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By: Devvy
September 14, 2007

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"What Congress will have before it is not a conventional trade agreement [NAFTA] but the architecture of a new international system... a first step toward a new world order." July 18, 1993 -- Traitor Henry Kissinger, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilaterialist, July 18, 1993, LA Times

In my last column, I pointed out that the counterfeit U.S. Senate had two options regarding the Mexican truck invasion: (1) Congress has complete oversight over the Federal Department of Transportation. They make the laws and these agencies are supposed to follow them. The House could immediately draft a piece of legislation to stop this program and get it passed. (2) If this trucking nightmare is indeed a provision of NAFTA, that can be cured in a NY second by the senate controlled by the Democrats. The Democrat controlled U.S. Senate can draft legislation tomorrow to get the U.S. out of NAFTA immediately and that would shut down the truckers invasion.

On the same day my column came out, the counterfeit Senate passed 74-24 a bill to cut off the funding for the U.S. Department of Transportation's Cross-Border Trucking Pilot Program. This was welcomed by the small business truckers as well as the teamsters: "Sen. Byron Dorgan, (ND-D) and Sen. Arlen Specter, (PA-R) offered an amendment today to the Senate's FY 2008 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill. It would cut off funds for implementing the cross-border pilot program. In July, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved a similar amendment as part of deliberations on its version of the FY2008 transportation appropriations legislation that also would remove funding for the cross-border pilot program. The Dorgan-Specter amendment stipulates that "None of the funds made available under this act may be used to establish a cross-border motor carrier demonstration program to allow Mexico domiciled motor carriers to operate beyond the commercial zones along the international border between the United States and Mexico."

The only problem is the senate didn't do their homework by researching the provisions of NAFTA. I read that treaty disguised as an "agreement" back in 1994, all 2400 pages of it, but I don't remember every section 14 years later. Very few members of Congress bothered to read it, but they voted yes. Marxist Bill Clinton then gleefully signed this gigantic tool which began the destruction of the working class. The past 14 years has proven NAFTA is one of the worst trade disasters in the history of this republic. As of August 2007, the U.S. trade deficit with Mexico was a whopping $64.3 billion and it will continue to increase unless the American people make the commitment TODAY to stop buying foreign products and buy Made in America. If you can't find what you need/want in the previous link, try and you should be able to locate it. Stop vacationing in Mexico and stop holding business conferences there. Quit funding your enemy. The people of Mexico do not benefit. They are kept uneducated and marginalized by one rotten, corrupt regime after another and until their people fight for change, it won't get any better.

Cornyn claims NAFTA is a treaty, while Dorgan says it's a law! "Repeatedly, in arguing from the floor of the Senate for his amendment, Cornyn mischaracterized NAFTA as having created a "treaty obligation" requiring the U.S. to allow Mexican trucks free access to U.S. roads. Dorgan objected, pointing out NAFTA was passed in 1993 as a law, not a treaty." Cornyn was elected to the Senate in 2002 under a law that doesn't exist. Dorgan didn't bother to vote for NAFTA. Useful fool, counterfeit Senator Chris Bond (R - MO) said the following on Lou Dobbs show, September 11, 2007: "This action is unwarranted. It would signal to the world the United States is willing unilaterally to renegotiate terms of existing trade agreements." What bilge. Bond voted for the unconstitutional NAFTA. George Bush, whose job is to finalize the annihilation of this republic and once and for all destroy our sovereignty via the North American Union and Security and Prosperity Partnership, predictably announced he will fight the senate:

"Congress is headed for a showdown with President Bush over allowing long-haul Mexican trucks unfettered access to U.S. highways. The United States promised in the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement to allow trucks from Mexico to carry goods directly to any destination in the country. But opposition from labor and environmental groups kept the program on hold until Monday, when the first Mexican truck crossed the border bound for North Carolina."

Had these incompetent counterfeit senators done their homework, they would have got it right the first time by drafting and passing legislation to get US out of NAFTA period, once and for all, and that would stop this truck invasion. The incompetent jackass who unlawful represents me in the counterfeit senate, John Cornyn, R-TX, displayed his usual stupidity by saying, "If this is about fear of competition and discrimination against Mexican trucks, I think that sends a very bad signal." This buffoon has no problem selling out American trucking jobs right along with making it easier for the drug cartels and human smuggling rings to operate and let's not forget the terrorists. Once this invasion cranks up there will be no way to inspect every truck coming across the border. You just wait until the accidents start and Americans find themselves hung out to dry. Most Americans can barely afford the astronomical auto insurance rates now and too many don't have uninsured motorist coverage. But, even with that kind of coverage, how will the average injured party go after some trucking company based deep in Mexico? The Inspector General has already reported that this program is NOT ready. There's not enough inspectors and they will NOT be able to "inspect every truck." It is a nightmare waiting to happen, but fear not! These mentally crippled public servants in Congress will come up a new solution! Put America under international law to take care of a problem they created.

There is only one solution and that is for the U.S. Senate to draft legislation and get it passed to remove these united States of America from NAFTA, treaty, law or agreement. The bill passed last week was a Band-Aid, we demand the cure. Naturally, the one world government Bush Administration will fight this, but the Senate has the constitutional power regarding treaties and they can over ride a veto. The big question is: Are there enough counterfeit senators to take this first step in saving this republic from complete destruction? From my lips to God's ears, but it will depend on the American people putting so much heat on them, the same as we the people did to stop the last amnesty bill giving a free pass to illegal aliens.

Please get on the phone and call your counterfeit U.S. Senator and tell him/her you demand they immediately draft legislation to get U.S. out of NAFTA and stop all this nonsense. Use a fax, but in all honesty, you're wasting your time with e-mail. Members of Congress receive an average of 300,000 emails per month and all you'll get is a form response because their staffs don't have the time to read them. We can do this. Call on your cell phone in commute traffic, on the train or on your lunch hour, but stay on them this week before any more Americans are slaughtered on the highways and more drugs, terrorists and criminals are smuggled across the border. If you know a trucker or drive a truck, contact of your fellow truckers (network!), your union reps and tell them this so called victory isn't any such thing. We need for truckers to understand their jobs are going to evaporate if they don't participate in this effort along with the rest of us. Don't bother sending Bush any emails or faxes. He's a lame duck president who has an agenda to fulfill and he's made it quite clear that he has zero regard for the constitution or this republic.

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On the same day my column came out, the counterfeit Senate passed 74-24 a bill to cut off the funding for the U.S. Department of Transportation's Cross-Border Trucking Pilot Program.