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By Betty Freauf

July 1, 2006

The Fourth of July will soon be here and as I draft this article, I can�t help but wonder how many more Fourths we�ll still be able to celebrate as independent, sovereign citizens. In Democracy and Education (1916) John Dewey, the most influential American educator of the 20th century, wrote �dependence denotes a power rather than a weakness. There is always a danger that increased personal independence will decrease the social capacity of an individual�� Does that mean if we�re dependent, we�re normal but if we�re independent and self-reliant, we�re insane? Does this explain why when the �progressive educators� got control of the educational system in the U.S. in the 1960s, we began to see an increase in �welfare� (dependency)? What America needs today is a Declaration of Dependence on God not the government for what Big Brother giveth, Big Brother can also take away.

This also reminds me of Chester M. Pierce�s comment �Every child in America is entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our founding fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It�s up to you at teachers to make all these sick children well � by creating the international child of the future.�

Today thousands of openly Marxist tenured professors control our universities and colleges that produce America�s teachers. The education system, or what passes for it, is the indoctrination of each generation preparing the children for one-world government and a one-world religion. I read recently where Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) are going to be implanted in school children so the school can keep track of them and then send e-mails to parents to let them know where their children are at all times. And the parents? Well, they�ll stand in line to get Johnny chipped in case the child misplaces the GPS cell phone which tracks him and reports to the parents. The greatest enemy for the U.S. has always been the enemy from within. I can only imagine how these devices intended to keep our children safe will eventually be misused. Is this a precursor to everyone getting a chip in order for them to buy and sell as St. John the Divine on the island of Patmos in Revelation foretold?

And how about those trendy tattoos mentioned in Lev. 19:28 conditioning the minds of the youth and even some older folks to receive the �mark�? The Oct. 6, 2003 Democrat & Chronicle had an article by Robin L. Flanigan telling how VeriChips are being implanted in people during surgeries to store medical information. We can only imagine how and where such small chips can be used as they relay information to satellites and many kinds of electronic reading devices. This is not science fiction. It is happening now. Does it appear to you as it appears to me that Satan is laboring mightily now in all quarters to condition mankind so that when his false �christ� gives the order, the whole world will willingly and enthusiastically volunteer to receive the mark? The shocking evidence is right before our eyes. Society has become increasingly comfortable with cosmetic surgery, tattoos and body piercing and now the RFIDs.

Some older Christian women asked a young couple who allegedly became Christians and had their children in Christian schools but also owned a tattoo parlor what they intended to do with their tattoo business. Their response: Win souls to the Lord but wouldn�t that be like a bar owner winning souls in his tavern or a prostitute winning souls in the brothel? That same church had some musician playing in the Sunday morning �rock and roll� service after he�d played in a nightclub the night before. Of course, they don�t have to �repent� these days to be �saved� because repent is gradually being removed from all these New Age bibles that most churches are using. To have these folks admit they are sinners and change their lifestyles would harm their psychic. The tattoo owners hosted one of the �cell� groups in the Rick Warren�s �Purpose Driven Life� program that the pastor at this church promoted. And guess what? The church is growing so rapidly they�ve had to go to additional services. Yup! People to like to have their ears itched!

The 1919 Communist slogan was �Give us one generation of small children to train to manhood and womanhood and we will set up the Bolshevist form of the Soviet government.� Former assistant secretary-general of the United Nations, Robert Mueller, also recognized it would take only one or possibly two generations to escape the old ways. New Ager Mueller now has connections with Gorbachev�s World Forum and has great influence in education. What we see happening is a gradual merging of philosophies, religions, governments and, even though Christianity as we�ve known it in the past will be excluded, many pastors are leading the parade.

When the Berlin wall magically came down, Americans thought this was the end of the Cold War. Nothing was further from the truth. It was a fa�ade - a bad joke on the American people. I truly fear I may be a member of the last generation to remember what this country was like when it was free. Never in the history of the world have conditions been as they are in this last generation. Never before has God given so many signs and warnings to a sinful people who are so indifferent regarding His commandments. The signs of a nation about to fall are (1) Spiritual Apostasy (2) Moral Degradation and (3) Political Anarchy. Do you think America qualifies?

Our nation today is controlled by MISleaders � politicians whose walk doesn�t match their talk when they are running for office. Their oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution means nothing to them once elected and have you noticed how quickly GOP Congress people initially jumped in defense of the Democrat congressman who was allegedly found to have stored thousands of dollars of bribe money in his deep freeze when the FBI raided his home?

Money has become the god of the present hour. Every man who makes a million thirsts for a second million. Do you wonder whether these rich men will have a U-Haul behind the hearse when they die? Maybe someone should print a bumper sticker that says: PROSPERITY, YOUR DIVINE RIGHT. We have become a materialistic, hedonistic, narcissistic and covetousness nation. And the liberal left would gladly throw in the word �imperialistic.�

America�s spiritual leaders are no longer preaching the whole word of God. They use Bibles that leave out the basic tenets of Christianity and they �itch the ears� of people in order to grow the numbers in their churches. There is no true repentance so is it any wonder our political leaders are corrupt, dishonest and lawless for it is these mentors that set an example for the rest of the country and have you noticed how many cults and �isms� have been founded by women or how women play a very prominent part in them? [Read] The new Bibles have been written to avoid using the word �sin�. The religion of �psychology� teaches that everything is a �disease� now: alcoholism, child molesters, gambling, cigarettes, sex and drug addictions. Individual responsibility is no longer applicable and the pharmaceuticals have a pill for everything.

Many adults of the baby boom generation find themselves seemingly incapable of action that is not self-serving. This generation has become a generation of mammon worshippers. In Deut. 1-3 Moses restated the law because there was a new generation. Due to that neglect in the past, the current generation is now living in the time of a �strong delusion�. Is it possible God will judge America more than the atheist Soviet Union? We were given much so much was expected. We are a nation in danger. We believe ourselves to be the greatest nation in the world but we could fall overnight just like Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire fell from within.

I recently was given some frightening information dated June 5, 2006 from [Read] that states that FEMA plans to use pastors as pacifiers in preparation for Martial Law. They are to use Romans 13. The author of this blog went on to state that Hitler hoodwinked Christians into supporting him by using the same Biblical text. And Alex Jones� 2001 documentary film 9/11: The road to Tyranny featured footage from a FEMA symposium given to firefighters and other emergency personnel in Kansas City in which it was stated (believers in the) Founding Fathers, Christians and homeschoolers were terrorists and should be treated with the utmost suspicion and brutality in times of national emergency. And, oh yes, those who believe in the Constitution are also a threat. I�ve been unable to access this website but it details so closely what Chester Pierce said in the paragraph above, I felt it was worth noting. You can make up your own minds as to its validity.

In the book of Isaiah, the prophets were more than foretellers. They were men raised up by God in a decadent day when neither priest nor King was a worthy channel through which the expressions of God might flow. The birth pains seem to be getting closer and closer. The History channel has been running stories about possible earthquakes and volcano eruptions on the Pacific coast and the devastation that will be caused when Mt. Rainer near Seattle, Washington blows its top. Geologists don�t say �if� it happens, they keep saying �when� and Mt. Rainier will make Mt. St. Helens look like a Sunday School picnic.

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And the news has been blurting out that hurricane season started June 1st and much devastation may be caused by them. Hardly a day goes by that we don�t hear of another crisis, or another young lady or child being abducted by evil forces at work. And where is Creator God in all this? He�s in the same place he was when man nailed his son to the Cross at Calvary. He�s loving, he�s forgiving, he�s merciful but be not deceived, His patience may be about to run out. Like the weather newscasters predict, �It�s not �if�, it�s �when.��

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to










I recently was given some frightening information dated June 5, 2006 from [Read] that states that FEMA plans to use pastors as pacifiers in preparation for Martial Law. They are to use Romans 13. The author of this blog went on to state that Hitler hoodwinked Christians into supporting him by using the same Biblical text.