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By: Devvy
April 24, 2008

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With the exception of approximately 128,188 Americans who voted for Congressman Ron Paul in the PA primary, the other 2.7 million voters cast their endorsement for liars, crooks and more big government. Two things that were not mentioned by any of the cable news networks who blatantly censor the truth, is the alleged 91,211 votes cast for Pastor Huckabee who dropped out of the race, March 4, 2008 - a full seven WEEKS before this primary. Pennsylvania is not California in population and it seems to me the State of Pennsylvania had plenty of time to get accurate ballots to the voters - meaning ballots with only legitimate candidates on it. Oh, that's right. We're supposed to believe almost 92,000 people wasted their vote on a non candidate as some sort of protest or support vote. What nonsense. Oh, wait a minute! The numbers used Tuesday night as winners on all the cable networks has now changed several times then. Ron Paul is now at 128, 431. Who knows what it will be when the "final" results are certified. What a hoax.

According to CNN and FAUX, neither McCain or Ron Paul received any delegate votes. Not counting felons, deceased and illegals, the late March numbers show 4,044,952 people in PA were registered Democrat and 3,215,478 for the Republicans. Comrades Obama and Clinton show a combined count of 2,350,542 votes as I write. McCain allegedly received 586,904, Ron Paul 128,431 (16%) and non candidate Huckabee 91,381 for a total of 806,716 Republican votes cast. One would think that Republicans would want to show the Democrats their candidate can get the votes, yet out of 3.2 million registered GOP voters, a paltry 586,904 ventured out to show their support for McCain. Am I surprised? No way. Republicans (except those who think they will benefit financially and the pro-abortion, pro-amnesty crowd) do not want this corrupt, evil man as our next president.

As someone who has been in this movement 18 years, it saddens me to see millions of Americans accept the communitarian doctrine (communist morality) dressed up as liberalism, moderate or "progressive." Millions of Americans voted on Tuesday for candidates out of desperation (or stupid, blind loyalty to their party) when they have zero understanding of how the problems got started. Despite their campaign rhetoric, McCain, Clinton and Obama cannot create a single job for them or "fix" the health care system in this country. As for Obama's "plan" to fix the economy, Janet Daley said it quite well in her recent column: "But maybe those voters would never have gone for Obama anyway - certainly not if they had studied his voting record in the Senate and fully taken in his plans to refashion the American economy on the European stagnation model." McCain's "plan" for a freeze on federal gasoline taxes truly shows how factually challenged he is - those excise taxes are what the Founding Fathers designed to fund a limited form of Republican government. McCain's "plan" is meaningless, but the desperate will respond positively because they don't understand the central bank and taxation.

It saddens me because these are the votes further pushing America's destruction well underway. Most of them are our fellow Americans who are afraid of what's happening and looking to mother government to make it all better because they've been bred to government dependence. Millions are are products of the Federal Department of Education and the massive dumbing down of America. Many are graduates of institutions of lower learning they call colleges and universities, which are nothing more than communist incubators inculcating the communitarian doctrine into the heads of young adults. They are voters who are worried about putting food on the table as we see the cost of basic staples go through the roof. They're afraid mother government won't deliver their social security check on time.

I understand all of these real concerns, but if a person doesn't know the facts, they're going into the voting booth blind. Of course, there are millions of Americans who don't care that Barack Obama considers Caucasians beneath him; we're the peasant class in his eyes. This slick Marxist hides his communist ideology while giving his speeches and even when he is frank about it (spouting collectivism), most Americans really don't understand what he's saying. Democrats have been lulled and shoved into this "progressive politics" nonsense without really understanding they are being led to the slaughter under world totalitarian government: communism in its raw brutality. Why, even the angry little woman, Michelle Obama, let's loose with her "progressive" spiel which should send off alarm bells:

"The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more." Let's not forget that Obama received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) for an Illinois state senate seat back in 1996.

FAUX (FOX) News Network had all kinds of "exit" polling hype following this horse and pony show on Tuesday. I've written about this exit polling business before and in the end, it's meaningless except to the candidates. They want to know who is labor so they can lie about creating jobs. They need to know who is Catholic so they can tailor their lies to appeal that voting block. They need to know how many are seniors so they can promise "universal health care" - an unconstitutional abomination neither Obama nor Clinton can deliver. The only candidate who never changes his position is Ron Paul because he takes his oath of office seriously and understands constitutional government. Then again, it would appear some are lying to these exit pollsters; see here.

For almost forty years, the Federal Department of Education's agenda has been to dumb down America's children so they come out of these cesspools known as public schools without the proper knowledge and tools to fight for rights they don't even understand. Is it any wonder they continue to support the likes of Obama and Clinton? Don't take my word for it. I continue to urge parents to read Charlotte Iserbyt's, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. It's available free; down load here.

There's another resource that is short and 100% on target. It's a little book titled, You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists) by Dr. Fred Schwarz. Published in 1960, Dr. Schwarz lays it out and if you take the time to read this handy little resource, the double speak from Clinton and Obama becomes clear. Thankfully, You Can Trust the Communists, is available for free on line here.

How about all those Hollywood types endorsing Clinton or Obama? They're "progressives" and recognize the two Democrat contestants as comrades. Over the weekend, you might want to read this very important piece I wrote back on October 4, 1999 on this very issue; see here. Several years ago, a friend of mine wrote about 'The Program for Global Communist Conquest, Including the United States.' As her material is copyrighted, I can only use a few paragraphs, but they are stark. The process is well underway in this country, led by Obama and Clinton, elitists who harbor absolute contempt for us peasants:

Communist Ideology and the Tyrannical Pursuit of Power

"In the early 1900s, Italian, Marxist, criminal Antonio Gramsci theorized that totalitarianism could best be imposed on a nation, not by violence and brute force, but by a determined march through its institutions; that is, by the systematic infiltration and subversion of its churches, schools, universities, media, entertainment industry and so forth. (My note: See list here about halfway down)

"In his book, Socialist Society (1971), G. Glezerman writes, "Overthrowing capitalism in a revolutionary way and building a new, communist society, the masses headed by the working class undergo a great schooling and are cleansed of the entire filth of the old society (individualism and free enterprise, capitalism)." "The existence of the state is connected with the need for compulsion, effected by organs of political power...Comtempt for social duties and rules by arachic-minded men (advocates of private free enterprise) and at times by outright offenders results in a conflict between them and society. In such cases society must not only employ persuasion, but also resort to compulsion through state agencies.....

"Glezerman and Smirnov - the advocates of civic duty, service to the community, sacrifice for the common good ("We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." Marxist Hillary Clinton, June 29, 2004) and the achievement of conformity through compulsion - are communitarians (Communist community builders.) Another ideological disseminator of communitarianism is their American counterpart, George C. Lodge. In his 1995 book, Managing Globalization in the Age of Interdependence, Harvard Business School professor Lodge (CFR) states, "A strong leader takes charge and defines the "community" and its needs. The new community...establishes standards of rights and duties for all community members, enforces those standards vigorously and imposes discipline. "...[I]he communitarian believes that it may be necessary to secure consensus through coercion." Lodge says, "Stalin and Hitler were communitarians, even, it seems to me, Bill Clinton...(Lodge, George C., Managing Globalization in the Age of Interdependence, San Diego: Pfeiffer & Company, 1995, pp. xi, xv, 121-124


"Lenin, Stalin and their successors were committed communitarians - builders of Communist communities and disseminators of the Communist morality. When they achieved autocratic, tyrannical governmental power, they made rules for communities and achieved total social control by indoctrinating community members with the Communist morality and by, among other things, employing compulsion or coercion. George W. Bush, Colin Power and many other CFR members are communitarians, as well as the elder Bush (former CFR), and most other presidents - both Democrat and Republican - reaching back to FDR.

"The global ruling elite's have striven to build a system of permanent, worldwide local communities we well as national communities that have been designed ultimately to be replaced by a single, world community. Their goal is despotic, iron handed, totalitarian government power...The global ruling elite holds that world's cultural and political options rest within a communitarian (Communist) framework and that concepts, such as the nation state, private free enterprise, and God-given individual rights protected by a government with limited powers are dead."

Americans are walking into the trap as their world falls apart right in front of their face. Our rights are God-given. We are born free men and women. The communitarian doctrine of "community" is dictatorial in nature and contrary to everything this nation has stood for and a slap in the face to every man, woman and child who spilled their blood during the Revolutionary War so we could be free. Please take the time to read Tom DeWeese's column on "sustainable development" and take action because what is described above (community indoctrination) is the essence of Agenda 21 and the total annihilation of this republic. Tom's organization puts out excellent materials to help YOU become an activist in your area because it's only you and me (multiplied by millions) who are going to put this country back together again.

I've written dozens of columns on McCain, Obama and Clinton, so I'm not going to rehash them. They're in the archives file; you might wish to read them over the weekend. For all their talk and promises to well meaning voters, the situation in this country continues to spiral out of control. News reports are surfacing about restrictions being placed on food purchases, specifically rice and wheat. Corn is being burned in gas tanks; the pangs of hunger will increase in this country. As it is, food banks can no longer keep up with the number of hungry Americans in a land rich in human and natural resources. The cost of fuel is severely impacting all of us except multi-millionaires like Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Bush, Kennedy, McCain and the rest of their ilk. I wouldn't be surprised to see $6.00/gallon gasoline right before the pretend election in November. The Unseen Hand has their game plan in place. Americans will be plenty desperate by then and will run to the voting booths in droves for relief and will buy new lies for old. Those who used to utter, "It can't happen here," are being struck mute by how quickly this financial tsunami is sweeping this country and the more money Bernanke prints and any bail outs by these nitwits in Congress for homeowners, the worse it will get.

I know there's a call around the Internet to store food and ammunition. One should always be prepared for natural disasters and I have been doing it since 1993, two full years after I began researching the diabolical plan to destroy this republic and bring us under the big umbrella. However, don't discount the importance of diversifying at least 20% of your assets into gold. I don't sell gold, I'm not a gold dealer, but I watch what the smart guys are doing and gold is king as a hedge against worthless "greenbacks." Anyone paying attention knows the dollar is almost comatose and hyper inflation is kicking in. You can trade your ammunition for a loaf of bread, but using gold is smarter. Coming soon will be the derivatives mega-bomb. If you feel you should be taking the path so many of us have over the past decade plus, give professionals like Harvey (Phoenix) 602.228.8203 and Eric (Florida) 623.643.8786 a call at El Dorado Gold. They are highly knowledgeable and can get you on the right path to financial security.

Speaking of primaries: The New Hampshire Recount is finished, but the end result is a sham. If you've been following this you know all the chicanery that went on with transporting the ballots and chain of command. This fight is not over yet. I received some benign documents under NH's Right to Know, but the meat would cost $350.00. The funds have been donated and I have ordered the balance of my request. I will keep readers updated.

McCain was in Kentucky a couple of days ago at a town hall meeting. More volunteers planned to be there to hand out my McCain flyer which is making its way across the country. I was on the road from April 9th through the 20th and out of the 500 flyers I took with me, I only had six left when I got home. I left them at truck stops when I bought gas; left one at each phone in the telephone bank room. The battle will be fought at the Republican Convention 1-4 September and it IS going to be a fight. I've said it before: Flip Romney is not out of the race. He only suspended his campaign and he will be at the convention. I believe the Unseen Hand running this game on the American people planned this with a few closed door meetings because McCain is very vulnerable. The more we expose the truth about this evil man, the louder the rejection will become. Additionally, he's had melanoma twice. If you'll notice, the bulge on the left side of his face seems to be growing again and he refuses to release his medical records. This will become an issue, mark my words. In the meantime, please continue to download this flyer and hand out at any event where McCain appears, all political rallies, committee meetings, VFW Halls, to someone who belongs to Rolling Thunder, friends and relatives.

One final note: If you haven't seen this short video, I encourage you to watch and send around to your mailing lists. This is a bona fide TV producer from So. California, nailing the media for their bias against Ron Paul and manipulation of the American people. In the end, these "news" papers and electronic media networks are going to pay the price when people no longer patronize them or their sponsors for their betrayal of this country and embracing the destruction of our beloved republic.

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Lenin, Stalin and their successors were committed communitarians - builders of Communist communities and disseminators of the Communist morality. When they achieved autocratic, tyrannical governmental power, they made rules for communities and achieved total social control by indoctrinating community members with the Communist morality...