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By Betty Freauf

January 13, 2008


Goldwater says Paul�s message is not new but it is new compared to the way the discussion is today in the body politics. He had explained earlier in the program how in the �good old days� when he was in the Congress for 14 years (he got out in 1984) and was in the minority the whole time, House Speaker Tip O�Neil and the Democrats allowed him the opportunity to debate and to offer amendments and motions on the floor and to participate. He referred to the process as a �republic,� a word simply unheard of by today�s media or politicians. And then he told how when the Republicans got control, they were angry from being on the sidelines for so many years and for revenge, they completely blocked the Democrats out. Remember Newt Gingrich (frequent FOX guest) and his Contract with America? Now it�s a battle between Republican George Bush and the Democrat Congress and Senate and people can feel the anger as they walk in the halls of Congress.

Goldwater further declared Ron Paul is popular because he understands it is the Constitutional duty of Congress to declare war and he�s popular because he dares to challenge the establishment and questions, among other things, our need to have 700 military bases around the world since the Cold War has ended. �Why do we still need troops in Korea after forty years or in Europe since the second World War,� asks Goldwater. �Let the Koreans take care of themselves and why are we fighting a war in Iraq while Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran sit on the sidelines in the bleacher watching? Admit you�re wrong. Bring �em home,� declares Goldwater.

Elliott brought up that fact that Ron is in favor of repealing legislation such as the Patriot Act that has become intrusive into our lives and Goldwater responds, �Yes he is (in favor of repealing.) He thinks unfortunately under the tragedy of 9-11 and the hysteria that came after it, we kind of over reacted and Ron Paul does not believe it is necessary to take away civil liberties� the invasion people�s privacy and Ron Paul truly believes we need to reevaluate� and I think that is the reason people like Ron Paul.�

Elliott then brought up the fact that Ron has had enormous success in raising money for the last two quarters having raised more than John McCain considering that McCain was in the top tier candidates and Ron Paul was not.

Goldwater responded it has been phenomenon and it�s been done on the Internet because Paul�s message seems to be starting to hit home especially with college students who are going to grow up and inherit all the problems. They are looking at the sacred cow, Social Security. A handmade sign by a young supporter in New Hampshire read: �Ron Paul cured my apathy.�

When the subject of the Department of Education came up, Goldwater agreed with Ron Paul that it is another unnecessary, unaccountable, unconstitutional agency and education belonged with the parents and the states. Elliott�s socialist leanings surfaced and he disagreed so Goldwater gave Elliott the same hard lesson a farmer gave to the old Tennessee bear hunter Congressman Davy Crockett when Davy voted along with his colleagues to give money to some people who had suffered a terrible loss in a fire. When Crockett came the next election cycle to the farmer for his vote, the farmer explained to him why Crockett would not get his vote again. �It�s Not Yours to Give.�

Goldwater�s logic was similar explaining to Elliott that taxpayers have to send dollars to Washington to pay for the D.O.E. building and salaries and perks for thousands of federal employees in that bureaucracy and maybe his state of Arizona would get ten cents back towards education but only if Arizona was in compliance with D.O.E. regulations � blackmail.

On the 12th of February, 1972, President Nixon staffed each of the ten federal regional headquarters with grant making agencies of the federal government. Those grant-making agencies then were given the authority of allocating so-called �Revenue Sharing� free government money to local units of the government. By doing so, real decision-making was removed from the local elected officials and placed in the hands of the socialist planners. Those who control funds control policy in the application of those funds. This, my friends, is United Nations Regional Administrative government. Now, Ron Paul would ask, �How can we afford to share when we have no revenue to share?� America is insolvent.

I likewise noticed in the interviews the media gave to their favorites, a Ron Paul supporter or two always managed to get his sign in the background. Isn�t New Hampshire�s motto: Live free or die? So I was disappointed to see Ron�s percentage so low but since the Democrat debate in New Hampshire when Hillary won, now we�re getting word that small precincts that counted the ballots by hand aligned with the polls but the big districts using the Diebold election machines did not and some votes that Ron Paul should have had were given to others. John Elliott on Air America said on his 12/18/07 program that Diebold has changed its name to Premier Elections Solutions.

Many of us have known since 1992 when James and Kenneth Collier published their book VoteScam: The Stealing of America that our elections are easily manipulated and even more so now with electronic voting. T.V evangelist Pat Robertson paid $2,500 to show only once on his 700 Club program the Votescam video how the League of Women Voters used pencils to punch holes in the computer vote cards [8] Has Voting Become an Enigma?

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The GOP old guard went crazy over Senator Barry Goldwater in 1964 and Reagan in 1980 but the new Republican Party and the evangelicals choose to ignore Ron Paul who is trying to return the GOP to its original roots. Go figure. For part one click below.

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to










Energized grass root Republicans selected Senator Barry Goldwater in 1964 and Reagan in 1980 but whereas Goldwater was demonized by the media for his Constitutional stands, just as is happening to Ron Paul, Reagan compromised and was elected.