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By: Devvy
September 9, 2008

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Day three: September 3, 2008

For those who don't know, what the American people see during prime time at night is nothing more than a well orchestrated Hollywood production of unity and rah, rah. During the day, delegates attended all kinds of luncheons and meetings where, unless they were die hard McCain supporters, were subjected to strong arming and intimidation. No dissent would be allowed for the Democrats to see on nationwide television. There was quite a bit of talk that the Ron Paul delegates were vowing to fight at the convention and would not back down. To my knowledge, it didn't happen. The henchmen at the convention made sure the American people saw only the voices of America's destruction as the vote was taken.

As I got off the shuttle to enter the Xcel Center for the evening festivities, I groaned at the long line of delegates to get through security. A wire fence encircled the entire building and if you didn't have credentials around your neck (either press, delegate or VIP) which scanned, you did not get in the building. Purses, briefcases, all searched and walk thru like at the airport. The whole shebang. By that time I was ready to find something to eat for dinner and since I don't eat junk food, I found a guard who told me there were several real restaurants. Off I went, only to be rejected at all of them. I didn't have the VIP badge attached to my pass, so as part of the great, unwashed masses, I was directed to the hot dog stands.

I promptly left the building and took the long walk out of the secure area, through Rice Park to the St. Paul Hotel across the street. The grill was mobbed with delegates; I found a table in the bar with a tall chair so I could observe while I ate decent food. A lot of booze was the order of the day; women knocking down martini's and men guzzling down the whiskey. I guess they had to fortify themselves before the hoopla began. Back over to the center and met up with my friend, Dr. Robert Neff, a credentialed guest from Washington State. We took the elevator up to the second level where we had a perfect bird's eye view of the floor and stage. Only VIPs and delegates are allowed on the floor. Despite the loftiness of our seats (not the regular ones that would give you a nose bleed, but actually on the second floor itself), the huge screens brought you everything in great detail.

The speakers were nauseating if you know their real stories and agendas. Cindy McCain deserves a lot of credit for all the work she's done around the world, but as a voter, I wasn't interested in her life story. MAJOR gag reflex as Rudy Julie Annie came out. You know, the cross dressing, serial adulterer, liar, cheat, pro sexual deviant, pro abortion candidate who was soundly rejected during the pretend primaries? That audience went nuts in their joy to see him speak. Conservative republicans? How can these people attach that label to themselves when they cheer on a morally bankrupt gangster like Rudy Julie?


Liberman, the dottering old fool, was a big winner the night before. As McCain has stated he will appoint Democrats to his cabinet, I'm certain old Joe will be be placed somewhere. Another pro abortion advocate and supporter of sodomites, Liberman was excommunicated by a prominent rabbi; see here. But, he was cheered on by the lemmings as was another pro abortion, pro sodomite prominant former Governor, Tom Ridge. This is why I left the Republican Party in 1996: because their agenda was no longer pro-America or conservative. In all fairness, I need to mention that there were many delegates who do not support McCain, but by law were forced to cast their vote for him. I know it must have been a difficult time for these Americans who recognize how dangerous McCain is to this republic.

The rest of the speakers were just as putrid with their toxic message which has no reality attached to the carefully constructed speeches they all read off the teleprompter. I know because I watched them reading while trying to look at the camera. It's difficult to watch so many supposedly intelligent people who claim they love this country make fools of themselves and buy such blatant propaganda.

Ron Paul delegates were shut out. These delegates were actually followed all over the convention by security personnel. They were physically accosted by security dragoons and all their Ron Paul materials confiscated. The following is from an alternate delegate I was sitting with and who was being fed a blow by blow account of what was happening on the floor. The delegates from Nevada were physically prevented from contacting their delegation chair to formally inform them of their vote and get to the mic. During the vote, delegates for McCain were declared loudly, while Ron Paul delegates were ignored. In some cases, smaller delegations like Oklahoma and Washington, Ron Paul votes were deliberately whispered into the mic so the lady on the stage didn't hear and didn't record them. Some of the state chairs on the floor lied, outright lied about votes. In the end, my friend said the best way to describe what went on was organized crime.

It is difficult to get the final numbers because of the cheating and threats to switch votes that went on. The alleged final count was 2 delegates for Flip Romney, five for Ron Paul and the rest to Juan McCain. However, there appears to be about 200 missing votes. My source says according to an individual who sits on the RNC Committee for Arrangement, his count came up with about 210 delegates for Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty came up with 215 delegates. If only five votes were cast by delegates for Ron Paul on the floor, where are the rest of them? Delegates are looking into this; I'm sure I'll have more hard data soon.

Sadly, the zealots at the convention who support a despicable individual like McCain could care less. Their blind loyalty to the Republican Party, just like tens of millions in the Democratic Party, is first and foremost. These delegates want to stay in the good graces of the powers that be and stay important in their petty little world of politics. "Country first" is just another slogan that sounds good on TV. How many of them care that a member of the U.S. House of Representatives was treated with such disrespect by his own party? Congressman Ron Paul received (at least what we can count due to massive vote fraud) 1.2 million votes during the pretend primaries, but he was not welcome at the convention. He wasn't welcome because as he said during an interview on the Colbert Report:

“But just because you weren't welcome, that's no reason not to speak,” Colbert objected. “I mean, certainly Bush spoke, and he was not welcome. Could you have gotten a slot if you'd played ball with those guys?” Colbert continued.

“Yes,” Paul replied.

“What would it have meant to you?” Colbert asked. “What would you have to have given up?”

“Everything I believed in,” Paul stated....“I would have had to do this,” said Paul, raising his hands as if to kowtow and intoning, “‘I accept everything in your platform and I love John McCain.’”

If people think this type of intimidation reminiscent of old Moscow, Venezuela or Cuba was a one time thing, think again. What happened at that convention happened during the Republican state conventions. As one outraged participant noted regarding Nevada: "The Nevada State Republican Convention was held at the Peppermill Hotel/Casino resort in Reno, Nevada - April 26, 2008. As soon as party "leaders" realized that "those Ron Paul People and other Americans" were present, educated, and determined to preserve Liberty, the convention was unexpectedly "recessed" by chairman Bob Beers before the election of delegates could be completed." Nevada GOP Walks Out Of State Convention - KOLO 8 TV

These people, these honchos and social butterflies in the Republican Party call themselves Americans? This type of railroading and support of one of the worst candidates in the history of this country is NOT the American way. As I walked around listening to die hard Republicans talk amongst themselves with glee for McCain and Palin, it made me sick to my soul. However, our republic has faced serious threats before and like those who gave so much to birth this nation, we will fight and we will win no matter how bad the odds.

I did not attend day four's evening charade and headed back home to Texas. For part one and two click below.

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The speakers were nauseating if you know their real stories and agendas. Cindy McCain deserves a lot of credit for all the work she's done around the world, but as a voter, I wasn't interested in her life story.