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By: Devvy Kidd

May 4, 2006

On May 1, 2006, illegals and their supporters came out by the tens of thousands to tie up downtown Sacramento, ending up at the state capitol, chanting their propaganda and attempting to garner support for criminals who smuggle themselves into our country. "Immigrants rights" was the deceptive billing and the order of the day was no English and hours and hours of screeching, shouting and yelling in Spanish. There was no INS/ICE presence. There was one man sitting about four blocks from the capitol with his sign which read: 'Illegals don't dictate US policy.'

My camera was clicking away and if you click here we have put my photos into a slide show. One of the photos shows the Sacramento police department sitting on their horses watching and that's all they are allowed to do, watch. Not all sheriffs are as cowardly as Sacramento County's Lou Blanas:

Sheriff to Start Posse Patrols to Curb Illegal Immigration Flow

"(CBS 5 NEWS) - Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that approximately 100 volunteer posse and Sheriff's Deputies will soon begin randomly patrolling the desert areas and main roadways in southwest Maricopa County as a part of an operation to curb the flow of illegal immigrants entering the county.

"Arpaio made the announced just as 11 more illegal immigrants were being booked in jail after a Ford Windstar with California plates and 16 people packed inside was stopped by a Sheriff's deputy early Tuesday morning on a traffic violation near Gila Bend. Despite the growing controversy about illegal aliens nationwide, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office remains the only Arizona law enforcement agency willing to enforce a new state anti smuggling law."

As I walked through this massive sea of people for several hours I heard no English. Every single person and their kids were speaking or yelling in Spanish. The speakers on the steps of the capitol representing and advocating lawlessness all spoke Spanish. Quite frankly, I am sick to death of hearing Spanish. For years, everywhere you go in California, all one hears is Spanish being spoken. This is America and we are an English speaking country. Walking among these tens of thousands of people from Mexico who refuse to speak English was little different than a holiday down in Mexico City.

There was a lot of anger displayed by all these Spanish speaking people. The hate for 'gringos' was so thick you could cut it with a knife. It was difficult, but I kept my mouth shut and simply took pictures. Signs disparaging Americans were abundant. Signs with the same old propaganda about families, racism and illegal aliens deserve respect and jobs. Of course, the issue is not about legal immigration, but illegals who smuggle themselves into our country. This is just an attempt to market breaking the law in a favorable light by shifting the legal argument to kids, families and jobs.

While at the capitol, I visited the offices of Assemblymen Neillo, Haynes and Mountjoy as well as state senators Ortiz and McClintock. The California State Legislature is run by communists, sodomites, lesbians and racists of Mexican ancestry. The Democrats outnumber the Republicans by a large margin. I have gone to great lengths to send the aforementioned members of the legislature letters on the National ID and reconstituting the state militias; I've also targeted Sheriff Lou Blanas with the same materials. Neillo is my assemblyman, but not for much longer as I'm moving out of California. His staffer is a snotty, arrogant pup who always treats me like he can't be bothered. On Monday I asked him what Neillo was doing about the lawlessness right outside his window? The response was the Republicans have introduced tons of bills to address the illegals in this state, but they can't get them out of the Democrat controlled committees. It is true that the California State Senate is run by rabid, pro-Mexicans who don't even attempt to hide their loyalty to Mexico and illegals. They are a total disgrace.

I also reminded him that he has done nothing since last May when Rosalind Peterson and I met with him on the contrail (chemtrails) issue. His response: He asked around and no one is interested. My reply: this is the exact same thing that happened eight years ago when Jodi Waters brought up the MTBE issue. No one would listen back then, either. Today, part of the cost of the skyrocketing gas prices is because MTBE must be removed from all gasoline in this country by the end of this year - all because Jodi Waters fought for the truth about that gas by-product and how dangerous it is to people and the environment. I reinforced to him that the contrail issue is one of the biggest environmental and human health disasters, the likes of which he can't even imagine. My final question to him was about the National ID and his response was the same ignorant one he gave me a few months ago: it's a federal issue. My response was bull, it's a states rights issue. But, his ignorance about the constitution is epidemic with politicians and their staffs. After all, they're products of the government's indoctrination centers called public schools.

My visit to Assemblyman Ray Haynes office was equally disheartening. His legislative aide, Anthony Tannehill, another young pup full of arrogance, could barely be bothered with my concerns about the illegals invasion. In a very bored manner, Tannehill basically told the same story about their bills that continue to get killed by the Democrats. I brought up the issue of the state militias and the CD I sent to Haynes. I may as well have been talking to the wall so I simply left this useful fool to his self important little world.

Next stop was my state senator, Deborah Ortiz. Her staffer was a very nice woman who explained all about the bills drafted and submitted by the Republicans, only to be killed by the Democrats and that the governor wouldn't sign them anyway. Another waste of time. On to Assemblyman Mountjoy's office and the same treatment. Final stop was Senator Tom McClintock's office, the man who should have been governor except the Republican power base in California shoved that totally unqualified "movie star" (Arnold) down the throats of the party faithful and they swallowed it. I had a long discussion with McClintock's Chief of Staff, C. Kirk Hutson, Ph.D. Hutson was courteous, interested and asked me to please send him the Dr. Edwin Vieira CD; see here, scroll to the bottom. Hutson, like so many others, believes the National Guard is the militia, but unlike these foolish kids who work for Neillo and Haynes, Hutson listened very carefully as I explained who Dr. Vieira is and about his scholarly writings on this issue. By now Hutson should have the identical package I originally mailed to McClintock last month; he promised to listen to the CD and in his case, I believe he will.

My last stop inside the capitol was to the office of His Excellency, formerly steroid pumped, Mr. Arnold Hollywood. Guess what? With tens of thousands of illegals and their supporters right on his front door step, the govn'r wasn't in town! That's right, the empty office of the Governor, guarded by, not one, but three capitol police, was closed for the day! Some "terminator." Schwarzenegger has done NOTHING to secure California's border against this invasion and has no intention of doing so in the future. He is a new world order advocate. Schwaznegger's current pet project is to get two NFL teams into LA. Never mind LA is infested with illegals, massive crime and gangs of illegals killing citizens, he's working for two new football teams! His Excellency is probably going to get voted out of office and replaced by another run of the mill socialist and darling of La Raza, Phil Angelides. Schwarzenegger made a huge and stupid mistake with his big special election last year and the result: every big union in this state who own these prostitutes in the state legislature are now joined to defeat him and install a puke like Angelides. Like the new racist mayor of LA, Antonio Villagarosa, Angelides will be elected by vote fraud: corrupted electronic ballot machines and illegals voting.

The bombastic gas on the cable networks the day of this massive, in-your-face protest by illegals was mostly the same, worn out themes:

The Republicans need to win back the favor of Latino voters or they will lose control of Congress. So, this isn't about the law, it's about the party and power. The Republicans have had control of Congress since January 1995 and have done NOTHING to stop this invasion until the Minutemen and Tom Tancredo began shoving down their throats. The Democrats are trying to get as much political mileage out of this invasion as possible, but like the Republicans, they have sat around on their well padded backsides and done nothing for decades.

Immigrants deserve rights, too. This isn't about legal immigrants, it's about illegal aliens. It's about the law. A retired U.S. Border Patrol agent says it so well in this letter to Bill Frist; click here for pdf file. Mr. Stoddard predicts blood shed in the streets of America and he is right on point which is why the state militias will be vital to our security and repelling what's coming.

America needs these millions of illegal aliens or our economy will stop. Wrong and the "Immigrants rights" day clearly demonstrated that fact. If an individual, regardless of country of origin, is here illegally, then the job they hold is in violation of federal law. They have no right to that job to begin with nor any other rights as they are not U.S. citizens. They are criminals for violating federal law, period.

Some smarmy guest on FOX news named Ed Schultz, said: "We created this problem." No, WE didn't. The incompetent fools in the U.S. Congress, the four border governors and the legislatures of the four border states created this problem and they all need to be booted out of office. Congress has turned a blind eye since their last DISASTER passed in 1986, trumpeted as "immigration reform." That legislation was no such thing. It has only encouraged more illegals to smuggle themselves across the border and now they've gotten so bold, they march through the streets of America giving us the finger. The same thing will happen if any "new" legislation contains any provisions other than 100% deportation regardless of country of origin or how long an illegal alien has been here.

Congress intends to have a new and improved "immigration reform" bill done and to Bush by Memorial Day. Those following this sickening mess will see the same garbage the counterfeit U.S. Senate tried to shove down our throats on April 7, 2006 unless we the people by the tens of millions raise OUR voices: NO amnesty in any form. If illegals are rewarded with anything other than being deported this round, it will send a very loud, clear message: America can be blackmailed into giving in to criminals who violate our laws, all they have to do is take to the streets. A La Raza mouthpiece who hates America and wants open borders had this to say about rewarding criminal behavior on Larry King recently:

Janet Murguia, President and CEO, National Council of La Raza: "Well that's right, Larry. We need to be practical and we need to be effective. And I think the compromise bill that's pending before the Senate I think recognizes that we can't round up 12 million people that you have to be able to find a way to provide not amnesty because we're not talking about amnesty. The bill that is on consideration right now would basically say that folks would have to step up basically pay a fine, go back to the end of the line, agree to learn English and it would be anywhere from ten to 12 years before they could apply for citizenship. That's not amnesty. That's a way for them to earn their legalization and go through appropriate background and security checks to do so and we think that has to be an essential part of a comprehensive immigration reform bill."

Who does this cracker think she's kidding? "Agree to learn English?" Look at the interviews during these protests. Most of those interviewed, legal or illegal, don't speak of word of English even if they've been here ten years. The agenda is reconquista, not learning English. For part 2 click below.

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Next stop was my state senator, Deborah Ortiz. Her staffer was a very nice woman who explained all about the bills drafted and submitted by the Republicans, only to be killed by the Democrats and that the governor wouldn't sign them anyway.