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By Geoff Metcalf
October 23, 2010

Watching and listening to the frothing Barbara Boxer campaign duplicity is sufficient to gag any self respecting maggot.

U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer has served a long time and performed poorly. Beyond her routine arrogance and abuse of power under the color of authority she has proven herself to be a mean spirited partisan hack content to vilify anyone and everyone who does not subscribe to the gospel according to Babs.

I confess I have never been a fan of Boxer, but when she braced Brig. Gen. Michael Walsh for calling her “ma’am,” I bounced off the couch and shouted names my wife never wants to hear me use toward any woman. My rancor was not a product of my 23 years in uniform but rather the unbridled disrespect the wicked witch of the west displayed toward a military flag officer who DID work hard to earn the title he bore.

Let’s be honest, Boxer is not very bright, articulate, or classy. It should be noted however, prior to discounting these observations as a mere partisan screed; my criticism is specifically targeted at Barbara Boxer, not all Democrats.

Senator Diane Feinstein is the senior senator from California, and although I may disagree on policy with her, at least she is intelligent, articulate, and capable of masquerading as a moderate. I can honestly say DiFi is a ‘reasonable’ and classy lady (despite her often offensive policy positions).

The preceding is all prologue to the ‘buried lead’ that, Carly Fiorina is the real deal and deserves the support of all California voters. Fiorina is everything Boxer isn’t…and a bag a chips. She is smart, articulate, hard working and a for real survivor. I have met thousands of politicians and interviewed hundreds. Carly is a pearl among swine.


She recently commented on the ObamaCare disaster and said, if elected, she would work to repeal it (and she for sure would not be the Lone Ranger), and that she would propose a model that would “force health insurers and drug companies to compete for customers.” Gosh-Oh-Gee-Golly…price competition?!?!? What a capitalist concept….

Carly was also spot on when she told a meeting of health underwriters, “This health care bill does not solve problems…it creates them.”

I recently met Fiorina in the home of an old friend and once upon a time fishing buddy. I was already prepared to vote for A.B.B. (Anybody But Boxer), but was surprised that beyond the long list of reasons to vote against Babs, there is a very long list of reasons to support Fiorina.

Frankly, it is fascinating that this race is even as close as it is. Yeah, I know California is a deep blue state and the densely populated regions (Bay Area, L.A. San Diego) are overwhelming liberal AND Democrat. However, it is encouraging that VERY liberal/progressive Bay Area friends have begrudgingly (albeit privately) articulated their contempt for Boxer.

I have no empirical data to support any great partisan defection. I see the same polling data you see. As of this writing, the race is a dead heat. Some polls have Fiorina leading by 3 points, others have Boxer leading by two, and most all statistical data has results still within the margin of error.

However, my unofficial/unscientific canvassing of the Bay Area indicates covert support for Fiorina and antipathy for Boxer. One former Castro resident told me, “Hey, I got laid off from HP during her reign and I’m still voting for her.”

Fiorina literature says she wants to make the federal government more transparent and accountable to citizens. Cool…most Americans (outside the 87-square miles surrounded by reality) think accountability and transparency are good things. Despite her lofty goal, Fiorina isn’t going to be able to MAKE that happen. However, one more voice of reason and constituent driven responsiveness in that Club of 100 is a good thing.

I listened to Carly respond to a pointed wonky kind of question the other night. The question was one of those “What would you do about…” things. Her response was quite telling and 180-degrees from the Boxer approach. Candidate Fiorina said, “It is obvious you are intensely interested in that subject and no doubt personally impacted.” She went on to say that with any issue, she, as a Senator, would gather a group of constituents most impacted by whatever the government proposed to do and solicit their advise, counsel and input.

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So Boxer is focused on a preferred honorific title and spending your money and Fiorina is concerned about developing solutions to constituent problems and shrinking government?

I don’t work for Fiorina and never have. I am not even a registered Republican; however, I not only encourage Californians to vote for her, I actually pray she wins.

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U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer has served a long time and performed poorly. Beyond her routine arrogance and abuse of power under the color of authority she has proven herself to be a mean spirited partisan hack...