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By Paul Walter

December 16, 2003


Pastors Sleep, While Christianity Hijacked. 

A lawsuit was filed by several Christian students and their parents to stop the Byron Union Public School District in California from teaching Islam to their children.

Seventh- graders were required to pretend they're Muslims, wear Islamic garb, assume Islamic names, recite prayers in class, memorize and recite verses from the Quran, simulate Ramadan fasting by going without eating for a day, pray to Allah, and even play "jihad games".

According to a recent WorldNetDaily article [Judge Rules Islamic Education OK in California Schools] US District Judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled in her 22-page discloseure on Wednesday that Excelsior Elementary Public School in Byron, California "�is not indoctrinating students about Islam when it requires them to adopt Muslim names and pray to Allah as part of a history and geography class, but rather is just teaching them about the Muslim religion."

Is this just teaching the children about the Muslim religion, or is it indoctrination? By the way, this curriculum is being taught to all seventh-graders in California. What will you and your pastor do when it comes to your school? Will you have the love and courage to remove your children and homeschool them?

The black-robed judges have ruled that it's OK to remove the Bible, praying, displaying the Ten Commandments and even mentioning the word "God" from our public schools. Aren't they educational as well? Yet, it's OK to replace the above with the Quran, praying to Allah, and other Islamic symbols because it is all only for "educational purposes". I thaught there is a separation of church and state? It appears the separation applies only to Christianity. What an outrageous double standard!

We are a Christian nation and logic dictates that our tax-funded public schools should be teaching our children about our Judeo-Christian heritage. In fact during the 1800s the Bible was used in our public schools to teach children to read. So much for freedom of choice and equal rights. Where is the ACLU?

Today, if you bring the Bible to public school you could get sued, reprimanded and expelled. Where are the so-called God-fearing pastors when God, His Son, the Bible and the 10 Commandments are trashed? Hiding behind the pulpit with the collection plate in hand, I presume.

What will the pastors do for a living once Christianity is outlawed and replaced with a One World Humanistic Religion? Will they compromise to keep their jobs?

Try removing Allah from Muslim schools and see the sparks fly. Not so with Christians.

According to a recent e-mail I received from a talk show host Kelly McGinley she stated that in Mobile, Alabama The Christmas Parade was renamed The Jolly Holiday Parade in order not to offend anyone. During the hearings there were lots of pastors present, not one spoke publicly against it, not one. They were all concerned about looking politically correct.

Imagine that, The Christmas Parade is not politically correct, but The Gay Pride Parade is.

Did Jesus teach us to be sheep or did He teach us to stand up and be counted? Are the lukewarm Pastors part of the problem?

Atheists and homosexuals are hard at work destroying the Judeo-Christian foundation that America was built on, while Christians and most of the pastors do consensus with them.

Do we get the government and pastors we deserve?

This is how evil took control of this nation.

Throughout history, there has always been a battle between good and evil. First, evil demands 'equal rights'. Once the people are duped into accepting 'equal rights' with wrong, then it begins its true agenda to dominate and control, until the moral fiber of a nation is totally destroyed, and they're in control. Once in control, the trend will never be reversed.

Evil has to destroy the contrast between itself and good. It must 'put out the light of the world' so that it can never be challenged again. Because evil doesn't do consensus.

What will you tell your grandchildren when they ask you "Why did you allow this to happen?"

Some solutions:

1 Stop giving your lukewarm pastors money. Tell him when he finds his backbone you'll reconsider. In the meantime find another church with a courageous pastor.
Take your children out of the public school system. Don't tell me you can't, where there is a will there is always a way. Ask with a sincere heart and a way will be shown to you.
3 Get involved in your local community. Stand by your convictions and DO NOT COMPROMISE!

4 Write letters-to-the-editor in your local paper about important events that you read on reputable online news sources.
5 Tell everyone you meet about and other reputable news sources.
6 Print out informative articles. Then go to the printer and have a few hundred copies made and pass them out in front of the post office or other places. Make sure you get the owners permission first.
7 Take criticism gracefully and do not resent or argue with people who disagree with you, they have a right to disagree. Remember, we all have free choices. We can accept a lie and reject the truth, or we can accept the truth and reject a lie. One must be free to CHOOSE.
8 Run for local office, such as county commissioner, school board, or the city council.
9 If your local paper is biased, organize and start a weekly picket.
10 Support organizations or groups that are actively involved with finances or volunteer labor. Caution: Thoroughly check out any organization(s) to make sure they're on the up and up before donating money or labor.

Remember; Doing something is better than doing nothing.

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� 2003 Paul Walter - All Rights Reserved

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"Today, if you bring the Holy Bible to public school you could get sued, reprimanded and expelled. Where are the so-called God-fearing pastors when God, His Son, the Bible and the 10 Commandments are trashed? Hiding behind the Cross with the collection plate in hand, I presume."