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Rodney Stubbs
Investigative Reporter
August 22, 2003

Salem, OR - President George W. Bush announced the appointment of Utah Republican Governor Mike Leavitt to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.) That may be bad news if you understand what ENLIBRA means.

ENLIBRA is a term coined in 1998, by former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber (Democrat) and EPA Director, Utah Governor Mike Leavitt (Republican). The term originated during the heyday of the Clinton Administration. By their definition ENLIBRA means the establishment of Principles for Environmental Management in the West. In Oregon, these principles include Smart Growth and Sustainable Development policies promoted by United Nations Agenda 21 .

The ENLIBRA principles promote among other things:

* National Standards, Neighborhood Solutions and Assign Responsibilities at the Right Level

* Change A Heart, Change A Nation - Environmental Understanding is Crucial

* Solutions Transcend Political Boundaries - Use Appropriate Geographic Boundaries for Environmental Problems

Words have meaning or they serve as an acronym for phrases with a larger context; but action speaks louder than words. And that becomes important if a politician decides it necessary to sell-out to the global interests of the New World Order.

During the regime of Dr. John Kitzhaber, Oregon adopted the Oregon Sustainability Act, a direct result of the Governor's involvement with the principles of ENLIBRA. The Act is clearly designed to follow the principles of sustainable development and the regulations promoted by the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century.

Environmental governance eliminates the role of elected representatives of the people, and puts Non Governmental Organizations (Sierra Club, 1000 Friends of Oregon, World Wildlife Federation, the Audobon Society) in charge of enforcing the regulatory regime that will control every aspect of human civilization. Gone will be the sovereignty of Nations, and so too will be life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The federal government encourages State government through statewide planning processes to require cities and counties to adopt local ordinances. These new laws focus on Smart Growth and include policies about Wetlands, Greenways, and Tree Preservation with the purpose of protecting Endangered Species. This is nothing less than the endorsement of the ancient religion of pantheism where the bugs and slugs rule the earth.

The Councilors in the City of Salem, Oregon for example, are considering the adoption of the Willamette Greenway Ordinance. In the definition section of the new code staff advocates the inclusion of definitions for the Endangered Species Act and the Federal Clean Water Act. The Willamette River is a designated American Heritage River.

When adopted, any citizen with standing can appeal any permit issued by the City of Salem on the grounds of the Endangered Species or any other provision of Federal law. The policy is designed to destroy capitalism, consumption, and the American Free Enterprise system. Clearly its intention is to convince elected officials to abdicate the rights of citizens so they can feel good for adopting policies that only benefit foreign powers.

This process changes the fundamental purpose of having elected officials represent their constituents and forever forecloses the option to change the rules if found to be unworkable. The rule change could only occur if the State of Oregon concurs, and because of federal treaties involving the Endangered Species Act and the American Heritage Rivers Act, it may be impossible for the State of Oregon to reverse its decisions regardless of the economic damage done to its citizens. State's rights were sold down the river by members of the United States Senate as proclaimed by the Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the United States Constitution.

Is Governor Leavitt a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Governor Leavitt endorsed the Re-authorization and Amendment of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 . Leavitt also supported the Domestic Spy in the sky program through NASA State and Local Government Remote Sensing Data and Technology.

But perhaps the most damning revelation about Leavitt, a World Federalist, was his involvement and promotion of the Machiavellian Conference of States (COS) resolution to hoodwink America into a Constitutional Convention. It had already been scheduled for October 22-23, 1995 in Philadelphia. It required that 26 states pass the resolution in favor of the COS. Oregon's Resolution was SJR 7. Grassroot people responded to the call, lobbied the legislators who were being deceived, and got it stopped in Oregon thanks to Representative Cedric Hayden, who saw the full picture and convinced his colleagues to vote "nay" on the resolution. It must have been a great defeat for Oregon's newly elected Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber, who had been working diligently behind the scenes to get Oregon's resolution passed.

Passage of this COS legislation would have resulted in a Constitution Convention and the adoption of a new Constitution for the United States of America, which is necessary for membership in a one-world government. Clinton said, "We need a new government for a new century."

The NEW AMERICAN (3/2/1998) reported Utah's Governor Mike Leavitt formally announced the controversial proposal to convene a COS to promote "fundamental, structural change" which he claimed was needed to restore a proper balance between the federal government and the states. The governor ignored the fact that the stated goal can best be achieved through enforcement of existing constitutional provisions such as the Tenth Amendment (state's rights). But the hidden agenda of the organizers of COS was actually to change the 10th amendment and further erode those rights.

The Wall Street Journal (4/4/1995) reported that the "Far right movement is trying to torpedo plans for Conference of States on returning powers to the states." "The whole thing is just an absolute surprise to me and it's somewhat baffling" conceded Governor Mike Leavitt, who came up with the idea.

Leavitt, Kitzhaber, Clinton and others involved in this scam simply got caught with their hands in the cookie jar or perhaps we should say, with their pants down and because they can't run very fast that way, Leavitt said in the Wall Street Journal, "They're (far right) frankly very well organized and have done a good job in raising doubt in the minds..."

And all this was before the Internet!!! We weren't well organized at all. A few key people in each state simply got the ball rolling and thankfully, for once, the legislators listened to the grassroots! But these rascals never stop their march towards a one-world government and to use a well-worn phrase of President Ronald Reagan, "There they go again!"

The intent to change the fundamentals of governance throughout the United States is being done without the knowledge and understanding of most Americans. The people are left in the dark but the intention is clearly stated in a landmark report that urges governance reforms to arrest decline of world's environment published by the World Resources Institute, Washington, and D.C. .

First, there is no significant decline in the world's environment. Urban sprawl is the byproduct of a free society and is a result of generations of people who travel freely about their business. Second, the science to list the Northern Spotted Owl is bad science. The salmon are not endangered and neither is the Lynx, but they are impacting power rates in the Northwest to levels most families can no longer support. The Endangered Species Act is nothing less than legalized crime designed to take the Natural Resources of America for the benefit of foreign interests.

These are indeed troubling times and America is under attack by its enemies, both inside and out.



� 2003 - Rodney Stubbs/ - All Rights Reserved

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"Passage of this COS legislation would have resulted in a Constitution Convention and the adoption of a new Constitution for the United States of America, which is necessary for membership in a one-world government. Clinton said, "We need a new government for a new century."