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By: Devvy
May 1, 2008

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"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves." Dresden Jameson

Almost six years ago, I gave a speech in Sunnyvale, California. This is a short excerpt from that speech. History does repeat itself, but we the people have the power to stop the total annihilation of this country if there is enough courage and fire in the belly of those who truly want to be free from oppressive government. The alternative is hell.

July 6, 2002

"Ladies and gentlemen. These are indeed dangerous and serious times in which we live and not just from mad-dog terrorists from third world countries who hate us.

"We find ourselves in the same position as those who tried to save the Republic of Rome. I would like to open with a quote from the book, Dear and Glorious Physician, The Story of St. Luke, by one of the most prolific, magnificent writers of modern times, the late Taylor Caldwell.

"Published in 1959, this book spent 60 weeks on the NY Times bestseller list with more than 1,000,000 copies in print at the time.

"This is the character Diodorus speaking:

"In this very Senate, not many years ago, a senator was done to death because he spoke the truth. Not by knife or sword or spear was he murdered, and not by honest stones. No honorable hand struck him down, for there was no honorable hand here. He spoke of Rome. He cried out that Rome was no longer a republic, and that she had become a bloodthirsty empire, ruled not by men of wisdom and not by law, but by Caesar and his legions, and his generals and his rapacious freedmen and his palace politicians.

"The senator stood on this very podium and he wept for the Republic. He wept that emperors were not elected by the people, but by infamous legions and the idle and ravenous mobs who wished only to devour the fruits of the granaries and the treasures, and to be amused by charlatans and mountebanks and actors and singers and gladiators and pugilists -- at public expense.

"For greed, that young senator cried to you, the mobs in this city supported evil Caesars, who lusted only for power, because those Caesars promised them loot from the public treasuries. Venal senators supported those Caesars, for profit and power.

"The lying Caesars spoke to the mobs and told them that our country could not defend itself against barbarians without allies, who must endlessly be bought and cajoled and flattered. And the traitorous Caesars plotted against their nation, mad with the lust to be gilded like gods by the whole world, and to be acclaimed by millions of thieves and beggars and wrestlers and freedmen and the cowardly, who never felt a pulse of patriotism in their vultures hearts!

"Let me move your hearts!" he cried. "It is not yet too late!"

"The course of empire leads only to death. Senators, look at me! Listen with your hearts, and not with your evil minds. Turn back to liberty, to frugality, to morality to peace, to Rome. Think no longer of those who appoint you, those whose bellies demand to be satisfied by the very blood of Rome, the very flesh of Rome, the hard-earned gold of Rome. Bow no longer to false Caesars, who, defying our very Constitution, issue mandates against the welfare of Rome and place themselves above the law which our fathers formulated, and for which they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

"Rome was conceived in good faith and in justice, and in the worship of God, and in the name of the manhood of man. Return our country to the rule of law and strike down the rule by men.

"Restore the treasuries. Withdraw our legions from foreign lands which hate us, and will destroy us at a moment's notice when it serves their interests. Repeal the taxes which crush those who work hard and industriously.

"Tell your multitudes that they must work or they shall starve. Drive from the Palatine itself the masses of toadies and self-seekers and thieves! Drive from the Palatine the puny freedmen who say 'Yes, yes!' to Caesar, and bow before him as though he were a god and not human flesh. Cleanse this chamber of rascals and mountebanks and demagogues who declaim in rounded phrases that the welfare of the people is close to their hearts, but who really mean that they will do the will of the mob in exchange for vile plaudits and power, and bribery!

"Romans! In the name of God, in the name of Cincinnatus, the Father of this Country, in the name of heroism and peace and manliness and freedom and justice, I beg of you to restore yourselves as the guardians of Rome, to cast out the usurper of the powers which rightfully belong to you, to impeach and to punish those who seized those powers in order to pervert the laws of our fathers! Let your Roman hearts speak and your Roman spirits cry out against the expedient and the corrupt, against the vainglorious and the traitors, against Caesars who anoint themselves as gods and hold court for the depraved and the ambitious and those who would dissipate the strength of our people, our Constitution, and our traditions! If you turn from your country, then she will die, and a thousand thousand legions shall not save her and a thousand bloody Caesars will vainly blow to the winds."

"Tiberius, the Caesar of the time, responded to this attack:

"I am a soldier. I am surrounded by sycophants and liars, and in that Diodorus speaks truth. What is lavish and uncomprehending praise given out of self-seeking and fear?

"What is flattery if lips that speak it only fawn, and in that fawning profit? The dull ear is servant to a duller tongue. As a I solider I prefer men of simple truth and without complexities who speak in honor and of patriotism. But where are men today in Rome?

"Let me tell you this," said Tiberius, quietly. "Venal Caesars, power-mad Caesars, never seize power, never destroy law and their country. Their power is forced on them by an evil and despicable people, a selfish and cowardly people. Where are the guardians of the people's liberty then? You are silent, you are slaves in spirit, you are thieves and cowards. But a people deserve their lawmakers.

"Rome!" he said. "Do I recognize this Rome of polyglot slaves, of Scythians, Britons, Gauls, barbarians, Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians, and the scum of a whole world? Where are the Romans? They have lost their identity. They have lost their tongues, their minds, their souls, their virility. What have I to do with such a Rome? I am not an honorable man! I am what my people have made me. I am their captive, not their Emperor. Here is no escaping the evil of a debased people.


"I am here only to do the filthy will of a nation obstinately determined to commit suicide. If I break the law and the Constitution in their greedy behalf, they applaud me. If I have given up my hope of restoring the Treasury, they praise me for having their welfare at heart. Their welfare! Dogs and jackals!" End of quote.

The mobs are on the move again today with rallies to support illegal aliens smuggling themselves into our country and demanding an end to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raids on employers for breaking the law and a free ride to citizenship. They chant "equal rights for all" under democracy. Of course, in their ignorance, these rabble rousers have no idea America is NOT a democracy and that our Founding Fathers hated democracy. The largest number of these illegal aliens come from Mexico and using the worst of profanity, claim we stole their land. Ignorance is rampant among these lawbreakers. Their own government ceded over half of their territory the U.S. When a Colorado legislator called them illiterate peasants a little over a week ago, another empty headed female serving in office went ballistic because the truth burned her politically correct ears.

What the fabulous Taylor Caldwell wrote in her book, and she was a meticulous, gifted writer, has all but overtaken our country. We are in the throes of the total decline of this once great republic. Our elected public officials have been bought and paid for by the mob. Elected officials at all levels of government no longer care for their state constitutions or the U.S. Constitution. They care only for power given to them by voters. Most are cowards because they don't have the guts to stand up to the powerful king makers behind the scenes or their brains are completely rotted from the mental illness called political correctness. Make no mistake: political correctness is a malignant cancer that invaded this country and beat common sense to death.

Here we are six years after I made that speech. We are drowning in destructive, unconstitutional "laws" while America's very livelihood is being sucked out this country by greedy cowards and rank crooks serving in Congress and one White House "winner" after another. The people respond by demanding government "do something," instead of doing everything humanly possible to throw their backsides out of office and put true leaders with some brains in our state legislatures and Congress. As the economy worsens, the cries for mother government will drown a free nation.

This invasion of illegal aliens who have NO constitutional rights because they are NOT citizens, have choked this country with their demands for free health care, free education and welfare. Let's not forget the astronomical cost of incarcerating the ones who continue to slaughter Americans on our roads and highways, rob, steal and murder. Let's not forget the growing number of illegal aliens who are sexual predators, raping and killing America's children. Foreigners who come to this country shouting their demands that we change our culture, our history and our laws to suit their so-called religion. Can one not see what Taylor Caldwell wrote oozing across this land while millions engage in trivial pursuits like sports, violent video games and shopping?

"Democracy... while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide." John Adams

"A democracy is a volcano which conceals the fiery materials of its own destruction. These will produce an eruption and carry desolation in their way.[1] "The known propensity of a democracy is to licentiousness [excessive license] which the ambitious call, and ignorant believe to be liberty.[2] Fisher Ames who authored House Language for the First Amendment

While it pains me to say this, tens of millions of Americans have also taken up the mob mentality. Under "our democracy" they continue to demand mother government, with the sweat off your back, provide them with health care, child care, jobs and more "entitlements." In response to these demands from desperate Americans, these poltroons in Congress will be only to happy to oblige. Remember Jameson's quote above. Americans are being pitted against each other in this battle. Those who live the creed of the brilliant, courageous men who birthed this nation are self reliant, determined, masters of our own destiny. We refuse to lay down our rights and freedoms in favor of the heavy hand of government stealing the fruits of our labor to reward invaders, corrupt politicians and fund foreign interests. We are up against those who are accepting the communitarian (communist morality) doctrine, walking into the trap created by Congress and the state legislatures. Instead of holding them accountable, under mobocracy, the legions continue to vote for corrupt scoundrels in public office who break what doesn't need fixing and then steal from the public purse under the guise of "fixing it."

The mobs of democracy are stomping our republic into the ground while cowardly, degenerate politicians grovel for their votes. Democracy underground or above ground is still the same thing: disaster and a bastardization of our legal form of government. The results of pursuing such a path is glaring us in the face from coast to coast, border to border. Trying to shove democracy down the throat of foreign countries like Iraq is nothing short of insanity.

The Founding Fathers, men like Patrick Henry and young Master Nathan Hale, were called radicals and extremists because they disagreed with the loyalists, subjects of the British Crown who wished to remain under the control of a tyrant out of fear or because they benefited financially. In Mel Gibson's movie, The Patriot, he had a great line in the beginning of the movie, "Would you rather have one tyrant 3,000 miles away or 3,000 tyrants one mile away?"

I've been called a radical for the past 18 years because I refuse to get on my knees and live my life under a tyrannical government. Patrick Henry and those who spilled their blood and gave up all their material possessions to birth this republic were called radicals. I am proud to wear that label. Eighteen years ago I gave up the good times to share what I've learned and what I'm still learning. I became an activist instead of an observer. Where do you stand? I hope you'll catch my next column, Do you have a Plan? Time is slipping by and Americans need to grasp that things are not going to be the same for a long, long time. Despite the bald faced lies coming out of Washington, the worst is yet to come.


1, Fisher Ames, Works of Fisher Ames (Boston: T. B. Wait & Co., 1809), p. 24, Speech on Biennial Elections, delivered January, 1788
2, Ames, Works, p. 384, "The Dangers of American Liberty," February 1805

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1 - The Case Against Immigration by Roy Beck (free on line)
2 - The Death of the West by Patrick J. Buchanan
3 - Political Correctness by David Thibodaus, [see book # 14]
4 - The Cloning of The American Mind by Beverly Eakman
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Here we are five years after I made that speech. We are drowning in destructive, unconstitutional "laws" while America's very livelihood is being sucked out this country by greedy cowards and rank crooks serving in Congress and one White House "winner" after another.