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Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
by Ed Snook & Kelly Stone
July 16, 2007
� 2007

BRISTOW, OKLAHOMA - There is nothing more vile than the end of an innocent life, and at the age of two, Kelsey Smith-Briggs died far short of realizing her purpose. But, rest assured, her purpose would never have been to see her mother go to jail for crimes she did not commit.

The US~Observer along with reporters from the US~Observer Oklahoma have been investigating the Kelsey Smith-Briggs case and our findings have been published shedding new insight into a case that was otherwise already "in the bag" for a team of prosecutors who are illegitimately pursuing Kelsey's Mother. Flying in the face of the mainstream media, the US~Observer has found and printed the truth of the matter and it is showing in the current trial of Raye Dawn Smith where just recently the District Attorney of the case offered the mother a substantial plea bargain.

As the first full week of witnesses, exhibits and testimony drew to a close DA Richard Smothermon and private practice lawyer (hired prosecutor) Patricia High have continued to see their false prosecution case against the mother of Kelsey Smith-Briggs, Raye Dawn Smith, crumble around them. With reportedly less than a full day of testimony still left before the prosecution rests, DA Smothermon attempted to pull one out of the hat by offering a slap on the wrist plea agreement at the close of testimony on Friday. In the offer suggested by Smothermon, Raye Dawn would plea to one count of swatting Kelsey with a hairbrush through her diaper. When told of the offer in the halls of the court house Raye Dawn didn't hesitate in her reply, "I didn't do it; I won't take it." In exchange for her plea Smothermon stated he would drop all charges in this case.

Raye Dawn, who has never wavered in professing her innocence, has been offered numerous plea agreements over the last several months leading up to the trial, but has refused them all, demanding her day in court. However, Richard Smothermon and Patricia High have gone from wanting to pursue murder charges and neglect to finally settling on politically motivated charges of abuse or the alternative of allowing abuse.

In Smothermon�s interview of Kelsey's step-dad Michael Porter this past week (Porter is imprisoned for 30 years for murdering Kelsey - via a plea agreement) Smothermon went as far as to tell him, "You know I believe you murdered [Kelsey] and sexually abused her." After allowing Porter to lie about Raye Dawn from the witness stand, Smothermon emphasized, "I still believe you to be guilty." A second autopsy (buried by Smothermon) paints a picture of pancreatic damage first caused by a "seatbelt injury." Moreover, it shows "fresh" bruising and internal hemorrhaging likely caused by "sexual assault" within hours or minutes of death. Porter was the only adult with access to young Kelsey at the time of this sexual assault and her subsequent death.

Instead of properly investigating and charging Porter with Murder, Smothermon chose the route that seemed most politically beneficial at the time. As Porter lied under oath for Smothermon and Patricia High, Raye Dawn Smith glared at him as only a grieving mother could.


Former Durham County, North Carolina District Attorney Mike Nifong was recently disbarred and is now facing mounting law suits and possible criminal actions for pursuing false charges against Duke University Lacrosse players he attempted to falsely prosecute in an effort to bolster his political career. Nifong buried exculpatory evidence just as Richard Smothermon has attempted in his politically motivated false prosecution of Smith. It is a fact that Smothermon planned to ride the prosecution of Raye Dawn Smith all the way to the office of Attorney General. Will the Oklahoma State Bar be as concerned with ethics as the North Carolina Bar�?

Terrified of how poorly the case for the prosecution is unfolding Smothermon now frantically offers a token plea bargain in the desperate hope Kelsey's mother will jump at the chance to end the DA's political nightmare. With his sloppy handling of Michael Porter's murder charges and plea bargain (the real abuser/ murderer in his own words), Smothermon knows the exoneration of Kelsey's mother will ultimately topple his political ladder climbing in his well known quest for the Attorney General's office.

District Attorney Richard Smothermon and his accomplice, Attorney Patricia High should be disbarred at the very least for this political attack and absolutely false prosecution leveled against a grief-stricken and innocent mother. Their only hope is that the jury will buy their �smoke-screen� tactics and repeated lies spouted during the first week of trial.

Those concerned with the growing number of attempted false prosecutions in this nation and those seeking to hold dangerous, unethical prosecutors accountable should call the Oklahoma State Bar Association regarding Smothermon and High at: 405-416-7000 or 800-522-8065. Any readership wanting to give Smothermon and High a �piece of their mind� can reach them at: 405-275-6800 or fax them at: 405-275-3575.

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Read more about the Kelsey Smith-Briggs case at: � the only media in Oklahoma who was willing to get to the truth and publish it to the nation amidst guiled criticism from the Briggs family and their accomplices � The Main Stream Media.

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Nifong buried exculpatory evidence just as Richard Smothermon has attempted in his politically motivated false prosecution of Smith.