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Posted; 1:05 AM Eastern

May 26, 2005

In January 2005, filed a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) with the United States Air Force Academy regarding the service record of Alberto Gonzales who is now the Attorney General of these united States of America.

While some documentation was provided, much of it was redacted. The biggest glaring ommission in the documents provided is the requested DD 1870 Nomination Form which gives the entire history of when and who nominated Mr. Gonzales for a slot at the Academy. This document was not included in the response from the USAF Academy.

NVWs did not file an appeal on this FOIA due to manpower resources. Our news editor has had extensive dealings with the Freedom of Information Act process and the reluctance by all government agencies in providing requested documentation. Just about all "politically sensitive" FOIAs end up in a lawsuit because the federal government fights tooth and nail to keep documents from being released under the FOIA.

It is interesting that the documents provided under this FOIA are so heavily redacted and the one document which would show who nominated Gonzales and eased his way into the top eschelon of politics was denied. Readers can view these official documents here.

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