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By Betty Freauf

July 30, 2003

The 1965 Immigration Act opened the floodgates and that is when we began to see white Americans being displaced and replaced.

In 1975 Leonard Chapman, Commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) warned: "Illegal immigration is out of control."

In 1981 Attorney General William French Smith warned: "The United States has 'lost control of its borders.'"

In 1983 President Ronald Reagan warned: "This country has lost control of its own borders, and no country can sustain that kind of position."

In 1984 Governor Richard Lamm (D-Colorado) warned: "We have to find a way to regain control of our borders... The economy within the United States can never keep up with the fertility pressure outside of the United States."

For more than 30 years, people in the know have been warning about our open- border policy and illegal immigrants, so why hasn't something been done about it?

I was always under the impression that our National Guard was suppose to "guard" Americans and when these men and women enlisted, I suspect they were of the same opinion. What a shock it must have been when they found themselves in foreign lands, thousands of miles away from their families, guarding someone else's borders and fighting some else's wars.

When Bill Clinton was in office, allowing the flood of Third World immigrants into America and getting them registered as Democrats was a dream come true. Has the dream of Democrats been usurped by the Republicans? And why would they be so naive as to think these immigrants, who as a general rule vote Democrat, will vote Republican?

Outspoken, and sometimes abrasive, Michael Savage in his book THE SAVAGE NATION (c) 2002 says pushing amnesty is cheap labor for Bush's donors. It's payback time. He says the oligarchs are all in on the scam: slaves for farms, factories, hotels, slaughterhouses, dishwashers, etc.

In the book IMMIGRATION INVASION (c) 1994, it states the agriculture amnesty triggered another surge in illegal immigration. People from around the world, many of whom never spent a day picking crops in the U.S., applied for amnesty under this provision. There were applicants who testified they had harvested baked beans, or strawberries from stepladders! Some farmers sold affidavits for hundreds of dollars each to aliens, certifying the individual had been employed on their farm at the appropriate time. One woman from New Jersey, who owned a five-acre garden plot, certified that over 1,000 illegal aliens had worked for her. The total number of aliens who took advantage of the amnesty programs of the 1986 Act was over 3.1 million.

Then the book said a second amnesty was declared in 1990 when Congress allowed the spouses and children of previously amnestied aliens to stay in the U.S., even though these relatives had not met the criteria set for the initial amnesty. This added many more millions to our population. By the mid-1990s, many of these people would have become citizens and then could have petitioned for the admission of their relatives, further expanding the immigration chain.

Samuel Francis has another idea. In his July 20, 2001 article entitled: Bush Amnesty Plan Implies End of the American People, asks? "What does a president do if he wins election after losing the popular vote, nearly losing the electoral vote, watching the base of his party begin to vanish and wins at all only because his own party's appointees to the Supreme Court say he won?" He answers his own question by stating, "Perhaps the answer is granting amnesty to some three million illegal aliens from Mexico with the hopes that they'll become Republican voters by 2004" and support Bush for re-election.

Savage says "What the Clinton/Gore team did not dare do for fear of Republican demagoguery, President Bush now celebrates: The legalization of millions, no tens of millions, of law-breaking illegal aliens! Then he goes on to ask, "What does this Republican blanket amnesty mean for America?" His answer: "Rewarding criminals, more crime, welfare and terrorism, epidemics such as TB, an alien culture not likely to assimilate, affirmative action for millions more and (free) universities."

Savage went on to say, "For the better part of 200 years, America was known as the 'melting pot.' In the past, that meant when immigrants came to our country they assimilated into the dominant cultural experience. They immediately learned the native tongue (English!). They worked hard to fit in and they wanted to make a contribution for the greater societal good. The result? America became a country that benefited of all immigrant cultures. We are Americans first and foremost. We are diverse with a variety of nationalities and a range of skills."

Why on earth have we found ourselves in this dilemma? My European grandparents were immigrants. So were yours. My grandparents came to America through Ellis Island. I have the immigration papers for one side of my family. If they were found to have any type of disease that could burden our health system, they were sent back. They came to start a new life. They did not come looking for welfare.

When I asked my dad one day why he didn't teach us his native tongue, he replied, "This is America. We talk English here." Now, I regret my parents didn't teach me their native tongue in their home so I could be bilingual but my father was adamant.

In his book, FIRST PAPERS (c) 1941, Martin Gumpert says even with the torture of learning English, he entered the country with a primitive feeling of boundless gratitude because it was the only region in the world where the concept of immigration was still alive and to a European refugee, it was paradise. The fact that everyone in the U.S. could work, move about freely, say and write what he pleased, was a gift from Heaven for those who had lived through the lies, chicanery, and lack of freedom in old Europe. He said young Americans do not appreciate their freedoms. I wonder what Martin would say today?

In the sixties, there was an influx of Russians and Mexicans into our little town of Woodburn, Oregon, 18 miles north of Salem, the capital, with about a population of 3,000 at the time. My family and I lived there and had a business. When discussing prices for our products, we did notice the first two English words the Russians learned was, "Too much" and many older Russians did not seem to want to learn much more. Their children interpreted for them and all this before bilingualism was introduced into the school.

The U.S. Department of Education was created in 1978 under President Carter. But prior to 1978, it was called the U.S. Office of Education and it operated under the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (H.E.W). Unlike earlier immigrants, who were forced to learn the English language to survive, the orders came from somewhere - I'm assuming H.E.W.- in the latter sixties that a director should be hired for the school district to draft bilingual curriculum for these immigrants so they could be "eased" into the English language. We were told it was the "first" bilingual program in America and I volunteered to serve on that "required citizen committee" but my dad's admonition kept haunting me and I soon dropped out. I could see early on it was going to be a very expensive boondoggle.

It was to be a five year phase-in program and started out with an initial $100,000 grant from, I'm assuming, H.E.W. The following year the government gave the district $80,000 and the local taxpayers had to pick up $20,000, then it was $60,000 to $40,000 until soon the local taxpayers were subsidizing the whole program.

Many of these Russian immigrants escaped some brutal dictator but unlike immigrants who came to the U.S. in the past who had to be sponsored by someone in the United States, who would house them, feed them and take care of their personal needs while getting them established with jobs, many of these were sponsored by the Sanctuary Movement and these churches immediately pointed the new immigrants in the direction of the welfare office.

But in all fairness and while I cannot prove it, I believe most of these Russians and Mexicans did eventually go on to become citizens and productive members of the community and should now be equally incensed by this new ticking time bomb and illegal immigration invasion.

While the Mexicans became employed in the food production industry, many of the Russians became farmers and where the the Russians got the money to buy land is anybody's guess. Some of them became home builders. While the rest of us were making arrangements at the bank to buy a new car, salesmen told us how the Russians would lay several thousand dollars in cash on the hood of the vehicle they were planning to buy.

Some immigrant advocates claim that the "white folks" simply won't do the job that the Mexican farm laborers are willing to do and they don't work as hard. But I took our kids to the berry fields at a young age to teach them the work ethic. Kids used to be able to pick the berries. Then laws were passed preventing them from doing so at such a young age and eventually the farmers no longer ran the busses to pick up these kids early in the morning to take them to their fields so they could earn money for their school clothes and other things which they proudly bought for themselves.

A July 20, 2001 article by Samuel Francis published in the WISCONSIN REPORT has a frightening title, "Bush Amnesty Plan Implies End of American People." He writes that crime, job displacement, overcrowded schools, racial conflict, poverty, and the prospect of yet one more ill-educated, unskilled underclass swallowing American cities and suburbs cannot be very attractive to many Americans outside the Manhattan-Washington headquarters of the pro-immigration lobby. Only a week before the news of the Bush amnesty scheme broke, a new study by the Center for Immigration Studies reported a few unappetizing facts about Mexican immigrants, writes Francis.

It said nearly two-thirds of adult Mexican immigrants had not finished high school, as opposed to less than 10% of native Americans. In the last decade, Mexican immigration had reduced the wages of American workers without a high school education by five percent. Mexican immigrants and their American born children (automatically U.S. citizens) accounted for more than 10% of all persons in poverty. An estimated 34% of households headed by legal Mexican immigrants had used at least one major welfare program. High school dropout rates for American-born Mexican-Americans remains more than twice as high as those for other native Americans. (Local news stories confirm this)

There was much more that Samuel Francis had to say, but he closed by saying "Most Republicans are too frightened of the epithets of 'racist' or 'xenophobe' that are now the only responses ever uttered to any argument against immigration...and most, quite frankly, are not smart enough to see the flaws of such propaganda and not brave enough to resist even if they did see them."

Adding to these weak-kneed elected officials is the fact that the U.S. government, in the case of the U.S. Forest Service, hires illegals to work in the forest while our own legal Americans stand in unemployment lines. President Clinton signed the 1996 Illegal Immigrant Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act (another misnomer) which combined with an anti-terrorism measure, and up until President George W. Bush's Homeland Security act, was the biggest federal law-enforcement agency but now operates under Homeland Security.

Some claim that the immigration might help the fallout from the baby bust because in 12 years or so baby boomers will retire and economists are wondering who will support them. Could it be that the Roe -vs- Wade decision which allowed millions upon millions of future U.S. workers to be aborted, mostly for convenience rather than financial reasons, since 1973 be a part of the reason? Bad decisions have consequences which we are now having to face today.

For a most recent update on what is happening, see the Opinion written by Pat Owens from a recent WISCONSIN REPORT. You will be "shocked and awed!" The title of her opinion is "Somalia Refugees Ready to Start Anew"

� 2003 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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