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By: Devvy
June 11, 2007

� 2007 -

"The true barriers of our liberty in this country are our State governments; and the wisest conservative power ever contrived by man is that of which our Revolution and present government found us possessed." --Thomas Jefferson to A. L. C. Destutt de Tracy, 1811. ME 13:19

Americans who are following the rapid and calculated destruction of these sovereign united states of America are fully aware of what the North American Union means along with it's enforcement maze deceptively titled the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. For those who are unfamiliar with this major push to integrate America with Mexico and Canada, the links below will provide you with the details. I would also like to draw to your attention a press release dated February 23, 2007 which appears on the U.S. Department of Commerce web site:

For Immediate Release
February 23, 2007/Contact Office of Public Affairs
(202) 482-4883

"Statement by Ministers Responsibility for the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

"Ottawa - The Leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States launched the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) to increase security, prosperity, and improve the quality of life for the citizens of each sovereign nation. Last March in Cancun, Leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the SPP and identified five priorities: 1) Strengthening Competitiveness through creation of a private sector-led North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), and enhancing regulatory cooperation; 2) Emergency Management; 3) Avian and Pandemic Influenza; 4) Energy Security; and 5) Smart, Secure Borders.

"We, the Canadian and United States Ministers responsible for Foreign Affairs, Security and Prosperity, are pleased to welcome our counterparts from the new Government of Mexico. We met today to review progress since the Leaders' meeting in Cancun and are pleased to report that progress has been achieved in a number of areas.

"In order to ensure tangible results on the Cancun priorities:

"We requested that the trilateral regulatory cooperation framework meant to enhance competitiveness, while maintaining high standards of health and safety be finalized by the next Leaders' Summit.

We directed the members of the Coordinating Body to finalize the North American Plan on Avian and Pandemic Influenza by June 2007.

We established a senior level coordinating body to prioritize and oversee emergency management activities in the following areas: 1) emergency response, 2) critical infrastructure protection; 3) border resumption in the event of an emergency; and 4) border incident management.

We welcomed the progress achieved to date on the Smart, Secure Border agenda, and called upon officials to develop additional recommendations for Leaders in this area.

We took note of the progress achieved by Energy Ministers in implementing priorities identified by Leaders in the areas of innovation, energy efficiency and technology development, and energy market facilitation, and look forward to further progress in advance of the Leaders' meeting.

"For the next Report to Leaders, we have tasked SPP working groups and coordinators with revitalizing and streamlining their work plans to ensure that initiatives are more focused and results-oriented. We discussed the importance of transparency and communication with stakeholders and the public, and directed officials to expand their efforts in this regard. We also asked officials to pursue greater coordination amongst various working groups and initiatives in recognition that many issues cut across security and prosperity.

"We thank the representatives of Canada, Mexico and the United States of the NACC for their dedication and commitment, and for their report on enhancing competitiveness. We note their recommendations in the areas of border crossing facilitation, standards and regulatory cooperation, and energy integration. Our respective governments will review the report and consider carefully its recommendations in preparation for the next Leaders' meeting. We will continue to work with the NACC and other stakeholders as we strive to make North America the safest and best place to live, invest and prosper.

"Building on our strong partnership, we recognize the importance of focusing on initiatives that will further competitiveness and quality of life in North America, and will continue to work together to successfully meet the security and prosperity challenges of the 21st century. We will pursue this work to deliver tangible results and a focused agenda to the Leaders at their next meeting in August 2007, in Canada."

As informed Americans know, this NAU has been underway for decades. The Texas Trans Corridor and other infrastructures are all part and parcel of this treachery. These are the questions Americans - and that includes members of our state legislatures - should ask themselves:

What "Smart, Secure Border agenda"? What's that and how come the American people know nothing about it?

"North American plan?" Why is these united States of America constantly referred to as simply North America?

"Stakeholders"? And, who would that be? Those who have and are selling out this republic, i.e., Texas Gov. Rick Perry is at the top of the list along with Bush, his handlers and the major mega corporations which I listed in my last column and yes, to an e-mailer, this includes Monsanto.

"Energy integration"? Aren't we already paying through the nose for heating, A/C and gasoline? Just what is this integration supposed to involve and how much are we going to end up exporting to "more needed areas" while we get skinned for it.

If you missed this one, you'll want to sit down because if you think you're having a difficult time now paying high health care premiums, auto insurance to cover millions of illegal aliens loose on our roads, gas at the pump, massive and ever growing property taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes, taxes, taxes and food on the table:

U.S. taxpayers to pay for Mexican repairs Federal documents reveal 'physical infrastructure' fix-up plan

"June 6, 2007: U.S. taxpayers soon could be paying for, among other things, improvements to Mexico's infrastructure, according to documents revealed by Judicial Watch....The deliverables include 'cross-border' cooperation in the areas of car insurance, Social Security totalization for Mexico, banking, and the Federal Reserve's 'Directo a Mexico' remittance program," Judicial Watch said.....As WND also has reported, the "totalization" program that earlier was revealed by the TREA Senior Citizens League shows the plan would allow any Mexican worker who has as little as 18 months of employment history in the United States to end up qualifying for Social Security retirement benefits, a cost that quickly could reach into the billions."

As I said in my last column: If this goes through along with the phony immigration reform bill (massive amnesty), the middle class will be living in poverty within five years. It doesn't matter that this proposed looting of the people's treasury is such a gross violation of law, the machine in Washington, DC., no longer cares. Now do you understand why Americans are enraged beyond measure?

What's the deal with focusing just on a "North American Plan on Avian and Pandemic Influenza"? Why do they want this plan in place this month? It would appear the timing is coincidentally perfect for the battle going on right now for this massive amnesty bill while Americans are choking to death as deadly chemical cocktails rain down on us from the skies. Could it be the importing of another 100 million poor, sick and illiterate from Mexico and South America who will sneak in with the rest bringing more diseases unchecked? We know illegal aliens from around the world have smuggled themselves into our country bringing in and resurrecting diseases that were long ago either entirely eliminated in this country or practically non existent.

Item 3: "border resumption in the event of an emergency" - what's that supposed to mean? The definition of resumption is: the act of taking again or recovering something given up or lost. Think about that one.

When former U.S Attorney General William French Smith found out Oliver North, under the direction of Ronald Reagan, had worked on setting up a shadow government and plans for martial law, he came unglued. We cannot expect anything from the corrupt U.S. AG Alberto Gonzales. He's of Mexican descent, admitted his grandparents were likely illegals and he's been honored by the seditious, militant, America hating La Raza.

At the federal level

Congressman Virgil Goode [R-VA], introduced H.C.R. 487 last October 2006. I know everyone has been manning the phones on this phony immigration reform bill. I've been making my calls, not only to Hutchinson and Cornyn here in Texas, but to a dozen others just in case someone in Arizona, California or New York isn't doing their part. Every call counts. An excellent column came out last week that you can use when you call because this gentleman hit the nail on the head: 'How to Send Illegals Home.' I encourage you to read it here. The counterfeit U.S. Senate has spent years and countless man hours on this abomination they're calling a reform bill when all they have to do is what Mr. Clampett so articulately laid out in his commentary. Find your counterfeit U.S. Senator here.

This is what we have to do: keep the heat on these scoundrels so hot, they'll get the message. We also have to burn up the phone lines by calling your federal Congressman and tell him/her we demand passage of H.C.R. 487. Tell these public servants to stop fooling around with nonsense all day long and long vacations every two months. Tell them to do their job and that means securing the sovereignty of this republic and stop the push to integrate our republic with other countries and their laws. Our Bill of Rights is sacred and we will not give up our God given rights, period. We will NOT become part of a European Union style piece of a world government.

State Houses

About 1/3rd of the states have already stepped up to the plate because their legislators realize the danger lurking and shall we call it by its real name - treason? Uh, oh, that's a pretty inflammatory word. Treason as defined in the U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 3: "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court." These united States of America, to my knowledge, have never given their permission to be dissolved and absorbed into one gigantic region of a world government, flushing our laws and our unique and individuals natural rights. Is the NAU/SPP giving aid and comfort to our enemies? Is the NAU and SPP a form of war against our sovereignty? Technically this plan may not meet the exact standards for treason, but in the minds of millions of Americans, it constitutes a form of treason against all we hold dear and the continuation of these sovereign states and our Union.

Some of these state legislatures introduced resolutions that were killed by either mid-led members or scoundrels who will profit, i.e., Utah. "House Joint Resolution 7 - introduced by Representative Sandstrom and Senator Fife (Passed in the House by a vote of 47-24 and was killed in the Senate for the remainder of the Congressional year)." This is totally unacceptable. The people of Utah need to get on the phone to their legislators. Many list their home phone numbers, so even though their out of session, find your rep here and get on the phone. This is how it's done. Check the list below at 'Stop the NAU' and see the status of your state. Make those calls and if you can't get through to the DC office, call one of the district offices; the staffers are taking tallies there, too.

We need to bombard those state legislatures who are ignoring this monster with a demand they support Goode's bill and step up to the plate. As I said, many of the state legislatures are now out of session for the year. Here in Texas, our legislature went out of session May 31st and will not go back January 2009. We are an every other odd number year legislature. We will get no support from our corrupt, crook governor, Rick Perry, who has sold out America. Perry's participation and spear heading of the Texas Trans Corridor should get him impeached and I'm dead serious. California booted out former Governor Gray Davis on a recall. It was a humiliating experience for him. I grinned from ear to ear. The people recognized Davis had to go and through a lot of hard work, Davis made history in getting the boot.

Texas has impeached a governor before; see here and it can be done again; rules governing impeachment here. Presidential candidate, Texas Congressman Ron Paul and a whole lot of Texans believe Gov. Rick Perry should be criminally investigated for possible violation of the Logan Act for his participation in the secret meetings known as Bilderberger. The mainstream media, including cable, broadcast their conspiracy theories about these Bilderberger meetings: they're just a bunch of leaders getting together to discuss world events. The NAU is just a modern day rumor! Example: Conspiracy facilitator, Phillipe Dine, Post-Dispatch Washington Bureau said in his May 13, 2007, piece titled North American Union? Rumor sweeps the right:

"WASHINGTON - Forget the conspiracy theories about JFK's assassination, the black helicopters, 9/11 or any others. This is the big one - as big, in fact, as the entire continent. We're talking about the secret plan to build a superhighway, a giant 10- to 12-lane production, from the Yucatan to the Yukon, with an immigration and trade center in Missouri. This "SuperCorridor" is to allow the really big part of the plan to take place: the merging of the governments of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Say good-bye to the dollar, and maybe even the English language. The rumor is sweeping the Internet, radio and magazines, spread by bloggers, broadcasters and writers who cite the "proof" in the writings of a respected American University professor, in a task force put together by the ultra-establishment Council on Foreign Relations and in the workings of the U.S. Commerce Department. As do many modern rumors, the fears of a North American Union begin with a few grains of truth and leap to an unsubstantiated conclusion."

Read the entire column and then cancel your subscription. Such irresponsible journalism should not be rewarded.

[Advertisement: Read Dr. Stan Montieth's book, "Brotherhood of Darkness"]

Persistent and immediate activism is needed

Even if your state is out of session, you can still write a short letter to your state legislator. I won't ask you to waste your time with your governor. All 50 state governors as I have written before are members of the Council of State Governments and have bought into Agenda 21. All of them. Our state legislatures remain our best hope on the issue of the NAU/SPP. We must make them see the light.

They can come back into special session, but it will not happen unless their offices receive tens of thousands of letters and/or phone calls. Forget e-mail. I am enclosing this column (no printer friendly yet, so cut and paste to word processor and print) to my state rep and senator with the demand that they work with their other colleagues - even though they adjourned sine die over a week ago. My letter demands my state rep and senator get the process rolling to begin an investigation into Rick Perry's participation at the Bilderberger meeting and violation of the Logan act. Also stay on radio talk show hosts. We must keep this issue on the front burner, as well as stopping the amnesty bill in the Senate.

Summertime is for fun, right? My last vacation was in 1991; John and I actually took a whole week to go on vacation. Why? Because every day counts and I've known this since my eyes were opened in 1991. Millions are making huge sacrifices, but we must keep massive heat on these elected public servants who work for us. Stop the amnesty bill in the senate and stop the NAU/SPP. Together we can and we will defeat those who seek to put asunder all that was given to us with the blood of real patriots. It's going to get very ugly, make no mistake about that. Here in Texas, some very brave Texans have openly stood up in public meetings and said they will invoke the Second Amendment. Please watch a short video and listen to Americans as they tell the truth: the NAU/SPP will destroy agriculture in Texas, eminent domain will put thousands off their land. A big storm is brewing in Texas. Watch video here.

Become part of history instead of being a victim of it:

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As informed Americans know, this NAU has been underway for decades. The Texas Trans Corridor and other infrastructures are all part and parcel of this treachery.