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By Betty Freauf

April 30, 2008

When we first began to hear the phrase “In the Best Interest of the Child” we thought it was a noble concept that protected the vulnerable children by removing them from abusive or negligent parents; yet it also has led to levels of intervention unimaginable a few decades ago and suddenly many people were being accused of child abuse. Child Protective Services (CPS), because of something a child may have said to a teacher or written in an essay, which may even have been misconstrued, was kidnapping children at schools.

Because of draconian actions by the child protectors, many felt they were overstepping their boundaries, so the Oregon legislature passed legislation creating a Citizen Review Board, which was to become watchdogs over social workers who were determining who were unsuitable parents. I volunteered in the mid-1980s to become an unpaid member. A number of boards were set up in each county.

Our Constitution gave government no jurisdiction over family life and I felt constitutionally it was the county sheriff’s duty to investigate the crime of abuse because he was the “elected” official and the public could hold him responsible. I contacted our local sheriff and he was more than happy to take responsibility but this never happened. Instead, the social workers would contact the sheriff, or the local city police, and they would accompany the social workers to a home to supervise arrests of often times innocent people and take traumatized, screaming children to be “interrogated” and then to some “licensed” foster care home where it was not unusual for the child to be abused again. Bleeding-heart liberals who believed everything the media printed about this so-called epidemic felt the children would be safe in foster care because they were “licensed.”

“Licensing” by Big Brother, whether it is for day care, foster care, restaurants, entertainment centers, for any and all professionals, somehow gives the impression of safety and trust. Was the sheriff intimidated by the “experts” or did he not recognize his Constitutional authority even though he took an oath to defend it? His proper position should have been, “NOT IN MY COUNTY!!” Once again we saw the hand of the Communist infiltration in America. Goal #38 of the Communist Takeover of America is: Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies and treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand (or treat).

Across America, thousands of families have been ripped apart by child protection bureaucracies who terminate parents’ rights on a whim. Soviet Communist party educators in 1918 were instructed at a conference to take the children and nationalize them.

American children became nationalized on September 30, 1971 with the Comprehensive Child Development Programs, which I touched upon in June 2003 – one of the first articles I wrote for NewsWithViews. The legal training manual for the Department of Human Resources said social workers must be trained to accept “state values” regarding “our children.” Day care centers began to replace the parents, as “unemployed” mothers were encouraged to seek gainful employment outside the home. Our CPS operates under the Oregon’s Department of Human Resources that was created in 1973.

By a margin of three votes, the House of Representatives passed one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation ever to come before Congress at the behest of none other than another Republican president who stressed “family values.” Yes, none other than President Richard Nixon. Congressman John R. Rarick (D-LA) said Nixon addressed Congress in 1969 and recommended the government become involved in developing children during “the first five years of life. The anticipated age ranged was expected to be from infancy to kindergarten” and the Congressman asked, “What significant educational training can there be for babies in arms except to condition them to be away from their mothers and look to the State for security and guidance?” He also noted, “The child development programs are not to help working mothers but rather to establish federal custodial centers” and he said it was hypocrisy that “Repeated inferences (in the legislation) that parents don’t know how to control their children or lack the understanding and interest to discipline them” and then the Congressman supports what I more or less said in another of my articles: Congressman Rarick said “For years the progressive experimenters of the new educational system have encouraged smart-aleckness as free speech and dissent. Children have been taught their parents are old-fashioned and out of step with and ignorant of the needs of changing times.” And we can see the results today.

These child development programs, whose chief sponsor/proponent was John Brademas (D-IN), went so far as to include “home visits” for new parents (which Hillary Clinton supports). It was an amendment to the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) bill and passed by a vote of 186 to 183 in the House of Representatives. In Shirley Scheibla's book, Poverty is Where the Money Is, a hard-nosed analysis of the War on Poverty, she indicated OEO became the most confused, profligate and overpaid bureaucracy ever spawned by Congress, but it wasn’t the last. It was set up with the avowed aim of coordinating the War on Poverty and was waged by all the multifarious arms of the government. I touch upon this Commie boondoggle in my article Build the Trough and They Will Come: Agitation by federal anti-poverty workers caused anarchy and wide-scale riots exploded in cities throughout the country in July 1967, with accompanying death and destruction. OEO's director, Sargent Shriver, retreated to the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.


According to Congressman John R. Rarick (D-LA), “The Brademas legislation laid the foundation for the federal government to replace the home and for bureaucratic ‘experts’ to replace the parents.” Without any statistics, logic or truth, this legislation also implied that millions of children had no parents and were from broken homes and in homes where they were mistreated or the parents were insensitive to the child’s demands and by the government stepping in would reduce crime and dissidence in society. Ya sure! How’s it been working?

When Big Brother wants something that would naturally be rebuffed by most informed Americans, they use scare tactics and get the media to sensationalize a few isolated cases. Congressman Rarick said this power grab over our youth was reminiscent of the Nazi Youth Movement; in fact, he says, it goes far beyond Hitler’s wildest dreams or the most outlandish of the Communist plans. Goal #40 of the Communist takeover of America: Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce. Number 41: Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents. Please, read that again!

In trying to protect their children and provide the best opportunity to learn, many parents put their children in private Christian schools or home educated them. But as stated in Goal #41 above, the “experts” decided this seemingly well-meaning behavior is destructive to the psychological health of youngsters and now home educators are under attack.

Enter another “separated” group, the Eldorado, Texas, polygamists who were raided as a result of a call to the child abuse hot line. How did the supposedly isolated young caller know whom to call and where did she find a phone? Red flags! Radio celebrity and former leftist, Tami Bruce, announced the weekend of April 19th that police had found the person who made the call. I heard on the radio that she was from Colorado Springs, Colorado, is an El Paso Democrat, and a Barack Obama delegate.

DNA is being taken from the Texas children to prove parentage. In addition to government monitoring of private phone calls, data mining has become another bone of contention for those alarmed by Big Brother government. Many years ago, without parental permission, some fourth graders were included in a University of Vermont Smoking survey funded through a $1,000,000 research grant from the National Cancer Institute. Two strangers came into the room and the children were told to do as these people directed. Some questions were asked of the children and two women placed a piece of cotton on each child’s mouth. They were told this was strictly confidential and no one would ever know about the answers or anything else on the survey. The labels were supposedly coded differently and the answers that the children gave were stored with names different than the codes but weren’t told that a computer could match them.

The unsuspecting parents of one fourth grader eventually moved away and the children were home schooled beginning in 1987. In January 1992, the mother received a phone call from someone at the University of Minnesota asking for her daughter and stated the daughter had been part of a study done by the University of Vermont and that the University of Minnesota was doing a follow-up survey of the kids who had engaged in the experiment. So much for privacy! DNA is now being taken at an alarming rate from every source imaginable such as from newborn babies, from criminals when they are arrested, for people who go into surgery and every other possible source and all this information is put into a master database. Are the residents of the Texas compound another part of a social experiment of data mining?

A friend of mine, an Iowan at the time, told me that she was warned by her son's fourth grade classmate's mother to not allow her son to take an "outside, special" test in 1992. She asked the principal about it and he told her a random number of students had been chosen to take the test and assured her that her son could not be linked to the test in any way. She hadn't asked that question, so that put up a red flag. Her instincts told her to opt her son out of the testing and she was surprised at the principal's irritated reaction. At a later school board meeting, in front of many witnesses, he said that the test was numbered but it could not be linked to any of his students personally. A couple years later, my friend read the article, When Johnny Takes the Test and knew that her instincts had saved her son's information from being put into that database -- allegedly they were testing the community's belief system. The only reason that a community's belief system would need to be evaluated would be to be able to later come in and change the curriculum to suit the State's desires and goals!!

As a CRB member in the '80s, I would see the social workers recommend that fathers move out of the home and leave the children and the mothers. There were some women who refused to boot the husband out after a child accused him because they said he wasn’t guilty. Some kids tried to recant and said they made up the lie to get even with their fathers or stepfathers for some discipline, all to no avail. The children would end up in foster homes. Testimonies on the Internet indicate people in need of organ transplants are now adopting children for their “extra” organs.

Kids were never meant to be government-issues. They are gifts from God but when the Gestapo gets involved, everyone becomes a loser. There has been alienation of affection; children rebelled and many ran away. Many of them may be in gangs today because Big Brother makes a lousy mother! But wouldn’t keeping the mothers and the children at the Texas Yearning for Zion Ranch while keeping the men away be a better solution to this dilemma in Texas in “the best interests of the children?” But not if they want to test how much they can get by with as far as separations and testing! The men are accused of being the perpetrators and they are walking free. WHY doesn't that set up red flags for us? More than 400 children are suddenly available for DNA testing -- how convenient. Be prepared, your child may be next in line.

In 1990 I read where a CRB member had been reprimanded for critical remarks of Oregon’s child abuse industry that allow children to die and no one was ever held responsible. A Senator said the agency shouldn’t try to shut up its critics (CRB members) but by then, it was too late for me. I got “fired” from my (unpaid) volunteer position for the same reason. I complained to legislators but nothing got done. In April some Oregon parents were charged in a faith-healing death of their infant daughter.

Big Brother has the “experts” and “legal counsel” at its disposal to wear down the saints. The bureaucracy works in secrecy and behind confidentiality laws and they cover each other’s butts. And things haven’t changed. Using the Waco example and fearing trouble, the authorities again responded with armored tanks and police in this most recent Texas raid. At Waco, President Bill Clinton and his Attorney General, Janet Reno, illegally used the military on the Branch Davidians and in “the best interest of the children” incinerated them and others in a fire. The lone survivors went to prison.

This whole child abuse industry is a lucrative racket for judges, attorneys and social workers. Senator Walter Mondale fathered the multi-billion-child protection industry in America when he sponsored the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) in 1974 -- referred to in my July 26, 2007, article, Build the Trough and They Will Come.

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Am I in favor of what has been alleged to have taken place at the Texas compound? No. However, we have thousands of minor girls pregnant that end up on Welfare just like what is being reported at their Compound and those girls are not part of any “fringe separatist” groups. When a minor girl goes for an abortion, Planned Parenthood protects the men who impregnate these girls by falsifying or not reporting their ages so they don’t have to report the perpetrator to the police as required by law. Physician, heal thyself!

� 2008 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









Across America, thousands of families have been ripped apart by child protection bureaucracies who terminate parents’ rights on a whim. Soviet Communist party educators in 1918 were instructed at a conference to take the children and nationalize them.