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By: Devvy

June 1, 2004

How many times have the American people heard during the pretend election cycles by incumbents already serving in Congress or challengers, the following tired, worn out campaign rhetoric: "I support more money for education! We need more money for education for the children!" It is nothing more than a broken record that can be heard droning on while Congress continues to pick your pocketbook "for the children."

The real campaign issue that should be raised by the voters of this country regarding education is this: The Federal Department of Education is an unconstitutional cabinet, period. There is no constitutional authority in Art. 1 Sec. 8 that allows the federal government to become involved in public education. It is and always has been a 10th Amendment issue. The Federal Department of Education must be abolished and education turned back to the states.

President Bush is requesting $57.3 billion dollars in discretionary appropriations for the Department of Education for FY 2005. Add that to the hundreds of billions of dollars already spent since Jimmy Carter created this cabinet and what do you have? Schools turning out new world global citizens who cannot read, write, add, or analyze a simple document. Instead, America's children are being taught how to hate America, embrace multiculturalism and have homosexual experiences at great risk to their mental and physical health. Test scores have hit rock bottom and no amount of zillions of dollars is going to fix the problem. Time has proven that statement to be 100 percent accurate.

The National Education Association (NEA) and National Teachers Association (NTA) run the Federal Department of Education and one should make no mistake about the accuracy of that statement. These parasitic communist run groups are private and not part of the government, yet they control the curriculum through strong-arming and threats of political retaliation. Their money buys the favors of Congress like common prostitutes to keep this endless money pit alive and well.

Parents aren't getting any better a product from these government indoctrination centers from funding which has to be borrowed from the privately owned Federal Reserve to fund them. The failure isn't just K-12. One only need read the current blockbuster, Brainwashed - How America's Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth, to understand why these so-called "institutions of higher learning" are no such thing.

The horror stories continue to abound regarding the state of America's public school system. We have heard it for almost four decades. It's a joke to even imply it's an education system. An education in civics has all but disappeared. America's children are not being taught our proper form of government. They are being brainwashed into believing America is a democracy. Nor are they being taught the history of this Republic. Instead, the time is consumed with classes preaching Islam and Allah.

After the Federal Department of Education became a cabinet-level department, the cost of college tuition exploded. Once institutions of higher learning discovered they had your blank check book to work from via new and more oppressive taxation "for the children," tuition began escalating and has not ceased.

While parents think it's just grand that their children can get student loans to get through college, the end result is these young adults are coming out of college so far in debt, the only thing they have to look forward to is despair they will ever get out of debt. Is it any wonder so many are alcoholics and drug users by graduation day?

It is not my responsibility to pay for anyone's son or daughter to attend college. That is for the parents and their children to plan - if college is a desired goal. Anything else is pure communism. Neither my husband nor I asked you or anyone else to put our children through college. Yes, it was very expensive. We had to give up a whole lot of "good times" to pay for tuition and books, but we did it with love knowing they would each graduate debt free and without saddling you with their debt to attend college.

Don't use the excuse that because colleges and universities are fleecing the taxpayer, it justifies the theft of someone else's labor to send your child to college via federal extortion money. This isn't because I have no compassion or because I'm selfish. I simply understand how communism works, how slaves are made and I refuse to lay down and have the shackles clamped to my body.

The government's indoctrination centers have become nothing more than "mother state" instead of teacher. Dispensaries handing out psychotropic drugs (Ritalin, Prozac) and free advice on how to obtain an abortion without parental notification. Constant propaganda passed off as education to embrace communism, homosexuality and turn in your parents for killing a bug in the back yard. Feed 'em, medicate 'em and shove perversion down their throats from kindergarten on up.

The only solution to this deplorable state of affairs is for every candidate running for Congress to pledge to abolish the Federal Department of Education as Ronald Reagan promised to do back in 1980 while running for President. As I operate in the real world, I know that our bought and paid for public servants who serve in Congress, with the exception of one or two, don't have the back bone to get rid of this federal monster that is robbing America's children of a real education, but there is a solution.

This November - you the voter - have the power to bring the issue to the forefront. Contact your congress critter, go to any politically oriented meetings, i.e. town hall meetings put on by an incumbent or candidate debates held in your area. Get up and speak your mind. Give people the facts, emphasize that the Federal Department of Education is nothing more than a propaganda machine eating hundreds of billions of dollars a year and that it's an unconstitutional cabinet to boot. If you get nervous speaking up in public, write down a short presentation or questions for a candidate before the event. Have like-minded people join you outside and distribute one-page flyers outlining the issues that no amount of money will fix. Remember, the loudest presentation is always heard.

If none of the above work, the people of this country still have the power to bring this monstrous money eating, brainwashing machine to a grinding halt. If tens of millions of parents would pull their children out of these cesspools called public schools, the entire system would collapse. Let the buildings stand empty except for the illegal aliens.

Get off the treadmill

If you continue to support something that continues to fail, how can you expect things to get better? One cannot. If the American people continue to support the government-run education system that has been a consistent failure for more than 30 years, our children will be the ones to bear the awful price of such folly.

America cannot survive one more generation (considered 30 years) of millions of dumbed down zombies coming out of the government school system. The people can get rid of the Federal Department of Education. Where there's a will, there is a way. People just have to want something bad enough to make the sacrifice to go after it. Aren't your children and their future worth the effort?

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"President Bush is requesting $57.3 billion dollars in discretionary appropriations for the Department of Education for FY 2005. Add that to the hundreds of billions of dollars already spent since Jimmy Carter created this cabinet and what do you have? Schools turning out new world global citizens who cannot read, write, add, or analyze a simple document."