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By: Devvy
May 5, 2008

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Despite the propaganda coming out of Washington, DC., millions of Americans are in deep financial trouble. Last week the media cranked up the mantra that Wall Street may be getting more optimistic. Really?

1 - May 2, 2008. Linens 'n Things files for bankruptcy protection - 120 stores to close
2 - April 30, 2008. Disappearing now: $6 trillion in housing wealth. "A Washington think tank is warning that housing prices are falling at an accelerating level, destroying wealth at a pace that will cost the average homeowner $85,000 in lost wealth this year alone."
3 - April 29, 2008. Foreclosures Spike 112% - No End In Sight. "More than 155,000 families have lost their homes to foreclosure this year; one out of every 194 U.S. households received a foreclosure filing." (This year? We're only into the first week of May.)
4 - April 29, 2008. Americans sell personal stuff to make ends meet
5 - April 29, 2008. More Subprime, Alt-A Mortgages May Head `Underwater'

6 - April 28, 2008. U.S. Credit Card Debt Soars to Unprecedented Heights. "Washington -- Studies indicate that credit card defaults and related write-offs increased drastically since 2006. Today, lenders write off 33 percent more in credit card debt than they did two years ago."
7 - April 22, 2008. The trillion-dollar mortgage time bomb. "Risks are rising that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may need a government bailout that could cost far more than previous rescues."
8 - Fried in the Financial Sun. This is the derivatives nuke, folks.
9 - April 21, 2008. From boom to bust: Minnesota's new ghost towns
10 - May 1, 2008. Home Depot to close 15 stores, cites poor performance. (This is a direct result of the housing meltdown)

11 - Got $4 bux for a cup of coffee at Starbucks? 'Starbucks Earnings Sink 21%.' May 1, 2008: Starbucks Cuts Back on Planned U.S. Store Openings
12 - May 1, 2008 (scroll to the bottom). Deficiency notice from pension plans - steel workers and teamsters. Sinclair is very respected in his field.
13 - April 8, 2008. Over nine hundred thousand pink slips were issued over the last year.
14 - April 22, 2008. California Meltdown: Foreclosures up 327% from '07 levels - 500 foreclosures per day!
15 - April 2, 2008. U.S: financial industry sets record for job loss

16 - March 21, 2008. American financial refugees flooding into Canada
17 - February 22, 2008. City officials weigh bankruptcy filing. (This won't be the last and the solution by city fathers will be to substantially jack your property taxes.)
18 - February 13, 2008. Bush Administration Hides More Data, Shuts Down Website Tracking U.S. Economic Indicators
19 - May 2, 2008. Sun Microsystems Inc., Cuts Jobs After Loss
20 - April 28, 2008. Opec chief warns of $200 a barrel oil price
21 - April 26, 2008. Consumers Falling Behind Utility Bills

Until these hundreds of thousands of laid-off Americans and home owners who have lost the roof over their heads can find work, they won't pump money into the economy. Unemployment benefits coffers are being hit hard. Not to worry, though. Last week in a press conference, Bush crowed that the 'economic stimulus' checks will boost the economy! He forgot to tell the camera and the factually challenged media too ignorant to ask the right questions, that every one of those 'stimulus' checks are debt. There is no money in the U.S. Treasury. Congress had to borrow every penny from the privately owned "Federal" Reserve; the staggering interest will double the total "package."

This is pure insanity, but Bush wasn't finished. This war criminal in the White House wants you to work your fingers to the bone today at your multiple jobs to fund $770 MILLION in global food aid. There is NO authority in the U.S. Constitution for Congress to steal from the people's purse to give away to the world, yet it will happen unless you get on the phone and call your congress critter and tell them, Hell no! How can Congress approve this when there is NO money in the treasury, not to mention it is unlawful under the U.S. Constitution? If this abomination happens, Congress will simply write another hot check and force the interest onto your back, your children and grand babies. When will enough be enough for you?

Of course, all of the blame cannot be laid at Bush's door step. The cowards in Congress (except Ron Paul and a few past congressmen who were willing to take on the FED, i.e., Louis McFadden, Charles A Lindbergh, Sr., Wright Patman ) are the ones to shoulder the blame. It is their refusal to abolish the central bank and return to real constitutional money that has sunk America. Yet, the masses continue to vote the same craven individuals back into office because that incumbent will continue stealing from the public treasury to appease the mobs.

There's been a lot of talk on the Internet that people will take their check and buy garbage from the communist Chinese, which is true. Another nail in our coffin. Others think it would be a good idea for everyone to buy gold with their "rebate" check. An excellent idea, but millions of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with nothing left by payday. This hot check from Congress will mean paying utilitiy bills, buying gas or food. I spent about ten minutes reading stories from average Americans and what they're going to do with this windfall. A good indicator of just how bad off people are. Mark my words: the inflation you're seeing is going to morph into hyper-inflation. While you're drowning, Bernanke will continue to make sure the banks are bailed out.

Last week, the smarmy, Neil Cavuto, (FAUX News) ended his program with news that the violent, sex filled Grand Theft Auto video game was going on sale that day. Cost: $60 bux a pop with anticipated sales of 9 MILLION copies and since this was discretionary spending, maybe the economy isn't as bad as everyone thinks! While uttering this nonsense, the screen showed a clerk swiping a credit card to pay for this trash. (Grand Theft Auto IV review: Intense Violence, Blood, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Use of Drugs and Alcohol.)

Debt is not prosperity. When you have a full 1/3rd of credit card holders defaulting, what you have are millions of people who have no disposable cash to even make minimal payments. What they have is going to buy food and absolute necessities. I have little respect for Ronald Reagan, but he was right about 'trickle down' and the effect on the economy. What you see above is killing this economy and that doesn't include the massive costs the states are and will continue to incur as crime increases, the cost of funding the mobs and our elderly Americans (in the tens of millions) who have no health care, no retirement care set aside and basically depend on the state for their food, housing and medication.

I can't tell you what to do, but I've known all of this was coming since 1991 when I 'woke up.' I urge everyone: if you don't have a plan for survival for you and your family - and don't forget elderly parents - I hope you will make this a priority THIS WEEK. Regular readers of my columns know I have been harping on this for years. The time is here and now. Remember Katrina? The government didn't fail. The people weren't ready for disaster and the suffering was horrific.


While most people don't like to think about it, we're all one heart beat away from our trip to eternity. I'm not trying to encourage panic, but rather to hopefully get out the message that the time to make a plan and put it into action is now. I know, summer is coming and everyone is tired, frustrated, stressed and would like to take some "down time." But, remember: you're one heart beat away and no one knows when our Heavenly Father will call us from this earthly world. Are you ready for that last heart beat, spiritually, first and foremost, and those you leave behind?

Make the commitment for survival

Get prepared for any disruption in services; natural disaster or civil unrest. I don't mean 5,000 cans of tuna socked away in the garage, but be prepared with food, water and medical supplies for at least one month as if there are no stores. My mom remarked last month while I was visiting that she would stock up the freezer. They're seeing what I've been preaching for almost two decades. I told her, "Ma, the freezer is only good if you have power or a generator." We had a long talk while I made a list for her, including converting some of their assets into gold. Believe it or not, after hounding her and my step father for years, they finally got their wills done; they're both over 80 years old. Emotionally, it's very hard, but I kept after them until they got things done and squared away. Now, I'll have to keep checking to make sure she's getting her list finished.

Get your financial affairs in order. I know it's not much fun to get your will done and pick the place where your body will lie until the earth is no more, but I'm sure most Americans caught a little of what happened when Anna Nichole Smith didn't get that next heart beat. I don't know what to call her profession, but the bottom line is that when she died, she left a massive mess from paternity of her newborn to an outdated will. The media had a feeding frenzy, but to me it was pathetic. My husband and I had our wills done as soon as we were married. We did new ones three months ago to reflect some changes over almost 20 years and yeah, it was a pain. We had to drive 100 miles to Dyess AFB. Because my husband's health is not good, travel is difficult for him, but we took care of our responsibility. Our children and immediate family will not be left wondering what they're supposed to do while trying to grieve. It doesn't matter what your financial status is, a simple will (witnessed) will save your loved ones a lot of misery and will take a huge burden off your shoulders.

Make a financial plan for now, five years from now and retirement. No matter what happens over the next few years, and it's not going to be pretty on many levels, the patriots of today will prevail no matter how it unfolds. Americans still need to make short and long term plans and goals. Who is going to take care of you when you're 64, 74? The state, your family or will you plan for care? How about helping your elderly parents? Social security has to be funded for those who need it, just like Medicare, but these mathematically bankrupt systems must be allowed to die a natural death because no matter how much phony "money" is pumped into them, they're never going to be solvent. Our future and retirement is our personal responsibility, not mother government.

Savings is the lowest in this country since the artificially created 'Great Depression.' I know people want to save, but can't. How can you when 40% -60% of the fruits of your labor are being confiscated by city, county, state and federal governments, pushing us into poverty via taxes on everything under the sun? It will get worse as the corruption and stupidity continues by incumbents serving in all levels of government. Change will not happen with the same players. If you can, make a commitment to put aside something every payday into savings, even if it's only $25.00. My parents generation and those before them saved. Unfortunately, with all the temptations out there (and the horrendous destruction caused by divorce), most Americans are not looking down the road, spending what they don't have instead of paying attention to their obligation for the future. As the baby boomer generation is now hitting retirement, too many have nothing left to show and the shock is just now beginning to set in. How long before mother government raises the retirement age to 75 because of the mess they made?

Buy Made in America. Invest in America, not our enemies. We the people have tremendous power, even as things worsen, to make our spending dollars count towards rebuilding this country. We have to start by taking the time to buy from American companies who employ Americans and make the product on our soil. Stop enriching our enemies like commie China. Roger Simmermaker is a warrior in this area and he tells you how here. You can also go to the Made in America section on my web site to find just about everything for you, the kids and your dog! All made by we the people for America. Stop the hemorrhaging via NAFTA and these other treasonous treaties.

Buy local. Fruits, veggies, poultry, eggs - try to buy local. Support our local farmers and ranchers. Stop funding other countries while America dies. Your local grocery chain will get the message and start making more domestic food products available or lose business. I know people want to go play on the weekend, but most towns and even big metro areas like LA have farmers markets on the weekend. Go get good, fresh food for your family grown here in our country. Get healthy. Get your family healthy and become less dependent on the health care system.

My next column will be, Do you have a plan? and it deals with activism and rumblings about martial law. My mail box is full of mail everyday from Americans who are getting the message, want to know more and ask the question: what can I do? This column makes number 359 I've written for NWVs since 2002. That doesn't count the 900 files on my CD, most written by me. Plus a year of columns for Worldnetdaily. I've written about all these government systems, the fraudulent ratification of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments and much more, but people who are just finding NWVs, see only one column and want more information. The 'additional titles' above this column will direct you to my archives. Or, just type my name into a search engine with social security or income tax or federal reserve and dozens of columns will be presented. I have learned from the best over almost two decades and sharing all this information is what my columns are about. We all have to become activists instead of observers. In my next column, I will help you get started and get associated with organizations and groups and why everyone must stop patronizing organizations like AARP who oppose abolishing the privately owned Federal Reserve.

Follow up: Senator Karen Johnson has fired her considerable intellectual prowess at the media lackeys in response to their attack on her regarding 911; see background. Senator Johnson's responses: 'Backing my claims about 9/11 questions' and 'We deserve the full truth about 9/11.'

This week: Everyone call your counterfeit U.S. Senator and tell them NO on Barack Obama's latest abomination: the Global Poverty Act. There is NO constitutional authority for Congress to steal from you to fund this grand larceny.

May 8, 2008: Pennsylvania: Stop the National ID - this week. See this video and see how easy it is to hack this Nazi-style ID. Meeting: Thursday, May 8th 10:00am University of Scranton Redington Hall- Collegiate Room 1120 Linden St Scranton , PA 18510. Contact Aaron at

May 17, 2008 in Los Angeles: Get to this event. Bring family and friends so they can see real proof that these chemtrails are poisoning we the people. Details here. I've written several columns on this. It's no conspiracy theory and the consequences to humans and our environment grow more dire each day it's allowed to continue.

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This is pure insanity, but Bush wasn't finished. This war criminal in the White House wants you to work your fingers to the bone today at your multiple jobs to fund $770 MILLION in global food aid.