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By: Devvy
September 24, 2007

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Having said that, I will for the first time since 1996, register with a party and it will be the Constitution Party. Conservative, Christian Americans who feel betrayed by the Republican Party and Christian Democrats who do not support abortion and imagined rights for sodomites and lesbians: Break the chain of dependence. If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, it's called insanity. Both parties have been betraying the American people for nearly a century. We're on the cliff and only bold, decisive action is going to make the difference. Take time to compare the platforms of the Democrat, Republican and Constitution parties. Then really think about your party's agenda over your lifetime and look where we are today. If you can honestly say either of those two "main" parties have supported the U.S. Constitution and your God-given rights during your lifetime, then I submit you're in complete denial, you haven't done your homework or you're simply a darn fool.

There are exceptions; the only one in Congress being one of the greatest statesmen of our lifetimes, Dr. Ron Paul. Some popular members of Congress on the immigration issue like Tom Tancredo, fails the constitutional test by the way he votes on legislation prohibited by Art. 1., Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. Instead of refusing to vote for unconstitutional legislation, Tancredo, Hunter and a handful of others have continued to do so. I realize it's difficult to keep tract of all these votes, but there are many fine organizations out there who do track them. There are more constitutionalists in the state legislatures than most people realize, all Republicans, but that's not enough as long as you have legislatures like California, infested and run by Marxists, lesbians, sodomites and racists. We need to keep these excellent reps in our state houses and they need your continued support and vote, but we also need to break the power blocks by electing at least 100 members to the House of Representatives. I don't care if those 100 CP candidates knock out Democrats or Republicans because there is NO difference between their agendas. Yes, some Republicans in Congress don't cave in to hot button special interest groups, i.e., abortion advocates, but they turn right around and vote for every unconstitutional, freedom stripping piece of legislation that comes their way. This is unacceptable. These unqualified failures MUST be replaced with individuals with courage and moral integrity.

I will not support any candidate running for the U.S. Senate regardless of party because I will NOT support fraud. The destruction caused by the fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment is so horrific, its damn near killed us. It is my personal and firm belief that we must get as many Constitution Party candidates into the House, the state legislatures and at all lower levels of government or we will perish as a free nation. "All politics are local" is the absolute truth. I know this angers members of the Libertarian Party, but in all honesty, and so many feel the same way I do, that the LP is too liberal. LP party members can dispute this and that's okay. For these truly constitutional reps and senators in the state legislatures: Do not feel threatened by the Constitution Party because they believe in the same principles of true constitutional government you do and together we can bring true change. This is the way to stop the push under Agenda 21 for global communist domination. Voters in the general elections can still vote for these fine constitutional members of our state legislatures and vote CP candidates in districts filled by incumbents who must be removed.

Is this a pipe dream? No. Last election Rick Jore was elected to the Montana State Legislature on the CP ticket. Many CP candidates were elected to "lower" offices of great importance in the bigger picture. I know this reads like a commercial for the Constitution Party. It's not. There comes a time when individuals must make tough decisions. If a party represents other than the U.S. Constitution and those elected to that party ticket continue to sell out we the people and our beloved republic, then individuals must seek a different choice or continue down the path of ruin. There are dozens of political parties in this country, but the Constitution Party is the third largest political party in this country based on voter registration. They are getting candidates elected because - gasp! shock! people have actually believed it can be done and they went out and made it happen! Imagine that. Forget the propaganda mantra that a "third party candidate can't win." Realistically, we know this is true as far as electing a president is concerned for several reasons, but it is NOT true when it comes to the House of Representatives, our state legislatures and at the all important local levels offices.

The Constitution Party's platform is set in stone. I've been watching and following them for a long time and I believe any candidate elected under that party will NOT go to Washington, DC and immediately sell us out like the Republicans did after the phony "Republican Revolution" and that applies to the state houses as well. I bring this up now because time is of the essence. There are deadlines. If you want to run for the House, you must adhere to the time lines; check with your Secretary of State because they vary from state to state. The same applies to offices like city council, county board of supervisors, school boards, mayor and sheriff. No one is gong to get this job done except we the people and that means sacrificing your time and resources to run for office. Do you know that many offices at the state and county level go unchallenged or are open with no challengers? Yes, this is true. Additionally, you can run ten candidates for the same office referred to as non partisan (meaning no declaration of party affiliation, i.e. mayor) and at least one constitutionalists will end up getting elected. Yes, this is true. We need thousands of you to run for non partisan offices at the local level because it is there that we can and must kill Agenda 21.

I would like to make some recommendations here:

1. If you have had it with the two "main" parties and want a political party that actually represents the Constitution, will fight to the death for the Bill of Rights and WILL, once in Congress work to nullify all these bad treaties and laws, contract your local Constitution Party district leadership; see here. If you're content with being a member of the Democrat or Republican party, may you wear your chains lightly because how many more elections are you going to buy the same empty promises, only to see these same incumbents turn right around and betray you and our country once they're sworn into office? Ask Democrat party faithful from the last election who are now seeing what Republicans have been suffering from one election to the next. Democrats are now getting a giant dose of what conservatives have been getting from the GOP and they don't like it one bit.

2. If you can't run for office, then all of us, me included, must get out there and help local, state and House of Representative candidates win - and Ron Paul. This means you give up the good times to walk precincts for them, chip in for literature, brochures, signs and commercials. I ran for Congress twice so I know how the process works. It takes dedication, hard work and faith that we can and will win. Realistically, a Constitution Party candidate isn't likely to beat someone like California State Senator, Shiela Kuehl, a flaming lesbian who represents a district full of sexual deviants, so it's best to concentrate on a vulnerable district with low population. As far as the House of Representatives goes, you have a much better chance in the smaller states than the big ones like Texas, California and NY. Not that it can't be done because it can, but more money is needed and a candidate who has the time to devote to running a first class campaign. There's no doubt in my mind there are hundreds of thousands of very qualified individuals to run for these offices, but most Americans hold down full time jobs and that's why retired Americans need to step up to the plate and work for them as well as self employed folks and students of voting age who can adjust their schedules. As usual, money is an issue because while so many support a change, they don't want to put their money where their mouth is because in the back of their mind, they still believe he/she can't beat the two main corrupt machines. Make up your mind. You either play to win or get out of the game and quit bellyaching.

3. It goes without saying that the machines (GOP and DNC) will do everything in their power to stop this new revolution, but these arrogant SOBs have pushed we the people to the brink and now we're on the front lines. Because the stealing of our elections has been so effective since the late 1960s, every candidate for every office MUST set aside the funds for a hand recount after your alleged defeat. Please see the links below if you are unfamiliar with how electronic machines have been and will continue to steal our elections. I can list many races where a hand recount ousted the person who allegedly won using electronic machines. We must get rid of all machines, but a hand recount has to be done or we'll end up with the same traitors, crooks and cowards. Every election cycle I write this same warning and it goes by the way side. Yes, public awareness has become a million times more prevalent from 15 years ago when I was beating the drum about vote fraud, but I haven't seen these candidates who supposedly lose audit their election. Either you catch the fraud right away or the vote gets certified and its over. We know that illegals are voting by the tens of thousands and if we don't work to get the voting rolls purged, we will see massive vote fraud again in November '08.

4. For many months, hook up meetings to get Ron Paul nominated next year at the convention are being held all across this country. Get involved today because every day counts. You can be a Republican, Democrat, independent, Libertarian or Constitution Party to get this man elected - BUT the primaries have restrictions on who can vote for, so if you believe as I do that we must get Ron Paul nominated next summer, then you'll have to do as I will and change your voter registration if required to vote in the primary and then switch back to your preferred choice. Despite the massive media smear campaign, the move to get Ron Paul into the White House is truly a phenomenon and his supporters are from all parties and walks of life. For almost a year, showings of the late Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism have been taking place all over this country to packed auditoriums, theaters and meeting places. (I would like to add that Aaron was a Grammy, Tony and Emmy winner. His films were nominated for six Academy Awards, as well as seven Golden Globes. His films have won three Golden Globes, as well as the Image Award. At the Emmy's last week during their memorial to those in their industry who passed during this last year, Aaron Russo wasn't even honored with a mention. How truly reprehensible.) I encourage your group or organization to schedule a showing of this fine film as well as the one below.

Tragically, Americans are so uneducated on the subject of the birthing of this Republic, our legal form of government and real constitutional government. I highly recommend you get a copy of 'A More Perfect Union." This DVD is exceptional and needs to be viewed by millions of Americans. When you have a meet up or simply get permission to hold meetings at the local library (usually no cost) or VFW Hall, show this DVD. It is powerful and has turned around millions of Americans who look differently at what's going on in Washington, DC. Like Ron Paul, 'A More Perfect Union,' surprises people with the truth so beautifully presented, it gets them motivated. For full disclosure, I do not receive any compensation in any form for recommending books or DVDs. Knowledge is power and Americans need a giant dose. If the cost is a little much for your budget, share it with two or three friends. If you don't have the ability to hold a local meeting, get the DVD and pass it around to friends, family, business associates and folks you might know at church. Americans want to know why things keep getting worse. We need to give them a tool which will help teach them what constitutional government means and why they must fight for it. For part one click below.

You want a revolution? Then get busy!

Click here for part -----> 1,

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