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By Graham Strachan

September 25, 2002

It was called 'Operation Vikings 12' - an appropriate name considering that vikings formed themselves into raiding parties and descended under cover of night upon unsuspecting villages, brutalising the inhabitants.

The 'vikings' in this case were 600 - yes, 600! - police; the villagers were the citizens of Sydney, Australia, who were out to have a good time on a Saturday night, or so they thought (Associated Press Report, 22 September 2002). The ‘vikings’, undoubtedly flushed with that combination of Dutch courage, sense of mission and smug self-importance that comes from perceiving oneself as being part of some big 'operation', 'fanned out’ to the suburbs of Burwood, Marrickville, Newtown and St. George, as well as Sydney's CBD according to - and get this - Inner Metropolitan Region Commander, Assistant Commissioner, Dick Adams. Leaves one breathless just saying it.

The excuse given was that police are 'cracking down on drugs', and the way to do that is to mount massive police raids with sniffer dogs on patrons in restaurants and night clubs - an activity the dogs must find distasteful even if the police don’t. The term ‘drugs’ obviously includes alcohol: 5,600 motorists were randomly pulled over, their licences demanded, then ‘asked’ to provide a sample of their breath under threat of being deemed to have been driving drunk if they refused. It's the law. Twenty-five people - yes a whole 25 - were charged with drink driving, a strike rate of 0.4%, which would be laughable if what was happening wasn’t so serious.

'Operation Vikings 12' was only one instance of what is now becoming a way of life in Australia. On 13 September, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that 300 police with sniffer dogs 'hit' five Sydney night clubs. Outside one of them, dozens of people were forced to stand in small groups, with their legs apart, as a dog "gave them the once-over." Only a main-media journalist could do it: trivialise an assault by police, on people not yet in custody, using dogs, as ‘the once-over'.

On August 10 a similar mass operation was mounted on the city of Wollongong to Sydney's south. According to an eyewitness, a large column of police cars, sirens screaming and lights flashing descended upon the city. Swarms of police invaded restaurants and night clubs, and randomly stopped people in the street for questioning. In one restaurant police interrupted a private 21st Birthday party and subjected the guests to sniffing by dogs. One guest, who objected and pushed the dog away, was immediately surrounded by police, hauled outside into the street and interrogated.

Can this really be Australia? What is going on?

In my book '22 Steps to Global Tyranny' (available at, I amass evidence to prove that the real aim of globalization is to bring about a single global order which is a Third Way, a combination of monopoly capitalism (corporatism) in economics, and totalitarian socialism (communism) in politics. The former communist bloc has to be made more ‘capitalist’ by the introduction of so-called market reforms (done), while the former capitalist bloc is to be made more communist by the abolition of common law rights, and the introduction of communist people control measures (well under way).

'Operation Vikings 12' is symptomatic of the new communist political regime in Australia, a taste of what it is like to be a citizen in an 'interdependent member state' of the globalist New World Order. It's no 'conspiracy theory', except in the news rooms of the major media. It is visibly taking shape before the very eyes of the Australian people who, like all innocents in the face of totalitarian evil, refuse to believe it is happening.

The real purpose of raids such as 'Operation Vikings 12' is not to crack down on recreational drugs. The better procedure would be to deploy the 600 police to target suppliers, production facilities and warehouses. Nor is it to catch motorists driving with one beer too many. The sheer size of the operation puts the lie to those claims. The real purpose of these massive police raids is psychological: to condition the public to accept mass random processing by law enforcement agencies.

Soon, while some police are demanding breath samples and DNA swabs with menaces, others will be searching the car for drugs, firearms and subversive literature. Anybody who objects to being processed or refuses to cooperate will be charged with 'interfering with police in the conduct of their duties’, or ‘obstructing the course of justice'. The idea that police might be violating citizens' rights has already been relegated to the Memory Hole through legislation.

Oh, they wouldn't do that? Bearing in mind that the state Police Ministers were secretly plotting the disarmament of the Australian people well before the Port Arthur massacre that provided their ultimate excuse; recalling also that Australian defence chief Admiral Chris Barrie has said (16 February 1999) that the Australian armed forces will be taking on a constabulary (police) role to combat 'non-state' (people) threats to Australia’s internal security; adding to that the 2000 'Aid to Civilian Authorities' amendment to the Defence Act which authorised the military to shoot and kill Australian citizens, and it is clear that governments, state and federal, constitute a clear and present danger to all freedom-loving Australians.

What's the bet it will soon be announced that combined police/military 'training exercises' are to take place over Burwood and Marrickville using army helicopters, and involving house-to-house searches? The explanation given will be that police and troops need hands-on experience in smoking out terrorists and other undesirables in a real urban environment.

At a given point, the combined police/military 'training' exercises will suddenly become the real thing. The definition of 'terrorist' will come to include anyone opposed to globalism or the collusive two-Party ruling oligarchy in Canberra; or in possession of forbidden literature such as Thomas Paine's 'The Rights of Man', the Australian Constitution, or the Christian Bible, not to mention Douglas Reed's 'The Controversy of Zion'. Those people will be hauled off in police vans to military establishments where they will be held incommunicado, denied a formal charge and access to legal representation, probably tortured, and ultimately ‘disappeared’ to the concentration camp presently being built on Christmas Island.

It could never happen in Australia? 'Oh, they wouldn't do that!' Wouldn't they? It has already begun. The vikings are within the village.

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Graham Strachan is a lawyer, author and international speaker on globalization and world affairs based in australia. His website is