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Posted 9:00 PM Eastern
by NWV News director, Jim Kouri
December 10, 2008
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Josephine County, OR. -While ballot recounts following national and local elections are becoming more and more common, a lesser known political race may be the first ballot recount to involve a third-party candidate.

Some of the biggest news stories since the November 4 elections are those regarding numerous ballot recounts in Minnesota for the US Senate. Republican Norm Coleman appears to lead Democrat Al "Stuart Smalley" Franken in that recount. However, in Josephine County, Oregon a politically charged recount between the GOP's Dwight Ellis and the Constitution Party of Oregon's Jack Alan Brown may turn out to be the political story of the year.

In an exclusive telephone interview with NewsWithViews.Com, Brown said that he's requesting the recount because his quasi-running mate Sandi Cassanelli -- whose positions on taxes and other issues mirror those of Brown -- won her race as a conservative Republican.

According to several political observers, Dwight Ellis is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) who's been endorsed by extreme ultra left-wing groups such as the Josephine County's "Social Justice" Alliance. Brown stated during his interview that Ellis is not a conservative.

"I find it difficult to believe that voters [in Josephine County] would elect a stalwart conservative like Sandi Cassanelli and then vote for a liberal like Ellis. It just doesn't make sense to me," said Brown.

Brown is known as being strongly supportive of pro life activities, as well as activities defending our 2nd Amendment Rights, in Josephine County and he has spoken out against the abuse of our rights by government agencies such as LCDC, OSHA and EPA. has seen the economy both as an employee and an employer.

He entered the work force in 1967 bucking hay for farmers. Next he was employed by the M & Y Lumber Co, a small lumber mill in Selma, Oregon. This was followed by employment at Grants Pass Molding Co. of Grants Pass and Rough & Ready Lumber Co. of Cave Junction. His final timber related employment was working a decade as a saw filer at Spalding & Son of Grants Pass.

Known as a God-fearing man by friends and foes, Brown has been very active in each of the area churches that he has attended as an adult over the years: Grants Pass Mennonite Church, Provolt Community Church, Wonder Bible Chapel, Foots Creek Chapel, Redwood Country Church, and Blessed Hope Fellowship. For thirty-eight years he has served almost nonstop as one or more of the following: Youth Leader, choir member, song leader, Sunday School Superintendent, teacher, Church Board Member, or Elder. He is currently attending both Wonder Bible Chapel and Blessed Hope Fellowship. He would invite you to stop by for some fellowship.

Jack has also been active in two organizations especially dedicated to a more informed electorate: the John Birch Society, for which he served as a chapter leader for two different local chapters; and Oregon Citizens Alliance, for which he served as County Deputy Director and County Director in Josephine County.

During his interview with, Brown said that he was having his request for a hand recount delivered to the Oregon Secretary of State by his associate and friend Roger Shipman.

"It's important to have this recount since fewer than 1,200 votes separate me from Ellis," said Brown.

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On Tuesday, December 9, Brown dispatched his representive Shipman to deliver the requisite papers for a hand recount to the Oregon Secretary of State's office. Brown jokingly referred to Shipman as his "errand boy," and stressed that he was not his legal representive.

According to Brown, the Secretary of State will direct the county clerk to conduct a handcount of the ballots, but there is no timeline for the process.

Contact Jack A. Brown through his website.

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