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By Betty Freauf

July 8, 2002

I have been pondering many days about an article I felt needed writing but I never could seem to get my thoughts organized.

Then along comes Roger Fredinburg's article of July 7, 2002 entitled FEARING THE NEW BUSHSTAPO and suddenly I was once again inspired. My longtime friend, Roger Fredinburg, has a terrific knack of nailing certain subjects down perfectly oftentimes in a humorous sort of way but I sensed this time he was DEADLY serious.

In the past I've been extremely bold in my writings oftentimes exposing things others were afraid to do but Roger's subtitle: Why Am I Afraid certainly did catch my eye.

I also have been labeled a radical along with a few other not-so-nice names. The internet is so big so I, too, write with a bit of trepidation but then I realized that the only thing that can happen to me is that I might get killed and instant death is instant Glory and I will be with my Lord and Savior and I began to think, "Now that isn't so bad especially as I look at what is happening in our world today."

Many people are waking up but is it too late? We are living in the eleventh hour. The hand on the clock may soon strike midnight and the majority of people have not even been to boot camp so how can we expect them to go into battle?

In the Song of Deborah (Judges 5) Reuben told Deborah she could go out to fight the battle while he stayed home to tend the sheep. It is one thing to be paralyzed by fear and confused in combat that the soldier fails to use his weapon. In that case, hopefully his presence alongside his buddies would keep morale from completely crumbling but to stay home watching the favorite TV sports event or a John Wayne movie with a drink in your hand will not return us to the great Republic our Founding Fathers sacrificed everything to give us.

How many of you are aware that our national anthem ends with a question? Oh say does that Star Spangled yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Someone sent me an e-mail recently asking if I ever wondered what it would have been like to live in the days of Moses and Sodom and Gomorrah. I replied that I didn't have to wonder, we are living in them.

Roger addressed Bush's Homeland Security and The Bushstapo with question marks.

I'm here to say Roger is right on the mark.

I recently received the July 2002 LAST TRUMPET newsletter in which the author stated on June 6, 2002, President Bush delivered a speech in which he said, "We have concluded that our government must be reorganized." He stated in the last sentence of the speech:  "This great country will lead the world to safety, security, peace and freedom."

Then the newsletter author went on to name all the current government agencies that would be combined under the one Cabinet called Homeland Security.

Now, with a last name like mine, you might think I can speak and write German. You would be wrong. My father said this is America and we speak Engligh here. In retrospect, however, I wish he would have taught me the language in our home.

As a result, I am forced to rely on the author of the LAST TRUMPET newsletter, who studied German language extensively for four year, who says "Bush's plan is incredibly reminiscent of Nazi Germany when the various policing agencies began to unify in 1933. The Darmstadt Polizei and others unified into an agency with massive power and control called the Geheime Staatspolizei, which was abbreviated to 'Gestapo.' It is interesting to note that the German word 'geheime', which means secret, has an amazing connection in etymology to the word 'home.' The word 'geheime' comes from the same root as 'heim' or home. Thus, we have an amazing connection and parallel between the Gestapo or Geheime Staatspolizei and the Department of Homeland Security, which could be called 'Der Heimatland Polizei.'" He goes on to write that it is clearly an American version of the Gestapo with vast power.

Is this a direct fulfillment of Bible prophecy which says that peace, safety and then sudden destruction will come upon us?

Evil spirits are working constantly to unify the world and to make that unification appear to be necessary as the only solution to the terrorist menaces.

That portion of Bush's comment regarding the necessity for "reorganization" brings back memories of that same word being tossed around a decade or so ago when it was determined by the "educrats", with the blessing of elected legislators throughout the United States, that our educational system, which, at the turn of the century had few illiterate people, would have to be "reorganized" because it was turning out so many functional illiterates. They never would admit they were the planned cause of the problem. A literate society cannot be controlled and conquered. Check out:

The result of this "restructuring" was Outcome Based Education (O.B.E.) also known as Mastery Learning. Remember Pavlov's salivating dogs? Without checking into the roots of this bad idea and not recognizing the phrase "participatory democracy" written into Oregon's bill, at least, as socialism, without hardly a whimper of protest from Oregon legislators, this bill passed and became law.

Warnings that it would be expensive to implement and would produce no academic results were ignored.  The Republicans in Oregon controlled both legislative chambers and they took turns at the microphone during floor debates to offer raving reviews about something they really had no knowledge. The only person to speak out was a democrat who stated he thought they were simply re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

And now one senator has stated in a recent newspaper article that the Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM) and the Certificate of Advanced Mastery (CAM), requirements of O.B.E., have turned out to be expensive and time consuming for schools and shouldn't be forced on districts. "We've thrown money at a program that has not borne any fruit," he said. Dah! He voted for the bill in 1991 and as GOP chairman later stonewalled a Resolution which I tried to introduce at a GOP meeting stating point by point the problems I foresaw with O.B.E.

He admitted in recent correspondence that I was right. Isn't it a shame that these rascals are immune from prosecution for malfeasance? 

An Oregon man writes cute little jingles about the "bureaucrats". In one song he says we should just take 'em out and hang 'em, hang 'em, hang 'em.

Education restructuring has been a disaster. Due to an economic downturn, Oregon's  governor has had to call the legislators back on several occasions to try to make cuts to accommodate the nearly $1 billion shortfall in revenues. Much of that shortfall is, no doubt, a result of trying to implement this "computer-based socialistic curriculum" into our merged Soviet/American school systems which is determined, no matter how long it takes, to successfully challenge students' politically incorrect fixed beliefs.

Dustin Heuston of Utah's World Institute for Computer-Assisted Teaching (WICA) said: "We've been absolutely staggered by realizing that the computer has the capability to act as if it were ten of the top psychologists working with one student..."

So when Roger Fredinburg says he is afraid of Bush's Homeland Security, he has ever right to be. Like the democrat legislators said in 1991 about Oregon's educational restructuring, we are only re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

You doubt there will be overkill? You think this is an exaggeration? Think about your own experiences in trying to obtain justice from the many unconstitutional alphabet agencies that have been created since President Richard Nixon signed Executive Order numbered 11647 on February 10, 1972. Without so much as consulting the Congress, Republican President Nixon signed this E.O. that divided the United States into ten federal regions to be run by "Federal Regional Councils." Excused as a new means to develop "closer working relationships between major Federal grant-making agencies and State and local government," the Federal Regional Councils represented a major step toward the era of Big Brother predicted by George Orwell.

No longer do we have checks and balances. Our representative government is kaput. All power will be given to Bush's Der Heimatland Poizei and the "politically incorrect" crowd should be worried.

Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

Betty Freauf has been a GOP activist for many years. Elected county chairman, state party secretary, congressional district chairman, candidate for Governor of Oregon in 1986, the house of reps in 1988 and 1990. 

She published a weekly "Legislative Action" newsletter for five Oregon Legislative Sessions, is an Excommunicated citizen Review Board Member to "WATCHDOG", Oregon's Child Protective Agency. (Relieved for asking too many questions)


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