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By: Devvy
March 3, 2008

� 2008 -

If you keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome, it's called a form of insanity.

Back in 1994, the American people yelled, "We want change!" Out went forty years of big spending Democrats and in came the Republicans with their slick marketing mantra: The Contact with America. After eleven years of bigger spending Republicans and these unconstitutional, immoral invasions of non threatening foreign countries, the American people once again said they wanted change. In 2006, with the exception of a few faces, the voters put the same old crowd and agenda right back in power because they bought a different version of the same lies. Now the American people are being bombarded with Obama's empty slogan: "Change you can believe in." I guess it depends on how you define change.

Nothing has changed and it never will unless you get qualified individuals into Congress and the state houses who will break the stranglehold of the agenda being carried out by both parties. I've asked this question election after election for almost two decades: How many more times are you going to ask the same incumbent, Republican or Democrat, to introduce and get legislation passed that will cure the cancer instead of continuing to treat the symptoms?

Yet, election after election, the same scoundrels and thieves continue to go right back into office after taking an oath they have no intention of upholding while the country goes to hell. Propagandists like Bill Kristol, Newt Gingrich and Rich Lowry on the Republican side, continue worn out rhetoric that conservatives should rally around the party because it's conservative! Last week, Mr. Bush, said America is not going into a recession. He has now joined the ranks of most accomplished pathological liar ever to sit in the White House, taking over first place from Bill and Hill Clinton.

On the "other side," nitwits hawk their bald faced lies that the Democrat Party stands for the middle class. Both parties have destroyed the finest health care system in this world and now their candidates and incumbents all say they can fix it. Obama and Clinton pushing "universal health care" that will not withstand a U.S. Supreme Court challenge. The Republicans just continue with their same, meaningless rhetoric on this issue, except for Congressman Ron Paul.

The good news is more and more Americans are waking up and rejecting the lies coming out of Washington, DC and their state houses. Tens of thousands of groups and organizations all across America are on the war path, finally. The problem is getting people to understand constitutional solutions instead of emotion based Band Aids. The other big problem is breaking the choke hold by the two "major" parties because they ARE the problem, not the solution. It's the agenda and that agenda is being carried out by mayors, governors, state reps and senators, Congress and of course, the president who signs off on all these monstrous budgets sacking and looting the people's treasury.

Because the American people are on the war path with voices crying out for freedom increasing by the day, the noose is being tightened with more and more totalitarian legislation being passed by BOTH parties and signed into law by one of the most lawless presidents ever to shame the White House. I've covered this so many times as have others, but action is what gets the job done. However, it can't get done if Americans continue to cherry-pick the U.S. Constitution and it's amendments to suit their wants and needs. Our job is also made all the harder by all the cottage industries that have blossomed over the years for single issues. A glaring one is the income tax issue and the number of guru's who are pushing poison and preying on the desperate, raking in the big bucks while their faithful end up indicted and shipped off to state and federal prisons.

There's the usual election year talk of forming a "third party" when America has a hundred registered political parties. This is a non solution and a waste of more precious resources in my humble opinion. As a veteran of the "take back America" movement for 18 years, full time in the trenches, I've seen and heard most of it. Like several other columnists, I believe it is absolutely imperative that we the people take command of a golden opportunity this November. As last count a whopping 25 Republicans have announced they will not seek reelection. The rats are jumping the ship. They see a nation of very angry people who have reached the brink and who are focusing on them. Last year I warned Congress was not going to stop this financial tsunami underway. They haven't and continue to write hot checks.

The Republicans have passed so many anti-freedom pieces of legislation signed into law by Bush, mere words can no longer describe this lawless administration with the full backing of Congress. The Democrats have been in control 14 months and it's more of the same. Putting Marxists Clinton or clue less Obama in the White House isn't going to change anything and the same applies to Pastor Huckabee and McCain. As far as Ron Paul's chances, it's a fluid situation and that battleground will be the convention in September.


It is inconceivable to me how tens of millions of Americans continue to belong to a political party that no longer represents the U.S. Constitution or their beliefs. I quit the Republican Party in 1996 because I had enough of their lies and refusal to reverse course. I've been registered no party until a few months ago when I registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul in our primary tomorrow and then I'm going to re-register Constitution Party.

Tens of millions of Christians, Catholic, Baptist or whatever denomination, have been disillusioned about the Republican Party moving so far away from their core principles. Yet, supposedly millions of those same Christians voted for liberals like Rudy Julie Annie and John McCain during the primaries. Now, smarmy "conservative" leaders like Gary Bauer are trying to sell a liberal like McCain to the party faithful because he's the lesser of the evil Democrat candidates. At the same time, Christians, regardless of denomination, will ignore a truly Christian man like Ron Paul because the power brokers know he's a threat to them and a friend of we the people.

Sometime this week, I hope you will take the time to read this column by Michael Meacher MP, who was environment minister (UK) from May 1997 to June 2003. Why did we unconstitutionally invade Iraq and murder a million of their people to date? Meacher lays out here: 'This war on terrorism is bogus. The 9/11 attacks gave the U.S. an ideal pretext to use force to secure its global domination.' This isn't some conspiracy theory fodder, it is based on verifiable facts. Now, tell me how tens of millions of Christian Americans can vote for McCain to be Commander in Chief who intends to continue this monstrous, God-awful war mongering?

This was the 1996 Texas State Republican Party platform. If you'll read it, you'll see that it is a fine, fine document. Compare it to the Republican Party national agenda over the past 15 years. Americans who belong to the GOP act like they will simply wither up and blow away like dust if they don't belong to that party; the same goes for Democrats. Parties come and go, but our Constitution and Republic must remain intact.

Christians who are Republicans and Democrats complain 365 days a year about what's going on in this country with the social engineering and draconian legislation coming from both parties, yet they snub their nose at the Constitution Party, the third largest in the country with a moral platform long gone from either of the two "main" parties. Have they even read the Constitution Party's platform? It is pro-constitution and 100% conservative. How many times have I heard it's not my member of Congress? It is and the state of the Union reflects this to be an accurate statement. Just because your incumbent votes for one particular issue you like, doesn't mean they are a "good" representative. With a couple of exceptions like Ron Paul, Congress continues to vote away our rights and for legislation erecting an iron fisted police state based on the lies of 911.

Leaving the presidential race aside for the moment, this is an election year. I believe it is imperative to break the stranglehold of the Republicans and Democrats in Congress and the state houses. Twenty-five Republicans (House) are skipping because they know what's coming. They don't want to be in office as this financial tsunami continues to engulf this nation, bankrupting millions while millions more will exist on the brink of poverty. We must also get rid of as many mayors, city council and bad state legislators and senators as possible who are pushing Agenda 21. There are quite a few truly constitutional, moral men and women who do serve in the fifty state houses, but they are outnumbered. Those individuals need our support to remain in office. The rest need to be thrown out.


We must get bills passed this coming January that have been languishing in Congress. The bills are already written, we just need to get enough CP candidates in office to help get them passed. These are but a few:

Get rid of the unnecessary withholding taxing scheme. This bill was introduced by Congressman Ron Paul, July 27, 2000; the next one was in 2001. Abolish the Federal Reserve. Stop the North American Union. Get us out of destructive trade treaties like NAFTA. Get us out of the UN. Restore Posse Comitatus immediately. Duncan Hunter sponsored this monster. Greg Evensen summed it up perfectly here:

"In addition to this "group think" concerning the police "mission" of enforcing the law-regardless of whether or not the law is righteous or constitutional---is the recent historic change in federal law. I am referring to Public Law 109-364, or the "John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007" (HR5122) (2), was signed by President Bush on October 17, 2006...It allows the President to declare a "public emergency" and station troops anywhere in America.

"Further, Section 1076 of this Act, entitled "Use of the Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies and Section 333 Major Public Emergencies--interference with State and Federal Law, says that the President may use these forces when HE determines that domestic violence has occurred to such an extent that a State is incapable of (read that "refuse or fail" in) maintaining public order, "in order to suppress, in any State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination thereof or conspiracy to commit these acts against the United States.

"This "repeal" of the Posse Comitatus Act (PCA) is a deadly blow on this historic prevention of US army units intervening in local disputes. The 1878 Act, protected local jurisdictions and even states from the willful intervention of corrupted or dictatorial executive branch orders being forced upon the locals by Army units in a law enforcement capacity."

Get rid of the IRS. NO DIRECT taxation as the Founding Fathers intended. NO funding for the NAFTA Super Highway to Hell. Get US out of GATT. Stop all foreign aid. Pass the Free Tips Act. Bring our troops home from around the world. As desired by the 911 families: full public hearings with a civilian board that includes subpoena power. Push for massive crackdown on illegals. This means pressuring the four border state governors to get their National Guard on the border while existing federal and new state laws begin to drive these illegals back to their home countries. That's just the short list. We must get all these bad laws overturned; see here.

Continuing to fight brush fires while the bond fire turns into a conflagration will eventually consume us and that day is drawing closer. Voting the same people back in November or their clone will bring the same results. Americans have to get off the tread mill and go for real change, not just more empty suits and campaign promises. We have to get these liars and crooks out office. This requires that you get out there and support a CP candidate for whatever office they're seeking, from city council to the state house and Congress. Candidates must have help. From 19-90, there's something for everyone to do and it's a rich, rewarding experience. They need foot soldiers to walk the precincts and give out a single page, professional piece of literature. That takes money, so you support a candidate with donations. Every candidate for every office MUST set aside some campaign money for a recount because I can tell you flat out that the scanners and electronic voting machines are there to keep out real constitutional candidates. We've seen what's happened during these primaries and November will be no different.

Rick Jore serves in the Montana State Legislature and his party is the Constitution Party. Other fine Americans now serve in local government who belong to the CP because, gasp! people voted for them. As Alan Stang so perfectly last week in his column:

"What do we have now? Wherever I go, I find very few people who dislike Ron Paul. Because you will never meet a man more humane, what could a normal person dislike? I go out of my way to ask black people about him. Those who have heard of him smile. So far, I have not found one who dislikes him. There is no reason to believe your experience is any different. Everyone but the totalitarians likes Dr. Ron, but many won't vote for him because "he can't win."

"As the Texas primary approaches, these are the people to whom these comments are directed. What does it mean to like Ron Paul but not to vote for him because "he can't win?" First, there is the obvious fact that enough such people could add up to the old "self-fulfilling prophecy." If enough people who believe he "can't win" don't vote for him, then obviously he can't."

Think about that. Take a few minutes and go over to the Constitution Party's National web site. Read their platform. Find out who your local and state candidates are and get out there and work for them.

I hope you will also take time to read this pdf file. It's an overview of the plan for world domination and what the communitarian (communist) program is and how it's being implemented.

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The good news is more and more Americans are waking up and rejecting the lies coming out of Washington, DC and their state houses. Tens of thousands of groups and organizations all across America are on the war path, finally.