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By Betty Freauf

March 24, 2005

When President George W. Bush convinced Congress to approve his going to war, he told other nations, "You're either with us or against us!" I can't help but wonder if our creator God must be thinking something similar as He watches disobedience of a satanic nature abound in our world.

My husband and I will soon be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and we don't recognize America any more. Our parents never divorced. I didn't arrive early. In fact I was born on my folks' first anniversary. Our homes were poor but stable. We had stay-at-home mothers. We learned the basics in the government school instead of the social experimental Pavlovian doctrine they are getting today. Children are to be educated not "trained" like the Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov's salivating dogs. We learned respect for our elders. We were the ultimate recyclers. Waste meant affluence and if it could be fixed, we didn't buy a new one.

Rebellious sons were sent off to the military and came home responsible men and young ladies who got pregnant out of wedlock were shipped to an aunties' house until the baby was born and it was put up for adoption or there would be a shotgun wedding.

That was before the convenient female contraceptive devices we have today which still embarrass me when the ads pop up on the TV and abortion was never an option. Responsibility for our actions was a given and we would never think of ourselves as a "victim."

Some old ladies in the community were noted for counting the months after a couple married and occasionally an 8-pound baby would be born prematurely. Back then a white wedding dress represented virginity and purity but I fear those were simpler virtues of a by-gone era.

However, even back then as people were becoming more affluent following the impoverished years of the depression, the parents began to fall away from spiritual matters as the government began offering many "entitlements" under FDR. Afterall, if they had Big Brother watching out for them, who had to depend on God? One church has bumper stickers that says PROSPERITY, YOUR DIVINE RIGHT.

But the most sweeping moral changes in America seem to have surfaced since the sexual revolution in the 60s, legalized abortions in 1973 and in the 70s the homosexuals also begin organizing and ever so gradually coming out of the closet.

Later advanced technology produced the computers, a 500-channel TV universe, fax machines, cell phones, Instant messaging on the Internet, questionable art and music and an affluent society that seemed to want to indulge themselves in lots of toys. T.A. McMahon in his recent The Berean Call newsletter calls it "Consumer Christianity" and was first introduced to humanity in the Garden of Eden. []

And while many still call themselves Christians, they prefer to keep one foot in Egypt. For those who may be unfamiliar with that term, God rescued the Israelites from bondage in Egypt and yet they still yearned for the sinful, fun-filled pagan life back in Egypt. Yes, most of us have those memories too.

In 1976, Heritage House, a pro-family, pro-life Resource Center in Taylor, AZ published a clock graph entitled THE STORY OF NATIONS. The first step, it showed how people go from CHAINS to spiritual faith, from SPIRITUAL FAITH to courage, from COURAGE to liberty, from LIBERTY to abundance, from ABUNDANCE to selfishness, from SELFISHNESS to complacency, from COMPLACENCY to apathy, from APATHY to dependency and lastly, from DEPENDENCY and degeneracy back again to bondage and looking to Washington, D.C. (paternalism) The clock has struck 11:59.

Today we strive for high human intelligence and most who have been to college feel as though they've achieved it and yet when they have children, they need T.V's "The Nanny" to show them how to raise their spoiled, undisciplined children. Some women who have never babysat younger children must be taught how to change their baby's diapers.

I had Dr. Benjamin Spock's book which sold nearly 50 million copies since its appearance in 1946. He said parents shouldn't spank their children and now child abuse agencies see spanking as abuse. I threw the book away.

At 84 in 1987, Dr. Spock was warning about T.V. violence and was still espousing his socialist agenda about excessive competition, inadequate day care for children and nuclear destruction. He worried about the future of parents and their children. He saw America as the most intense society he'd ever visited but he never looked in the mirror to see that he may have been a contributing factor. Dr. Spock's grandson committed suicide.

Time outs have proven to be a joke! And I laugh every time "The Nanny" has the parents put the screaming child on the "Naughty Chair." That may work for some kids but will it work for all? Would more woodsheds today produce better character? It worked in past generations.

Then these highly educated people need Dr. Phil to help them with their relationships. I've been told Dr. Phil had a Baptist upbringing so he undoubtedly incorporates much of that Baptist background into his advice to his guests and usually it is pretty good but he will not condemn premarital sex. In fact, he recently had a guest on his program who was living in sin with her boyfriend and her "Christian" conscience was bothering her. Dr. Phil's advice was that she had to reprogram herself and he blamed her parents, pastors, and other authoritative figures in her life for programming her to believe premarital sex was wrong. And then he made sure she got an expensive wedding and honeymoon. Will she be back as a guest in a few years because her marriage is in trouble? If she is, I'd guess Dr. Phil won't acknowledge his poor advice to her as the problem any more than Dr. Spock. And I don't have a Ph.D.

Our world is filled today with this type of psychobabble advice. We have counsellors for every problem we may experience from grief to drugs and you name it and many churches are up to their necks in this garbage. These "experts" write books advising people how to live but if we could look behind the curtain, we might see some of them with one foot in Egypt too and perhaps they don't have their own lives in order as they advise others. The pro-choice crowd is a typical example. Unrepentant sinners love company. The only book people should dust off, open up and read is the Bible.

If I were the devil and I wanted to lay out a 50-year plan since I got married, I'd take aim at the family unit first and I'd start by destroying time-honored morality because I know it takes only one generation to assure victory. I'd use music. the arts and Hollywood as three of my tools.

I'd make sure they had plenty of toys so that mothers would have to work to pay the bills and could not stay home to raise their children. They'd have to put them in day care at an early age. This would keep children from bonding so when they got to be teenagers they'd look for love in gangs and immoral and unhealthy relationships.

I'd make sure the country's leaders would set a poor example with a variety of scandals and by going deeper and deeper into debt until there would no longer be a light at the end of the tunnel.

As this is being drafted Easter is just around the corner. The last words Jesus said on that cross weren't bring out the pagan Easter bunny and the Easter eggs. Common sense should tell us a bunny doesn't lay eggs!

But most Christians prefer tradition and receive not the love of the truth regarding these pagan holidays. No, His last words were IT IS FINISHED!

Now, true Christians understand that meaning but could those words also be applied to our world? The end-time deception is running rampant and apostasy has been building at an unprecedented rate. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, the evidence is around us daily.

Governmental corruption and violence is everywhere. In one day alone Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was disconnected and the "person of interest" who abducted Jessica Lunsford from her grandparent's home, while her father was spending the night at a girlfriend's home, according to law enforcement has admitted to killing Jessica.

And yet most people receive not the love of the truth because they enjoy keeping that one foot in Egypt. 2 Thes. 2:9-11 says "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusions, that they should believe a lie."

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years. Betty is a researcher, freelance journalist and a regular contributor to







Now, true Christians understand that meaning but could those words also be applied to our world? The end-time deception is running rampant and apostasy has been building at an unprecedented rate.