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By: Devvy
September 9, 2008

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Day One: September 1, 2008

Traffic in and out of St. Paul was a night mare to put it mildly. Never have I seen so many cops decked out in full battle gear with "big, bad attitude" rounding out their presence. After finding a parking garage not too far from the Xcel Energy Center, I proceeded to walk around to get the feel of the area. Rice Park, in close proximity to the Xcel Center, seemed to draw the most people on a consistent basis throughout the four days. MSNBC had their tent set up for live broadcasting. From there it was three blocks to the area where demonstrators would be allowed to exercise their First Amendment right "of the people peaceably to assemble."

This pdf file contains lots of pictures; sequence begins with the "Anarchists" and then on to the big herd. As I was waiting for the "Anarchists," I watched the groups of police. It was very hot and humid that day; their uniforms and gear must have weighed 50 pounds. One thing I observed was most of these police units were young men, only the "commanders" appeared to be over 40. Without exception, all of them were stone faced. No smiles. They refused to answer even a question about directions. Dead eyes, just like Comrade Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham, and aka Barry Dunham. A few of the cops giving traffic assistance over near Rice Park did respond and every one of them were imported; Texas, Ohio, Illinois and other states.

Yes, one can understand, based on past behavior, that some of these protester groups were there to deliberately cause trouble, but it was the 'deadness' of the cops that bothered me. Almost zombie like, no courtesy was extended to anyone. All were considered domestic terrorists. They stood there holding massive fire power (rifles) and if you tried to turn the street on the sidewalk to get away from the protesters, this big, 6'5" hulk with that black rifle looked you in the eye, said get back and he meant it. I'm sure at 5'3" and 115 pounds I represented a huge threat to him. I know how local law enforcement have been trained since OKC. The indoctrination propaganda (guerilla mentality) courtesy of the big rip off organization known as the Southern "Poverty" Law Center and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) who spy on Americans. Local law enforcement across this country are being paramilitarized and it's a damn dangerous direction that must stop.

Just before these idiots who bill themselves as "the Anarchists" arrived, all the hyped up, battle ready police began an intimidation exercise. They formed lines, took out their batons and snapped them this way and that. I guess to limber up for heads to crack. What appeared to be the big chief directed "Delta Company" to "get ready." Very military like formations. You could hear the Anarchists long before they got to the block where I was standing. When they finally did go by, their music was so loud and obnoxious, it would blow your ear drums off. Lots of the F word, lots of yelling, mostly profanity, scarves over their faces. Most looked like they needed a good meal. These foolish individuals - no doubt some of them on the FBI's payroll - were there to cause trouble, not assemble peacefully. They reminded me of a bunch of snotty, spoiled teens just itching to see how far they could break the rules before getting grounded.

Once that bunch did their thing and disappeared around the corner, the cops went into stand down mode. I know there were riots and a lot of arrests, but I was not in the area at that time. Who needs the misery? As I waited for the next bunch to make their way from the Capitol area, I walked down the block and spotted a couple of civilians standing with cops. I walked up to them and asked the one man if he worked for Blackwater who are little better than paid mercenaries running amok. This man was tall, wearing Docker type pants and a golf shirt with the logo, Defense Technology. He looked me in the eye and again that day, I looked into dead eyes. He refused to answer, so I told him that was fine, I'd look up his company on the Internet. Defense Technology ("We go in first.") is a company that provides chemicals to spray on protesters, gas masks (you'll see them in the photos I took) and "specialty impact" crowd control weapons. Stoneface was obviously there as a field man to see how his company's products worked.

The next load of protesters came up the street --- about eight thousand five hundred of them. Wave after wave of, well, mostly end the war folks mixed with loons. It appeared that the City of St. Paul simply forced all the groups with permits to march at the same time. One group carried signs (see the pictures) to end the war because Somali's need food. Oh, good. Another large group were illegals with what appeared to be lawyers marching and shouting with them. Their very large banner was "Equality for all workers!" (Translated: those who sneak across the border and steal jobs that rightfully and legally belong to Americans) and at the bottom it read: If you go over to that site, you'll see they link to the Communist Party's web site as well as their sister organizations, Progressive Democrats of America and United for Peace and Social Justice.

Another group walked along shouting and chanting "This is what democracy looks like," declaring to the world they're too stupid to know our legal form of government. This ignorant bunch carried signs sponsored by Socialists of America. About 1,000 bodies later came a serious looking group carrying a huge banner: Military families against the war. The entire theme was to get America out of the war in Iraq with lots of other issues sandwiched in between: "we" demand health care, free Palestine and so forth. I know that in their hearts, thousands of these protesters sincerely want America out of these unconstitutional, immoral invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. So do I. But, it appeared that many of these protesters really have no clue about the U.S. Constitution and what they were chanting about. The cops were spread out in full array, but didn't seem much disturbed by this massive train of protesters as they were with the Anarchists. One copper rode by on his bike slowly and said to his fellow officer, "Hey, what can we do? They have a permit." They both started laughing.


Since I was wearing a media tag around my neck, people were more than willing to give me their opinion and I'm very good at listening. One couple, a man in his early 60s with the big stomach and a woman who let herself run to fat, were holding a sign in support of Juan McCain. I asked the man if I could ask him a question, but if he didn't want to answer, that would be okay. He replied go ahead. I asked him if he voted for McCain in the primary; his response was no. I then asked him why would he support McCain now if he didn't want him as president when he voted for another candidate in his primary? "Because he's the party's choice and a good one." This man is part of the voices of America's destruction.

Blind loyalty to a political party. I titled my booklet on vote fraud, Blind Loyalty, back in 1996 and this cancer has only spread over the past 12 years. This fellow got the feeling that I didn't not support McCain and came straight out and asked me. I replied that when I am working as a journalist, I do not offer up my personal opinions, I'm here to gather yours and from other Americans. He didn't like that and his attitude was saturated in the crowds: If you didn't support McCain, go to Hell. Anger, boiling, waiting. You could feel it in the air.

The stars were also out and about. While waiting for the second group of protesters, actor John Voight walked by and I exchanged a hello with him. A bit later, I let Jon Stewart get close enough walking by to say a hello to him; I've never watched his show, but I understand he has a large following. I walked by just about every anchor on cable networks. Big whoop. Bill Hemmer, part of the stable of fact challenged anchors on FAUX News surprised me by being very short - just slightly taller than me. I said hello to him, but he just looked at me and my friend (an alternate delegate), kind of snorted and continued on his way. Guess I didn't have the right pedigree. I wanted to ask him why FAUX refuses to cover Obama's communist roots and McCain's sell out of our POW/MIAs, but it would have been a waste of time.

Just one big party and social extravaganza at a cost of $100 MILLION dollars slapped on the backs of the American people for security. Congress allocated $100 MILLION dollars that doesn't exist and has to be borrowed to protect these private parties (DNC and RNC conventions). The treasury is overdrawn $9.6 TRILLION dollars, yet these irresponsible maniacs in Congress -BOTH parties - once again steal the fruits of your labor to fund events held by private organizations. Let the RNC and DNC foot the bill for their parties. How would you like it if I decided to put on a big shindig at the Houston Astrodome and you were forced to pay for security for my event? Same thing. It doesn't matter if those two events had lots of big shots and members of Congress, Americans should not be forced to pay expenses for these conventions. Both Obama and McCain have MILLIONS on their coffers as do the RNC and DNC. Let them pay for security, not the families out in America struggling to put food on the table, provide clothing, shelter and things like dental work for their children.

I mingled for hours and it was disheartening to listen to all of these potential voters express their opinions about health care when they know nothing about the restrictions placed upon Congress regarding such legislation and that Congress ruined the finest health care system in the world. People have no idea the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic. They know nothing about our monetary system, but believe mother government is there to bail out their bacon when they default on their mortgage. I did what I could, handing out my card and asking some well meaning and concerned folks to go to my site and read my columns on these various issues. The Federal Department of Education's goal to dumb down America has been a resounding success.

There were a lot of Ron Paul supporters both at the protest site and nearer to the Xcel Center. I suppose the protesters felt they got their day, but the routes they were forced to take took them so far away from the convention site, only delegates who wanted to see them were exposed to their chanting and signs. Those delegates who stayed in St. Paul would approach the Xcel Center straight up the street to Rice Park and into the secure zone. I took the shuttle from my hotel and it drops you on the "back side" away from all the action; it's really the main entrance for other events.

When I finished up, it was time to head back to my hotel, about 15 miles south of the city and away from the madding crowd before my next appointments. Well, that was beyond a challenge since the police had all the streets blocked off and sent you literally in circles for an hour. Keystone is a word that comes to mind.

Later I went to meet with one of the Texas delegates, picked up an alternate Washington State delegate and headed to the Target Center in Minneapolis, site of the Ron Paul Liberty event to be held the next day. There I met up with Jeff Lowrance, publisher of the USA Tomorrow. And, was I blown away! Jeff and his volunteers were completing putting a copy of the special convention edition of USA Tomorrow along with the first issue on every seat in the Target Center! Ten thousand of them. The set up was well underway getting ready for Tuesday and it was really wonderful to stand there and watch the preparations and feel the excitement.

By the time I finished up for the day and got back to my hotel - it was lights out! For part two click below.

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Yes, one can understand, based on past behavior, that some of these protester groups were there to deliberately cause trouble, but it was the 'deadness' of the cops that bothered me. Almost zombie like, no courtesy was extended to anyone.