  Devvy's web site is:  E-Mail:








"Joseph had no choice but to resign his job, which at that time paid $80,000 per year. You see, this remarkable young man could no longer perform his duties as a CID agent after he discovered the truth. He could not look in the mirror every morning knowing that it was the IRS, his employer, who was breaking the law and committing fraud against the American people.

How many people do you know would give up their $80,000 a year job for something called integrity?""