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By Betty Freauf

June 8, 2006

Father�s day is just around the corner and time to reflect on what used to be compared to what is today.

Someone wrote to Ann Landers in June 1987 reprinting a nostalgic gem that appeared in the Danbury (Conn.) News-Times about how fathers evolve. It went like this:

At 4 years my Daddy can do anything.

At 7 years my Dad knows a lot, a whole lot.

At 8 years my Father doesn�t know quite everything.

At 12 years, oh well, naturally Father doesn�t know that either.

At 14 years, Father? Hopelessly old-fashioned.

At 21 years, Oh, that man is out of date. What did you expect?

At 25 years, He knows a little bit about it, but not much.

At 30 years, Maybe we ought to find out what Dad thinks.

At 35 years, A little patience, Let�s get Dad�s assessment before we do anything.

At 50 years, I wonder what Dad would have thought about that. He was pretty smart.

At 60 years, my Dad knew absolutely everything!

At 65 Years, I�d give anything if Dad were here so I could talk this over with him. I really miss that man.

And then there was this jewel in Annie�s Mailbox from our 5/21/2006 newspaper from a retired naval officer who said two weeks ago his 16-year-old daughter had a date with a young man he�d never met. His wife, a teacher at the school, said he was a good kid.

When the young man showed up to get his daughter, he sat in the car and honked the horn. (Strike 1 against him). The father went out and told the boy she was not ready and that he should come in the house. He did, and then proceeded to call his wife by her first name (Strike 2) When he tried the same with old dad, the young man was sternly told to call him �Sir.� And finally when the daughter appeared, the young boy blurted out, �It�s about time� (Strike 3) and old dad blew his stack. His daughter cried and his wife has not spoken to him and now he wants Annie to tell him if he was wrong.

The father, in my humble opinion, was simply endeavoring to instill in this young man an old-fashioned value which is woefully lacking in many young people today called respect but the women now writing Annie�s column since she�s deceased told him his disciplinary tactics were too harsh for civilians and that such severity may keep all young men at bay and while it could protect his daughter�s chastity, it will also isolate her from normal socializing.

But before I give you my two bits worth about why dads are stigmatized today, maybe we should be asking what currently constitutes �normal socializing?� What was normal in my day certainly isn�t normal today. In the Bible Philippians 4:8 says we are to think on virtuous things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report but with the Internet and the televisions beaming toxic, mesmerizing and subliminal messages into our homes and our minds at all hours of the day, it becomes increasingly more difficult. Marxism believes the fastest way to indoctrinate a nation is to break down the long-standing and time-tested values of a culture and fill the vacuum with Godless Marxist ideology.

After 9-11, President George Bush told Americans to get back to �normal� as soon as possible. After that national calamity, people showed up in church for a few Sundays. It seemed to be a surface return to God but soon that, too, faded. And then we got back to �normal.� Our moral condition continues to deteriorate, lawlessness is running rampant, we have corruption in government and many businesses. Filthy language overshadows decency. We remain a sordid and sorry condition in America.

The Betty Friedan and the Gloria Steinem radical feminist leaders with a Marxist bent saw how quickly the white race was stigmatized during the Civil Rights movement to right a wrong so they figured they could use the same successful tactics on the men, i.e. intimidation. Women�s studies in college were implemented causing many young girls to have a negative effect on their thinking about marriage and family. Many began to check out the lesbian lifestyle. Up until then there was no more fundamental yet delicate relationship in society than male and female. On it depended the family. The result was class warfare � feminist style.

We see the consequences today: Timid men, no-fault divorces, same-sex marriage demands, illegitimate children and mothers on welfare, drugs, suicide, mothers having to leave their children behind to serve in combat duty and the list goes on ad nauseam. And while this may simply be a �sign of the end times� and the radical feminist movement may not be the sole reason for these problems, the movement certainly has been a HUGE contributing factor. While the baby boomer Friedan and Steinem feminist followers of the 60s and 70s may claim their efforts were all worthwhile, their lives turned out to be a contradiction. The author of the book What Our Mothers Didn�t Tell Us � 1999 said that today Betty Frieden is lonely and miserable. And we now see many of these women giving up careers, playing God and heading for a Sperm Bank.

Gloria Steinem, Founder of Ms. Magazine had an abortion at age 22 claiming that was the first time she took control of her life. She was liberated to make �choices.� A friend of Myrna Blyth, author of Spin Sisters � 2004, once told Myrna she stopped listening to Gloria Steinem�s views on women�s independence when she found out Gloria couldn�t drive.

A radical feminist transplant from New York City by the name of Vera Katz, a graduate of Brooklyn College in 1940 moved to Portland, Oregon in 1964. She couldn�t drive either (and the last I heard, still can�t). She listed herself as a �housewife� when she was first elected to the House of Representatives in 1973 where she and a handful of other feminists (all Democrats with exception of Republican Norma Paulus) got many anti-family bills passed. When speaking at a Women�s conference on a college campus Paulus, who later was elected as Secretary of State and Superintendent of Public Schools, told the young women with heads filled with mush (a Rush Limbaugh term) that the way they got all the feminist legislation passed with so few women in the Oregon legislature at the time was that they all hung together �irregardless of party.� They got the Democrat House Speaker sympathetic to radical feminist causes to send the bills to the committee he stacked with feminists to assure favorable passage from the committee and then on the House floor coerced the men legislators to succumb to their wishes and vote with them. The same Marxist tactics were used in the Senate and a pro-environmentalist Republican Governor and former Portland, Oregon T.V. anchorman by the name of Tom McCall signed the legislation.

Katz became Oregon�s first woman House Speaker. The agenda of these Oregon legislative feminists seemed to have been taken from the pages of the Communist Manifesto. When the GOP won control of the House several years later with the help of the conservatives who finally woke up, the male lickspittle elected as House Speaker turned out to be a traitor and continued to promote their feminist agenda just as President George W. Bush continues to promote Clinton�s liberal agenda. Vera went on to become Mayor of the biggest city in Oregon � the tail that wags the dog � Portland, Oregon and another reason Oregon is in the �red� category during elections.

After being defeated for her quest for governor by Democrat Neil Goldschmidt, exposed a couple years ago as a child molester of his baby sitter years earlier but went unpunished because the statue of limitations had run out, the last I heard, Paulus had been relegated to a menial position as head of the Oregon Historical society. It�s called job security and a big government pension. But the damage was done beginning in the 70s and families are having to live with the results today because once this legislation passes, it�s hard to get it repealed. In fact, that rarely, if ever, happens.

While many women have renounced this ungodly women�s movement and have moved on with their lives, Betty Friedan and her �Feminine Mystique� have left a shipwreck of other confused women followers. Friedan traded a comfortable lifestyle for a life of shrieking activism. However, in her book The Second Stage she still complains as she reflects on the effort she and the other radical feminists had put into their movement. She said, �Listening to my own daughter and sons, and others of their generation�she senses something OFF, out of focus�� She seems disgusted with these young people taking for granted the opportunities she and others had struggled to achieve. While her daughter may have not followed in her mother�s footsteps because she saw the hypocrisy, enough of her followers did and are now in prestigious, high-ranking, unelected governmental decision-making positions as well as handing down crucial judicial mandates � many unconstitutional which helps to fill our prisons to overflowing. So where�s the beef? Mission accomplished!

Betty attended the World Conference of Women in Mexico in 1975 and found out it was a Communist Women�s group, the International Federation of Democratic Women who were responsible for the 1975 the International Women�s Year, and yet Betty chose to become a professional propagandist for the Soviet-controlled Communist Party. We later heard about the well-publicized International Year of the Child.

In order to create a Soviet America, it would be necessary to eradicate the traditional family and to supplant the family with the state. Karl Marx called for the �abolition of the family� in the Communist Manifesto and in order to do that, men had to be stigmatized and made to feel unworthy of their station in life. So men, in general, husbands and Betty Crocker were out and Betty Frieden and her ilk were in. She said, �By the year 2000 we will, I hope, raise our children to believe in human potential, not God.� (Ms. Magazine, Saturday Review of Education 3/73) The �human potential� movement was developed to help man discover his innate goodness- and his own divinity. That movement is alive and well in most mainline and many evangelical churches today and the word �sin� is avoided for it might hurt the �self-esteem� of the pew warmers.

Today we have a �she-ocracy� says author and talk show host, Michael Savage �where a minority of feminist zealots rule the culture� and God forbid, we may end up with a female president. I may write about this Jezebel in a later article. The weeping prophet, Jeremiah, in chapter 37, says that evil women (in power) are a precursor to judgment and Isaiah 3:12 refers to women ruling over us.

Leon Trotsky wrote in 1917 said, �While we build the movement uniting women against their oppression, we try to win over the most conscious women to join us in building a revolutionary party that can unite all oppressed sectors of the population. The women�s liberation movement is a central part of the American socialist revolution in the making.�

Genuine feminism disappeared and men, in general, became angry and lost respect for woman. They didn�t give up their seats on a bus or opened doors for women. Most little girls no longer play with dolls or tea sets. They grow up, have a babies often out of wedlock and they don�t know how to change diapers without being shown by some paid government �expert.� Many woman gave up their dresses for pants suits and jeans, and while incapable of lifting and doing a man�s job, they put on work clothes and hard hats and demanded �free government child care,� �affirmative action,� �equal rights� and �equal pay� all the while perhaps hiring some illegal immigrant to clean their houses. Very little publicity is given to the many women who made great strides and achieved a place in a man�s world before the radical mis-named feminist movement of which there are many. But that�s a story for another day.

Danielle Crittenden wrote in her book What Our Mothers Didn�t Tell Us �1999, �Many feminist critics of marriage insist that traditional marriage is, incompatible with modern women�s lives� (Radical) Feminists mistrust marriage so profoundly their response to the harm done to women by divorce has been to urge women to avoid it entirely. They resent all efforts to preserve it. What a (radical) feminist vision of marriage amounts to is every marriage should resemble a gay marriage, without husbands or wives or fathers or mothers. Instead, both �partners� or �spouses� should occupy the same roles within and outside the home� and this is the why your children in the public school system and perhaps even some so-called Christian schools are reading the book Heather Has Two Mommies.� However, even Oregon, one of the most liberal, progressive Marxist states in the union, passed overwhelmingly a ban on homosexual/lesbian marriages and because it is a state�s rights issue, other states will have to do the same and hopefully the feds will keep their nose out of our business.

While there may be a few Amazons equivalent to men in physical strength, most of us are not. Their lack of strength in positions such as police work puts their male partners as well as themselves in great peril and when they get hurt as many do, they file disability claims causing additional burden on the taxpayers. We have feminist prison guards and perhaps women firefighters with just such disabilities now. But a spokes woman in an Eastern Oregon county police department would take issue with my statement. She said in a liberal Portland, Oregon newspaper, �The officers we (used to) hire were warm and big and could whip everybody else. In today�s society, we don�t pick the biggest and meanest cops, we want intelligent people. It takes a special breed of cat to be a police officer. There is a weeding process. We don�t need to go backwards into the dark ages.� The radical feminists, like the radical black race-baiters of today, use intimidation and degradation to attain their fantasies. You�ll notice the words �intelligent people� and �special breed of cat.�

And less any one reading this believes me to be some type of a prissy woman, save the negative e-mails. I was putting 12 hours or more in a wheat field at age nine before you were born spotting trucks in the field. Believe it! I�d kneel behind the wheel. My dad would pull the throttle out of that old 1940 something truck and I�d drive like a snail to the next stop in the field to meet the combine and then I�d turn off the key. At age 15 I was driving the big wheat truck to the grain elevator and that was way before Betty Frieden and her friends clamored for �equal rights.�

If these women could intimidate Walter Mondale to put Geraldine Ferraro on the presidential ticket as his running mate, Americans should ask themselves, �What kind of a president would he have made?

Men are created to be warriors � protectors of their families. They go into the military and they are trained to kill to survive. Women, as a general rule, are nurturers. It�s only been recently that strange things are happening with their minds and they are killing their children in unusual ways. Could it be all the antidepressant pharmaceutical prescription drugs people are taking these days causing these atrocities or has the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court abortion decision based on lies with no substantial constitutional basis coupled with the drugs desensitized some women to the point they no longer have a conscience? Is America being destroyed by a sorcerer�s spell? (Pharmakeia � Lev. 19:26, Acts 8:9) Are mothers today killing their children as they did in ancient times in order to serve the deity known as Molech? (Jeremiah 32:35.)

Faye Wattleton, an extremely beautiful and elegant African-American woman, daughter and granddaughter of ministers, was a staunch defender of reproductive rights and for years headed Planned Parenthood. In the July-August 1986 Humanist Magazine when she was given the Humanist of the Year award, commented �The threat of teenage pregnancy hits home the hardest if you have children and particularly if you have a daughter. My daughter is ten and like other ten year olds, she has got the world on a string. My solace in confronting her sexual maturation is the knowledge that she attends an all-girl school. And that�s exactly where I intend to keep her for as long as I can.� The height of her hypocrisy came through loud and clear a few months later on 10/17/1986 when it was reported in the Los Angeles Times regarding Planned Parenthood, �We are not going to be an organization promoting celibacy or chastity.� Planned Parenthood is allowed into the public schools to promote what Faye�s little girl avoided in her all-girl school � temptation.

Did Faye realize that premature sex is unnatural and will arrest or distort the development of the personality causing in later years, perhaps, multiple personality disorders � something unheard of until the last few years. Sex education should be left to parents and definitely not begun in grade school (often as early as kindergarten) but this is exactly what happens in many forms often hidden or without permission of the parents.

Judges 5 in the Bible tells the story of Deborah who went off to battle when Reuben preferred to stay home to tend the sheep. The average woman�s natural instinct is to be a helpmate. Women only step in to fill a vacuum left by men. It is one thing to be paralyzed by fear and confused in combat that the soldier fails to use his weapon. In that case, there is at least the plus factor of his presence alongside his buddies that keeps the morale from completely crumbling but to stay home minding the sheep like Reuben did in God�s eyes is sin. Men of all stripes today must get off the guilt trip and once again regain the headship of their families in a loving and respectful way. If America is to survive, it needs tenacious, steadfast, Godly men.

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When a man�s Bible comes apart from usage, it is a sure thing he�s put together all right. Perhaps this Father�s Day would be a good time to give it a start. Divorce has taken its toll among many families and fatherhood has become an endangered species because Socialism, which has produced a plethora of welfare programs for women and children, has taken over the father�s responsibilities. This must stop otherwise the ship is going down and we�re all on board with no lifeboats.

� 2006 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









Men of all stripes today must get off the guilt trip and once again regain the headship of their families in a loving and respectful way. If America is to survive, it needs tenacious, steadfast, Godly men.