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By Betty Freauf

July 18, 2006

I grow tired of the same old rhetoric over and over again coming from the right-wing parrot talk show and television personalities so I occasionally tune into the left-wing commentators where they espouse over and over again the exact opposite of the right-wingers so who do I believe? Is there some �consensus� somewhere in the middle?

A writer to Bill O�Reilly at Fox News on July 11 told Bill he should tell the whole story regarding Bush�s tax cuts and how these cuts increase the concentration of wealth and widens the gap between the rich and poor to which Mr. Authoritarian Bill responded, �Let me set you straight. In a capitalistic system it�s not the government�s duty to control the distribution of wealth. Socialism and communism do that. The Bush tax cuts have raised tax revenues and kept the nation out of a recession.�

I sent Bill an e-mail reminding him about the second platform plank in the 1847 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels Communist Manifesto which referred to �A heavy progressive or graduated income tax� and suggested that the 16th Amendment for Income Tax may have come right out of that Manifesto. And with the help of the Federal Reserve turning our money over to private bankers created in the same year of 1913, government�s duty became the redistribution of wealth and businesses became the tax collectors. To the best of my knowledge, my e-mail didn�t get read on his TV show. Hmmm. I wonder why!

Likewise, while the left can ramble on and on about the right wingers, they do not tell the American public about this fraud either. It�s Hegelian dialectics in the finest sense of the phrase. Mr. Hegel�s theory, of course, was winning from side to side conflict. George Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel (1770-1831) is most often credited with developing this philosophy that has become widely known as the Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis, Antithesis and synthesis (consensus). So when you read or hear about the �consensus� of your government officials, you�ll know what they are practicing. One world government is the goal of both parties.

Some would ask, �What would our Founding Fathers say about all this deception?� and they�d probably say, �If you ever give up the control of the currency from the U.S. Treasury, communism is exactly what you�ll get!� Try calling the Federal Reserve banks and asking them who owns their equity and who controls their data and like corrupt governmental agencies, they�ll run quickly to hide behind �confidentiality.�

J. Vernon McGee had a worldwide radio ministry in many different languages. He died in 1988 but I was recently reading his commentary about �the writing on the wall� in Daniel 5:25. Like America until 9-11, the city of Babylon thought it was safe from outside enemies because King Nebuchadnezzar (Nebby), whose reign was autocratic and absolute, had built what he believed to be an impregnable wall around Babylon. This wall was actually fifteen miles square and was constructed of brick. It was three hundred feet high and wide enough for four chariots to travel abreast around the city walls. He had supplies of grain and water to last for years. In fact, there was a canal channeled off the Euphrates River that went right through the city. The terrorists in America came over the top with airplanes but in the case of Babylon, the enemy�s army figured out a way to simply float in under the walls into the city. And like Babylon, America used to believe it was impregnable with oceans on both sides but who now owns our seaports? Who is now walking across our borders while our military is protecting the borders in other countries? And who is ignoring our Constitution and Bill of rights to protect us as if they never existed?

And what did we find a later king, Belshazzar, Nebby�s son, doing as the enemies were floating into Babylon under his father�s impregnable wall? He was throwing a feast perhaps to build up the morale of those within or perhaps in defiance of the enemy he thought was on the outside. The feast began like those in Washington, D.C. with a cocktail party often sponsored by lobbyists who pay for �the best government money can buy!� They eat, drink and are merry while our enemies both within and without are planning their next strategic move. While our elected officials are playing hopscotch or spin the bottle, our enemies are playing chess.

The Bohemian Grove north of Santa Rosa is open for business the last two weeks in July where the kinky global elite from around the world fly into the Santa Rosa/Sonoma airport or the San Francisco airport and then are driven to the �grove� in limousines where they conduct New World Order business in a pagan atmosphere about which Deuteronomy 17:21 warned. These bizarre, Luciferian ceremonies have been taking place for over 120 years about the same time America�s Republic began to gradually deteriorate. The approximate 2300 membership list is naturally secret but each member pays in the vicinity of $10,000 a year in annual dues and each of them may bring �invited� guests. It is my personal opinion many innocent elected officials first visit as guests, become compromised and can be later blackmailed. In February 2000 I was listening to CNN and President Nixon�s picture was on the screen with a number of quotes that I assume were taken from some of his allegedly found audio tapes. He said the Bohemian Grove was �The most faggy G----- thing you can imagine.�

McGee mentions other world leaders who were also plagued with hysteria such as King Nebby including familiar names such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon and Hitler. And who puts them there? Daniel 4:17 answers that question.

God puts on the thrones of this world the basest of men. In other words, God gives us the kind of rulers we deserve and the kind we want. Neither my Random House Webster�s College Dictionary nor my 1828 Noah Webster dictionary has the word �basest� in it; however the 1828 dictionary does have the word, �baseness� described as meanness, vileness, worthlessness. It also has �baseminded� described as of a low spirit or mind; mean and �basemindeness� described as meanness of spirit. The College dictionary does not have these words but homophile and homophobic is in it but not in the 1828. This is only a small example of the way our language is gradually being revised and adapted, so they say, to our decaying society that makes the false assumption everyone is basically good.

McGee says that nations rise and fall to teach men that God rules and overrules the kingdoms of the world and He doesn�t see us basically good but like dirty rags. Ouch! That�s rough on the self-esteem! Each of us has the ability to do the vilest of sins under certain circumstances but then the psychobabblers come on the scene and tell us it�s not our fault but someone or something else is blamed. We often read stories about the nice, young man who got great grades and played sports and took a gun to school and shot his peers and teachers. Of course, it�s been proven since some of these school-shooting incidents that the children had been on mind-altering psychotic drugs prescribed by some doctor at the behest of the parents and the school. At the time parents were ignorant of how dangerous these drugs were.

McGee says that God permits Satan to carry out nefarious plots for very definite reasons. For so long we have been taught that America is God�s special little pet but McGee, who died in 1988, was already predicting the downward course this nation was traveling and taking us right to the judgment of God. Was he using the 1973 Supreme Court Roe �vs- Wade decision as a plumbline in his thinking? The Republicans and Democrats may think they put men and women in power but God disposes of kingdoms according to His will and there have been many bloody rulers throughout history. Many kings in the past had the foolish notion they were ruling in God�s place which many right-wing conservatives leaders believe to be the case with President George Bush who has been trampling on our Constitution rights and running up a staggering national debt like no other president has done all to �fight against terrorism.�

God lets the basest of men come to power and that should be a humbling experience to all from Washington, D.C. down to our city halls and county governments. History substantiates the truth of this statement. McGee said Nebby had bats in his belfry but yet he was a brilliant ruler who formed the first world kingdom. The reason our Founding Fathers did not establish the U.S.A. as a kingdom was because they believed no man could be trusted to rule. One of the Founders said �We�ve given you a Republic (with checks and balances) if you can keep it.� How prophetic! But it wasn�t long and the Republic was slipping away into a United Nations regional government where unelected appointees quietly determine our fate behind the scenes without any unaccountability whatsoever and the common person does not have the vaguest idea who to blame. When whistleblowers step forward, they find themselves either unemployed, harassed until they quit or demoded while Congress does nothing to investigate.

Huge amounts of monies disappear from these unconstitutional agencies and when some government worker asks for an audit, the usual response is �Ooops! We�ll do better next year.� Like all presidents who rely on those around him to give him good advice, Belshazzar trotted out his �wise men� to give him the interpretation of the �writing on the wall.� Although he offered them a handsome reward, they could not provide what he wanted. So Daniel came along and said, using a common colloquialism of today, �King, your number is up.� (Daniel 5:26) McGee says �Mene� is translated �number.� In Daniel 5:27, the word �tekel� means �weight� and God had put Babylon on the divine scales and had found it wanting. Babylonians were lightweight. God had raised up Babylon just like He did America and now He is going to take Babylon down? Why? Because Babylon had not measured up to God�s standards.

We read in the Book of Revelation about the seven churches of Asia Minor that were judged. God is also judging the churches today. He is saying �Repent. You haven�t measured up!�

Our country is fractured. We are divided. Our elected officials do not adhere to their oaths of office. Is our number up? The liberal left media outlets are talking about impeachment of President Bush. Former disgusted Republicans are jumping ship and are joining the Constitution Party in protest. The two-party system is a joke! The GOP without the help of these disgruntled former Republicans may find the Democrats taking Congress over in the next election cycle. I fear it�s going to get even dirtier after the November elections if the Democrats get control. Of course, all the Republicans have done while in power is complete the socialist Democrat agenda which the Democrats couldn�t get passed when they had a Democrat president and a deadlocked Republican -controlled Congress and Senate. The Democrats haven�t forgotten the impeachments efforts with President Clinton and how their ox was �gored� so it�s going to be �pay back time.�

Daniel Webster said, �If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering but if we neglect its instruction and authority, no man can tell how soon a catastrophe may overcome us, and bury all our glory in profound obscurity.� And don�t you fool yourself, Iran�s nukes are pointed in our direction. The Middle East is ablaze as I draft this article. Freedom is like chickenpox in a classroom, it�s contagious but at what price will it take this time around? President John Quincy Adams said, �Duty is ours; results are God�s.� Is our number up? Is the writing on the wall?

� 2006 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to










The terrorists in America came over the top with airplanes but in the case of Babylon, the enemy�s army figured out a way to simply float in under the walls into the city. And like Babylon, America used to believe it was impregnable with oceans on both sides but who now owns our seaports?