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By Betty Freauf
July 1, 2013

I have no idea who put together the definition of “ineptocracy” but it surely does fit our current lack of leadership in America. Google says it was created by a t-shirt manufacturer who inadvertently made up the definition with grammatical errors.

“A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed are rewarded with good and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.”

Coach Dave Daubenmire adds a little more insight to our problem with his article: Governed by Sociopaths, and radio host Michael Savage has written a 2005 book, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

Fifty years ago, political leaders and esteemed economists calmly assured us that planned deficits of a mere $10 or $12 billion a year would do us no harm. Did anyone at that time predict that our deficits would one day balloon into the hundreds of billions and even to today’s level of more than trillions a year?[1]

And remember when Congress passed Medicare? Some alarmists argued it was the beginning of “socialized medicine.” Well, the smart people in Washington assured us that was absurd. “ Perhaps the latest examples of highly publicized slippery-slope arguments came during the Supreme Court arguments on the Constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Act (aka Obamacare) when the black-robed judges declared it to be Constitutional. (1) and how former Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, was scorned by the liberals when she commented the Obamacare had “death panels?”


Has Congress simply become a sperm donor and the Supreme Court the surrogate? According to Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Cal) who said on March 14, 2013 when questioned by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) whether her gun control bill was consistent with the Second Amendment, she responded, “Congress is in the business of making law. The Supreme Court interprets the law.” And then those responsible for all these silly laws either die or retire without any accountability. Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont), for instance, decided to retire because he sees the Obamacare as a train wreck coming down and he was an architect of it.

Calvin Coolidge when he was elected Senate president said “Laws must be justified by something more than the will of the majority. They must rest on the eternal foundation of righteousness…” and before becoming president in 1881, James A. Garfield wrote on the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence the following insightful and prophetic message:


Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerated ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature. If the next centennial (1976) does not find us a great nation….it will because those who represent the enterprise, the culture and the morality of the nation did not aid in controlling the political forces.”[2]

Promiscuity seemed to have exploded especially among young people after the Clinton/Lewisky scandal and now we learn that Bill Clinton at the “Save the Children” benefit was awarded “Father of the Year Award. He was elevated above the nation’s approximately 760 million other fathers. What a travesty and proves the old saying, “No honor among thieves.”

Bernadine Smith of the Liberty Gun rights (Second Amendment) committee, another long time whistleblower, said that twelve presidents who preceded Barack Obama paved the way for him to continue and make possible the tandem changes which erect a world system. When George Bush (the son) broke a 222 year old tradition by merging the military and civilian law enforcement together under one head (Der Heimatland Polizei) by his illegal and unlawful executive order altered the U.S.A. system of government from a republic into a dictatorship.

And then there is another Republican by the name of Richard Nixon who signed Executive Order 11647 partitioning the U.S.A. into 10 Standard Federal Regions, lines co-terminus with those set by the United Nations. Nixon signed the revenue sharing bills which blackmailed the states into entering into regional (world) government planning: Instituted the P.P.B.S., the planned management of the states by the federal government and he pushed for Red China’s entry into the United Nations, and was one of the first to speak of a “new world order.”

Bernadine listed the thirteen presidents as: FDR, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, William J. Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, the last president dumb as a fox.


While our problems started before FDR with the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and the Sixteenth Amendment (IRS), perhaps the one that is causing the Coup D’etat today would be Republican Richard Nixon when he signed E.O. 11647 removing our Constitutional Republic and replacing it with United Nations Administrative government. Recently talk show host Michael Savage mentioned a Coup D’etat as if this was a sudden revelation. However, Savage may have forgotten the caller to his show in February 2009 who blew the whistle on how Obama plans to remain in office. I reported on this Coup D’Etat on February 15, 2009. So far, the whistleblower’s information seems right on target and once there will be amnesty for all the illegals, it is a sure bet they’ll vote Democrat and some law will be passed to allow Obama more than two terms and America will then have perfected a dictatorship similar to Germany’s Hitler and Soviet Union’s Stalin.


With E.O 11647, we began to see more and more regulatory, invasive agencies created with Department heads appointed by the President which brings us right to the front door of the White House and all the scandals. The President can claim he doesn’t know anything about what some “rogue” department heads were doing but he doesn’t have to stand on a platform with a bull horn telling them what to do. They know exactly what he wants or they wouldn’t have been appointed to become Department heads. This is why we have a Coup D’tat (a dictatorship) today without firing a shot and how the recent news about how Big Brother is watching us has brought us to the IRS scandal.


In 2006, Senator Joe Biden while commenting on President George W. Bush’s Homeland Security said:

“ I don’t have to listen to your phone calls to know what you are doing. I know every single phone call you’ve made. I am able to determine every single person you talk to. I can get a pattern about your life that is very, very intrusive. And the real question here is ‘What do they (Bush Adm.) do with this information that they collect that does not have anything to do with Al Qaeda and we are going to trust the President and the Vice President of the U.S. that they are doing the right thing? Don’t count me in on that!’”

Isn’t it interesting how now V.P. Biden opposed Bush’s spying on a minor scale and now his boss Obama is spying on a major scale by using the I.R.S. to hinder any opposition and so far, no one is held accountable which is the purpose of administrative government. As we are losing our precious Republic bit by bit, I’m reminded about the debate what song may have been sung as the Titanic was sinking. According to one popular story, it was “Nearer My God to Thee.”

America was once the richest, most powerful, most envied and greatest nation in the history of the world. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and with wisdom develops common sense and good judgment (Prov. 4:7) If we exalt wisdom, she will exalt us. Only fools refuse to be taught (Prov. 1:7,8,9) however during the last 40 years we have witnessed a relentless assault on traditional norms and a profound shift in public attitudes and the Clinton scandals were only a manifestation.


Our June 27th Statesman Journal was full of pictures of same- sex couples with children rejoicing over the Supreme Court same-sex decision. Some may wonder whether these children were adopted through the Child Protective Services (CPS), an oxymoron because on 6/28 the same paper noted that CPS had failed to notify the public about a 29 year- old foster parent who ended up molesting 11 children in his home during his four-year stint as a foster parent.

A few days earlier the Salem Statesman had an article “Stu on Stage” about a musical that is opening in Seattle, Washington next month about Silverton, Oregon’s transvestite mayor who the people just re-elected for the fifth time. Stu Rasmussen is and remains a man but he dresses like a woman and has breast implants. When the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church came to Silverton shortly after the 2008 election to protest, the people of Silverton flocked to Stu’s defense. Some of the men even wore dresses as a sign of support. It was after that protest that the producers of the public radio program “Radiolab” called to say they were planning to do a story about Stu and wanted an interview. Stu said he wanted to be sure that Silverton was treated fairly because it’s a great town and he doesn’t want the musical to make fun or insult the residents. The Intiman Theatre performances of “Stu for Silverton” kicks off July 3 and runs through Sept. 15.


Do you remember all those lawmakers standing on the Capitol steps singing, “God Bless America” after 9-11? V.P. Cheney in his 2011 book IN MY TIME said one of the first efforts we undertook after 9/11 to strengthen the country’s defenses was securing passage of the Patriot Act, which the president signed into law on October 2001. Those dates are significant. Between 9-11 and October 2001 a bill that probably had been laying in some file cabinet waiting for a “crisis” such as 9/11was suddenly resurrected and passed overwhelmingly with bipartisan majorities in Congress. “This bill enabled law enforcement, intelligence officers and national security personnel to share information about potential terrorist threats. It tore down the wall that had previously prevented this kind of cooperation. It also allowed law enforcement officers to apply tools long used to investigate organized crime to the fight against terrorists,” said Cheney.

And then we have the punditocracy and the jabberwockies on talk radio and television with their meaningless chatter - one of the most popular, Bill “O’Reilly on FOX . I became familiar with O’Reilly in the spring of 1985 when he anchored the news at KATU-TV, Portland, Oregon. In his book 2008 book A Bold, Fresh Piece of Humanity, he wrote: “ Hoping to attract younger viewers, the station management brought a ‘hotshot’ from the East coast and paid him big money – that ‘hotshot’ was the bold, fresh guy named O’Reilly.” O’Reilly is an AARP member that helped put Barack Obama in office and stands to financially benefit greatly with his Obamacare. Bill says he has a Masters degree from Harvard which cost him $30,000 but he can’t understand Obama’s Health Care Plan. In an interview with Glenn Beck he admitted that if he and Glenn told the truth, they’d both be off the air. I believe Beck left FOX as a regular after that and formed his own network.

Bill refuses to address the Obama fake birth certificate. He debunks the accuracy of the Bible claiming the stories are allegories especially Jonah and the whale. He is not sure that Jesus is God but he’s going with that until something better comes along. (II John v.7) He believes in evolution but believes it was directed by a higher power. In 2005, a Tucson practicing Catholic caller to his radio show questioned Bill’s Catholicism. Bill responded by calling him a moron. In his book he said as a kid he watched lots of monster movies but his house was filled with so many crosses Dracula was never a problem.

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He played a blind eye to Sonia Stotomayor’s comment about a Latina woman making better decisions than a white man because he didn’t want to be accused of being a racist himself. He has nothing against transgender legislation and says FDR is one of the best presidents we’ve ever had. In April 2011 he said he has no concern about Muslim takeover and Sharia law saying it will never happen. In one of the letters segment, a Sgt. In the military questioned O’Reilly’s ability to talk about the Iraq war when he’d never served a day. O’Reilly didn’t react to the Sgt. like he did me, but he did smile and twirl his ink pen around as he told the Sgt. he’s covered many a war with a pen and a notebook. A February 2008 Harris Poll stated he had been selected the most-liked newsperson in the U.S.A. And last but not least, better late than never. O’Reilly recently mentioned a possible Coup D’Etat. There is so much “spin” on O’Reilly’s show I’ve developed vertigo.


1- 5/7/2012 New American (P.44)
2- 2/4/2013 New American (P.24)

� 2013 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









Bill refuses to address the Obama fake birth certificate. He debunks the accuracy of the Bible claiming the stories are allegories especially Jonah and the whale.